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:: EV Group Receives Significant Follow-On Order From Leading Pure-Play MEMS Foundry Silex Microsystems (full story)

:: Palomar Technologies Posts Best Year of the Millennium and Upgrades Organization (full story)

:: Gore Introduces Low-Profile Copper Cable for SFP+ Assemblies (full story)

:: AIM Announces STI Electronics, Inc. Distributor for Southeast Region (full story)

:: DuPont High Performance Laminates Introduces Pyralux® APR Copper Clad Resistor Laminate (full story)

:: MST.factory Purchases SUSS MicroTec CB8 for MEMS Process Development and Prototyping in Europe (full story)

:: New! Broad Range of EMI Filters from TDK-LAMBDA (full story)

:: Ticona Expands Vectra® LCP Portfolio With New Low Warpage Grade For High Speed Connectors (full story)

:: Heraeus Launches New Website for Thick Film Materials Division (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Technical Engineers’ Papers Accepted by IPC Lead-Free Conference (full story)

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EV Group Receives Significant Follow-On Order From Leading Pure-Play MEMS Foundry Silex Microsystems

Company's Fully Automated Wafer Bonding and Aligner Technology to be Installed at Europe's First-ever 8-inch MEMS Fab

EV Group has announced that Sweden-based Silex Microsystems, the world's largest independent MEMS foundry, has placed a major follow-on order for its GEMINI automated bond cluster, EVG 6200NT mask and bond aligner and EVG301 mask cleaner -- all of which will be used in the production of highly sophisticated MEMS devices for applications spanning the biotech/medical, telecom, automotive and consumer electronics industries, among others.  EVG reports that installation is slated for spring 2009 at Silex's new 8-inch MEMS facility -- the first of its kind in Europe -- located in Jarfalla, Sweden.

"Our company is dedicated to bringing advanced process technologies and manufacturing excellence to our nearly 80 customers worldwide," said Jan Nerdal, Silex CEO.  "As a pure-play MEMS manufacturer, we expect only the best from our suppliers when it comes to delivering cost-effective, yet, superior process capabilities, quality and support.  EVG has been a valued supplier to Silex since we commenced operations in 2000 -- consistently delivering over this time, the wafer bonding and aligner solutions we've needed to manufacture our myriad best-in-class MEMS devices.  Our recent order with EVG demonstrates the confidence we have in them toward helping us effectively transition from semi-automatic wafer bonding to fully automated production at our prized 8-inch MEMS fab-seamlessly and efficiently."

Commenting on the order, Paul Lindner, EVG's executive technology director, noted, "EVG prides itself on our ongoing commitment to working closely with our customers to ensure their manufacturing processes, and ultimately, fab operations, are running at benchmark levels.  For close to three decades now, we've been delivering the best-of-breed equipment and process expertise to today's MEMS value chain-all at a low cost of ownership (CoO).  Our longstanding relationship with Silex and recent follow-on order win speaks volumes to the satisfaction shared among today's MEMS community in our ability meet today's exacting MEMS manufacturing requirements."

EVG's GEMINI platform is a field-proven, production manufacturing solution for high-volume wafer bonding applications for MEMS, 3D integration and advanced packaging, as well as compound semiconductor applications.  With more than 100 automated wafer bonder installations worldwide, the GEMINI is designed for the lowest total CoO and quickest return on investment.  The tool incorporates EVG's patented SmartView bond aligner, which delivers high-precision aligned direct bonding.  The GEMINI also features integrated pre-process modules, such as the EVG301 wafer cleaner.  Moreover, the system can provide low-temperature plasma activation (silicon direct bonding), and is expandable through four bond chambers to achieve even higher throughputs.  The recent order from Silex also includes EVG's 6200NT Aligner, which is the newest generation of the company's more versatile precision alignment tools.
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Palomar Technologies Posts Best Year of the Millennium and Upgrades Organization

Palomar Technologies has announced today it has posted its best year since 2000.

“We exceeded our sales, booking and profit targets in 2008 and are carrying a strong backlog into the current year,” said Bruce W. Hueners, President and CEO of Palomar Technologies. Hueners attributes Palomar’s success to its unique positioning in niche markets and sustained excellence in automated assembly products and services.  

This past summer, Palomar management bought out the original investor group that spun the company out of Hughes Aircraft in 1995. Augmenting the company’s performance is the growth of its Microelectronics division, focusing on process development and contract assembly services.

The additional Microelectronics services have allowed startups and cash-strapped customers to get the benefits of Palomar’s advanced assembly systems without having to purchase their equipment outright. It also gives customers the benefit of leveraging Palomar’s own experts to develop complex assembly processes to build their products at high yield. Palomar’s advanced packaging assembly services include: advanced wire bonding, eutectic die attach, gold ball (stud) bumping, and very high precision component placement.

“For continued success, it is vital that we remain agile, proactive and vigilantly focused on providing an unequalled level of product and service excellence for our customers worldwide,” added Mr. Hueners.

Palomar also upgraded its organization in 2009, focusing on key areas including customer service, marketing and digital media, and further implementation of a comprehensive strategy to expand its unique position in key niche markets. Several executive personnel across the company have been promoted into new roles to execute Palomar’s strategy.

Palomar Technologies and Microelectronics offers assembly, test and contract assembly services and manufactures factory automation equipment that support an array of companies worldwide in defense and aerospace, telecommunications including optoelectronic and wireless, medical, homeland security, automotive and other emerging consumer technologies.

For more information, or to speak with the knowledgeable team at Palomar Technologies, visit http://www.palomartechnologies.com.
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Gore Introduces Low-Profile Copper Cable for SFP+ Assemblies

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. has introduced a very low-profile SFP+ direct attach copper cable assembly that is “fiber-like” in size and even more flexible than optical fiber.  GORE™ Low-Profile Copper Cable fulfills the needs of dense, higher-port-count switch installations while providing an even more reliable interconnect for high-performance computing (HPC) and networking environments using 10 GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet), FCoE, or 8 Gigabit Fiber Channel.

Gore’s new cable is ideal for 0.5 meter to 3 meter assemblies, while using a 2.10 mm round profile cable up to 2 meters and a 2.80 mm round profile cable for 3 meters.  This low-profile cable is targeted at data center applications, where a large percentage of high-density port-count interconnects are 3 meters or less (e.g., in top-of-the-rack switching installations).

The smaller, low-profile cable is half the cross-sectional area of OM3 fiber optic cable and one-third the size of 62.5/125 optical cable, with a significantly reduced bend radius.  By comparison, standard SFP+ copper cable assemblies in these lengths utilize cables that are roughly 4.40 mm in diameter and have a typical 30 mm bend radius.  The reduced bend radius and smaller diameter of Gore’s low-profile cable allow for more aggressive routing as well as cleaner dressing of the cables in networking and computing environments.  This new cable is also less prone to interfere with the closing of cabinet doors in dense environments.

Gore has taken advantage of the low dielectric constant insulation and consistent electrical performance of their proprietary low-loss expanded PTFE, known by the GORE-TEX® brand in the fabrics market.  Through the use of this material, Gore can make smaller cables that still provide consistent and stringent electrical performance at 10 Gbps.

Russ Hornung, Product Manager at Gore, comments, “We have been extremely pleased with the market response.  This development was in direct response to customer feedback.  One of the deficiencies of SFP+ copper cable interconnects is the size and flexibility of the standard copper cable.  Customers have told us that if we could provide a cable that is ‘fiber-like’ in appearance and mechanical performance, they would buy it.  In dense environments, the size and flexibility in routing has become an issue for dressing cables in an installation.”

For more  information about Gore’s full line of cables and assemblies, visit http://www.gore.com/electronics.
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AIM Announces STI Electronics, Inc. Distributor for Southeast Region

AIM is pleased to announce the appointment of STI Electronics, Inc. (STI) as a distributor for the complete AIM line of electronic solders and chemicals throughout the Southeast.

Headquartered in Madison, Alabama, STI offers an extensive complementary product line and a wide variety of training services.  The company also provides rapid customer response and superior after-sales technical support by means of their skilled staff of customer service representatives and sales engineers.  STI can be found on the web at www.stielectronicsinc.com

“STI has over 25 years of experience in the electronics industry and possesses exceptional application expertise,” said Bill Kawales, Executive Sales Manager of AIM.  “I am confident that STI will provide customers of AIM solder products with exemplary service.”
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DuPont High Performance Laminates Introduces Pyralux® APR Copper Clad Resistor Laminate

DuPont High Performance Laminates has announced it is expanding its portfolio of embedded materials and all polyimide laminates with the introduction of DuPont™ Pyralux® APR copper clad resistor laminate for advanced multi-layer flex, rigid flex and rigid printed circuit boards.  This patented all polyimide composite is a double sided construction of polyimide film bonded to copper foil, and features Ticer Technologies’ TCR® thin film copper resistor foil as one or both of the clad foils.  

DuPont™ Pyralux® APR copper clad resistor laminate is ideal for advanced applications in military, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics markets, where reliable embedded resistor technology, temperature tolerance and robust processing is required.

“DuPont has been making breakthroughs in embedded passive materials in recent years, and our ability to combine some of our new, patented technologies with our experience in developing leading laminate constructions such as Pyralux® AP is a huge advantage,” said Scott R. Simpson, global development manager – DuPont Embedded Passives.  “When we add to that the established strength of Ticer Technologies’ thin film copper resistor foil, Pyralux® APR truly becomes a winning combination for customers seeking smaller, lighter, more rugged and more reliable devices.”

DuPont™ Pyralux® APR copper clad resistor laminate is available in a broad range of dielectric thicknesses and resistance levels, to provide designers, fabricators and assemblers a wide variety of circuit constructions. Key attributes include:

• Excellent resistive layer tolerance and electrical performance
• Excellent dielectric thickness tolerance
• Embedded capacitance and resistance in a single laminate
• Thin, rugged copper clad laminate with superior handling and processing
• High copper polyimide resistor foil adhesion strength
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion for flex and rigid multi-layer PCBs
• Excellent thermal resistance, up to 180C (356F) M.O.T.
• UL 94V-0, UL Registered, File E124294
• Compatible with printed wiring board industry processes, IPC 4204/11 certified

DuPont recently was granted a new collection of patents in embedded resistor laminate technology, as it continues to expand its portfolio of embedded passive materials.

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MST.factory Purchases SUSS MicroTec CB8 for MEMS Process Development and Prototyping in Europe

SUSS MicroTec Wafer Bonders Continue to Capture Major Market Share in Advanced MEMS Manufacturing

MST.factory dortmund, has purchased the CB8 High Performance Wafer Bonder from SUSS MicroTec, a leading supplier of innovative process and testing solutions. This purchase continues last year’s success when SUSS MicroTec has won more than 80% of the MEMS production wafer bonder orders to become the dominant Advanced MEMS market shareholder in wafer bonding.


The CB8 semi-automated 200mm wafer bonder recently installed at MST.factory dortmund is being used to develop processes for advanced wafer bonding, particularly for Cu-Cu, Au-Au, Al-Al and other state of the art advanced MEMS bonding techniques. Recipes developed on the CB8 can easily be transferred to the CBC200 Wafer Bond Cluster for a smooth transition from the lab or low-volume production to full production. The highly versatile CB8 was chosen over competitive systems for its capability to run all advanced MEMS bond processes including eutectic, fusion, and metal diffusion that are needed to support the innovative micro/nanotechnology requirements of MST.factory’s various business partners.

“With the trend for 200mm MEMS manufacturers to move to MEMS foundries utilizing advanced metal bond technologies we are very pleased to be accepted as the supplier of choice for bonders to help MEMS manufacturers achieve significant size and cost reduction for their devices” said Wilfried Bair, General Manager of the bonder division, SUSS MicroTec, “We see MST.factory’s selection of the CB8 for process development as a positive sign that these advanced technologies will soon be in production on SUSS equipment.”

Further information at www.suss.com/news.

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New! Broad Range of EMI Filters from TDK-Lambda

TDK-Lambda has introduced a new broad range of high performance EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) filters. The new R series filters provide a wide range of electrical noise attenuation curves in metal cases with convenient connection options. These low profile units enable system designers to avoid compromising the filter's mechanical compatibility and electrical performance with the design of the OEM equipment.

The filters are available in both single-phase and three-phase versions. The current ratings for the single-phase units range from 0.5A up to 300A, with line voltages up to 250VAC or 250VDC and leakage currents of 1mA. Low leakage models are available with 10µA of leakage current at 250VAC, 60Hz.

The three-phase R series filters have current ratings from 6A up to 1000A, with line voltages up to 500VAC or 500VDC. The maximum leakage current is 2.5mA at 250VAC, 60Hz or 5mA at 500VAC, 60Hz.

For ease of installation, many of the models can be ordered with wire leads, lug terminals, or captive screw terminals. The user has a choice of either standard chassis mount or DIN Rail Mount on many filter models rated up to 30A (with screw terminals).

Single-phase filters are safety certified to UL1283, CSA C22.2 No. 8, and EN60939 (up to 30A). Three-phase filters are safety certified to UL1283 (up to 150A) and EN60939 (up to 300A). The operating temperature range is from -25°C to +85°C.

Within the R series, either single-stage or two-stage EMI filters are available to provide standard or very high noise attenuation levels, from 150kHz up to 30MHz.  In addition, "high pulse attenuation" is available on some models to prevent line "spikes" from entering or leaving the OEM equipment.

All units are RoHS compliant and include TDK-Lambda's one year warranty.

More information about the R series filters can be found at our web site: http://www.us.tdk-lambda.com/lp/products/r-series.htm.

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Ticona Expands Vectra® LCP Portfolio With New Low Warpage Grade For High Speed Connectors

Ticona Engineering Polymers today announced it developed a new low warpage Vectra liquid crystal polymer (LCP) grade as part of a strategic expansion of its portfolio of V-0 halogen-free polymers for use in eco-friendly electrical and electronic components.
“Our new Vectra low warpage grade, E488i, is designed to improve warpage behavior resulting in flatter molded parts such as CPU sockets and DIMM connectors that must maintain extremely tight dimensional tolerances after lead free reflow soldering temperatures of 260 Celsius,” said Edson Ito, Vectra LCP technical marketing manager for Ticona.

Customer trials and Ticona tests using the new Vectra E488i showed less warpage of intricately designed connectors out of the mold and after reflow soldering, compared to parts molded with other commercially available LCP grades and high temperature nylons.

Vectra LCP, inherently flame resistant without the need for halogenated flame retardant additives, has a UL V-0 rating and is widely used by customers to make eco-friendly connectors, bobbins, switches and relays that meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) and European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives. In addition, customers and original equipment manufacturers are striving to accelerate the production of green and safe products. The Vectra LCP family of high-performance polymers, based on patented Ticona technology, has evolved to include innovative grades that keep pace with market needs for inherent flame resistance, thinner walls, higher temperature resistance, higher production rates, lower overall part costs and recyclability.

This new grade, which expands the portfolio of Vectra LCP, is designed to meet demanding specifications for electronic components with increased pin densities that enable increased bandwidth and higher speeds. For example, new connectors with 200 to 300 pins and sockets with about 1,000 pins require precise dimensional tolerances and complex melt flow paths that only a next generation higher performance polymer such as Vectra LCP low warpage E488i can provide. Formulated with enhanced mechanical properties for design flexibility, Vectra LCP low warpage E488i offers:

  • Reduced warpage
  • High temperature resistance
  • High flow
  • Thin walls
  • Fast cycle times
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Heraeus Launches New Website for Thick Film Materials Division

The Thick Film Materials Division of Heraeus has a new website address (www.heraeus-thickfilm.com) as part of the company’s overall revamping of their internet presence. The new Heraeus corporate website boasts expanded product and technology content and improved navigation capabilities, making it a valuable resource for existing and potential customers around the world.

According to David Malanga, business unit manager for Heraeus’ Thick Film Materials Division, the new website is strongly customer and product focused, making it easier for visitors to quickly find information about the capabilities and expertise offered by Heraeus.

“In addition to providing a wealth of technical content about the electronic materials products we provide for passive components and hybrid circuits, the website will enable visitors to easily navigate to other areas where they can locate complimentary products from our company’s diverse portfolio,” said Malanga.

Malanga says the revised website is also more visually interesting, with new photography, animations and flash presentations that can help visitors better understand and appreciate the innovative products, processes and technologies offered by Heraeus.

“We believe that visitors to our new website will have a better view of the entire Heraeus company as a result of these improvements,” said Malanga.
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Indium Corporation Technical Engineers’ Papers Accepted by IPC Lead-Free Conference

Indium Corporation’s Senior Technical Support Engineer Mario Scalzo and Technical Support Engineer Ed Briggs had their papers accepted for presentation at the IPC/JEDEC Conference, Transitioning to Lead Free — Strategies for Implementation, in Santa Clara, California, March 3-5, 2009. Both Mario and Ed are based at Indium’s global headquarters in Clinton, NY.

Mario’s paper, Addressing the Challenge of Head-in-Pillow Defects in Electronics Assembly, discusses the two main sources of head-in-pillow defects and solutions for their elimination. Ed’s paper, Optimizing Reflow Profiling Lead-Free SMT Assembly, covers best practices for optimizing the reflow process and trouble shooting of the most common defects.  Mario will travel to Santa Clara to present both papers on March 4, 2009.

Sponsored by IPC and JEDEC, this conference contains a full-day technical session plus workshops for those interested in meeting the industry challenge of RoHS compliance and successfully implementing lead-free electronics assembly processes.  

Mario joined Indium Corporation in 2000. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Saint Anselm College. He also holds a certificate from the American Chemical Society for Professional Education. In addition, he is an SMTA-Certified Process Engineer and has a Six-Sigma Black Belt from Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering. He is also the author of the Electronics Assembly Materials blog, http://www.indium.com/blogs/Mario-Scalzo-Blog/.

Ed has been with Indium Corporation for over 16 years.  He has an associate’s degree in Chemical Technology from Mohawk Valley Community College where he earned the Douglas J. Bauer Award for Excellence in Chemistry.  He is an SMTA-certified engineer and has earned a Six-Sigma Green Belt Certification from Dartmouth College for demonstrated proficiency in developing and executing design experiments to support continuous process improvement.

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