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:: Hesse & Knipps Partners with Michael Whitehead to Support Legacy Wire Bonding Equipment (full story)

:: Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Expands with UK Office and Appoints European Sales Director (full story)

:: RNT Adds Distribution in Korea, Expanding Reach in Asia (full story)

:: New! Digitally Controlled Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda meet Medical Specs (full story)

:: Newport Announces New Optics for Ultrafast Laser Applications (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Expands Sales Network in Indiana and Kentucky (full story)

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Hesse & Knipps Partners with Michael Whitehead to Support Legacy Wire Bonding Equipment

Hesse & Knipps will partner with MEW Consulting, recently founded by Michael Whitehead, to provide technical support for third-party wedge and wire bonding equipment being phased out by the original manufacturers.  Through the partnership, Hesse & Knipps and MEW Consulting will provide various support services including:

  • High level technical and process/applications support
  • Wire/wedge bonding equipment repairs
  • Automatic wedge bonder rentals that protect against extended machine down-time situations
  • Training programs
  • Maintenance programs

As a value-added service to customers, Hesse & Knipps will accept legacy equipment as trade-ins for new Hesse & Knipps bonding equipment purchases.  Additionally, Hesse & Knipps will offer leasing packages that can protect a customer against losses due to extended machine down situations. For a list of wedge and wire bonding equipment supported through the partnership or for more information, contact Michael Whitehead at
214-358-6557 or by email at: bondersupport@hesse-knipps.us.

“In addition to legacy wedge bonding equipment, we have made a commitment to support legacy die bonding equipment through a recent partnership formed with CMTec AG," notes Joseph Bubel, President, Hesse & Knipps.  “It is our firm belief that strong technical support capabilities, complemented by our technological leadership in areas such as Process Integrated Quality Control, will be key in supporting the current and future requirements of our customers and the market.  We also remain committed to the design and development of new semiconductor technology to support the future needs of our customers and the market."

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Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Expands with UK Office and Appoints European Sales Director

Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) has announced that it has created EI Technologies UK Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of EI and located in Chelmsford, UK.  Steve Payne has been named Director of European Sales reporting to Michael Hills, SVP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development at EI, effective immediately.

Steve will assume the role of managing the newly formed UK office, with EI’s European manufacturing representatives reporting to him.  By leveraging EI’s innovative technology and production capabilities, Steve is also tasked with account penetration of segments targeted for future growth in the European marketplace. 

With over 30 years experience in the global electronic packaging industry, Steve brings solid technical knowledge as well as a keen understanding of European business cultures.  He is particularly skilled at identifying technical business opportunities and managing programs from inception to successful completion.  Prior to joining EI, he was Divisional Manager at GEC Marconi Research and Managing Director of Cirflex Technology, Ltd.  Steve’s formal education includes Applied Physics from METC, now known as Anglian Ruskin University.

“We continue to expand and diversify our sales and support infrastructure in an effort to strengthen our focus on future growth opportunities and penetrate markets we do not currently serve,” commented Michael Hills.  “Steve is a great addition to our team.  He brings broad technical, management, business development and sales experience making him the ideal choice to drive our growing business in the UK.”
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RNT Adds Distribution in Korea, Expanding Reach in Asia

Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc. (RNT), has announced that it has reached an agreement with GS PMC Korea Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of technology-based materials headquartered in Seoul, Korea.  GS Korea PMC will manage the sale and distribution of NanoFoil® products into a variety of applications including electronics assembly, solar, and sputter target bonding throughout Korea.
"We are excited to bring on GS Korea PMC as an experienced, reputable distributor into RNT's target markets in Korea. We selected GS Korea PMC because of their ability to compliment their existing product lines with our NanoFoil® and provide the local technical support necessary to provide specific customer solutions," commented Michael P. O'Neill, RNT's Global Vice President of Sales.
"We, GS PMC KOREA Co, Ltd, are very excited about working with Reactive NanoTechnologies as an exclusive distributor in Korea," commented Hans Kim, President of GS Korea PMC.  "The innovative technology of Reactive NanoTechnologies can meet the needs for Korean customers and we are very pleased to introduce this high technology to them.  Through our good reputation in Korea and closer business relationship with Korean customers, we will be able to achieve good result for RNT's innovative products and we are sure to continue our good business relationship with RNT."

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New! Digitally Controlled Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda meet Medical Specs

TDK-Lambda has introduced their new digitally controlled 300-watt power supplies that are designed specifically with medical applications in mind. With a 4kVAC reinforced input to output isolation and other specifications such as an output-to-ground isolation of 1500VAC, the EFE300M meets the rigorous international safety standards of IEC 60601-1 for medical equipment, making it suitable for use in B and BF type medical applications. Regulated DC outputs of 12V or 24VDC are standard and other voltages can be provided.

With a 3 x 6 inch footprint with less than a 1U profile (1.6" max), the EFE300M can be incorporated easily into designs where space is limited so end equipment can be smaller and cooler. Other features such as a redundant operation capability and a high current standby output make the EFE300M equally suitable for high integrity applications including broadcast, instrumentation, routers, servers and security networks, as well as, ATE, factory automation and mechatronics.

The EFE300M series includes an integrated magnetics transformer (transformer and inductor windings on the same core) to boost efficiency to typically 90% and employs an 8-bit microcontroller for full digital control of the output and to handle housekeeping routines. This resulted in a 25% parts count reduction to achieve a 45% smaller, and up to 56% lighter design when compared to similar competitive products. Power densities of up to 16.6W/in3 are achieved under peak load conditions and 12.5W/in3 under continuous loading.

TDK-Lambda's control of the EFE300M allows the power supply's performance, such as current limit and start-up characteristics, to be optimized digitally - this feature eliminates the hardware changes usually required in analog designs. A low cost primary side control topology is used, supervised by the microcontroller. This results in fewer parts and higher efficiency without sacrificing load regulation performance. Furthermore, the need for an opto-isolator is eliminated - a device which is undesirable for long life power supply designs.

Additional features of the EFE300M include remote on/off and power-good signals; it also comes with a 5V/2A isolated standby supply, which is not affected by the remote on/off. The inclusion of an ORing FET allows redundant operation of EFE300M supplies with no external diodes required.

The EFE300M delivers 300W continuous power (400W peak for 10 seconds) with nominal outputs of 12V/25A or 24V/12.5A. However, non-standard output voltages can be accommodated easily by precise factory programming. An additional 12V/1A fan supply is also included and all models operate from 90 to 264VAC input with dual fusing as standard. Earth leakage current is less than 300µA at up to 264VAC, fully complying with medical safety requirements. Active power factor correction ensures EN61000-3-2 compliance. Other EMC improving design features include the use of SiC (silicon carbide) diodes that ensure Curve B EMC performance with a significant margin.

TDK-Lambda's EFE300M is approved to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1 for general purpose applications, IEC/EN 61010-1 for laboratory and process control applications and, of course, IEC 60601-1 for medical equipment. In addition, the unit carries the CE mark according to the LV Directive and comes with a three-year warranty. The EFE300M is available in various configurations including: open-frame or L chassis, with or without an optional cover and a temperature-controlled fan.

For more information, please visit
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Newport Announces New Optics for Ultrafast Laser Applications

Newport Corporation has announced two latest additions to its industry-leading family of ultrafast optics.  The first new product family is circular variable neutral density (ND) filters with a metallic coating on a 2 millimeter substrate, and the second is low group velocity dispersion (GVD) 50\50 ultrafast beamsplitters for P Polarized light. 

"We are very excited to unveil our new circular variable ND filters with a metallic coating on a 2 mm substrate,” said Keshav Kumar, Product Line Manager for Newport.  "These new filters feature lower thickness of the substrate material, which is idea for use with short pulses.  In addition, they are available in multiple sizes, which helps our customers overcome any space constraints in their experimental or instrument design.  Finally, the multiple variations in optical density allow a researcher to better control the intensity variations in a wide range of needs.  As a result, we believe that these new circular variable ND are an excellent choice for a wide range of ultrafast laser applications such as multiphoton microscopy and ultrafast spectroscopy.”

Kumar continued, "We are also pleased to introduce our new low GVD ultrafast beamsplitters.  These beamsplitters are critical for many ultrafast applications such as ultrafast spectroscopy because our customers can now easily split a femtosecond pulse with minimal broadening effect,  thus ensuring better results from their ultrafast experiment.” 

New Circular Variable ND Filters
Newport's circular variable neutral density filters are designed to attenuate the wide spectrum of low energy laser light from UV to near IR wavelength. Their optical density gradient varies from 0–1.0, 0-2.0 and 0-4.0 around a by simply rotating the filter from 0 to 360 degrees. Fused silica substrate for these ND filters allows the transparency from 200-2000 nm range. The linear change in optical density is achieved by fine Inconel coating that allows the controlled linear attenuation of light beam in the designated optical density range for wide spectrum of light. The second surface of this filter is coated with a broadband visible antireflection coating to minimize the reflective loss from the second surface.

Newport's new circular variable ND filters with metallic coating on a 2 mm substrate are available today.  For more information on these optics, please click here.

Low GVD 50/50 Ultrafast Beamsplitters for P Polarized Light Newport's new low GVD 50/50 beamsplitters are designed to minimize pulse dispersion of reflected and transmitted ultrafast laser pulses. The front surface of the beamsplitter designed for S-polarized light is coated to provide a 50/50 split at 45° angle of incidence from 700–950 nm, and the back surface is antireflection coated. The beamsplitter for the P-Polarized light is coated to provide a 50/50 split at 45° angle of incidence from 680-1060nm. The UB.4 beamsplitters can be used to split the P polarized output beam from ultrafast lasers and amplifiers such as the company's Spectra-Physics® Solstice® one-box ultrafast amplifier, Spitfire® Pro ultrafast amplifier, and the Mai Tai® family of ultrafast lasers.

For more information, please visit www.newport.com.

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Indium Corporation Expands Sales Network in Indiana and Kentucky

Indium Corporation has named DMP Products, LLC, as its newest sales channel partner. DMP Products focuses primarily on selling Indium Corporation’s PCB assembly products in Indiana and Kentucky, including solder paste, cored wire, wave flux, rework fluxes, preforms, spheres, ribbon, and foil.
DMP Products has been serving the electronics manufacturing industry in Indiana and Kentucky for over 20 years. According to Delia Lara, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, “DMP is an established, well-respected company whose existing product lines will blend well with Indium’s assembly materials. Their industry knowledge and expertise will be beneficial in the expansion of our advanced technologies throughout the Indiana and Kentucky regions.”
Indium Corporation is a premiere materials supplier to the global electronics assembly, semiconductor fabrication and packaging, solar photovoltaic, and thermal management markets.  Founded in 1934, the company offers a broad range of products, services, and technical support focused on advanced materials science. With facilities in the PRC, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA, the company is a four-time Frost & Sullivan Award winner and registered to ISO-9001.
For more information, please visit www.indium.com.

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