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:: Asymtek Sells Spectrum™ S-910N Dispensing System to DancoTech (full story)

:: Amkor Announces Management Succession Plan (full story)

:: Integrated Passive Devices (IPD) – 2009 Report - The First Complete Study on Thin Film Integrated Passive Devices (full story)

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Silicon Cert, Ltd. Changes Name

Silicon Cert, Ltd. As a result of an ever-widening scope of reliability testing and analytical services, Silicon Cert is pleased to announce a July 1st change in name to Silicon Cert Laboratories. “With the additional in-house testing and analytical services that have been added during the past two years”, states Managing Director Tom Speakman, “and those that are coming on-line this summer, we believe that  identifying ourselves as a laboratory better represents the breadth of what we now offer our clients”. Silicon Cert Laboratories will soon begin to offer x-ray imaging services, increased acoustical microscopy imaging, and is scheduled to be audited by A2LA in August to ISO-17025.

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LORD Corporation Develops Thermally Conductive Grease That Does Not Pump Out

LORD Corporation has announced the availability of a thermally conductive grease that does not pump out.

LORD TC-501 Grease – “the Intelligent Grease” – was developed to be a no pump-out material to replace greases used as thermal interface materials (TIM) between the heat spreader and the heat sink (commonly known as TIM2). TC-501 Grease, a silicone TIM, provides high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance for applications in which superior heat dissipation is required. Unlike commercially available greases that eventually pump out, LORD TC-501 grease was developed using proprietary technology that prevents pump-out.

According to Sara Paisner, Staff Scientist for Microelectronics Technology at LORD Corporation, “TC-501 Grease is a great example of an innovative technology solving complex fundamental problems for the next generation of thermal management. This material allows for the use of thermal greases in applications previously restricted due to the risk of pump-out.”
Created in response to a need expressed by LORD customers for a thermally conductive grease that does not pump out, TC-501 Grease can be used in a variety of applications.

“Most greases eventually pump out, and as a result, their use is limited in microelectronic packages,” said Paisner. “However, this non-pump-out grease expands the application space for greases to a variety of packages that cannot go through a cure profile required normally by non-grease TIMs.”

“LORD Corporation looks forward to working with key OEMs and contract manufacturers to implement this new patent pending technology in demanding applications. TC-501 is expected to significantly improve reliability resulting in reduced costs and increased sales for our customer partners,” said Adam Conklin, Global Market Manager – Electronic Materials.

More information on LORD TC-501, the Intelligent Grease, can be found at
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SUSS MicroTec and Thin Materials Cooperate on Temporary Bonding Solution for 3D Packaging

“Thin Materials’ technology for temporary bonding perfectly complements our process offering portfolio for 3D Integration and Packaging. — Frank Averdung, CEO and President, SUSS MicroTec.

SUSS MicroTec has announced  that they are cooperating on a temporary bonding solution to be used for challenging thin wafer handling technologies required for emerging 3D Integration and Packaging technologies. With this cooperation SUSS MicroTec extends its solution portfolio for temporary bonding and thin wafer handling.

The temporary bond material of Thin Materials is capable of handling wafer processing temperatures in excess of 250°C while being able to do a room temperature de-bond. This simplifies the debond process by eliminating a number of steps thus saving time and lowering device costs. The Thin Materials process runs on SUSS MicroTec’s production wafer bonder, XBC300, whose modularity and high process flexibility can easily be adapted for changing environments and processed material. The XBC300 temporary bond configurations are available for development and high volume needs.

“We have been working closely with SUSS MicroTec as one of the leading experts for 3D integration solutions”, states Dr. Franz Richter, CEO of Thin Materials AG, “We are looking forward to extending this partnership and jointly supply our customers with cutting-edge solutions.”

“Thin Materials’ technology for temporary bonding perfectly complements our process offering portfolio for 3D Integration and Packaging”, confirms Frank Averdung, President and CEO of SUSS MicroTec “Partnering with Thin Materials allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of temporary bonding technologies according to their specific needs.”

Together with its partners 3M, Disco, DuPont, NEXX Systems, Surface Technology Systems and Thin Materials SUSS MicroTec will host a TSV 3D Integration workshop introducing solutions for temporary bonding and thin wafer handling on July 15th during SEMICON West, San Francisco, USA.

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Asymtek Sells Spectrum™ S-910N Dispensing System to DancoTech DancoTech’s 11th Asymtek Dispensing System

Asymtek, a Nordson company, has sold a Spectrum S-910N dispensing system to DancoTech, located in Ballerup, Denmark – their eleventh Asymtek unit and second Spectrum 900 series platform. DancoTech selected the S-910N platform for its slim footprint (600mm wide), its flexible, scalable configuration, and precision-dispense capability.

DancoTech purchased Asymtek’s S-910N dispensing system, configured for surface mount adhesive (SMA) jetting, for applications and product development in their Center of Excellence. Their first Asymtek system was purchased in 1999. Over the years they have added ten more dispensers to support a wide range of applications, including underfill and SMA jetting, dam and fill, conformal coating and solder paste dispensing, using a variety of Asymtek’s valve technologies from pumps to jets to piezo-electric technologies.

“We have chosen Asymtek for our dispensing requirements because of their deep knowledge and expertise in automated fluid dispensing,” said Pernille Louise Vinten, Production Technology Manager for DancoTech. “Our customers want quick-turn solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Asymtek’s dispensers provide a high level of process control, flexibility, and capability that supports this requirement. Our new Spectrum S-910N systems give us more capability in a smaller footprint, saving valuable space on our production floor.”

“Shipping the 11th dispensing system to DancoTech is a key milestone for Asymtek,” states Asymtek’s Global Account Manager, Lars Nielsen. “DancoTech is a great company to work with, and we are committed to consistently providing innovative, quality solutions that exceed their needs and expectations.”

Asymtek’s Spectrum S-900N Series dispensing system is designed with maximum flexibility, configurable for a wide variety of applications. It can handle high-volume applications, such as edge- and corner-bonding that do not require heat, and can be configured with up to three heat stations for applications that require heat, such as flip chip and CSP underfill. With its scalable configuration, the Spectrum S-900N platform can be configured with single or dual lanes depending on capacity requirements. As process needs change, the system can be upgraded to add options not previously required.
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Amkor Announces Management Succession Plan

James Kim to Become Executive Chairman and Ken Joyce Appointed as Chief Executive Officer Effective October 1, 2009

Amkor Technology, Inc. has announced a succession plan for senior management. Under the plan, James Kim, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company, will become Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and Ken Joyce, the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, will become Chief Executive Officer and President effective October 1, 2009. Mr. Joyce will also join the Board at that time.

“As Executive Chairman, I will play an active leadership role at Amkor, collaborating with Ken on the strategic direction for the company and key external relationships,” said Kim. “I have great confidence in Ken and believe this is the right time to make this transition as we continue the succession planning begun more than a year ago when Ken became President and COO.”

“I am honored by the trust that has been placed in me by Jim and the Board,” added Joyce. “Jim and I have worked closely together for more than 12 years and we are fortunate that Jim will stay involved in our business so that we can continue to benefit from Jim’s 40 years of experience in our industry.”

Mr. Joyce, 62, joined Amkor in 1997 and was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for more than eight years before becoming Chief Administrative Officer in November 2007, Chief Operating Officer in February 2008 and President in May 2008. Prior to joining Amkor, from 1992 to 1997, he served as CFO of Selas Fluid Processing Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Linde AG, Munich, Germany. Mr. Joyce is also a former Vice President, Finance and CFO of Selas Corporation of America. Mr. Joyce joined Selas Corporation of America in 1981 holding various senior finance positions and was promoted to CFO in 1984.
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Integrated Passive Devices (IPD) – 2009 Report - The First Complete Study on Thin Film Integrated Passive Devices

Yole Développement has released a new marketing & technological study dedicated to integrated passive devices, IPD 2009 Report. This study exhaustively lists the existing and upcoming technologies and applications for IPDs. It also provides a broad overview of the thin-film IPD market and its forthcoming growth opportunities.

Each market sub-segment is exhaustively detailed with drivers and benefits of IPDs, subsegmentsize and expected growth rate, value chain analysis, global market evaluation per application:volume in units, wafers, and market size ($), evaluation of the major market players.

From a commodity technology initially developed to replace bulky discrete passive components, thin‐film Integrated Passive Devices (IPD’s) are now a growing industry trend driven by RF, ESD & EMI protection, High Brightness LEDs, Digital & Mixed Signal applications. Yole’s new research study on Thin‐film Integrated Passive and Active devices estimates the total IPD market to grow from more than $600M this year to over $1B by 2013. Whether it is to reduce space on the application board, to enhance performance or to reduce cost at the system level, IPD’s are spreading to most electronic sectors, from low volume to mass market businesses in aerospace, military, medical, industrial, lighting, communications, and PC applications. Over the past few years, IPD’s have become an essential nabler of System‐in‐Packages (SiP) realizations. Looking to tomorrow, IPD’s are paving the way to the bright future of the “More than Moore” heterogeneous integration as they contribute greatly to bridging the increasing gap between the ever shrinking geometries of CMOS IC’s and the lagging packaging technologies.
IPD’s enable the assembly of increasingly complete and autonomous systems with the integration of diverse electronic functions such as sensors, RF transceivers, MEMS, power amplifiers,
power management units and digital processors.

At the frontier between the back‐end and the front‐end of the semiconductor industry, Thinfilm IPD’s are poised to extend the use of Wafer‐Level Packaging (WLP) and Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology platforms to many IC package solutions as well as to the discrete passive component industry.

Being a “bridge platform”, IPD’s involve the complete semiconductor value chain: equipment; material providers; fabless semiconductor players; integrating the different IPD technologies and each of their applications. Market share, supply value chain and strategies of the current major players and those looking at entering this business have been identified.

IPD technology trends, manufacturing options and challenges to be addressed are discussed
and detailed. Finally, complete market segmentation for the commercialization of IPD’s is proposed. Market forecasts and attached growth rates for each segment are provided for 2008‐

IPD 2009 Report has been realized for different types of companies. For example, this technological and marketing analysis can be useful to IPD manufacturers. With IPD 2009 Report, they will be able to evaluate the market potential of their technologies and products; position their
company in the value chain and the market and monitor and benchmark the competitors. Integrated semiconductor Device Manufacturers will also be interested by IPD 2009. It will provide them with the list of the top IPD players and help them define their own IPD strategy for System‐in‐a‐Package integration. Many examples are also very meaningful for assembly & test service companies, electronic module makers and Original Equipment Makers (OEM), equipment
and material manufacturers, PCB manufacturers.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the report, please contact David Jourdan -

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