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:: Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Named SBA's 2009 San Diego District Small Business Exporter of the Year (full story)

:: Ticona Adds Low-Chlorine Content Vectra® LCP/PPS Alloy To V-0 Halogen Free Portfolio For E/E Applications (full story)

:: Henkel Launches Next-Gen Underfill that has it All (full story)

:: AdTech Ceramics to exhibit at EMPC 2009 June 15-18, Rimini, Italy (full story)

:: 6.5GW Cell Line Capacity Installed (full story)

:: DYCONEX Implements Efficient Software for PCB Design Compensation (full story)

:: New SFW Series Ccfl Inverters from ERG are Cost Competitive with Offshore Models (full story)

:: Panasonic Introduces PANACIM™ Enterprise Edition Mes Software (full story)

:: FHR Takes License of RNT's NanoBond® Process Technology (full story)

:: Indium Corporation’s Sbiroli Receives IPC’s Distinguished Committee Service Award (full story)

:: Our Student Chapters and Local Universities Need Your Support (full story)

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Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Named SBA's 2009 San Diego District Small Business Exporter of the Year

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC (THT) has announced that the company has been named SBA's (Small Business Administration) 2009 San Diego District Small Business Exporter of the Year. SBA recognizes THT as the outstanding small business champion among all candidates in San Diego and Imperial counties.

This award was designed to acknowledge outstanding business owner who has significantly increased export sales and profits, created jobs through export business, and facilitated other small businesses in their efforts to penetrate foreign markets.

Ken Kuang, President of THT, has a fresh take on sales and marketing, embracing contemporary promotion techniques that have brought in leads from all over the world 24/7. Creative overseas marketing strategies and effective solutions to export-related problems have brought THT a steady stream of inquiries and revenues. The company’s major exporting lines include microelectronic packaging components and belt furnaces for solar cell and electronics industry. In 2008, exporting business grew so strong it exceeded the company’s sales for the entire 2006 fiscal year.

“THT is highly honored to receive this award. I am so proud of our entire team for their commitment and many accomplishments in exporting,” said President Ken Kuang. “We expect a further increase of our exporting business in the near future.”

For more information, please visit

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Ticona Adds Low-Chlorine Content Vectra® LCP/PPS Alloy To V-0 Halogen Free Portfolio For E/E Applications

Ticona Engineering Polymers has announced the addition of a new low-chlorine Vectra® liquid crystal polymer (LCP) alloy grade to its portfolio of V-0 halogen-free polymers. Designed with improved processability and equivalent properties, this new grade gives designers and manufacturers a “drop-in” option for use in eco-friendly connectors and electrical components.

“The new low-chlorine Vectra alloy grade from Ticona, V143LC, is a high performance thermoplastic that is inherently flame resistant (FR) without the need for flame retardant additives, and can withstand high surface mount technology soldering temperatures used in the electrical and electronics industry,” said Leon Han, Asian LCP product marketing manager. “It provides improved processability and gives customers an option for FR high-temperature nylons that use flame retardant additives, which can cause corrosion to barrels, screws and tooling, and possibly degrade material properties and produce surface imperfections.

“The V143LC alloy is designed to allow our customers to use it as a virtual ‘drop in’ replacement for high temperature FR nylons without having to modify designs, build new molds or make significant tooling changes.”

As a direct response to market demand for low-chlorine content products, Ticona is introducing low-chlorine the V143LC alloy, which fuses improved polymerization and original compound technologies to reduce chlorine concentrations to below 900 parts per million (PPM). This reduction in chlorine concentrations is accomplished without a loss of the superior mechanical properties that make the Vectra alloy a material of choice for making connectors, switches and other electrical components.

This new grade expands the Ticona portfolio of V-0 halogen-free engineering thermoplastics from Ticona. Both Vectra LCP and Fortron® linear polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) offer inherently flame resistant properties without the use of either halogenated or non-halogenated flame retardants. As a highly crystalline, thermotropic (melt-orienting) thermoplastic, Vectra LCP has a UL V-0 rating and can withstand high surface mount technology soldering temperatures, including those needed with lead-free solder (short-term up to 340 degrees Celsius), while Fortron PPS can withstand high temperature assembly (lead-free soldering up to 270 degrees Celsius).

Formulated with enhanced mechanical properties for design flexibility, the low-chlorine Vectra V143LC alloy offers:

  • Improved weldline strength
  • Flatness/low warpage in certain geometries
  • High temperature resistance
  • High flow
  • Thin walls
  • Fast cycle times

“In customer trials and Ticona tests, we’ve shown the Vectra V143LC alloy maintains all the performance attributes of standard LCP grades while offering higher weldline strength, less warpage and good flow at relatively low injection pressures,” Han said. “It also provides high strength for thin-wall products with wall thicknesses of less than 0.8 millimeters.”

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Henkel Launches Next-Gen Underfill that has it All

In a remarkable breakthrough for underfill materials development, Henkel has engineered and launched a new underfill system that delivers on an unprecedented array of complex and demanding requirements, including room temperature fast flow, low temperature cure and reworkability.  The new material, Hysol® UF3800™, has been specifically designed for use with today’s CSP and BGA devices and is particularly well-suited for handheld communication and entertainment applications.

Hysol UF3800 flows fast at room temperature and cures quickly at low temperature.  The lack of need for substrate pre-heat combined with the material’s faster flow and low temperature quick curing mechanism, enables manufacturers to reduce energy costs, eliminate capital equipment expenditure associated with dispensing system heaters, and substantially improve throughput rates.  In addition, the material is reworkable, which improves final yield while allowing assembly firms to maintain environmental responsibility through the reduction of scrap.  Sustainability is also a key component of Hysol UF3800, as it is a halogen-free material that meets the current accepted industry standard of less than 900 parts per million (ppm) chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br).
One of the more common issues with traditional underfill systems has been underfill/solder paste compatibility with today’s lead-free and halogen-free solder formulations.  Incompatibility can lead to incomplete underfill cure and, ultimately, device failures.  Hysol UF3800, however, is compatible with a variety of lead-free and halogen-free solder pastes, conferring exceptional process flexibility, outstanding performance and in-field reliability.  In addition, the unique chemistry of the material offers a relatively high glass transition temperature (Tg) required for improved thermal cycle performance as well as good reworkability – two properties that are normally counter to each other.  In most cases, reworkable materials have a low Tg, which then also lowers the thermal performance.  But Hysol UF3800 offers both a high Tg and reworkability.

“Manufacturers want to reduce overall costs, but they don’t want to do so at the expense of performance or processability,” explains Dr. Michael Todd, Henkel’s Vice-President of Product Development and Engineering for the company’s Semiconductor and Electronics Assembly divisions.  “With Hysol UF3800, assemblers now get their wish:  exceptional performance, cost-efficiency, environmental responsibility and process flexibility.  This material has it all and then some.”

Adding to the long list of benefits, Hysol UF3800 also offers stable electrical performance under temperature humidity bias (THB), an essential performance metric as devices continue to get smaller and I/O pitches become tighter. 

“Traditional commercial underfill products do not offer the combination of benefits delivered by Hysol UF3800,” concludes Todd.  “Other materials may provide some – for example, fast cure and reworkability characteristics – but not the complete range of unique advantages delivered by Hysol UF3800.”

Hysol UF3800 is the only known commercial material to provide fast flow at room temperature, low temperature fast curing, high Tg, reworkability, excellent thermal performance and stable electrical performance under THB – all in a single formulation. For more information online at

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AdTech Ceramics to exhibit at EMPC 2009 June 15-18, Rimini, Italy

AdTech Ceramics will exhibit at the European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference, EMPC 2009, from June 15th to 18 th at Palacongressi in Rimini, Italy.

AdTech Ceramics produces custom multilayer co-fire ceramic packages in 92% alumina (HTCC), Aluminum Nitride (AlN) and LTCC materials. The 92% alumina base HTCC material can also be formed and metallized using an injection molding process for complex shape requirements. Chemical milling of materials, including Kovar, Alloy 42, Stainless and Spring Steel, is available for various products such as step lids, lead frames, seal rings and other custom products.

For more information, please visit
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6.5GW Cell Line Capacity Installed

With the completion of the last project ASYS celebrated a new milestone of 6.5GW installed metallization line capacity.

Karl Schanz, General Technical Manager Solar, is excited:”The completion of our most recent project in New Delhi has pushed us to the next mile stone of 6.5 GW installed capacity. That is proof that the industry has accepted and embraced our technology and leadership and it is a proud moment for ASYS to celebrate.”

Although growth in the Solar sector has slowed down some, ASYS still sees solid demand for its metallization lines. “We are currently working on multiple projects where we benefit from our expertise gained in the past years. These days a lot of companies are talking about how good they are. It is nice to be able to proof to our new customers our technology leadership, not with words or ads, but just by looking at the installed base and the trust we have built in the industry.” says Markus Wilkens, General Manager for the Americas.

ASYS, one of the leading suppliers for the solar industry is headquartered in Dornstadt, Germany with a worldwide Sales and Support network. The product portfolio for metallization lines includes loading and unloading units from stack or cassettes, visual inspection stations, microcrack inspection, screen printers, post print inspection system, dryers, cooling units, laser edge isolation, buffers, cell testers and sorters. One of the key features of the ASYS metallization lines is the lowest breakage rate in the industry.

For more information, please visit at  on the web.

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DYCONEX Implements Efficient Software for PCB Design Compensation

As PCB design complexity and density continue to increase, front-end data preparation efforts must be evermore exact and provide production artwork that is tailored to meet specific customer requirements. A challenging example is provided by the case where the customer has defined specific line width targets and provided tolerance ranges that, as a percentage of nominal target line width, must be met everywhere on the circuit. Due to the dependency of etch rate upon design spacing, it follows that some circuit elements may need to be individually compensated according to the localized spacing conditions inherent to the design. With especially complex designs this mostly manual effort can be very tedious and time consuming, often overreaching the available time or human resources allocated to complete the task.

With the objective of becoming faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective in the data prep tasks as described, DYCONEX has implemented a new software application named TEC (True Etch Compensation) that will largely automate this process. Additional benefits may likewise be seen long-term in the form of higher process stability and higher production yields.

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New SFW Series Ccfl Inverters from ERG are Cost Competitive with Offshore Models

The new Smart Force™ SFW Series of DC-AC inverters from LCD backlight power specialist Endicott Research Group (ERG) represents the first attempt by a U.S. company to offer a family of generic inverters, economically priced, for universal use across a broad range of CCFL-backlit LCD applications.

Designed to be sold through ERG’s extensive distribution network, the SFW Series consists of only 12 part numbers that cover a wide range of applications for ease of selection.  Pricing is competitive with key offshore competitors, according to the company, while functionality is superior, including wide input voltages and onboard dimming. 

“ERG has been manufacturing  inverters since 1979 and brings the industry’s richest base of experience and know-how to bear on the new SFW Series, which is designed to compete with offshore manufacturers’ models in the “generic” marketplace, where one inverter can be specified for a number of different applications,” said Graham Upton, Vice President, Engineering & New Business Development at ERG.

SFW Series inverters are available in single-, dual, and multi-lamp configurations and can be used in LCDs 5.7" to 19" diagonal in size for a wide variety of industrial, medical and other applications.

SFW Inverter Features include:
• Low Profile – to < 6 mm High
• Onboard Lamp Current Regulation
• Strike Voltages to 2400 Vrms
• Operating Temperature Range of -20º to 85º C.
• High Efficiency
• Open Lamp Detection
• Onboard Dimming
• RoHS Compliance
• Compatible with Virtually All OEM LCDs

The SFW family is an ideal inverter series for distributors to offer, added Upton.  It complements ERG’s established custom inverter products, and production quantities are readily available.

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Panasonic Introduces PANACIM™ Enterprise Edition Mes Software

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America (PFSA) introduces PanaCIM™ Enterprise Edition – electronics assembly Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software providing new levels of integration across a company’s entire enterprise. PanaCIM Enterprise Edition includes nine modules: Production Analysis, Production Planning, Production Monitoring and Dispatch, Material Verification, Traceability, Material Control, Product Changeover and Control, Maintenance, and Enterprise Link.

“PanaCIM Enterprise Edition goes far beyond controlling electronics assembly equipment only; it can integrate and transcend customers' organizations to enterprise-wide productivity—whether their enterprise has one manufacturing site or multiple sites in multiple geographies,” said M. Faisal Pandit, PFSA Director of Solutions. “It builds on Panasonic’s many years of experience in delivering advanced software solutions to the electronics manufacturing industry. PanaCIM Enterprise Edition’s powerful and comprehensive set of collaborative applications is designed to help streamline the overall manufacturing process and drive cost efficiencies.”

A highlight of this modular software includes Production Monitoring and Dispatch’s centralized and real-time data monitoring to identify events such as part exhausts, changeovers and process shifts. It dispatches tasks to the necessary labor resources via email, PDA, or visual display allowing the operator to acknowledge and take ownership of events with auto-detection of event resolution. This module also generates reports for analysis of event history by product, operator, and equipment.

The Production Planning module’s capacity analysis tool allows for more accurate cost estimations as well as provides line configurations best suited to your future needs. And the Material Control-Allocation module’s reservation function manages availability of materials while controlling excess WIP of raw materials on the production floor.

“This software suite coupled with our superior equipment, electronics manufacturing experience and consulting services create a very new and unique offering for customers to consider when determining with whom they will partner,” Pandit added. “PanaCIM Enterprise Edition is further proof of Panasonic Factory Solution’s metamorphosis into a total solution provider.”
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FHR Takes License of RNT's NanoBond® Process Technology

FHR to leverage use of NanoFoil® for Sputter Target Bonding

Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc. (RNT), has announced that FHR Anlagenbau GmbH (FHR) of Ottendorf-Okrilla, Germany, a supplier of thin-film equipment and a division of Centrotherm Photovoltaics AG, has entered into a license agreement for the use of RNT's NanoFoil® and NanoBond® technologies. FHR has capitalized its facilities near Dresden to bond sputter targets using RNT's patented room temperature bonding technique. NanoBond® is used to bond sputter targets with the additional benefits of minimizing the CTE mismatch of target and backing plate materials, improving the overall performance of target assemblies in use, and providing a more environmentally friendly process solution.
"We welcome FHR to RNT's family of licensees," stated RNT's CEO, Joseph Grzyb.  "FHR is very focused in engineering of customized equipment for thin-film technology where we have already demonstrated the benefit that NanoBond® provides for increasing deposition rate. With FHR's bundled sputter target and equipment offering, they are certainly in a position to offer great value to the solar panel producers."
Christian Raensch, COO of FHR Anlagenbau GmbH, commented, "We signed the license agreement with RNT to increase the range of our bonding methods. By using the new NanoBond® technology we are able to supply optimal target assemblies for specific applications. Especially, we are developing new specific target designs for high rate sputtering, photovoltaic and optoelectronic solutions."

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Indium Corporation’s Sbiroli Receives IPC’s Distinguished Committee Service Award

Indium Corporation’s Dave Sbiroli, Applications Development Program Manager, was presented with the IPC Distinguished Committee Service Award at APEX 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This award is given to IPC committee members who have made an exceptional contribution to a specific standard or other IPC program.  Dave’s award was in recognition of his efforts to help develop the new J-standard (J-STD-004b).
Dave joined Indium Corporation in 1995. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from SUNY Institute of Technology. Dave has earned his 6-Sigma Green Belt from Dartmouth College. He actively participates in Industry Standards Development with the IPC and projects with INEMI.
Dave is based at Indium’s global headquarters in Clinton, NY, USA.
The IPC is a global trade association dedicated to furthering the competitive excellence and financial success of its members who are participants in the electronics industry. They are the leading source for industry standards, training, market research, and public policy advocacy for the global electronics industry.
For more information about IPC, visit

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The future of our society can be enhanced by the tools we provide for the next generation engineers, scientists, and professionals.  Please consider donating production, test, and/or process equipment, or analytical tools or supplies that would enhance the laboratory capabilities of our student chapters.  You may designate the recipient University or IMAPS will provide a forum to match your donation with a University home.

The IMAPS Directors thank you for your consideration.

For comments and questions about this program, please contact Brian Schieman at or 202-548-8715.
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