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:: MicroScreen’s New Manufacturing Facility Offers Screens up to 70” x 102” Frames (full story)

:: Laser Marking ‘On The Fly’ from Miyachi Unitek (full story)

:: Gannon & Scott Celebrates 90th Year (full story)

:: Endicott Research Group Introduces New Online Inverter-to-LCD Cross Reference Guide (full story)

:: Toshiba, Nakaya and Amkor Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Forming a Joint Venture for System LSI Assembly and Test Service (full story)

:: Asymtek Receives Service Excellence and New Product Innovation Awards at APEX 2009 (full story)

:: PA&E Exhibiting at RadarCon 2009 in Pasadena (full story)

:: DYCONEX Qualifies New Plasma Desmearing Equipment (full story)

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MicroScreen’s New Manufacturing Facility Offers Screens up to 70” x 102” Frames

MicroScreen announces availability of stainless steel and polyester screens on frames up to 70” x 102” for use by manufacturers of solar cells,  membrane switches, medical devices, conductive circuits, heating elements, etc.

These screens are being produced by MicroScreen in its newly-established manufacturing facility contiguous to the current screen-making location. This expansion is specifically
to accommodate larger frame sizes.

The climate-controlled facility is equipped with totally automated stretch tables, coating machines, drying ovens, and exposure equipment. It includes a separate inspection room,  along with a photo lab for plotting of film artwork.

MicroScreen maintains a complete inventory of both stainless steel and polyester mesh which can be mounted 90°, 45°, and 22.5°, coated with emulsion and exposed with the customer’s circuit design. 

For further information on MicroScreen products, contact

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Laser Marking ‘On The Fly’ from Miyachi Unitek

For continuous production lines, marking ‘on the fly’ offers great solution flexibility by enabling marking/engraving of the product while it is moving! Miyachi Unitek’s LMF Series fiber laser markers’ high peak power and pulse frequencies maximize line speed while maintaining excellent mark quality equal to that of static marks: mark text, barcodes or graphics with confidence! The LMF series fiber laser markers can be easily integrated into existing lines, and, thanks to a small footprint, fit just about anywhere!

Both the 10 and 20W versions are capable of Q-switch frequencies of 2 – 500 kHz for maximum mark quality and speed, and have all the advantages of fiber technology with additional features that enable the user to specify a tailored solution. These features include a PC, touchscreen, stand-alone or pendant operation, intuitive and customizable marking interface, integrated rotary and XYZ motion, LAN connectivity, and an in-line camera option to view the mark and provide a non-intrusive code verification or read capability.  In addition to the standard marking software, a number of software options are available to seamlessly integrate the marker into existing and legacy systems.
For more information, please visit


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Gannon & Scott Celebrates 90th Year

Gannon & Scott is celebrating its 90th year in business. The company was founded in 1919 in Providence, Rhode Island,  by John Gannon, son of Irish immigrants and former bookkeeper, with friend Fred P. Scott, assayer from Conley & Straight.  Wm H. Gannon joined the organization in 1920 and eventually passed away in 1966 while serving as President for Gannon & Scott. 

Having joined his family’s business in 1953, Jack Gannon, third generation owner, took over the business in 1966, just as the country was about to enter an era of technological change and innovation fueled by the space program, electronics and personal computing that would expand the use of precious metals dramatically.

Realizing Gannon & Scott was to be part of this growth, Jack continued to invest in the company.  After two previous moves for upgrading purposes, in 1985 the present 28,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in the Howard Industrial Park in Cranston was built.  Ten years later a 5,000 square foot expansion was completed and in 1999 another 10,000 square foot expansion took place. At the end of 2000, a 42,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona was acquired giving the company an East Coast and West Coast presence.  With one of the industry’s largest thermal reduction capacity, Gannon & Scott has positioned itself as a true leader in the industry.

Both facilities are zero discharge plants in full compliance with EPA, Department of transportation and local environmental regulations and have successfully completed CHWMEG review, ITAR certified, and a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory has met ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

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Endicott Research Group Introduces New Online Inverter-to-LCD Cross Reference Guide

Endicott Research Group inverter part number locating process with a new LCD Module-to-ERG Inverter  Cross Reference Guide, located at

The new cross reference guide makes it easier than ever before to match OEM LCD panels together with just the right inverters for optimum CCFL performance. Users can search by ERG inverter part number or by the panel manufacturer’s model number to find a data sheet on the specific ERG inverter they need. Hundreds of model numbers from more than 40 major LCD manufacturers are included, along with hundreds of part numbers for single-, dual- and multi-lamp inverters with 5V or 12V input, all manufactured and supported in the U.S.A.

“CCFL-backlit LCDs are still in quite common usage across a wide range of applications,” said Graham Upton, Vice President, Engineering & New Business Development at ERG. “And since no one offers more inverter solutions than ERG, we designed the new cross-reference guide to make it as quick and easy as possible for our customers to find data on the inverter that matches their LCD and CCFL backlight.”

For more information, visit

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Toshiba, Nakaya and Amkor Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Forming a Joint Venture for System LSI Assembly and Test Service

Nakaya Microdevices Corporation, Amkor Technology, Inc.  and Toshiba Corporation have announced that they have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding expressing their intent to form a joint venture in Japan that will provide system LSI assembly and testing services. The structure, terms and amounts of each party’s contributions and other support for the joint venture have not yet been determined. The commencement of joint venture operations is targeted for October 1, 2009 but is subject to the negotiation of definitive agreements, due diligence and the receipt of any necessary government approval.

Toshiba plans to transfer to the joint venture the system LSI back-end process operations of its Japan-based, wholly owned semiconductor packaging company, Toshiba LSI Package Solutions Corporation (TPACS), including TPACS’s Oita Works and its system LSI business at Fukuoka Works. Toshiba also plans to transfer to the joint venture wafer probing equipment installed at its Oita Operations and Kitakyushu Operations. It is anticipated that NMD will have a majority position in the joint venture business. Amkor is expected to provide its manufacturing expertise, sales support, technical assistance, planning and procurement services and other support to the joint venture

This collaboration will support Toshiba Group in promoting an outsourcing system for the LSI back-end process, and in accelerating the comprehensive restructuring of its semiconductor business under the Action Program to improve profitability that the company announced in January this year. It will also allow NMD and Amkor to enhance and strengthen their relationships with a strategic customer and to further grow their respective semiconductor assembly and testing businesses.

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Asymtek Receives Service Excellence and New Product Innovation Awards at APEX 2009

Honored for Sixth Consecutive Year

Asymtek, a Nordson company, announces it has received two prestigious awards during APEX 2009.  For the sixth consecutive year, Asymtek has won the Circuits Assembly Service Excellence Award, receiving the highest customer service ratings in the dispensing category for electronics assembly equipment suppliers.  In addition, Asymtek’s DispenseJet® DJ-100 jet dispensing system won the New Product Innovation (NPI) Award in the Dispensing category.  Also sponsored by Circuits Assembly, the NPI Awards recognize the leading new products for electronics assembly during the past 12 months.

The Service Excellence Awards honor companies in the electronics industry that excel in technical service.  Customers of each entrant evaluate the company in five areas: dependability, ease-of-use, responsiveness, technology, and value for price.  “Asymtek is always listening to customer’s inputs to improve their products,” was one customer comment. “We have been able to come up with some very innovative solutions to some of our production needs through the use of their equipment.”

“Asymtek is becoming synonymous with Service Excellence, as witnessed by its wins in six straight years in the Dispensing category,” said Mike Buetow, editor in chief of Circuits Assembly. "Asymtek exemplifies the commitment to excellence in innovation and customer service that makes customers come back again and again."

The NPI Awards were selected by an independent panel of practicing industry engineers. They evaluated the entries on the basis of creativity and innovation, compatibility with existing technology, cost-effectiveness, design, environmental friendliness, expected reliability, expected maintainability/reparability, flexibility, performance, and user-friendliness.

Asymtek’s DispenseJet DJ-100 family of piezo-electric jets combines high production speed with exceptional accuracy and process control.  Patented Asymtek processes improve fluid control, offer better repeatability, and maintain consistent dispense volume. There are three models available, each designed to dispense different types of fluid: the DJ-100 Standard, the DJ-100 NC for low viscosity materials, and the DJ-100 GH, designed for highly viscous fluids.

Circuits Assembly announced the awards at a ceremony held during the APEX 2009 trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 30, 2009.
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PA&E Exhibiting at RadarCon 2009 in Pasadena

PA&E will be highlighting its hermetic interconnect, electronic packaging and EMI filter product lines at this year’s RadarCon 2009 conference, held May 4-8 at the new Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. PA&E application engineers will be available in Booth 17 throughout the show to discuss electronic component engineering challenges with attendees and to answer questions about the company’s products and integrated manufacturing capabilities.

According to show organizers, the 2009 conference theme: “Radar: From Science to Systems” expands the radar technology and engineering focus of previous conferences in this series to include and emphasize scientific or observational requirements and phenomenology that engender the systems that the radar community develops. This year’s technical program will include sessions on a variety of topics including: RF Systems and Subcomponents; Antenna Technology, Waveform Design/Analysis and more.

“We’re exited about this show in the Los Angeles area,” said Tony Meade, one of the PA&E application engineers who will be attending this year’s event. “We currently manufacture a range of products for many of the leading radar companies in the area so I’m looking forward to reconnecting with those organizations as well as using this opportunity to introduce PA&E’s unique capabilities to companies we haven’t done business with yet.”

The exhibit hall will be open on May 5 and 6 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Thursday, May 7 from 8 am to 4 pm. Those interested in registering for this event should visit the RadarCon 2009 site at .

For more information about PA&E, or to learn more about the company’s interconnect products, EMI filters, integrated electronic packaging and explosive metal bonding capabilities visit us at


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DYCONEX Qualifies New Plasma Desmearing Equipment

Following through with another investment milestone planned for this year, Dyconex successfully installed and qualified new plasma desmearing equipment this month, replacing an existing unit which has admirably served it’s task for many years. The new equipment greatly extends the envelope of capability and enhances applicability of the plasma desmearing process.

Plasma desmearing processes are typically applied after laser/mechanical hole generation or contour routing steps. Plasma desmearing serves to clean the PCB surface of laser burn residues and polymer smear that otherwise would hinder surface activation prior to electrochemical copper plating. Although chemically less aggressive than older units, the new plasma desmear will nevertheless provide improved plating quality by reducing nodule formation and virtually eliminating the occurrence of plating voids.

Last but not least, lot tracking and process control will improved. New speciality plasma treatments for improved bondability will be possible for products where resist stripping has hitherto been difficult.
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