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:: James Kim Becomes Amkor Executive Chairman and Ken Joyce Assumes Position of Chief Executive Officer (full story)

:: AIM Introduces NC257MD Jet Printable Solder Paste (full story)

:: Kyzen to Feature MICRONOX® MX2302 at IMAPS 2009 (full story)

:: PA&E Announces Lightweight Hermetic Receptacle for Souriau’s microComp® Connector Line (full story)

:: Come see us at IMAPS 2009 – Exhibiting Companies as of October 14th (full story)

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James Kim Becomes Amkor Executive Chairman and Ken Joyce Assumes Position of Chief Executive Officer

Amkor Technology, Inc. has announced that pursuant to the succession plan approved by the Board on June 25, 2009, James Kim, the company's Founder and former Chief Executive Officer, has become Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and Ken Joyce has assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer and President of the company.  Mr. Joyce has also joined the company's Board of Directors.

Mr. Joyce, 62, joined Amkor in 1997 and was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for more than eight years before becoming Chief Administrative Officer in November 2007, Chief Operating Officer in February 2008 and President in May 2008.

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AIM Introduces NC257MD Jet Printable Solder Paste

AIM introduces NC257MD Jet Printable Solder Paste after a joint development project with MYDATA of Sweden.  

AIM NC257MD is available direct from AIM or its distributors. It is supplied in syringes with bar coded labels specially designed for the MYDATA MY500 Jet Printer.

“Jet printing is a perfect technology for customers that operate in a high mix production environment and many of these applications need the easy cleaning performance of AIM 257MD solder paste.” says Andrew Clarke, European Business Manager for AIM.

“Jet printing demand continues to be strong and we see a good level of interest in our technology”, says Robert Gothner, Vice President Marketing and Sales for MYDATA. “We are proud to announce that AIM, one of the leading global solder paste manufacturers, has released a new solder paste qualified for the MY500 Jet Printer.”

Visit AIM on the web at


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Kyzen to Feature MICRONOX® MX2302 at IMAPS 2009

Kyzen announces that it will feature MICRONOX® MX2302 wafer-level cleaning solution in booth 1022 at the upcoming IMAPS 42nd International Symposium on Microelectronics, scheduled to take place November 3-5, 2009 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA.

MICRONOX® MX2302 is an engineered semi-aqueous solvent blend designed to remove difficult flux and paste residues including lead-free, rosin, no-clean, and tacky flux from wafer bumps found in flip chip, chip scale and microBGA packages. MX2302 has proven effective in ultrasonic, centrifugal and semi-aqueous spray under immersion cleaning systems. Easy to use, MX2302 has excellent compatibility with all soldering materials, passivation layers (PI, Nitride, Silicon Dioxide, BCB, etc.) and metal layers.

MX2302 is compatible with all materials commonly used in electronics assembly, wafer bumping, and advanced packaging manufacturing and cleaning processes.

MICRONOX® MX2302 is a biodegradable non-flammable, non-corrosive solvent that contains no CFCs or HAPs. The Kyzen Applications Laboratory has evaluated MICRONOX MX2302 for effective removal of nearly 300 soldering materials from the world’s leading suppliers including, Senju, Alpha, Kester, Indium, Aim, Koki, Nihon Superior, Amtech, Cobar, EFD, Florida Cirtech, Formosa, Heraeus, Interflux, Metallic Resource, Multicore, Promosol, Qualitek and Shenmao.

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PA&E Announces Lightweight Hermetic Receptacle for Souriau’s microComp® Connector Line

New Option for Applications Where Size, Weight and Hermetic Performance are Key Considerations

Engineers who want to leverage Souriau’s light-weight, high-density microComp connector line in harsh environment applications can now shave even more weight off their design without compromising hermetic integrity, following with the new aluminum compatible microComp hermetic receptacle from PA&E.

Souriau’s microComp connector line is well suited to any application that requires a light-weight, high-density rectangular connector. microComp connectors typically weigh 60% less and are 25% smaller than standard high-density Sub-D connectors. They can be built with as few as seven or as many as 104 contacts and have a contact pitch of 2.0 x 1.7 mm2. The microComp line comes in both space and military grade configurations and each connector offers dismountable contact construction for wiring flexibility.

The new aluminum compatible PA&E microComp hermetic receptacle is currently designed for the microComp 25-pin configuration and offers a weight savings of up to 40% when compared to stainless steel alternatives. It has a leak rate of less than 1X10-9 cc/sec helium at one atmospheric differential pressure thanks to PA&E’s Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic. Kryoflex-sealed connectors provide superior electrical performance -- up to 70 times the current-carrying capacity of conventional products -- while withstanding extreme mechanical and thermal stresses.

The microComp hermetic receptacle provides an insulation resistance of greater than 5,000 megohms at 500 VDC when tested in IAW MIL-STD 1344, Method 3003. It is built with beryllium copper alloy contacts that are finished in nickel/gold and has an operating temperature range of -55°C +170°C. The microComp receptacle is designed for aluminum, titanium or iron/nickel alloy applications and is available in laser-weldable or o-ring mount styles. These receptacle connectors are also available in a double-ended bulkhead configuration for applications requiring an interconnection on both sides.

For more information about PA&E’s custom interconnect products, integrated electronic packaging capabilities or EMI filter product line visit at

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Come see us at IMAPS 2009 – Exhibiting Companies as of October 14th

Accumet Engineering Corp.

Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc.

AdTech Ceramics

AI Technology, Inc.

Air-Vac Engineering Company

All Flex Flexible Circuits


Amtech Microelectronics, Inc.

ASM Pacific Technology, Ltd.

Azimuth Electronics, Inc.

BE Seminconductor (Besi)

Blue Oceans LLC

CAD Design Software

Chip Supply

Cicorel SA

Coining, Inc.

Co-Planar, Inc.

CPS Technologies

Crane Aerospace & Electronics


Dage Precision Industries, Inc.

Deweyl Tool Company, Inc.

DuPont Electronic Technologies

EFD, Inc.

Epoxy Technology, Inc.

ES Components

ESL ElectroScience

F & K Delvotec, Inc.

Ferro Electronic Material Systems

Finetech, Inc.

FRT of America, LLC

Geib Refining Corporation


Haiku Tech, Inc.

Harrop Industries, Inc.

Henkel Electronics

Heraeus Thick Film Division


Hesse & Knipps

Hi-Rel Laboratories

Indium Corporation

Infinite Graphics, Inc.

INTA Technologies

Integra Technologies

Interconnect Systems, Inc.

Interplex Engineered Products

Kyocera America, Inc.

Kyzen Corp.

Laser Tech, Inc.

Lintec Corp.


Metallix Refining, Inc.

MicroConnex Corporation

Micropac Industries, Inc.

MicroScreen LLC

Micross Components Corp.

Minco Technology

Mini-Systems, Inc.

Multek Flexible Circuits Inc

Mundt & Associates, Inc.

Murakami Co., Ltd.

NAMICS Technologies, Inc.


Nanosystec, GmbH


Newport Corporation

NorCom Systems, Inc.

NTK Technologies

NuSil Technology

Orthodyne Electronics

Pac Tech USA

Pacific Aerospace & Electronics

Palomar Technologies, Inc.

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company

Perfection Products, Inc.

Photochemie AG

Precision Ferrites and Ceramic, Inc. (PFC)

Reinhardt Microtech AG

Reldan Metals Co.

Riv, Inc.

Rogers Corporation

Royce Instruments, Inc.


SEFAR Printing Solutions, Inc.

Semi Dice, Inc.

Semiconductor Equipment Corp.

Semiconductor Packaging Materials (SPM)

Sierra Circuits, Inc.

Sikama International, Inc.

Sonoscan, Inc.

SST International

Stellar Industries Corp.

Stellar Microelectronics Inc.


Tango Systems, Inc.

TDK Corporation of America

Technic, Inc.

Teledyne Microelectronics

Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

Torrey Hills Technogies LLC

Trebor Instrument Corp.

Tresky Corporation

Unichem Industries, Inc.

VIOX Corporation

West-Bond, Inc.

Williams Advanced Materials

YESTech, Inc.


The advance program and registration for IMAPS 2009, the 42nd International Symposium on Microelectronics, is now available on-line. The 2009 symposium returns to Northern California from November 1-5 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Learn more about IMAPS 2009 and register on-line at

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