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:: Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Ranked No. 188 on 2009 Inc. 500 List (full story)

:: New Tacky Flux Technology from Henkel Advances POP Processes and has Cameras Seeing Blue (full story)

:: ERG’S New Smart Kit™ Development Kits Provide Everything Needed to Evaluate OEM Led-Backlit LCDs (full story)

:: CDS announces the release of EPD Version 7.7 (full story)

:: Miyachi Unitek Opens Laser Applications Lab in the Midwest (full story)

:: Heraeus Presents a Thick Film Screen Printing Workshop, September 22 - 24, 2009, West Conshocken, PA (full story)

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Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Ranked No. 188 on 2009 Inc. 500 List

Inc. magazine has ranked Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC No.188 on its 28th annual Inc. 500 list, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Rankings are based on percentage of revenue growth from 2005 to 2008. Torrey Hills grew 1,051 percent during this period.

Inc. editor Jane Berentson said, “If you want to know which companies are going to change the world, look at the Inc. 500.” Founded 5 years ago by entrepreneurs with ambitious eyes on the future, Torrey Hills Technologies has finally earned itself the good company of hundreds of successful businesses.

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Torrey Hills Technologies manufactures highly specialized materials and heat sink components for microelectronics packaging industry. It also supplies production furnaces and mixing equipment for solar cell, electronics and many other industries. The innovative work of the Torrey Hills team enables the company not only to flourish in the domestic market, but also to become an active exporter shipping to more than 30 countries.

Torrey Hills Technologies is also ranked No. 3 in Top 50 Inc.500|5000 Companies by Metro Area -- San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, Calif.; No. 5 in Top 100 Inc.500|5000 Companies by Industry – Manufacturing; and No. 7 in Top 10 Inc.500|5000 Asian-run Companies.

“This is yet another major milestone for a 5-year young company like Torrey Hills,” said Ken Kuang, President and Founder of Torrey Hills Technologies. “It reminded us how fortunate we are in today’s down economy. At the same time, it speaks volume for the significant contributions from our entire team. Over next few years, we will continue to make all the right moves like we did before to maintain this fast growth.”

Inc. 500 Methodology

The 2009 Inc. 500 measures revenue growth from 2005 through 2008. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by the first week of 2005, and therefore able to show four full calendar years of sales. Additionally, they had to be U.S.-based, privately held, for profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2008. (Since then, a number of companies on the list have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2005 is $200,000; the minimum for 2008 is $2 million.

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New Tacky Flux Technology from Henkel Advances POP Processes and has Cameras Seeing Blue

In a breakthrough for emerging package-on-package (POP) device processes, Henkel has developed Multicore® TFN700B™, a new no-clean, halide-free tacky flux material formulated specifically for today’s challenging POP applications.

Though traditional ball attach tacky fluxes have been used for POP production, poor POP yields have made it increasingly evident that these formulations are not ideal for the industry’s newest stacked package configurations.  Henkel, therefore, has designed Multicore TFN700B to address the unique needs of POP product builds.

One of the most common issues with device stacking is ensuring that there is ample flux coverage to facilitate robust solder joint formation.  Though this is partly attributable to process conditions – specifically, flux transfer consistency – Henkel’s Multicore TFN700B development process has revealed that flux formulation methodology is also critical.   Typically, tacky fluxes used in assembly processes are non-Newtonian, meaning that they shear thin when used in application and their success relies heavily on establishing near-perfect processing methods.  Because process parameters and equipment sets vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, non-Newtonian fluxes have resulted in low POP yields.  Henkel’s Multicore TFN700B, however, is a Newtonian-based system and, therefore, eliminates the shearing conditions associated with traditional tacky flux formulations, thus delivering flux transfer consistency and compensating for varied process conditions.

“Drawing on Henkel’s depth of materials science expertise, we were able to engineer a novel flux to enable successful, high-yield POP processes,” says Dr. Mark Currie, Henkel Global Product Manager for Semiconductor Soldering.  “By taking a fresh approach to flux formulation methodologies, Henkel’s Multicore TFN700B was conceived and will now play a large role in advancing POP technology – and the Newtonian formulation is only part of the story!”

Consistency in coverage is, of course, at the foundation of Multicore TFN700B, but POP device assemblers also want to have visual confirmation that required flux deposition volumes have been achieved.  The ability for the pick and place system to visually verify flux volume and distribution has long been desired but, until now, no materials supplier has been able to deliver.   Driven by this challenge, Henkel scientists engineered an inventive, patented blue color system that enables optical recognition of flux by pick and place systems.  This unique technology is built into Multicore TFN700B and allows visual verification of flux volume before placement of the top component of the POP package. This capability improves throughput and enables outstanding end-of- the-line yield.

Among its other notable benefits, Multicore TFN700B is no-clean, halide-free and is suitable for various deposition methods including doctor blading and dip transfer for POP builds.  The material has a consistent tack force over time, outstanding drop test reliability and is ROLO classified, or non-hydroscopic and non-corrosive.

For more information on Multicore TFN700B, please visit
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ERG’S New Smart Kit™ Development Kits Provide Everything Needed to Evaluate OEM Led-Backlit LCDs

Endicott Research Group’s New Smart Kit™ Development Kits for OEM LED-backlit LCDs provide customers looking to evaluate LED-backlit LCDs from major OEMs with everything they need to get the panel, backlight and driver fully operational.

Each Smart Kit is designed for a specific LED-backlit LCD from a major OEM. Included are:

  • The appropriate ERG LED Driver card
  • Flying lead input harness
  • DigitalView® to ERG plug-and-play input harness
  • Direct mate LED Driver-to-LCD interconnect wiring harness (where applicable) 

All Smart Kit components are shipped in an 8.5” x 5” polyethylene bag labeled with the manufacturer and model number of the LCD panel, the ERG LED Driver card part number, and the part numbers for the input harness, DV harness and, where applicable, interconnect wiring harness.

Currently, ERG is shipping 11 different Smart Kits for LED-backlit panels in popular industrial sizes from NEC, Sharp and Optrex with more in the works, including kits for Kyocera, according to Corporate Distribution Manager, GMS Bill Abbott.

“All parts are used except, usually, for an input harness,” he said. “Two harness models are included with each kit but only one is required based on the controller being used. Digital View users have a plug-and-play option. Where non-DV controller cards are being used or where a separate power supply is located away from the controller card, customers will use the flying lead option. It is one or the other. We cover the spectrum by including both, so there is no chance the user won’t have all the components he needs to get the LCD backlight operational.”

For more information, go to

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CDS announces the release of EPD Version 7.7

CAD Design Software releases the latest version of their leading-edge circuit layout tools for the IC packaging, RF/Microwave, Hybrid/MCM/LTCC, and PCB layout industries, incorporating advanced interoperability capabilities.

CAD Design Software has announced the release of the latest release of EPD.  Nearly two years in development, Version 7.7 is the largest and most extensive expansion of CAD Design Software’s high-end EDA tools and is the culmination of extensive collaborative relationships with many industry leaders in the U.S., Europe, and Asia in the Semiconductor Packaging, Hybrid/MCM/LTCC, IC Test, and RF/Microwave fields.

“Because of our ongoing partnership with the top industry leaders in Lead Frame, PoP, LTCC, and RF, we have not only been able to rapidly implement enhancement requests, but have been able to jointly develop new layout solutions for emerging technologies as well as create previously unavailable 3D manufacturing verification and CAM systems.  This has resulted in our most advanced and expanded 3D layout solutions for leading-edge IC packaging, IC Test, RF, and MCM layout”, said John Sovinsky, CEO of CAD Design Software. 

Some of the many new features and modules included in the new release are Intelligent Lead Frame functions, new Nibbler/Punch function and CAM output features for LTCC, enhanced RF Via function, new Dynamic Profile for bond wires, Wire List Generator for cable and block diagrams, and a new data import feature to import legacy data from most leading EDA tools. 

More robust, sophisticated algorithms for faster optimizing and CAD Design Software’s award-winning Bond Wire Optimization and 3D design tools are among the hundreds of enhancements and improvements that help reduce design time, improve overall time-to-market, and verifiably improve yields.

CAD Design Software‘s Version 7.7 is unsurpassed in features, functions, and most of all, flexibility. CAD Design Software leads the EDA industry in rapid development and implementation of new tools for emerging high-end new technologies for its customers. This has resulted in many industry firsts, including Stacked Die, 3D design, automated IC package routing, co-development and design-for-manufacture (DFM) platforms.

For more information visit us at
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Miyachi Unitek Opens Laser Applications Lab in the Midwest

Miyachi Unitek is pleased to announce the opening of its new Midwest Laser Applications Lab. The new facility enables Miyachi Unitek to work with customers and prospects to conduct sample evaluations and produce applications reports outlining results attained utilizing its range of Nd:YAG and Fiber laser welders and markers. The lab will be managed and staffed by Andrew Dodd, Sr. Sales Engineer and Wes Buckley, Laser & Systems Applications Engineer. Andrew and Wes bring over 30 years’ of practical experience to the lab, including application and process development, and design, assembly and troubleshooting of standard and custom laser systems.

In setting up the facility, Miyachi has partnered with AET Integration Inc., based just outside Detroit in Wixom, Michigan.  In addition to the applications lab and office space, sharing the facility gives Miyachi access to AET’s cross sectioning and inspection labs to further assist customers in improving the performance of welded joints, run DOE’s, and perform statistical and finite element analysis of the same.

Miyachi Unitek may be found on the internet at

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Heraeus Presents a Thick Film Screen Printing Workshop, September 22 - 24, 2009, West Conshocken, PA

Workshop Summary
The Thick Film Screen Printing Workshop is a three day, hands on workshop which will allow attendees to become familiar with the principles, properties and purposes of cermet thick film pastes.
The workshop will include a lecture on thick film properties and the background principles of screen printing. The workshop will also include a plant tour, which will highlight the manufacturing process of thick film pastes and hands on screen printing training on screen printers located in Heraeus TFD's Technical Service laboratory. In addition, a tour and presentation at a local screen manufacturer is included.

The cost of the course is $300, this includes three nights lodging, most meals and course materials. The participant will provide there own transpertation to Heraeus.

Workshop Schedule
Day 1
Morning Welcome and Breakfast -
please arrive by 9 am
Introduction and Heraeus Overview
Plant Tour
Beginning of Thick Film Lecture
Continuation of Thick Film Lecture
Evening Group Dinner
Day 2
Breakfast - Please arrive by 8:30 am
Transportation to Sefar in Lumberton, NJ
Screen Technology Lecture and Plant Tour
Lunch at Sefar
Return to Heraeus TFD
Hands On Screen Printing Lab Session
Day 3
Breakfast - Please arrive by 8:30 am
AM Lab Session -
Continue Screen Printing from Previous Day
Wrap Up Session/ Departure

Registration Required by September4, 2009.

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact
Meg Tredinnick at  610-825-6050

Heraeus Materials Technology LLC
Thick Film Division

24 Union Hill Road
West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428


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