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:: Art Dobie and Dean Buzby recipients of 2010 Swormstedt Award (full story)

:: Remtec Appoints Martin B. Nadler New Director of Quality Assurance (full story)

:: SOURIAU PA&E Announces New HTCC Micro-D Connector (full story)

:: Newport’s MRSI Dispense Systems Now Available with Confocal Height Sensor (full story)

:: Chip Supply Adds TEQ Sales to Sales Team (full story)

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Art Dobie and Dean Buzby recipients of 2010 Swormstedt Award

The award winning paper discusses screen printing technologies as used in the photovoltaic industry.

Sefar Inc is proud to congratulate Senior Territory Manager, Art Dobie and co-author Dean Buzby of Hereaus Materials Technology, LLC, on being awarded the prestigious David Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award in recognition of their article High Aspect Ratio Screen Printing of Fine-Line Conductive Thick-Film Ink on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells.

The screen printing technology that Mr. Dobie and Mr. Buzby detail in their paper is expected to make solar cells operate more efficiently by increasing the surface area of the solar cell. This is accomplished by printing finer and longer conductive silver traces, effectively reducing the amount of “shadow” on the cell surface–while still maintaining the operating efficiency of the screen printed grid fingers. This is what is known as “high aspect ratio”.

The David Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award recognizes the best published article or technical paper written for any aspect of the screen printing industry. For a copy of the paper, please contact Sefar at 800.995.0531 or
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Remtec Appoints Martin B. Nadler New Director of Quality Assurance

Remtec Inc. has appointed Martin B. Nadler the new Director of Quality Assurance.  In making the announcement, Remtec president, Nahum Rapoport said, “Martin Nadler brings us over twenty five years of quality, engineering and management experience in microelectronic ceramic packaging including ceramic and glass-to- metal packages, ceramic substrates and semiconductors. His experience includes work with both original equipment manufacturers and electronics assembly and test subcontractors.”

Nadler’s extensive experience spans a diverse group of companies including Kyocera International, Augat, Olin Aegis, Ceramtec, Irvine Sensors, Film Microelectronics, Ixion Technologies, CTI-Cryogenics and Netezza Corporation.

In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree and graduate studies in engineering management, Nadler is a Certified Quality Engineer, and a Certified ISO 9000 Lead Assessor who has implemented quality programs in accordance with ISO 9001. He has also developed and implemented product assurance programs, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and supplier improvement and certification programs.  Rapoport comments further “Martin Nadler is a consummate professional in all areas of quality assurance and is thoroughly qualified to help Remtec achieve the highest quality standards in our industry.”

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SOURIAU PA&E Announces New HTCC Micro-D Connector

Compact Size, High-Density Pin Count and Flexible Design Option

SOURIAU PA&E has brought High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) technology to its popular line of Micro-D connectors, providing design engineers with a new connector option that delivers high levels of mechanical performance and superior wire bonding density.

HTCC technology is typically used in high-reliability applications, such as defense/aerospace electronics, infrared sensors and optoelectronics. SOURIAU PA&E’s newest Micro-D connector’s external interface resembles a standard rectangular connector, with rows of sockets providing an electrical connection. In this new, patent-pending design, however, the external sockets are mated to a specially engineered HTCC board (that integrates metalized circuit patterns), rather than traditional pins. This approach can save space and reduce wire-bonding complexity while still maintaining SOURIAU PA&E’s high standards for harsh-environment reliability and electrical performance.

These new HTCC Micro-D connectors are MIL-PRF-83513 interface compliant and designed to be laser welded into aluminum, titanium or iron/nickel alloy electronic housings. They provide greater than 5,000 megohms of insulation resistance at 500 VDC and exhibit no evidence of dielectric withstanding voltage breakdown when tested in accordance with MIL-STD-1344, Method 3003. These new Micro-D connectors have a leak rate of less than 1X10-9 cc/second of helium at one atmospheric differential pressure. SOURIAU PA&E’s HTCC Micro-D connectors can be configured with 9, 15, 21, 25, 31 and 37 pin counts and will operate reliably at temperatures from -65º C to 200º C.

For more information about this new HTCC Micro-D connector from SOURIAU PA&E, visit us at
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Newport’s MRSI Dispense Systems Now Available with Confocal Height Sensor

Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in laser and photonic solutions that Make, Manage and Measure Light®, announces a new Confocal Height Sensor is now available for use with the company’s MRSI Dispense Systems.  The chromatic confocal sensor allows measurements in a single axis, providing access to deep cavities, confined spaces, and areas that are in close proximity to walls and other obstructions.  This measuring tool is ideal for RF and microwave packages, which have been difficult to measure using traditional, reflective-laser height-sensing techniques.

An LED light source with a sensor spot size of 50 microns in diameter is utilized to provide nanoresolution that is nearly target independent. The confocal sensor allows accurate measurement of glass, semiconductor materials, and mirrored surfaces. It can be used to precisely determine dispense heights for three of Newport’s legacy products, the MRSI-175Ag, the MRSI-605, and the MRSI M-5™.  The MRSI dispense systems provide advanced assembly solutions for complete epoxy die attach, eutectic, and flip chip bonding, delivering turnkey production for MEMS, multi-chip modules, semiconductor packaging, microwave modules, flip chip, and photonics packaging.

For more information, visit

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Chip Supply Adds TEQ Sales to Sales Team

Chip Supply, Inc., a global provider of semiconductor die and specialized packaging solutions, announces the addition of TEQ Sales, Inc., to its domestic sales team to represent Chip Supply in the Illinois and Wisconsin markets. Incorporated in 1993, TEQ Sales focuses on providing semiconductor and related design and application services to electronic OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers). For manufacturer’s requiring non-standard components, TEQ has the technical expertise needed to identify best fit solutions between OEM’s and Chip Supply’s product and service offerings.

TEQ Sales Vice President and Officer, Dennis Culpepper, will be Chip Supply’s primary representative in the two state markets.

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