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:: Advanced Resistance Welding Monitor from Miyachi Unitek Most Sophisticated on the Market (full story)

:: Cynthia Andersen Blank Joins Xyztec (full story)

:: DYCONEX Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrate proves cytotoxicity conformity according to ISO 10993-5 (full story)

:: Anaren Introduces its Smallest Wilkinson Power Divider Ever (full story)

:: TDK-Lambda Launches Low Profile, Isolated 15W & 30W Converters with Parallel Function (full story)

:: Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Receives Nadcap Accreditation (full story)

:: PA&E Announces New Non-magnetic Micro-D Connectors (full story)

:: Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America Selects Assembly Products, Inc as a Value-Added Sales Rep for Electronics Assembly Solutions (full story)

:: SUSS MicroTec Expands Activities in Wafer-Level Camera Applications (full story)

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Advanced Resistance Welding Monitor from Miyachi Unitek Most Sophisticated on the Market

Today's economic climate necessitates an ever-increasing emphasis on accountability and profitability. Miyachi Unitek's Advanced Data Analysis Monitor (ADAM) represents the very latest technology in resistance weld monitoring, offering more of the information you need to support your ISO, GMP and TQM requirements. Not only will it monitor what happens during the weld, but also before it is triggered, giving you a true 360-degree view of your process!

Sophisticated SPC capabilities - integrated database and Minitab 15® statistical software - enable you to not only collect data, but also analyze it!   Other key features include: current, voltage, power, resistance, force and cover gas flow monitoring; high resolution sensors; pre-and post-trigger viewing; envelope limits; and Ethernet communications capability.

ADAM is a desktop unit which comes complete with computer and and wide-screen LCD monitor.

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Cynthia Andersen Blank Joins Xyztec

XYZTEC, a leading European manufacturer of bond test equipment, announce the appointment of Cynthia Andersen Blank as Sales Manager of the America with responsibility for all sales and service support in the region.  Cynthia has over ten years experience in the electronics industry, firstly with SIMCO and latterly as National Sales Manager at DAGE Precision Industries

Cynthia comments, "It is exciting to be part of XYZTEC, a dynamic and forward-looking company with a highly competitive portfolio of bond test products, and ambitious plans for the future ".  Says Aubert Dupont and Bas van Tilborg, Managing Directors, "We are thrilled to have Cynthia on board; she has the knowledge and experience to support our customers and growth in the Americas. Her abilities together with our products will be a winning combination".

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DYCONEX Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrate proves cytotoxicity conformity according to ISO 10993-5

Cytotoxicity, a standardized test for materials used in medical devices, is used to determine if significant quantities of harmful extractable substances are present and how these may negatively affect cellular components.  Harlan Cytotest Cell Research GmbH recently performed a cytotoxicity test on an LCP product manufactured by DYCONEX and certified in an official declaration the non-cytotoxicity of the product and it’s suitability for in-vitro application.

Due to its biocompatibility, hermeticity properties, chemical inertness and advantageous electromechanical properties, LCP circuit boards are especially well-suited for biomedical and temporary implantable applications.

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Anaren Introduces its Smallest Wilkinson Power Divider Ever

Measuring only 0.04 x 0.04 inches (1 x 1 mm), new ultra-low-profile 50Ω
power divider saves board space in 2.4-2.5GHz applications such as WiMAX (2.3-2.7GHz), IISM,  802.11 b, g & n, Bluetooth® LE, and Zigbee®, among others

Anaren, Inc. has) announced it has introduced its smallest ever Wilkinson power divider. Measuring only 0.04 x 0.04 inches (or 1 x 1 millimeter), the 50Ω power divider (part number PD2425N5050S2) supports 2.4-2.5GHz applications such as WiMAX (2.3-2.7GHz), ISM, 802.11 b, g & n, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE), and Zigbee® among others. In addition to its tiny board-space saving footprint, the new component affords design engineers a very low height profile of 0.024 inches (0.62mm), making it especially well-suited to today’s increasingly “thin” handheld consumer electronics.

“Anaren has been a power divider innovator for decades,” says Mike Lugert, product line manager for consumer products lines in the company’s Wireless Group. “We were there with high-reliability, top-performing connectorized units in ‘70s and ‘80s. We were there to revolutionize the category with the introduction of our Xinger®-brand, surface mount power dividers in the ‘90s. And we’re innovating again with these ultra-miniature power dividers designed for consumer devices.”

Among other features, Anaren’s new “0404” power divider:

  • offers an LGA interface ideal for high-level integration in module-level solutions
  • is RoHS compliant, to address OEM’s environmental requirements 
  • features a non-conductive surface
  • arrives on tape and reel for use in high-volume pick and place systems                                                                     

Key specifications for the component are as follows:

Part no.

inches (mm)


Input/Output (Ω)

Isolation (min, dB) 

Return loss
(min, dB)

Insertion loss (max, dB)


0.041 x 0.041 x 0.024 (1 x 1 x .62)

2.4 - 2.5





To learn more or obtain samples of Anaren’s new 0404 power divider, visit the company’s website at

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TDK-Lambda Launches Low Profile, Isolated 15W & 30W Converters with Parallel Function

TDK-Lambda has announced its latest high density, cost-effective, DC-DC converter family with the introduction of the new CC-P-E Series. These are ultra compact, fully isolated converters that feature wide range DC inputs (24V or 48V nominal) which make them ideal for telecom, datacom, distributed power, battery operated devices, FPGA, and process control applications. Available with output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V or 15Vdc, with output power ratings of 15 or 30-watts, these fully-regulated, high efficiency (92% typical) converters can be paralleled for higher power applications.

The CC-P-E modules are available in thru-hole or SMT packages, with or without a shielded metal case and are suitable for extended temperature range applications from -40 to +85°C.  DC OK, Sequencing (for up to 20 paralleled units), Remote On/Off, and Parallel Alarm pins are among the standard signals and controls. In addition, overvoltage and overcurrent protection circuits are built-in.

These converters are available with a nominal 24Vdc input that can operate from 18 to 36Vdc or a 48Vdc input that will operate from 36 to 76Vdc.  Ideal for limited-space applications, the 15-watt units measure only 29.6 x 38.4 mm and are 6.8 mm high.  And the 30-watt converters measure 33.5 x 38.4 mm and are just 8.3 mm high.  The designer can simply parallel two of more of these converters for higher power requirements.
These DC-DC converters include TDK-Lambda’s five-year warranty.  All cased models have an input-to-output, input-case, and output-case isolation of 1000VDC, are safety-approved to UL/CSA/EN60950-1, and are RoHS compliant.

  • Main Applications

Distributed Power Busses, Battery Operated Equipment, Telecom, Datacom, Process Control Equipment
The new CC-P-E family of converters is available now and priced at $28.00 each in 100 piece quantities.  More information can be obtained at the following TDK-Lambda web link:

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Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Receives Nadcap Accreditation

Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) announced today that its Endicott facility has been awarded Nadcap accreditation in accordance with SAE Aerospace Standard AS7003 for electronics.  The prestigious Nadcap accreditation is considered a key approval of a quality supplier to the aerospace and defense industries.  This achievement also emphasizes EI’s continued commitment to excellence in the aerospace and defense markets and is added to the facility’s Trusted Supplier, AS 9100, MIL-PRF-31032, ISO 9001 and ITAR certifications for aerospace and defense.

Administered by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), Nadcap, formerly NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program), is an international program representing the interests of major aerospace and defense companies worldwide and setting cooperative standards in the industry for special processes and suppliers.

“The Nadcap accreditation process is rigorous, but succeeding at it reaffirms our commitment to deliver the highest quality services and solutions to our customers,” stated Eric Hills, VP of Business Development & Program Office at EI. 

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PA&E Announces New Non-magnetic Micro-D Connectors

High-Performance Hermetic Option for Non-Magnetic Applications

Engineers designing electronic components for use in applications where non-magnetic characteristics are required now have a new connector option following PA&E’s announcement of its new non-magnetic Micro-D connector line.

These new Micro-D connectors combine a MIL-PRF-83513 complaint Micro-D interface with very low magnetic permeability characteristics and are particularly suitable for harsh environments where superior hermetic integrity and non-magnetic characteristics are crucial to a component’s design. The connector’s shell is comprised of titanium and Inconel because this metal combination delivers the strength, expansion coefficients and low magnetic permeability required. These metals are joined using PA&E’s unique explosive metal welding processes. Pin material options include Inconel, molybdenum or titanium.

Designed to be laser welded into PA&E’s titanium or titanium composite electronic packages, these new Micro-D connectors can be manufactured in 9,15,21,25,31,37,51 and 100 pin configurations. These connectors use PA&E’s unique polycrystalline ceramic sealing technology to deliver a leak rate of less than 1X10-9cc/sec Helium at 1 atmospheric differential pressure. The new Micro-D line provides insulation resistance of more than 5,000 Megohms at 500 VDC and exhibit no evidence of breakdown or flashover when tested in IAW MIL-STD-1344, Method 3003. They will perform reliably in temperatures ranging from -65ºC to 260ºC.

For more information about non-magnetic Micro-D connectors from PA&E, visit us at
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Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America Selects Assembly Products, Inc as a Value-Added Sales Rep for Electronics Assembly Solutions

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America has selected Assembly Products, Inc as a Value-Added Sales Representative for its electronics assembly solutions. Placement, screen printing, through-hole insertion, conveyor, and board handling equipment, along with MES software and Panasonic’s enterprise consulting services will be among the solutions represented.

"Assembly Products has the technical electronics manufacturing knowledge needed to share how Panasonic SMT solutions can maximize a customer's productivity," said Brent Fischthal, Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America Electronics Assembly Regional Sales Manager. "Their proven success in the capital equipment arena, especially in their application and process expertise and with their in-house laboratory, will help better serve customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island.”

“Assembly Products focuses on value-added relationships between customers and the companies we represent through a commitment to applications engineering and service,” remarked Jim Chase, Assembly Products, Inc. President and Sales Manager. "Establishing this business relationship with Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America is an outstanding opportunity to solve customers’ challenges with innovative, best-in-class manufacturing solutions.”

Lino D’Andreti, Electronics Assembly Product Manager, added, “Especially for the high-mix, low-to-medium volume electronics manufacturers throughout New England, the breadth of Panasonic’s industry-leading portfolio provides excellent and extensive solutions to help companies increase their quality, expand manufacturing capabilities, remain competitive, and maintain their profitability.”
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SUSS MicroTec Expands Activities in Wafer-Level Camera Applications

SUSS MicroTec, announces that Q-Technology Limited (Q Tech), manufacturer of compact camera modules for the global cell phone, notebook computer and security industry, has successfully installed a full SUSS equipment set at Q Tech’s facility in Hi-Tech Industrial Park Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China. The 200mm mask and bond aligner, spin and spray coaters and wafer bond systems are utilized for Q Tech’s wafer-level camera manufacturing services. With this project SUSS MicroTec expands its activities as an equipment supplier supporting image sensor packaging and wafer-level camera manufacturing processes.

Wafer-level camera technology is capable of delivering significant size reduction over conventional camera modules in next-generation mobile devices like cell phones or PDAs. It is considered to be the first application to bring 3D packaging technologies into volume production. SUSS MicroTec’s equipment now in production at Q Tech provide the latest technology advancements for the most effective patterning. While its proven mask aligner technology allows for the highest alignment accuracy, SUSS wafer bonding systems offer tight temperature and force uniformity during bonding. The proprietary AltaSpray coating technology of SUSS MicroTec uses a revolutionary resist deposition method enabling conformal coating across flat and steeply sloped surfaces while covering topography steps up to 600 microns and more.

“The market demands smaller form factor packages with enhanced reliability and lower costs”, said Dr Hao Zhou, CEO, Q Tech. “To make this wafer scale process possible while achieving high yielding, we need reliable equipment that enables repeatable results. For us the leading-edge wafer-level packaging systems of SUSS MicroTec are the equipment of choice.”

“We are proud to further prove our expertise in wafer-level packaging of CMOS image sensors and manufacturing solutions of wafer-level cameras”, said Frank Averdung, President and CEO, SUSS MicroTec. ”With our complete solution portfolio and our expertise in micro-optics SUSS MicroTec can offer its customers a perfect partnership in this highly competitive growth market.”

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