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:: Dr. Phil Garrou joins Yole Développement 3D Packaging Team (full story)

:: Atotech’s Latest Products for Copper Damascene Interconnects Introduced At SEMICON West (full story)

:: Coining Breaks Ground on 15 Mercedes Build-Out (full story)

:: DYCONEX Implements State-Of-The-Art Registration Procedure (full story)

:: EV Group Introduces New EVG610 Mask and Bond Aligner Optimized for Greater Cost and Process Flexibility (full story)

:: Gore Cartridge Filters Can Reduce Overall Filtration Cost and Enhance System Performance in Processing High-Purity Chemicals for Semiconductor Manufacture (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Introduces Tabbing and Bus Ribbon Kits (full story)

:: ITT Corporation Presents Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Certificate of Appreciation (full story)

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Dr. Phil Garrou joins Yole Développement 3D Packaging Team

Yole Développement announces the addition of Dr. Philip Garrou to their consulting team as Senior Technical Analyst for 3D Packaging.  Under the exclusive agreement Dr. Garrou will contribute to the team of 4 analysts covering this topic at Yole and will author original research reports and contribute to existing reports building on and adding to Yole’s growing reach into the advanced packaging area.

From 2000 –2004 Dr. Garrou was Global Director of Technology and New Business Development for Dow Chemical in their Advanced Electronic Materials business. From 1997–2002 he was General Manager of Dow’s BCB dielectric business.

Dr. Garrou is a fellow of both IEEE & IMAPS and has served as President of the IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society. He is currently Contributing Editor and blogger (“Insights from the Leading Edge”) for Solid State Technology. He has authored / co-authored more than 100 technical publications and texts including the Multichip Module Handbook for McGraw Hill in 1998 and the Handbook of 3D Integration: Technology and Applications of 3D Integrated Circuits for Wiley-VCH, 2008.

Dr. Garrou’s list of awards and achievements are many. Most recently: in 2000 he received the IMAPS William Ashman award for “… technical achievement in Microelectronics Packaging”; in 2002 he was awarded the Fraunhofer IZM International Adv Packaging Award for “pioneering achievement in the introduction of new thin film polymeric packaging materials”; and in 2007 the IEEE CPMT Sustained Technical Achievement Award for “for 25 years of technical contributions and leadership in thin film dielectric materials and microelectronic applications including multichip modules, bumping and wafer level packaging, integrated passives and 3D integration”.

Dr. Garrou received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from North Carolina State University (1970) and his PhD degree in Chemistry from Indiana University (1974).

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Atotech’s Latest Products for Copper Damascene Interconnects Introduced At SEMICON West

SEMICON West has coincided with the market release of Atotech’s latest products for Copper Damascene Interconnects for sub-45 nm node plating, developed at our Copper R&D Center at The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) in Albany, New York.  Atotech’s R&D team has been working closely with CNSE engineers and leading chip manufacturers to develop and deliver next generation technology solutions for chip interconnects, and is excited to present the Everplate 45 nm series to the market for the first time. On this Robert Preisser commented “Atotech is excited that the progress we’ve achieved at the CNSE Albany NanoTech Complex has led to results ahead of the ITRS roadmap for advanced copper plating. This will help us to support customers during the integration of the next generations of electronic devices from R&D to mass production.”

The market introduction of the Everplate 45 nm series also coincides with the opening of Atotech’s new semiconductor production facility for high purity plating chemistries in Neuruppin, Germany. The facility is designed to satisfy the quality and purity demands of the semiconductor industry by use of highly automated manufacturing methods and enclosed class 1000 clean room production environments. The opening ceremony, held in April, was attended by key industry players, German government officials, the CEO of Atotech’s parent company TOTAL, as well as Atotech top management. The production capabilities of this new facility will also be showcased at our booth (#2521) in South Hall.

Atotech is continuously developing and implementing innovative technologies that address the industry’s needs of tomorrow. Atotech’s Advanced Packaging Technologies, developed at headquarters in Berlin, will be highlighted at the exhibit, including our proven technologies for Electroless Metal Deposition for Pad Metallization applications (Xenolyte), as well as emerging technologies for 3D Integration. Spherolyte plating solutions for Through Silicon Via (TSV) Interconnects are developed with corporate partners and in collaboration with SEMATECH International. Spherolyte R&D is based in Berlin and is supported by Atotech’s R&D team located in Albany at SEMATECH’s 3D Integration Program.

As market leaders for PCB and IC substrate plating solutions, Atotech believes in the importance of cross functionality and internal know-how exchange. Following this philosophy, Atotech’s latest semiconductor product was developed, Stannolyte for Electroless Deposition of Immersion Tin. Stannolyte for pillar sidewall protection has already demonstrated exceptional results and shows promise for continued success. With the introduction of Stannolyte Atotech has a more comprehensive product offering, from PCB and IC-Substrate technologies, to Semiconductor technologies.

Regarding Atotech’s Total Solution approach, Robert Preisser commented, “Our comprehensive product offering of metallization solutions provided by one supplier for advanced chip carriers and PCB's, to advanced semiconductor devices, supports the integration and assures stable manufacturing yields and best reliability performance.”


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Coining Breaks Ground on 15 Mercedes Build-Out

Coining, Inc has begun the interior build-out of its new domestic manufacturing facility and headquarters at 15 Mercedes Drive in Montvale, New Jersey USA. The company will relocate all of its employees and equipment currently at its Armonk, New York and Saddle Brook, New Jersey locations to Montvale early this fall.

"We have worked really hard on the site selection, design and pre-construction phases of our relocation project," explains Pete Pachella, Vice President – Manufacturing for Coining who cut the ceremonial ribbon. "It's time to make this happen. I can't wait to move in!"

"It is very satisfying to finally be in construction," echos Coining Engineering Manager Charlie Italiano who, along with Project Engineer Larry Monterulo, directed the interior build-out of the company's Armonk facility twelve years ago and has been intimately involved with the Montvale project as well. "This is going to be our home for a long time."

Coining expects to complete construction in September and be fully operational at 15 Mercedes Drive in October. Employment is projected to be about 125 initially and could rise to approximately 150 during the next five years.

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DYCONEX Implements State-Of-The-Art Registration Procedure

In order to respond to the ever increasing demands for finer features, higher reliability and shorter lead times for multilayer PCBs, DYCONEX has engineered a state-of-the-art registration workflow.

As PCB designs become more complex, the implications of dimensional instability and registration errors become more severe. A key factor in mastering this challenge is an advanced registration methodology together with dedicated manufacturing equipment. There are two essential prerequisites for the new process: first, laser direct imaging (LDI) exposure technology and second, state-of-the-art X-ray measuring and drilling equipment that generates high-quality fiducials after lamination. On their own, either LDI or X-ray drilling add value to improve the registration process. However, only the combination of the two together with a comprehensive and dedicated alignment of our production process provides the technological abilities to achieve optimal results. The new registration procedure is compatible with all existing processes.

As a direct result of this improvement in capability, DYCONEX sees significant customer benefits including:

  • significantly improved layer to layer alignment
  • higher process robustness
  • better product quality and product reliability
  • reduced process times
  • cost reduction
  • increased productivity
  • less mechanical stress on the PCB during production, especially for thin flex products
  • improved material traceability
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EV Group Introduces New EVG610 Mask and Bond Aligner Optimized for Greater Cost and Process Flexibility

EV Group provides world-class alignment technology at an affordable cost and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, today announced that it has introduced the EVG610 mask and bond aligner, specifically to address its university and research customers' demands for a lower costing system with greater process versatility.  Complementing the EVG501 R&D wafer bonder launched a year ago, the EVG610 is specifically designed to provide wider access to EVG's core alignment technology platform used throughout its latest mask and bond aligner systems.  Designed to offer the flexibility of its industry-proven EVG620 automated mask and bond aligner, which is targeted for volume production, the EVG610 eliminates costly features, such as automation, which may not be needed in a research facility.

EVG executive technology director, Paul Lindner, commented, "EV Group has been working with research facilities for 30 years, giving us insight into the unique requirements of smaller-scale university research and production facilities.  That is why we continue to roll out products like the EVG610 to make sure that students and first-time users have access to affordable systems with superior technology features that may not otherwise be available in lower-cost models.  This latest addition is an integral part of our mask aligner and bond aligner product families, and completes our portfolio spanning the entire manufacturing chain—from R&D all the way to full-scale, high-volume production environments."

Facing greater budget constraints, universities and research institutions are compelled to purchase equipment with more flexibility that will enable them to scale processes across multiple research projects and applications.  Cost and system flexibility—without sacrificing quality results—are key factors in their decision-making processes.  EVG's new, lower-cost system provides mask alignment technology with the highest overlay accuracy enabling the best possible exposure, while its bond alignment capability offers alignment accuracy that maximizes process windows—both ensuring higher yields.  What's more, the EVG610 enables researchers to seamlessly migrate their processes to volume production environments.

EVG610 R&D System Features

The EVG610 mask and bond alignment system is a highly flexible R&D system that can process substrate pieces and wafers up to 200 mm.  This mask and bond aligner system is designed to support a wide variety of processes such as UV-nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) and fine patterning, wafer bumping and chip-scale packaging for MEMS, integrated circuit and compound semiconductor devices.

The EVG610 system offers core technologies from EVG's high-volume mask and bond alignment systems including:

  • Option to combine mask and bond alignment capabilities optimizes total cost of ownership (TCO)—reduces investment, footprint and operation cost compared to two separate systems
  • Flexible configurations available from pieces up to  4-, 6- or 8-inch substrates
  • Bottom-side alignment capability, supporting back side lithography and bond alignment processes
  • Unmatched exposure light uniformity at wafer level (down to +/-1.5 percent)
  • Processes are fully compatible to EVG production mask and alignment bonding systems
  • Flexible multi-user system with multi-language capability
  • Maintenance-free and high-precision monolithic air bearing stage
  • Windows®-based user interface
For more information or to learn more about the EVG610 and other EVG mask and bond alignment systems please visit
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Gore Cartridge Filters Can Reduce Overall Filtration Cost and Enhance System Performance in Processing High-Purity Chemicals for Semiconductor Manufacture

A family of highly efficient cartridge filters from W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) can dramatically improve product quality, increase production capacity and reduce the total cost of filtration for high-purity bulk chemicals used in semiconductor fabrication and other microelectronics manufacturing processes.

The substitution of GORE® Filters can enable improved particle retention, higher flow rates, faster processing times and the use of fewer filters in the microfiltration of high viscosity fluids, acids, bases, solvents and specialty chemicals.
GORE® Filters have proven to be an effective and economical solution to challenges such as meeting tighter particle count specifications on existing equipment, reducing processing times and increasing capacity.

For example, a US manufacturer of semiconductor-grade solvent stripper used GORE® Filters to reduce processing time by 90% and process 3X the number of batches.  The manufacturer realized significantly lower total cost of filtration, and increased throughput without increased capital or labor expense.

GORE® Filters were used by a manufacturer of bulk high purity chemicals to eliminate a six-hour recirculation step in a single pass at a reduced particle count without any capital expenditure. The result was a 200% increase in capacity, an increase in product quality, and an increased packaging rate.

An Asian manufacturer of semiconductor-grade chemicals used GORE® Filters to achieve an order-of-magnitude reduction in particle counts, with faster filling times and longer filter life. They realized a significant improvement in product quality, increased capacity, and a lower total cost of filtration.

GORE® Filters incorporate Gore’s proprietary high-flow ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) filtration media. Gore technology has been used for decades in the world’s best-performing filters for semiconductor, electronics, high-purity chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

For more information on Gore’s family of cartridge filters for high-purity chemical processing, visit

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Indium Corporation Introduces Tabbing and Bus Ribbon Kits

Indium Corporation has introduced their newly designed tabbing and bus ribbon kits ( The kits, which contain common sized tabbing and bus ribbon and fluxes, are available in three versions, including one with a uniquely designed Pb-free, bismuth-containing, low-temperature coating.
According to Bill Jackson, Director of Solar Products (, “The kits are a valuable tool for scientists and engineers to efficiently experiment with different coatings and fluxes at both traditional and low temperatures in an easy-to-handle, low-cost kit system. The fluxes are designed to work in both manual and automated assembly processes.”
The three versions of the kit include: tin/silver, bismuth/tin, and tin/lead/silver and can be ordered through Indium’s easy online ordering system . The fluxes were developed by Indium Corporation’s award-winning Research & Development team. This team, led by Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, has been designing fluxes for high reliability and longevity, including the solar, medical, aerospace, automotive, and communication industries for over 25 years.
Indium Corporation is a premiere materials supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, solar, thin film and thermal management markets. Products include solders, preforms, and fluxes; brazes; sputter targets; indium, gallium, and germanium chemicals and sourcing; and Reactive NanoFoil®. Founded in 1934, Indium has global technical support and factories located in China, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.
For more information about Indium Corporation, visit

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ITT Corporation Presents Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Certificate of Appreciation

ITT Corporation presented Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) with a Certificate of Appreciation plaque for the EI team’s support of the Thin Tile Array PC board, an integral part of a state-of-the-art, advanced technology program.  As a result of successfully meeting program requirements, EI has earned permanent status on ITT’s approved supplier list.

EI’s engineering teams met tough technical challenges as they fabricated this complex, 24 layer PC board containing mixed materials, buried resistors, thick copper and multiple, deep cavities while meeting a tight project deadline.  “I’m proud that our diligence and execution has contributed to our customer’s success and at the same time, provided us the opportunity to work on additional advanced technology programs,” stated Ash Bhatt, New Products Program Manager at EI. 

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