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:: Orthodyne Electronics Introduces HD Series Wire Bonders (full story)

:: ERG Introduces Two New Compact FFC-Compatible LED Drivers (full story)

:: MIYACHI Releases Fully-Integrated Laser Marker Motion Package (full story)

:: Indium Corporation’s Heat-Spring® Wins Innova Award for Best Technology (full story)

:: Low Warpage Vectra® LCP from Ticona Helps Samtec Improve Molding Quality and Efficiency of Large Volume Connector (full story)

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Orthodyne Electronics Introduces HD Series Wire Bonders

Orthodyne Electronics’ new High Density Series Wire Bonders are designed to address the demand for smaller, thinner and denser discrete power semiconductor packages such as SO-8, PDFN, PQFN, DSO and DrMos.

The trend to shrink the size of power packages is driven by requirements of space-critical end applications such as hand-held devices, and is enabled by the ongoing substantial improvements in silicon efficiency. Smaller chip sizes allow multi-chip packaging, which perform functions once done with multiple devices or hybrid circuits. Squeezing more power and functions out of smaller packages increases the complexity of the devices. The number of interconnects increases to carry the elevated current levels which puts pricing pressure on the use of gold wire due to the escalating cost of gold. 

The advanced leadframe handling and clamping capabilities of the HD Series, in conjunction with Orthodyne’s proven PowerRibbon®  technology, overcome the interconnect challenges, while providing better electrical performance, higher reliability and lower cost than other interconnect techniques.

The HD Series includes the 7200HD Dual-Head Semiconductor Bonder and the 7600HD Semiconductor Bonder, available in one to four head configurations. Both systems can be equipped with large and small Aluminum wire or PowerRibbon®. 

For more information, please visit

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ERG Introduces Two New Compact FFC-Compatible LED Drivers

LCD backlit power specialist Endicott Research Group (ERG) is offering two new LED driver boards that provide compact, economical solutions to OEM panel designers and include FFC/FPC compatibility.

The new SFDK Series is a high-efficiency, dual-output driver board with connectors on both sides of the PCB for powering LED BLUs in LCDs up to 22” diagonal. The SFDK offers FPC (flat panel compatible) headers in addition to the standard wire-to-board connections, with the interface between the driver and panel consisting of 0.5 mm flat flex cable (FFC). The SFDK has an extremely low profile (<8 mm high) and a compact size – 1.15” (29.2 mm) x 4.59” (116.5 mm).

ERG’s new SFD2E LED driver packs high power into a compact board (1.115” (28.32 mm) wide x 4.585” (116.5 mm) long, with a profile of <10 mm). Ideal for high-power, high-brightness LED BLUs used in LCDs in the 10.4” – 24” diagonal range, it can efficiently drive up to 8 LED strings from one output at a maximum current of 480 mA.

For more information, visit

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MIYACHI Releases Fully-Integrated Laser Marker Motion Package

The new, fully integrated LMC1 laser marker motion package enables any combination of linear or rotary motion control in up to 4 axes. Automated functions such as serialization, step-and-repeat, or marking around a cylinder can be easily programmed utilizing our automation build function. Standard stage sizes for single linear or combined xyz axes range from 6” to 18”. There are two rotary options: ‘direct drive’ suited for banding applications, or ‘precision rotary’ for high resolution marking.

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Indium Corporation’s Heat-Spring® Wins Innova Award for Best Technology

Indium Corporation has won the Innova Award for Best Technology for its Heat-Spring® metallic thermal interface material (TIM).
Heat-Spring is a clean, high-performance thermal solution for the increasing demands of high brightness LEDs. It is a compressible metal foil with proven performance in such demanding environments as electronics, aerospace, and power devices.
The compressible TIM provides low thermal resistance as a result of its high thermal conductivity (86W/m-K) and its ability to conform intimately to interface surfaces.
Unlike other thermal interface materials, such as thermal grease that bakes out, dries out, or pumps out during use, the thermal resistance of the Heat-Spring continues to improve with time and power cycling.
According to Jordan Ross, Market Manager for Thermal Materials, “Indium Corporation is honored to be recognized with the Innova Award for our patented Heat-Spring product. With its patented compressible interface design, Heat-Spring provides optimized surface contact, superior thermal conductivity, and enhanced heat flow.”
Sponsored by LED Journal (, the Innova Awards feature leading companies within the LED market which have shown, through their products and services, the most innovative and advanced technology breakthroughs in LEDs. The award is designed to recognize companies each year for industry leadership, product development excellence, best new technology, and outstanding LED applications, which will eventually lead to the widespread adoption of LED technology in the marketplace.
For more information about Indium Corporation visit

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Low Warpage Vectra® LCP from Ticona Helps Samtec Improve Molding Quality and Efficiency of Large Volume Connector

Samtec Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnects, has optimized the production of one of its largest volume electronic connector series by switching to Vectra® E488i, a low warpage liquid crystal polymer (LCP) grade that is part of a portfolio of V-0 halogen-free polymers for use in eco-friendly electrical and electronic components from Ticona Engineering Polymers.

"By switching to Vectra E488i, we've improved the quality and efficiency of our injection molded CLP series of connectors without sacrificing any of our strict requirements, including RoHS compliance," says Jim Hahn, Samtec product engineer. "Not only that, but we've been able to improve the critical pin retention by about 10 percent during the lead free soldering process."

Vectra LCP low warpage E488i from Ticona is specifically designed to improve warpage behavior resulting in flatter molded thin-wall electronic parts such as Samtec's low profile socket strip CLP series connectors, which is used in electronic board-to-board interconnect systems.

The CLP series connectors require thinwall injection molding technology to completely fill the intricately designed parts with up to 50 contacts per row and a .005-inch wall area. In addition, these connectors must maintain extremely tight dimensional tolerances after lead free reflow soldering temperatures of 260 degrees Celsius.
Formulated with enhanced mechanical properties for design flexibility, Vectra LCP low warpage E488i offers:

  • Reduced warpage
  • High temperature resistance
  • High flow
  • Thin walls
  • Fast cycle times

"This glass and mineral filled grade of Vectra LCP from Ticona meets demanding specifications for electronic components with increased pin densities that enable increased bandwidth and higher speeds," said Ed Hallahan, marketing manager — Vectra LCP. "For example, new connectors require precise dimensional tolerances and complex melt flow paths that only a next generation higher performance polymer such as Vectra LCP low warpage E488i can provide."

During molding trials with Vectra E488i, Ticona demonstrated that Samtec could make the successful material switch and eliminate intermittent fill and bowing issues its molder was experiencing with CLP series connector parts molded with other commercially available LCP grades.

"Now, with the switch to Vectra E488i, our molder increased its molding run and eliminated its sorting and scrapping headache, and Samtec is receiving CLP connectors that are filled and in spec," said Samtec's Hahn.

Vectra LCP is widely used by customers to make eco-friendly connectors, bobbins, switches and relays that meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) and European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives. In addition, customers and original equipment manufacturers are striving to accelerate the production of green and safe products.

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