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:: External Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda Meet Tough Energy Efficiency Standards (full story)

:: Ticona Adds New High-Flow Fortron® PPS To Portfolio of Polymers For Use In Appliance And Industrial Applications (full story)

:: PA&E Announces New Ceramic Sealed Hermetic Windows (full story)

:: Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America Launches Panacim™ Enterprise Edition MES Software Globally (full story)

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External Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda Meet Tough Energy Efficiency Standards

TDK-Lambda has released a new range of AC-DC external power supplies with models rated from 100 to 150-watts that meet the EISA, CEC and Energy Star EPS Version 2.0, Efficiency Level V standards.  The DT100-C and DT150-C series feature active PFC (meets EN61000-3-2) and operate from a universal AC input of 90 to 264Vac (47-63Hz).  Available output voltages include 12V, 16V, 19V, 24V, 36V and 48V.

These external power supplies are packaged in an insulated compact and lightweight enclosure measuring 3.35” wide by 6.7” long by only 1.73” high and are convection cooled (no fans needed). The operating temperature range is 0 to +40°C with no derating required. All models are fully isolated (3kVac, input to output) and meet the Energy Star 2.0 and the California Energy Commission (CEC) Level V efficiency standards.

These units include overvoltage and short-circuit protections and off/no-load standby power consumption of less than 0.50 watt as required by Energy Star 2.0 and other green energy initiatives.  In addition, these series include UL/EN/IEC60950-1 international safety agency certifications and meet EN55022-B and FCC Class B conducted and radiated EMI standards.

Moreover, these external power supplies feature a recessed IEC320-C14 AC input receptacle and a 3.4 foot long output cable with a molded 4-pin connector. Other output connector types can be special ordered. These 100-150W supplies are ideal for powering desktop devices, instrumentation, industrial devices and a wide range of other general purpose applications. 

The DT100-C and DT150-C series are available now and priced from $40.50 each in OEM quantities of 1,000 units. For more information, please call TDK-Lambda directly at 1-800-LAMBDA-4 or view the detailed datasheet at this website:

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Ticona Adds New High-Flow Fortron® PPS To Portfolio of Polymers For Use In Appliance And Industrial Applications

Ticona has announced the commercial availability of Fortron® 6162A7, a mineral/glass-filled polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) with exceptional high flow properties for appliance, industrial and electrical/electronics customers that need high-temperature resistant, thin-wall components.

The base Fortron PPS resin is inherently flame resistant without additives and the new Fortron 6162A7 is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories to be (UL) 94 V-0 for wall thicknesses down to 0.8 millimeters. It also offers a:

  • 40 percent improved flow vs. Fortron 6165A6
  • Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) greater than or equal to 175 Volts
  • “0” UL Hot Wire Ignition (HWI) rating, their best such rating, at 3.0 millimeters thickness 

Ticona developed Fortron 6162A7 in response to a consumer appliance manufacturer that needed a high-flow version of Fortron 6165A6 to allow molding of larger diameter parts in a multi-cavity tool. These molding conditions required an enhanced Fortron PPS grade with improved flow that could maintain the same shrinkage properties and had all the virtues of the original product trialed in the Fortron 6165A6 grade.

Fortron PPS is ideal for industrial and appliance applications such as induction heating coil plates for food warmers and electric ranges, and laboratory “cool touch” heating apparatus. Fortron 6162A7, with its UL, HWI, CTI and V-0 ratings, also is ideal for use in electrical/electronics switches, relays, potentiometers and other circuit carrying components.
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PA&E Announces New Ceramic Sealed Hermetic Windows

Sealing Process Offers Highest Levels of Hermetic Performance, Greater Flexibility

PA&E is now using its patented ceramic-to-metal sealing technology to manufacture hermetically sealed windows for optical, laser and infrared applications. The unique bonding properties and polycrystalline structure of PA&E’s Kryoflex® material now allow the company to produce sight or wave-guide windows that maintain the highest levels of hermetic integrity under the extreme environmental conditions. This new product is particularly well suited for space or defense-related LADAR, laser designation/acquisition systems and medical endoscopes.

PA&E’s ceramic-sealed hermetic windows offer engineers additional advantages beyond high hermetic performance.  Because Kryoflex seals at relatively low temperatures, they can now choose from a variety of optical glasses such as sapphire, quartz and BK10. These new windows are also designed to be laser welded to a range of metals, including aluminum, titanium and iron/nickel alloys, for additional flexibility.

Windows produced with this new process are extremely robust and reliable because a key point of failure – solder joint fatigue – is eliminated. They provide a leak rate equal to or less than 1X10-9 cc/sec helium at 1 atmospheric differential pressure, even when subjected to extreme thermal and mechanical shock and, in medical applications, will maintain integrity after repeated autoclave sterilization.

Unlike solder- or braze-sealed windows, PA&E’s ceramic-sealed hermetic windows do not require metallization. Eliminating this step can, reduce both costs and processing time and allows anti-reflective coatings to be applied after the sealing process, ensuring that the critical A/R coating is not impacted by subsequent processing. 

PA&E also offers a number of other window sealing options including: proprietary active braze sealing; a patented direct sealing process; standard braze sealing and solder sealing. For more information on hermetic windows from PA&E please visit
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Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America Launches Panacim™ Enterprise Edition MES Software Globally

Last month Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America launched its PanaCIM Enterprise Edition MES software globally with the version 8.1 release. Previously PanaCIM Enterprise Edition was only available for manufacturing environments in North America.

Version 8.1 further expands the functionality of the nine modules in this manufacturing execution software system. Primary/Dependent Part Binning Support is a feature added to automatically assist with part class matching requirements. This enhancement is especially beneficial for LED applications due to the necessity of matching each LED diode with an appropriate resistor in order to maintain the same LED brightness across electronic display panels.

Offline feeder and cart setup has also been augmented to fully reinforce correct component reel-to-feeder and feeder-to-cart locations before production commences. To further strengthen its global use, all modules of the software now also support the Japanese language and additional languages can be added upon request.

The visual control panel (VCP) of the Production Monitoring and Dispatch module can now be customized at the user-level for site-specific needs such as branding requirements and arrangement preferences. And the Enterprise Link module now allows for even more exportable real-time data to keep third-party ERP/MRP systems updated with information such as boards produced and scrapped part quantities without having to wait for a production run to finish. 

PanaCIM Enterprise Edition Version 8.1 provides new and increased levels of integration across a company's entire enterprise. The nine modules—Production Analysis, Production Planning, Production Monitoring and Dispatch, Material Verification, Traceability, Material Control, Product Changeover and Control, Maintenance, and Enterprise Link—are developed at Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America’s headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL.

More information about the software modules is available at
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