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:: AdTech Ceramics to exhibit at Electronica 2010 (full story)

:: Coining Commences Operations in Montvale, NJ (full story)

:: News from EV Group (full story)

:: Anaren Launches Its First-Ever Radio Module Family Targeted to the Broad Electronics (full story)

:: News from W. L. Gore and Associates (full story)

:: Hary Manufacturing Buys Ami Assets for Precision Screen Printers and Automatic Printing Systems (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Hires New Product Support Specialist (full story)

:: Integra Technologies Chosen by Proteus Biomedical, Inc. (full story)

:: Quik-Pak Announces Agreement with Ultra Communications Inc. (full story)

:: Remtec® Adds Custom DBC Substrates Product Line Based on Curamik® Master Cards With Fast Turnaround (full story)

:: SET introduces Innovative Patented Chamber for Removal of Oxide (full story)

:: Ticona Launches Vectra® T. rex Liquid Crystal Polymer — First LCP Designed For Extrusion and Thermoforming (full story)

:: Torrey Hills Technologies’ Furnace Facility Receives Follow-on Order of 32 Furnaces, the Largest Single Order for Furnaces (full story)

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AdTech Ceramics
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AdTech Ceramics to exhibit at Electronica 2010

Chattanooga, TN, USA - AdTech Ceramics will participate in Electronica 2010 with sister companies Statek Corporation and Greenray Industries in Area B6, Booth 368.

AdTech Ceramics produces custom multi layer co-fire microelectronic ceramic and metal packaging utilizing HTCC and AlN. AdTech also offers HD alumina with 0.12um surface finish ideal for thin film surface metallization as well as a platinum/alumina co-fire system for high temperature applications and medical devices. In addition, the HTCC 92% alumina material system can be formed and metallized using an injection molding process to meet complex shape requirements. Chemical milling in Alloy 42 and Kovar including leads, stepped lids, seal rings and filters can be made to custom requirements. Full Microwave modeling and custom design center. Primary markets served are medical, military and high reliability industrial applications.

For more information, please visit or e-mail

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Coining Commences Operations in Montvale, NJ

Coining, Inc. announced today that it has commenced full operations of its new domestic manufacturing facility and headquarters at 15 Mercedes Drive in Montvale, New Jersey USA. The company has completed moving all of its employees and equipment formerly located at sites in Armonk, New York and Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

"We are very proud of our new facility," says Gary Holcomb, Coining's CEO who worked full-time on the relocation project. "This plant will be the cornerstone of our manufacturing capabilities for many years and will allow us to serve customers even better than before."

"Coining completed the entire construction build-out and relocation process in less than five months," explains Engineering Manager Charlie Italiano who along with Pete Pachella, Vice President – Manufacturing, directed the complicated disconnection, relocation and recommissioning of hundreds of pieces of equipment. "The actual relocation of our equipment and people was completed on schedule in six weeks."

"The advantages to us in having everything under one roof are huge," adds Pachella. "In particular, we will be able to maintain and even improve upon our already short lead-times despite having grown significantly in the past few years."

In addition to its new Montvale facility, Coining also operates manufacturing plants in Penang, Malaysia and Casablanca, Morocco. Initial employment in Montvale is about 130 and could rise to over 150 during the next five years.

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News from EV Group

EV Group Breaks Through Resolution Barrier with Introduction of Soft UV Nanoimprint Lithography Technology

EV Group (EVG), has unveiled a new technology capability that enables ultra-high-resolution patterning of features down to 12.5 nm: Soft Molecular Scale Nanoimprint Lithography (SMS-NIL).  Based on EVG's proven UV-NIL systems, SMS-NIL provides customers with a repeatable, cost-effective process for producing ultra-high-resolution patterning on large-area surfaces.  Using the new technology's soft working stamp nanoimprint process, customers can perform full-area nanoimprints and optically aligned UV-NIL on existing EVG equipment.  Likewise, the stamp and imprinting can be processed on the same tool without requiring additional processing steps—saving customers significant processing time and money.

UV-NIL offers a significantly lower processing cost than other nano-patterning techniques, making it an attractive solution for CMOS image sensors, micro lens molding and other optical applications where the technology is already being used.  SMS-NIL takes this approach a step further, employing soft polymeric working stamps to avoid damaging costly master stamps.  The stamp material's inherent properties greatly reduce the risk of mechanical damage to master templates, thus extending their lifetime.  The working stamps' relatively low surface energy facilitates separation from the substrate after the imprinting process, while their flexibility allows the stamps to be used for multiple imprints.

Gerald Kreindl, product manager for nanoimprint lithography at EV Group, said, "For more than 10 years, we have maintained a strong technology focus on nanoimprint lithography and hot embossing.  SMS-NIL is the culmination of our efforts to address customers' challenges in this area by creating the ultra-high-resolution patterning they need in a process that is repeatable and shows great promise for cost-effective high-volume manufacturing.  This new technology capability is another step in EV Group's mission to enhance our existing technology solutions while pursuing cutting-edge research and development for new products and applications.  This technology introduction is also an important step in commercializing nanoimprint lithography as a low-cost, high-throughput, ultra-high-resolution lithography technique."

EV Group Strengthens Presence in Middle East With Order Win From King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

EV Group (EVG), has announced it has shipped an EVG520IS semi-automated wafer bonding system and two EVG6200 automated alignment systems to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia. Students at the graduate-level institution will use the EVG equipment for advanced technology research and development, including projects outsourced to KAUST from technology firms in the region.

EVG's first customer headquartered in the Middle East, KAUST opened in September 2009 and boasts the largest, most modern cleanroom within the Arab states that comprise the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman.  A key win for the company, this order is testament to EVG's ability to deliver world-class technology and customer support for its customers centered in emerging new markets, particularly at the R&D level.  In the past year alone, EVG has received orders to support a breadth of R&D and university-related projects from the University of Texas at Arlington, the University of Michigan's Lurie Nanofabrication Facility, the Institute of Microelectronics in Singapore, Europe's Imec, and the RFID/USN Center in Korea.

KAUST chose the EVG equipment based on several key capabilities, chief among them being the systems' modularity and flexibility.  The university plans to utilize one EVG6200 for bond alignment and nanoimprint lithography (NIL), and the other for lithography mask alignment.  According to Dr. Xixiang Zhang, Manager of the Nanofabrication, Imaging & Characterization Core Lab of KAUST, "We were impressed with the EVG systems' performance and ability to multitask, which will be of great value in working on the variety of research projects that the university is undertaking.  Moreover, EV Group has proven its ability to provide us with excellent onsite process and application support so that our local needs can be met quickly and efficiently."

EV Group Executive Technology Director Paul Lindner noted, "Working with KAUST is an important milestone for EVG, as technology activity in this region of the world continues to expand.  Moreover, working with this prestigious institution marks a further step in our partnering with leading universities and research firms around the world in their efforts to develop solutions to today's challenges as well as explore advancements that will address future needs."

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Anaren Launches Its First-Ever Radio Module Family Targeted to the Broad Electronics

Anaren, Inc. has announced that it has launched a family of Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules designed for the broad electronics market. Working closely with Texas Instruments as a member of the TI Developer Network, Anaren developed the five-module AIR family to provide a more elegant, FCC Certified, 'plug and play' RF solution to electronic engineers challenged with adding wireless capability to new or existing devices. Available in two standard sizes (9 x 12 x 2.5mm and 9 x 16 x 2.5mm), each module's footprint is smaller than a postage stamp.

"Our research indicated that an electronics engineer looking to bring basic radio capability to any microprocessor-based device required extensive RF knowledge, which many E-OEMs simply do not focus on," says Mark Bowyer, the Anaren Wireless Group business development manager responsible for the AIR family. "Compounding matters, traditional RF modules come with embedded microprocessors and oftentimes unnecessary pre-programmed software that doesn't fit many of our customers' applications. Anaren's forte in RF enabled us to re-think and demystify all of that to the customer's benefit."

Bowyer also emphasized that the AIR modules solution from Anaren can even help an E-OEM eliminate the major time and resource demands necessary to securing an FCC certification: AIR modules come pre-certified, which can save the customer money and help minimize time-to-market.

"Anaren's new, simple RF module solution will enable electronics manufacturers, regardless of their RF design experience, to easily add low-power wireless capability and minimize time-to-market for their new and existing devices," said Iboun Sylla, low-power RF business development manager at Texas Instruments.

Applications for AIR modules range from industrial control, building automation, and low-power sensor networks – to lighting and equipment and appliances intended for inclusion in smart-grid scenarios (e.g. automated meter reading).

Additionally, AIR modules from Anaren are available through Anaren's stocking distributors Arrow Electronics and Avnet Electronics Marketing -- as well as through online electronics component sourcing specialist Mouser Electronics. Pricing will be approximately $11.50 for 1K pieces. 

E-OEM design engineers interested in learning more or securing applications assistance are encouraged to contact Anaren or their Texas Instruments sales representative.
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News from W.L. Gore and Associates

Gore Announces Strategic Partnership with A. E. Petsche

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., has entered into a strategic partnership with A. E. Petsche Company to provide GORE® FireWire® Cable Products for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35 Lightning program, the Department of Defense’s next-generation strike aircraft system for the Navy, Air Force, and Marines. A. E. Petsche will manage the requirements of all program partners to ensure optimum stocking levels and timely distribution.

According to Tom Sharp, Gore’s JSF Program Manager, Gore entered into this partnership because of A. E. Petsche’s proven ability to address customer requirements quickly and effectively. “Our commitment to the JSF F-35 Lightning program is well established through many years of support. This alignment addresses emerging needs to provide value-added services that extend beyond the physical product,” explains Sharp. “And one of the most significant benefits of this partnership is that these additional services will come without any increase in cost to the customer.” 

A long-term partner with Gore, A. E. Petsche is a well-recognized provider of logistics services supporting interconnect products to the aviation industry. Glenn Davidson, Chief Executive Officer of A. E. Petsche, says the company will stock JSF/ F-35 products in the United States as well as in Europe, meeting demand through its widely recognized ZERO-BASE® Inventory Program, which provides customers reliable material flow and consistent quality. Davidson summarizes, “Our customers depend on us to be solution-providers. Through this partnership with W. L. Gore & Associates, adding F-35 Lightning products to our existing product range will provide just-in-time delivery solutions for this important program.”

Gore Introduces Next-Generation Cable Technology that Meets SCD21 Requirements ffor
High Data-Rate Applications.

W. L. Gore & Associates has introduced the next generation in cable technology for high data-rate applications. This technology consists of a new differential cable design with lower SCD21 (differential-to-common-mode conversion) and a very high level of signal fidelity. Additionally, it provides the only cable solution that addresses the degradation in performance caused by SCD21. Engineered for InfiniBand® and other high data-rate applications, this new design has yielded SCD21 values that are typically below -40 dB and consistently well below -25 dB across a 20 GHz bandwidth.

SCD21 is a differential s-parameter matrix element that represents the unwanted conversion between differential mode and common mode in a transmission line. This conversion reduces the signal’s energy in differential mode, which causes unpredictable phase delays and skin-effect losses across frequencies. In coupled differential cables, the conversion results in differential-mode jitter. If these effects are not taken into account, the signal may not be recovered. According to Russ Hornung, Gore Cable Product Manager, “In the past year, we have seen more applications employing advanced serializer/deserializer (SERDES) technologies and signal recovery processing that should include a specification for SCD21 performance; however, SCD21 currently is not addressed in most manufacturer or industry specifications. This new technology allows for faster digital data rates that can exceed 20 Gbps without signal integrity being compromised.”

Available in cables with smaller gauge sizes (AWG24 to AWG32), Gore’s low SCD21 technology allows for very precise cancellation of signals of equal amplitude and differential polarity, with very little phase difference between the differential legs. Using proprietary materials for the cable jacket and dielectric has enabled Gore to engineer the smallest, most flexible cables for high-speed data rate applications.

Hornung summarizes, “At Gore, we continue to assess the challenges of the industry before new developments in computer technology force drastic, immediate changes in cable technology. This new SCD21 cable design is the latest development not only for the more advanced SERDES technologies and the very aggressive firmware being implemented today, but also for the emerging InfiniBand EDR applications of tomorrow.” For more information about Gore’s full line of products for the electronics industry, visit

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Hary Manufacturing Buys Ami Assets for Precision Screen Printers and Automatic Printing Systems

Hary Manufacturing, Inc., has recently begun operations designing, manufacturing, and marketing precision screen printers and automated printing systems, according to an announcement from the company's President Paul Hary.  Hary Manufacturing (HMI) is a successor organization to Affiliated Manufacturers, Inc. (AMI) which was established over 50 years ago.  According to Hary, HMI "offers the existing AMI product line and is developing innovative designs to accommodate advancing printing technologies."  He added that, "We will provide responsible technical service and support for the thousands of existing AMI Presco printers, equipment, and accessories throughout the world."

HMI manufactures precision screen printers, integrated, automated screen printing systems, infrared conveyor/dryers, and manual and automatic vision alignment systems.  HMI will continue distributing AMI's  squeegees and "Shami" lint-free cleaning cloths.   The company's equipment is used for production of thick film hybrid circuits, solar cells, fuel cells, and many other screen printing applications requiring precision deposition.

For more information about HMI, contact the company at P.O. Box 187, Woodbridge, NJ 07095; telephone 908-722-7100; email

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Indium Corporation Hires New Product Support Specialist

Indium Corporation announces that Brook Sandy has been hired as a Product Support Specialist. She is based at Indium’s global headquarters in Clinton, NY.

Brook’s serves as a liaison between Indium Corporation’s production team and customers. She also works with the R&D department on new product introductions and assists the global sales team with presenting Indium’s products.

Brook has extensive experience in the development of conductive adhesives and inks. She has also worked with a wide variety of analytical equipment for the characterization of chemicals.

Brook has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, with a focus on materials, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in German from the University of Rhode Island (URI).  She resides in Barneveld, NY.

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Integra Technologies Chosen by Proteus Biomedical, Inc.

Integra to Support Product Development and Manufacturing Launch
Integra Technologies LLC., has announced that it has been selected by Proteus Biomedical, Inc., a leader in developing intelligent medicine products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, for development and production test of their new integrated circuit designs.
Proteus' products address therapeutic areas where disease management complexity, patient monitoring requirements, therapeutic efficacy, and poor patient adherence create large clinical and commercial opportunities. The company currently has two product platforms in development for application in immunology, diabetes, tuberculosis, HIV, cardiac disease and CNS disorders.

Commenting on the new partnership, Ben Costello, Vice President of Product Engineering of Proteus Biomedical said, "Our selection of Integra as our integrated circuit test and manufacturing supplier was made because their experience, engineering expertise, certifications, quality record and manufacturing capability met the demands of the new products we will be introducing over the next few years." 
"We are extremely pleased that Proteus Biomedical has selected Integra as their integrated circuit test services supplier," stated Joe Holt, President of Business Development for Integra. "Proteus has exciting products coming to market and we look forward to utilizing our substantial engineering and manufacturing expertise and capacity to support their successful introduction and volume ramp."

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Quik-Pak Announces Agreement with Ultra Communications Inc.

San Diego, CA - Quik-Pak, a division of Delphon Industries and leader in Microelectronic Packaging and Assembly, has entered into a contract with UltraComm for the packaging and assembly of electro/optic Cores which are embedded into High Speed Optical Transceivers for military and space applications.  UltraComm provides custom engineering design, and systems integration services to a wide variety of companies.

“The electro/optic Cores that UltraComm designs for harsh environments require extremely tight tolerance placement of stacked components,” says Steve Swendrowski, Quik-Pak General Manager.  “Quik-Pak has the state-of-the-art assembly capabilities to meet these stringent requirements and our flexible manufacturing can accommodate the ramp.

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Remtec® Adds Custom DBC Substrates Product Line Based on Curamik® Master Cards With Fast Turnaround

Remtec Inc., has introduced a new line of Direct Bond Substrates using industry-proven Curamik DBC Ceramics and offering cost-effective prototype, low volume production and fast turnaround for a wide variety of  power applications.

By combining the complimentary DBC and PCTF technologies from recognized industry leaders, Remtec is able to offer circuit and package designers time- proven Curamik DBC substrates, combined with Remtec’s mature plating technology and surface finish.  In addition, the full capabilities of PCTF and DBC in the range of 0.0005”-0.012" copper are available.  Remtec supports these technologies with a low volume manufacturing (LVM) program designed around standard lot sizes and select features with prearranged pricing.  As a result, Remtec is able to offer custom DBC Substrates in low to medium volume with competitive pricing and fast turnaround.

Remtec’s DBC Substrates are available in nominal 0.005”, 0.008” and 0.012” copper thickness on Alumina and Aluminum Nitride cards sized 5.5”x 7.5” as multiple-up master cards or as individual parts, after dicing or laser scoring.  Remtec offers DBC cards for prototypes and low volume production from 5 card packages to 50 card packages with turnaround time of approximately three to four weeks.

The performance characteristics of Remtec’s DBC Substrates include mechanical strength and stability, high electrical isolation, high thermal conductivity, high current handling capacity, high power dissipation and low thermal resistance.  In addition, copper finish options ensure excellent solderability and capability to withstand multiple soldering and brazing operations from 180 to 800oC without product degradation.  Ni, Ni-Au and Pd plating finish permit economical assembly techniques including SMT soldering, low and high temperature die attach, Al and Au wire and ribbon bonding.  For more information, go to

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SET introduces Innovative Patented Chamber for Removal of Oxide

SET has unveiled a patented system enabling a thorough removal of oxides before or during the bonding sequence. Addressing the challenges of the oxidation of metal surfaces in device bonding, this machine system encompasses a substrate chuck and a bond head with a non contact localized confinement chamber which operates safely with reducing gases such as forming gas or formic acid vapor. It can be implemented on any new SET bonder models FC150 and FC300.

To preserve the standard capabilities of SET’s bonding tools and especially the low contact force measurement applied to the components, the “Semi-Open” Confinement Chamber has no hardware sealing. A non-contact virtual seal of the micro-chamber enables gas confinement for chip-to-chip or chip-to-wafer bonding under controlled atmosphere; it ensures gas collection and prevents oxygen intrusion while preserving the alignment of the device with respect to its substrate. Consequently, it ensures an excellent wetting and a higher quality of solder joints at reduced bonding forces and temperatures as well as higher yield as no cleaning step is required.

This technology breakthrough is a perfect answer to overcome the bonding challenges of demanding applications using AuSn and Indium, such as optoelectronics assembly (laser bar, VCSELs) and imaging sensors (IR-FPA).

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Ticona Launches Vectra® T. rex Liquid Crystal Polymer — First LCP Designed For Extrusion and Thermoforming

Ticona Engineering Polymers has added a new member to its family of inherently flame resistant liquid crystal polymers (LCP): Vectra® T. rex LCP is designed for thermal forming processes and offers all the properties this high-performance polymer is known for — high dimensional stability, excellent high-temperature performance and chemical resistance.

Ticona showcased the new Vectra T. rex LCP at several conferences and trade shows: 54th Annual IAPD Convention & Expo, Sept. 21 to 24, Indianapolis; SAMPE Fall Technical Conference, Oct. 12-13, Salt Lake City, and K 2010, Ticona Booth, Hall 06/A07 and Hall 06/B07, Oct. 27 to Nov. 3, Düsseldorf, Germany.

“With high melt viscosity and melt strength, this new LCP is ideally suited for extrusion and thermoforming processes,” said Edward Hallahan, marketing manager, high performance polymers. “Initially, Ticona is offering a 40 percent mineral filled grade, Vectra T. rex 541, which provides impact and notched impact strengths that are significantly higher than those of other mineral-filled grades.”

Vectra T. rex 541 also provides:

  • High heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 245 degrees Celsius (473 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 20 percent improvement in impact performance vs. standard 40 percent mineral filled LCP
  • Higher melt viscosity — up to 3-times greater than standard 40 percent mineral filled LCP

Ticona developed Vectra T. rex 541 for use by customers who extrude sheets and films that can be thermoformed to finished components. It is ideal for applications in several industries:

  • Medical — For use in sterilizable trays and equipment
  • Aerospace — Meets Flame, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) requirements for use in aircraft interior applications
  • Semiconductor — Provides high stiffness and a low coefficient of thermal expansion for use in chip carriers

Also for Baking and Cooking

Vectra T. rex 541 also extends the application possibilities for the kitchenware and food industries. Vectra T. rex LCP can be used to produce vacuum-formed large-format sheets or pans that can rapidly heat up and cool down.

“LCPs are ideal for use in high quality, professional cooking and baking applications, whether they are exposed to high operating temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius (482 degrees Fahrenheit), deep freezing — shock freezing down to minus 196 degrees Celsius (minus 320.8 degrees Fahrenheit) — or electromagnetic energy in microwave ovens,” said Hallahan. “In addition, designers can create products in many colors and shapes with this food-safe plastic.”

Kitchen cookware made of LCP are an excellent alternative to baking pans and casseroles made of metal, which are harder to clean, noisy and heavy.

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Torrey Hills Technologies’ Furnace Facility Receives Follow-on Order of 32 Furnaces, the Largest Single Order for Furnaces

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC has announced that its furnace manufacturing facility received a follow-on order of 32 furnaces from an existing customer, China United Cleaning Technology Co. The customer, located in Guangxi Province of China, specializes in solar cell manufacturing.

This customer has purchased 26 furnaces in 2009. The additional purchase this year was motivated by the excellent on-site performance of the currently installed furnaces. All of the newly purchased units are scheduled to be shipped by the end of 2010.

The facility is expecting another order of 32 furnaces from this customer next month.

“I am very proud of our furnace factory receiving this repeat order. 32 furnaces in a single purchase order is a magnificent accomplishment. As far as we know, this order is the largest single furnace order in history,” said Ken Kuang, President of Torrey Hills Technologies. 

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