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:: DYCONEX Invests in State-Of-The-Art IST HC Test Equipment (full story)

:: DYCONEX Appoints New Sales Representative for USA-South (full story)

:: Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Receives CE Marking Approval for its HSK, HSA, HSH, HSG, and HSF Series Furnaces (full story)

:: Laser Services Combines Large Ceramic Substrate Inventory and Quick Turn Machining Capabilities (full story)

:: Orthodyne Electronics Announces the Shipment of the First Triple-Head 7600HD Automatic Wedge Bonder System to a Major Power Semiconductor OEM (full story)

:: Microscreen Adds Second Exposure Room for Thick Film Screens (full story)

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Technic’s New Website

Technic would like you to please check out the NEW Technic website . Additionally please review 2 New Copper chemistries for your copper plating needs. The 6320 is more of a low build slightly tensile copper while the 6340 is a compressive build copper for high deposit at accelerated deposit rates,2.2 mil per hr. This copper can be used as a build and peel copper for subsequent applications. The 6340 is also the chosen copper for select solar applications which require low <5mm center-edge deposits on substrates as thin as 160um -180um.

For semiconductor wafer plating MANUAL equipment the direct link is attached below.

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DYCONEX Invests in State-Of-The-Art IST HC Test Equipment

DYCONEX has now further enhanced its qualification testing capability by purchasing the latest model IST HC test equipment supplied by PWB Corporation. This latest in a series of capital equipment investments shall prove very useful in preparing for the qualification of future medical device generations as well as to validate new production processes and base materials.

Michael Fink (CEO) of DYCONEX states: "As product densities and attributes continue to challenge traditional product reliability assurance techniques, DYCONEX invests in IST Technology as an additional means to ensure product compliance within our overall Interconnect Foundry concept.”

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DYCONEX Appoints New Sales Representative for USA-South

DYCONEX announces that Jay Trott of dBm Marketing has recently joined the sales force. Jay will represent DYCONEX, with its range of high-density printed circuit boards, in the US southeast region. He will be supported in his work by DYCONEX Inc., the subsidiary in Mesa, Arizona.

dBm Marketing, LLC.
1755 N. Brown Road
Suite 200
Lawreceville, GA 30043
Phone +1 770-402-2560

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Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Receives CE Marking Approval for its HSK, HSA, HSH, HSG, and HSF Series Furnaces

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC (THT) has announced that it has received CE marking certification for its HSK, HSA, HSH, HSG, and HSF series conveyor belt furnaces from European Certifying Organization S. p. A. (ECO) in Faenza, Italy. 

The CE marking certification declares that THT’s belt furnaces meet essential requirements established in the standards of EN ISO 12100-1:2003+A1:2009, EN ISO 12100-2:2003+A1:2009 and EN 60204-1:2006 under Machinery directive and LVD directive.

Equipped with infrared or FEC (fully enclosed coils) heating elements, THT’s conveyor belt furnaces feature fast thermal response, uniform and stable temperature control and highly efficient operation, making them ideal for rapid thermal processing. These furnaces are widely used in solar cell manufacturing, semiconductor packaging, circuit board assembly, and the processing of advanced materials such as thick film, metals, ceramics, and various electronic components.

 “The CE marking demonstrates our continuing commitment to dependable, reliable and quality furnaces,” said Ken Kuang, president of Torrey Hills Technologies. “It will allow THT to greatly expand its business opportunities in the European and International market.”

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Laser Services Combines Large Ceramic Substrate Inventory and Quick Turn Machining Capabilities

Laser Services has announced expanded capabilities in both ceramic materials inventory and its laser-based machining services for those materials. The company is a major value-added storehouse for a range of ceramic substrates (primarily alumina) from leading suppliers, including Coorstek, CeramTec, and Kyocera. Its large-volume buying power translates into cost savings for customers at both large-scale and small-scale levels. Laser Services’ close working relationships with top ceramic suppliers, and subsequent stocking of various types and thicknesses, result in fast service, especially when custom drilling, cutting, or scribing is required.  In addition, Laser Services’ staff maintains up-to-date details on the critical ceramic material parameters that can impact the mechanical and electrical integrity of a customer’s design. These include consistency of dielectric constant, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and dissipation factor. This knowledge, along with decades of specifying high-quality ceramic materials for a wide range of applications, benefits customers in need of matching materials to their own applications. The company’s flexible minimum-order requirements help customers specify ceramic materials cost effectively while also eliminating waste.

In addition to its diversified ceramics material inventory, Laser Services offers extensive laser machining services for all types of materials. The company’s array of laser-based machine tools includes high-power, mid-power, and low-power lasers to cut, mark, weld, and perform a wide range of machining operations on a variety of materials. A combination of high-power Nd:YAG lasers and high-power CO2 laser systems can accommodate surfaces as large as 5 x 10 feet, while mid-power CO2 systems provide optically aligned precision cuts. The firm’s specialized dual-beam and quad-beam mid-power CO2 laser systems can handle extremely detailed designs whether in small prototype runs or large production runs.

For more information, please visit

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Orthodyne Electronics Announces the Shipment of the First Triple-Head 7600HD Automatic Wedge Bonder System to a Major Power Semiconductor OEM

Siegbert Haumann, the Director of Product Marketing – Equipment at Orthodyne states that “The Triple-Head 7600HD Bonder” provides a complete, capacity balanced, in-line solution for bonding PDFN power packages. The bond heads were configured as two PowerRibbon® heads and one small wire head. PowerRibbon® is quickly becoming the preferred interconnect choice for small dense PDFN power packages. PowerRibbon®’s low profile can fit into thin packages. Its large cross-sectional area has a lower resistance and can carry more current than round wire. The advanced leadframe handling and clamping capabilities of the 7600HD leadframe transport system were ideal for the small geometries, high density and complexity of the customer’s PDFN leadframes.”

The 7600HD Automatic Wedge Bonder’s modular and flexible design can be configured in one to four head configurations depending on the line balancing requirements. The system can be easily reconfigured in the field, offering opportunities to rearrange production lines as product mix changes. For added flexibility, each bondhead can accommodate large wire, small wire or PowerRibbon®.

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Microscreen adds Second Exposure Room for Thick Film Screens

To accommodate the continued growth of our thick film screen business and to provide quick response to critical customer requirements, MicroScreen is continuing its expansion plans for 2010.

A second exposure facility has been added to the existing thick film screen fabrication facility.  This new exposure room includes a NuArc Tri-Light Exposure System which will accommodate frame sizes up to 42” x 60”.

The entire exposure process—from vacuum drawdown through screen exposure and vacuum release—is accomplished with a single keystroke.

MicroScreen now has two exposure rooms for thick film screens,  operating simultaneously,  in addition to the newly-established facility for large format screens such as for printing solar cells, membrane switch assemblies, flex circuitry, heaters, etc. 

Both exposure rooms utilize  the MicroScreen designed Pattern Alignment Fixture.  Using customer supplied artwork and MicroScreen applied orientation lines, the fixture offers an accurate and cost-effective solution for positioning artwork onto the sensitized screen.

The Pattern Alignment Fixture also increases yields in the customer’s printing operation due to screen-to-screen image registration accuracy.

For more information, please visit www.microscreen,com

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