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:: Amkor Named Supplier of the Year by Atheros (full story)

:: Crane Aerospace & Electronics DC Power Subsystem on board Comac ARJ21 Regional Jets (full story)

:: Spaulding Joins Photofabrication Engineering (full story)

:: EV Group Recognized as Leader in Nanoimprint Lithography With Frost & Sullivan 2010 Technology Innovation Award (full story)

:: Hesse & Knipps Launches Wire Bonding Video Demonstration Website (full story)

:: Xradia Unveils New 3D X-ray Microscope with Industry’s Largest Working Distance at Highest Resolution (full story)

:: LORD Corporation's Wang to Speak at Del Mar Electronics Show (full story)

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Amkor Named Supplier of the Year by Atheros

Amkor Technology, Inc. has announced that it has received the 2010 Supplier of the Year Award from Atheros Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATHR). Atheros delivers innovative technologies for wireless and wired communications through a wide variety of connectivity solutions that are used by many of the world’s leading networking equipment, computing and consumer device manufacturers.

Only when warranted, and not every year, Atheros bestows its Supplier of the Year Award to recognize a supplier’s outstanding support and service and their commitment to excellence.

“We are pleased to receive this award from a world-class company such as Atheros,” said Ken Joyce, Amkor’s president and chief executive officer. “Helping our customers be successful in their markets is very important to us. This award is a reflection of our accomplishments and commitment to developing comprehensive semiconductor packaging and test solutions to support Atheros’ key strategic objectives.”

Amkor has been a strategic supplier for Atheros for many years, collaborating in a number of areas to offer competitive package and test solutions for networking and connectivity applications.

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Crane Aerospace & Electronics DC Power Subsystem on board Comac ARJ21 Regional Jets

With the first delivery of the Comac ARJ21 Regional Jet this year, Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions, will be on board with a DC Power Subsystem consisting of Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs), Battery Controllers and Batteries.

Ed Fuhr, Vice President, Power Solutions for Crane Aerospace & Electronics said, “This is an important program for Crane. We are very pleased to have been selected by Hamilton Sundstrand for our advanced technology power conversion and energy storage capabilities. We are proud to be on board the COMAC ARJ21 Regional Jet.”

Crane’s DC Power subsystem provides AC to DC conversion for the main power buses through the TRUs. It also provides both emergency power and APU start capability via the Battery Controllers and Batteries. The overall capabilities of the subsystem assist in providing higher reliability and performance for the aircraft.

For more information on Crane Aerospace & Electronics, visit or, and for Crane Co., visit


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Spaulding Joins Photofabrication Engineering

Chip Lehrer, President of Photofabrication Engineering, Inc. (PEI), has announced  that Brook Spaulding will be joining the PEI team as Director of Marketing.  In this capacity, Spaulding will be responsible for all aspects of marketing for PEI’s Decorative and Precision Products Divisions, and will also serve as Sales Manager for the Decorative Products Division.

With more than 25 years of experience in industrial marketing, sales, innovation and strategy, Spaulding brings a wealth of expertise to PEI.  He started Verivis Consulting, LLC five years ago to provide leadership development, marketing, sales and value innovation consulting services to B2B industries.  In his capacity as founder and principal of Verivis, he offered training seminars and webinars on the “Seven Steps for Successful Sales”™ and “Fundamentals of Value Innovation.”  He has also served as Chief Technology Officer at 7R Communications LLC in Wayland, MA, as President of Sheppard Envelope Company in Auburn, MA, and as Sales & Marketing Manager for Champion International in Stamford, CT.

Spaulding holds a B.A. degree in Government/Economics from Dartmouth College and a MSM degree in Operations and Strategy from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.  He holds 5 patents/trademarks and has 3 patents pending in the U.S., Canada, EU and Australia.  He is a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and the New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA); a Forum member of the MIT Enterprise SIG (Special Interest Group) and the MIT RFID SIG; a participant in the Sloan Business School Mentor Program; and a past Board Member of the Envelope Manufacturers Association.  He is a resident of Weston, MA.

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EV Group Recognized as Leader in Nanoimprint Lithography With Frost & Sullivan 2010 Technology Innovation Award

EV Group (EVG), a leading supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, today announced that it has received the 2010 European Nanoimprint Technology Product Innovation Award from independent market research firm, Frost & Sullivan.  The prestigious award recognizes EVG's accomplishments in addressing industrial needs with nanoimprinting solutions.

Frost & Sullivan implemented a comprehensive research study that ranked multiple nanoimprint lithography (NIL) providers across several categories including advancement of technology, industrial implementation, solution portfolio, fulfilling future market needs, and impact on end user.  EVG received among the highest marks in every category and ranked significantly higher than the nearest competitor overall.

"With market leadership in wafer bonding, 3D interconnect and MEMS manufacturing tools, EV Group has vast expertise in different areas that synergize with its nanoimprinting solutions," said Frost & Sullivan research analyst, Kenneth Chua.  "The company is known to provide proven solutions fulfilling the needs of the semiconductor industry.  Its NIL equipment continues this legacy and brings about low-cost, high-throughput and reliable solutions to its end-users."

According to Frost & Sullivan, much of the competition in NIL has been focused on making NIL viable for either mainstream semiconductor fabrication or patterning for future data storage media (bit patterned media in hard disk drives).  In contrast, EVG has leveraged its expertise and experience to focus on key high-growth markets, including optics and microfluidics, where manufacturers are successfully benefiting from EVG's NIL technology today.  

Moreover, as EVG continues to enhance the capabilities and performance of its NIL technology, it periodically evaluates its potential for other markets—and is prepared to realign its development strategies in the event that NIL becomes better suited to the needs of data storage and mainstream semiconductor manufacturers.  This is evident in EVG's latest development, which is the ability to pattern features as small as 12.5 nm in diameter using ultraviolet-assisted nanoimprinting, compatible with its EVG620, EVG6200 and EVG770 NIL systems.

Commenting on the award, Dr. Thomas Glinsner, EV Group's head of product management said, "With a decade of experience in nanoimprint lithography, this award is testament to the quality and EVG's outstanding achievements in NIL technology innovation, as well as to the company's overall success in aligning its development efforts with market demand."  

Nanoimprinting is used to produce patterns on a substrate by mechanical means.  EVG's ultra-violet assisted NIL (UV-NIL) as well as hot embossing processes leverages the company's proprietary soft stamp technology, whereby a master imprinting stamp is used to generate soft stamps.  This method increases the lifetime of the master stamp due to reduced mechanical contact and enables its customers to benefit from an overall reduction in cost of ownership.  For more information about EV Group's complete nanoimprint lithography product portfolio, please visit

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Hesse & Knipps Launches Wire Bonding Video Demonstration Website

Hesse & Knipps Semiconductor Equipment GmbH, manufacturer of high speed fine pitch wedge bonders for the backend semiconductor industry, recently launched its new wire bondingdemonstration website at

The new website features more than two dozen videos demonstrating various thin wire wedge bonding, ribbon bonding and heavy wire bonding technologies.

“The new website enables us to easily demonstrate the latest wire bonding technologies to equipment users around the world, with a closer view than you get standing in front of the bonder,” said Joe Bubel, president of Hesse & Knipps, Inc. “We plan to add more videos showcasing new technologies such as copper wire bonding as they move to the forefront of the backend semiconductor packaging market.”

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Xradia Unveils New 3D X-ray Microscope with Industry’s Largest Working Distance at Highest Resolution

VersaXRM-500: True Submicron Spatial Resolution at Millimeters to Inches from Source

Continuing to extend the reach of micro computed tomography (CT) with breakthrough 3D X-ray imaging solutions, Xradia announces the VersaXRM-500, a new system advancing industry and science with a versatile combination of world-leading resolution and contrast, sample flexibility and the large working distance required to address emerging research challenges. In establishing new industry benchmarks, the VersaXRM-500 addresses crucial gaps in important market segments such as semiconductor, materials science, geomaterials and life sciences.

“Historically, researchers have had to choose non-destructive imaging at insufficient resolution or destructive imaging at high resolution,” says Rod Browning, CEO at Xradia, Inc. “By overcoming these limitations, we are equipping researchers with the ability to surpass the boundaries of traditional microCT. The VersaXRM provides increased insight, greater confidence in research findings, and in many cases, a significantly faster time to result.”

Increased Versatility and Resolution-at-a-Distance Extend Reach of microCT Imaging
The VersaXRM family builds on the superior resolution, contrast and versatility inherent in Xradia platforms, including true submicron spatial resolution—a better indicator of imaging quality than merely spot, pixel or voxel size, or detail detectability—even at millimeters or inches from the source. At the same time, it supports high resolution at large working distances suitable for in situ study using environmental chambers or load cells, and 4D (over time) or under varying environmental conditions.

The system also features flexibility for correlative microscopy with multi-length scale imaging using the VersaXRM in conjunction with the UltraXRM or other microscopy techniques. The combination of better working distance and imaging flexibility extends the value of microCT, and throughput improvements offer a breakthrough for the semiconductor and oil and gas industries.

Keeping pace with the demands of the semiconductor industry
“To move beyond traditional scaling of transistors for miniaturization, focus has shifted to novel package formats. The package assembly roadmap calls for an increasing number of stacked dice and interfaces, substantial developments in 3D interconnections, new material composition, and increasing component density while reducing critical dimensions,” says Mario Pacheco, Staff R&D Engineer at Intel. “These trends and developments translate into challenges for defect isolation and characterization that are outpacing traditional failure analysis techniques. Xradia’s developments in throughput and resolution address crucial gaps in failure analysis with a faster, non-destructive technique enabling high resolution characterization of intact packages.”

The VersaXRM-500 offers the only non-destructive submicron resolution tomographic capability, able to visualize buried features without de-packaging, cutting, or otherwise destroying the device, a process that can potentially introduce physical artifacts. This can also prevent the loss of critical information about the root cause of the failure as a result of destructive imaging methods.

“Crack” Resolution
Researchers have lacked an effective means of visualizing hairline cracks, quantifying pores, and characterizing defects and inclusions in the laboratory. The VersaXRM-500 is the first solution to offer high resolution imaging across a full range of sample sizes as large as 50 mm—far exceeding the size limitations imposed by traditional micro- and nano-CT.

“In order to achieve a better assessment of the structural integrity of materials and components, it is important to understand the microstructure of a crack, for instance, and any associated damage accumulation in three dimensions at high resolution. Further, non-destructive sub-micron imaging makes it possible to track damage events as they proceed. The VersaXRM-500 has been designed to uniquely provide the high resolution at large working distances necessary to enable 3D investigations in a variety of in situ applications,” according to Philip J. Withers, Professor of Materials Science at the University of Manchester’s esteemed Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility.

Other Fast-moving Research Advanced
Along with the highly competitive semiconductor industry and materials science research, Xradia continues to raise the bar for high resolution and contrast 3D imaging in other challenging arenas:

Life Sciences: The versatility inherent on the platform, including industry-leading phase and absorption contrast, advances studies of soft and hard tissue, both stained and unstained, from microstructure to nanostructure.

Geomaterials: the multi-length scale imaging capability of the VersaXRM-500 is an ideal non-destructive solution, enabling “virtual core analysis.” Benefits of this approach include a faster time to results (days or weeks vs. months or years) and improved quantification of detailed structure and pore connectivity across a wide range of magnifications and sample volumes.

“For a large class of materials science and semiconductor investigations, researchers have known for years that progressive studies will provide superior data. These studies are ones where the exact same sample is measured at multiple stages and after different treatments, allowing direct correlation of the sample microstructure and geometry to the evolution of defects and features,” says Kevin Fahey, Ph.D., vice president of Marketing at Xradia. “This is ‘the new materials science,’ where 3D and submicron imaging can finally be carried out in real samples without requiring destruction, and where samples can be investigated over their lifetime or after external stressors are applied.”

From synchrotron to laboratory
VersaXRM builds on Xradia’s heritage as a premier supplier of optical technology to synchrotron facilities worldwide. Both the VersaXRM family at submicron resolution and the UltraXRM at true sub-50 nm resolution are a new caliber of 3D X-ray microscopes based on proprietary X-ray optic and detector technology to deliver commercial products with 3D resolution previously found only in the world’s leading research sites.

Pricing & Availability
The VersaXRM-500 is available to order now. Pricing is based on configuration.

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LORD Corporation's Wang to Speak at Del Mar Electronics Show

LORD Corporation – a leading supplier of thermal management materials, adhesives, coatings and encapsulants to the electronics, LED and solar industries – has announced that Larry Wang, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Electronic Materials Research & Development, LORD Corporation will present a paper at the 2011 Del Mar Electronics & Design Show.

The meeting will take place May 4 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, Calif. at 2 p.m. Wang’s paper is entitled: “Inherently Flexible Epoxy Gel Encapsulant – New Alternative for Low Stress Electronic Packaging.”   

The presentation will highlight new encapsulation material solutions and material test results for the packaging industry. In today’s marketplace, electronic components are used in a variety of industries and integrated into new and more demanding applications. Under harsh environments, such as increasingly extreme temperatures, high moisture, heavy vibration and chemical exposure, fragile electronic devices become vulnerable to stresses that can cause mechanical and electrical failures. To meet these demands in the industry, LORD Corporation responded by developing a unique low stress epoxy gel encapsulant – ES-100. This epoxy encapsulant provides an alternative option for customer applications with harsher demands such as resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.

Wang is responsible for the development and commercialization of new materials for the electronics market. With expertise of technology areas including conductive materials, adhesives, underfills, potting and encapsulants, he has also served as a technical supporting role for electronic business. Having worked for LORD Corporation for 10 years, Wang has more than 20 years of combined industrial experience focused on adhesives, coatings and potting encapsulants for the electronics industry. Wang earned his Ph.D. in polymer science from Peking University.

For more information, please visit


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