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Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions announces L-Band Multi-Frequency Source

Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Microwave Solutions, introduced a new, L-Band Multi-Frequency Source designed to operate in a rugged airborne environment and simultaneously meet challenging stability and noise requirements. This product features two separate output channels as well as two selectable output frequencies, and represents the latest in innovative Microwave Solutions from Crane.

Careful attention was paid to technical details such as the design of the mechanical structure, which minimizes the influx of noise through active operating vibration. A dual oscillator design with internal crystal-based references and isolation between channels provides good noise and minimal spurious signal output over the specified condition. “This product combines our capability in fundamental oscillator design with integration and frequency synthesis to create a device offering unique features.” says John DiStasio, Sr. Director of Business Development.. “Low oscillator noise under challenging environmental requirements is just one of the advancements in this new product.”

For more information on the VME Master Oscillator visit or click on the link for the Data Sheet.

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News from Indium

Indium Corporation's Technical Manager Karthik Vijay will present his technical findings at the European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference (EMPC), September 12-15, 2011, in Brighton, UK.

Karthik will present Miniaturization - Solder Paste Attributes for Maximizing the Print & Reflow Manufacturing Process Window. This paper describes the development of a flux technology platform to realize print consistency, eliminate head-in-pillow, obtain complete solder coalescence and prevent clumpy solder joints, and achieve very low voiding.

Karthik will also present Power Electronics - Solder TIMs (Thermal Interface Materials) for Improved Thermal Management, which discusses the work done on solder TIMs that have been developed for high-power applications and how they compare to thermal grease.

These papers will be available online at after publication at EMPC.

Karthik joined Indium Corporation in 2003. He earned his master's degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Electronics Packaging & Manufacturing from the State University of New York at Binghamton. He is an SMTA-certified engineer and earned his Six-Sigma Green Belt certification from Dartmouth College's Thayer School of Engineering.

Indium Corporation will also participate in the exhibition September 13-15. For more information about EMPC 2011, visit

Indium Corporation
announces the promotion of two individuals, both based at Indium's headquarters in Clinton, NY.

Jeff Anweiler has been promoted to the position of Eastern U.S. and Canada Sales Manager. This new position expands Jeff's area of sales responsibility throughout the eastern half of the United States and eastern Canada. Jeff joined Indium Corporation in 1995. He most recently served as Regional Sales Manager for the northeastern United States.

Jeff has an MBA in technology management and a bachelor's degree in business administration from the State University of New York's Institute of Technology.

Tom Pearson has been promoted to Manager Western U.S. and Global Customer Service. This new role expands Tom's area of responsibility to include field sales throughout the western half of the United States and western Canada, in addition to his responsibilities for inside sales coordination globally. Tom joined Indium Corporation in 1983. He most recently served as Inside Sales Manager Global Processes.

Tom holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and an associate's degree in mechanical engineering. 

For more information about Indium Corporation visit or email

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NanoRapid Raises Throughput for Selective Laser Soldering

Nanosystec introduces NanoRapid: a high-speed selective laser soldering system which is well suited for high volume production. The unparalleled productivity reduces the production costs. The new system is not only technically superior but offers substantial commercial benefits.

Selective laser soldering has numerous advantages for connecting electrical circuits and subassemblies. The concentration of the energy precisely on the solder point limits the unwanted heating of the surrounding components. As the laser beam can be focused to less than 0,1mm spot diameter, electrical circuits with a very fine pitch can be easily processed. The intensity of the laser power is arbitrarily adjustable. As the exposure duration is freely selectable, the ideal temperature profile can be realized.

Despite all these advantages, laser soldering is used only sporadically for industrial applications as the soldering time per solder point is in the order of seconds. Nanorapid resolves this limitation. Several solder points are processed in parallel and the throughput increases proportionally.

The optical assembly generates several individual laser beams. Each of these beams is tailored according to the requirements of the task. The geometrical form fits perfectly to the shape of the solder point and the power distribution among the individual beams takes the specifics into account.

The technology is the result of intense research and utilizes modern optical components and principles. Optical subassemblies generating more than 43 laser beams have been realized. The lateral distribution of the laser beams can follow any pattern. There is no need for any regularity.

NanoRapid is designed for the integration in production lines. It has all necessary interfaces and meets the industrial standards. Existing lines can be easily retrofit.

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Warren Dannelly Appointed to Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Endicott

Warren Dannelly has been recently appointed to Vice President of Worldwide Sales.  In his new position, Warren will be responsible for all of EI’s 12 direct sales force in the US and Europe, as well as the 6 US rep companies totaling 34 sales people and 7 European rep companies totaling 37 sales people.  In addition, he has the field sales and operational responsibility for the EI / AVNET / IBM Secure Micro Solutions (SMS) business partnership, which today includes 33 regional offices for AVNET and 321 people.

Prior to EI, Warren was the Director of Sales for Texas Instruments Defense Systems which
was acquired by Raytheon Corporation and then Tyco Electronics Printed Circuit Group, as the Director of Sales for Aerospace and Defense.

Warren began his career as a Quality Engineer at Texas Instruments in 1979 and advanced to Quality Manager in 1983 before becoming promoted to the Director of Quality at NTI in 1996.  Warren also worked for the Digital Equipment Corporation as Director of Quality and became Director of Business Development in 1991.  

Warren served in the United States Air Force from 1973 to 1979.  He graduated with a BS in Industrial Technology from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois where he graduated with honors.

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Amkor Technology Announces Availability of First Ever QFN Package Design Kit for Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System Software

Amkor Technology, Inc. has announced the availability of its Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package design kit for Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) electronic design automation software. This innovative package design kit is the first ever available for ADS.

Based on Amkor’s popular MicroLeadFrame® (MLF®) packages, the package design kit enables mutual Amkor and Agilent customers to significantly improve their RFIC / MMIC design quality and time-to-market. It allows designers to quickly explore various design specifications with accurate package information and implement optimized RFIC / MMIC designs, providing a greater range of choices and more flexibility when designing QFN packages.

“Our customers demand ever-increasing design effectiveness and efficiency to achieve their business objectives with today’s sophisticated QFN packages,” said ChoonHeung Lee, Amkor Technology Korea’s corporate vice president and chief technology officer. “As Agilent is the RF and microwave CAD leader and many of our customers already use ADS for circuit design and characterization, we are excited to offer this first ever package design kit to our mutual customers.”

“Our customers are looking for easy ways to accurately characterize vendor-supplied packages, both alone and with ICs and laminates mounted,” said Todd Cutler, planning and marketing senior manager with Agilent’s EEsof EDA organization. “Amkor is one of the world’s leading outsourced assembly and test services providers, and we are extremely pleased with this package design kit. This collaboration between Amkor and Agilent delivers significant benefits for our mutual customers, and illustrates our aligned focus on meeting customer needs.”

The Amkor package design kit contains models for 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 MLF® QFNs. All die are scalable, and their material properties can easily be modified. The Amkor package design kit also includes scalable models for bond pad arrays and board via arrays. The Amkor package design kit was developed for use with ADS 2009 Update 1 and ADS 2011.01.

Customers can request the QFN Package Design Kit from the Amkor website at
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Nordson ASYMTEK Introduces a New Workcell for Automated Film-Frame Wafer Dispensing Applications

Nordson ASYMTEK introduces its new automated workcell for film-frame wafer-level packaging applications. The workcell is ideal for customers who want to buy their dispensing and handling equipment from a single vendor and are looking for a lower cost-of-ownership than traditional wafer handling solutions.

Nordson ASYMTEK's new workcell – MH-910W same-side loader/unloader integrated with the Spectrum™ S-920N dispenser – is designed for 150-mm film-frame wafer processing and flexible enough to support various sizes. Applications include MEMs/image sensor capping, wafer coating for imaging devices such as digital light processing (DLP), life sciences for biochip reagent jet dispensing, and jetting of thin coatings prior to laser dicing to reduce contamination or dust caused by ablation fall-out from the dicing process.

“Our customer requirements drive equipment design,” explained Chris Marion, business unit director for Nordson ASYMTEK. “Our new wafer-level workcell meets the need for higher throughput and lower cost-of-ownership relative to other wafer handling systems. We’ve simplified our customers’ wafer-level dispensing process by integrating the dispensing and handling operation into a single workcell.”

Advanced process controls are built into the film-frame wafer workcell to ensure a smooth, error-free transport and dispense operation. Both the MH-910W film-frame loader/unloader and S-920N dispensing system are fully enclosed with interlocked doors and windows for operator safety and part security. Access panels are easily removed and built-in software maintenance tools make servicing easy.

The MH-910W same-side loader/unloader provides programmable transport speed to maximize units per hour while multiple sensors and active pinch wheels ensure safe handling. Film-frame wafers are pulled from one cassette and returned to a second cassette after dispense. A frame sensor identifies the next available wafer, significantly reducing search time for partially filled cassettes. During loading, film-frame wafers are carefully pulled from the cassette and through the system by a soft-touch gripper and active pinch wheels. Sensors also ensure cassette slots are empty before returning processed wafers to the second cassette.

The workcell has a small footprint, approximately 1225 x 1321mm, and meets SEMI-S2, SEMI-S8, SMEMA, and CE standards and certifications.

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