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:: Visit XYZTEC at Booth # 19 at Device Packaging 2011 (full story)

:: Visit CPS Technologies at Device Packaging (full story)

:: AI Technology on Display at Device Packaging Conference (full story)

:: Smart Equipment Technology (SET) at Device Packaging Booth # 50 (full story)

:: Teledyne Microelectronics Will Feature Its New Chip Scale Package Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receiver at Device Packaging 2011 (full story)

:: Visit Oneida Research Services Booth (full story)

:: Kundich Associates Exhibiting at Device Packaging in March (full story)

:: Visit Pure Technologies at Device Packaging 2011 (full story)

:: For the Latest in Innovative UNDERFILLS and THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVES see Namics at Booth # 38 (full story)

:: Atotech Exhibiting at Device Packaging 2011 (full story)

:: Visit Rogers Corporation at Device Packaging (full story)

:: Finetech on Display at Device Packaging 2011 (full story)

:: Do Not Miss Interconnect Systems at IMAPS Arizona Conference (full story)

:: TechSearch Exhibiting in Arizona (full story)

:: Be Sure to Visit Sikama International's Booth (full story)

:: Palomar Technologies will be on Display at Device Packaging 2011 (full story)

:: Stop by PADT, Inc.'s Exhibit (full story)

:: Visit the Laser Tech Booth in Arizona (full story)

:: Orthodyne Electronics on Display at Device Packaging Conference (full story)

:: Be Sure To Visit Torrey Hills Technologies Booth (full story)

:: STATS ChipPAC Introduces Enhanced Flip Chip Packaging with fcCuBE™ Technology at Device Packaging Booth # 30 (full story)

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Visit XYZTEC at Booth # 19 at Device Packaging 2011

XYZTEC, a leading global supplier of bond test equipment, offers the most flexible bond testing platform on the market today! The Condor series features a single platform with multiple test capabilities allowing end-users the added flexibility of performing many types of tests all on one system. In addition to standard bond testing applications such as wire pull, ball shear, die shear, the Condor series has the capability to perform peel testing, push testing, high impact testing, fatigue testing, and creep testing.

XYZTEC is the only bond test supplier that offers a Revolving Measurement Unit, featuring four different measurement sensors to address 80% of your test requirements.  The joysticks are ergonomically friendly, easily move the XY stage to the desired position, and feature 12 logically arranged buttons for increased operator efficiency. The Condor EZ software features onboard graphics and intelligent wizards, providing intuitive operator control as well as sophisticated SPC software thus ensuring complete documentation of the test protocol.

Check out our new web site at and visit us at IMAPS Device Packaging Conference at booth # 19.

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Visit CPS Technologies at Device Packaging

CPS Technologies Corporation is the worldwide leader in the design and high-volume production of AlSiC (aluminum silicon carbide) for high thermal conductivity and device compatible thermal expansion. AlSiC thermal management components manufactured by CPS include Hermetic electronic packages, Heat sinks, Microprocessor & Flip chip heat spreader lids, Thermal substrates, IGBT base plates, Cooler baseplates, Pin Fin baseplates for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Microwave & Optoelectronic Housings and System in Package (SiP) Heat Spreader Lids that address multiple IC’s on a PCB with a single lid design.  

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AI Technology on Display at Device Packaging Conference

AI Technology is an ISO9001 certified facility and manufactures flexible “Stress-free” adhesives, films, pastes and thermal films, gels/grease.  Products are available in syringes, jars, premixed & frozen or separated in Part A & Part B for ambient storage.   Film based adhesives with tack for ease of use can be shipped in sheets or in performs.  Adhesives are electrically conductive or insulating and applicable for die-attach, lid sealing, BGA, multichip modules, and wafer lamination.

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Smart Equipment Technology (SET) at Device Packaging Booth # 50

With hundred of die/flip chip bonders installed worldwide, SET is renowned for the unsurpassed accuracy (± 0.5 µm) and the flexibility of its systems. Ranging from manual loading version to fully automated operation, SET’s equipment enables 3D-IC using C2C or C2W bonding onto wafers up to 300 mm. SET plans to reveals its latest developments in high density 3D integration and removal of oxide at the show. Stop by and experience the excitement at our booth!

And don't miss also SET conference given by Gilbert Lecarpentier at 11:00 am on March 9, in the 3D packaging session. This presentation will explore the C2C and C2W alignment and the associated bonding techniques such as in-situ reflow or thermocompression with a local oxide reduction which contributes to higher yield together with reduction of the force or temperature requirements.

Additional information about SET bonders and demo capabilities is available at


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Teledyne Microelectronics Will Feature Its New Chip Scale Package Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receiver at Device Packaging 2011

Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies will feature its new Broadband Chip Scale Package (CSP) Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receiver at the 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging on March 8-9, 2011 at the Radisson Ft. McDowell in Arizona.

The CSP Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers operate at a broadband performance range of 100 Mbps to 4.25 Gbps and temperature range from ­-40°C to +95°C.  “The CSPs are ideally suited for high data rate, critical communication applications in the aviation, military and hi-rel industrial markets,” said Albert Andry, Vice President and General Manager of Teledyne Microelectronics Technologies.  “With an extremely miniaturized footprint of .38 x .38 x 0.1 inches, our CSPs provide systems designers with a lightweight, low cost alternative to traditional fiber optic products.  These devices are designed to withstand shock and vibration in an extremely lightweight, low profile form factor.”  For more information, visit the website at

Teledyne Microelectronics Technologies (TMT), a Department of Defense Trusted Source for microelectronics, is a leading supplier of multichip modules and custom microelectronics packaging solutions. TMT provides turnkey manufacturing and test services for microwave, optical, power, digital and analog requirements.  TMT is internationally known for providing solutions to reduce size, lower weight, optimize thermal management, improve performance and resolve component obsolescence. 

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Visit Oneida Research Services Booth

Oneida Research (ORS) offers analytical techniques to maintain and improve the quality of microelectronic components. Instrumentation/services include:  Residual Gas Analysis, Hermeticity, Failure Analysis, Construction Analysis, Destructive Physical Analysis, Surface Analysis, FTIR, GC/MS, C-SAM, FeSEM, SEM/EDS, Auger Spectroscopy, Real Time X-ray Radiography, XRF and Solder Reflow/Moisture Sensitivity Testing.  ORS is approved by DLA Land and Maritime for Suitability in Mil-Std 883/750 for Gas Analysis (volumes greater than 0.001cc), Seal (Krypton-85), Radiography (Digital Non-Film and Film), PIND and SEM Inspection.

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Kundich Associates Exhibiting at Device Packaging in March

Kundich Associates is the exclusive USA Sales Representative for E-tec Interconnect Ltd. E-tec is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of high quality sockets for device prototype, development and test. We can accommodate virtually any package footprint and provide mounting options to suit the layout of an existing PCB layout, if required. We offer both elastomer and probe-pin solutions with a variety of closure options. Our sockets are engineered and manufactured by Swiss craftsmen… they are economically priced and can be shipped in as little as 10 days.

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Visit Pure Technologies at Device Packaging 2011

Pure Technologies manufactures low (0.02, 0.01 cph/cm2), ultra-low (0.005, 0.002 cph/2) and  super ultra-low (<0.001 cph/cm2) alpha emitting Tin (Sn), Lead (Pb) and virtually all alloys including Lead/Tin alloys and Lead-Free (including all SAC) alloys. These ALPHALO® products are available in various shapes and sizes – ingots, anodes, slugs, pellets, foil, rods, bricks, lead-monoxide powder, etc. for wafer-level packaging, interconnects, and sphere and powder/paste manufacturing. ALPHA-LO® reduces or eliminates soft errors from alpha particle emissions from solders, enhances performance reliability and reduces corporate liability. All materials are guaranteed and certified to be at secular equilibrium and are tested and retested over time before shipping to insure that the alpha emission rate is stable and will not increase over time.

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For the Latest in Innovative UNDERFILLS and THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVES see Namics at Booth # 38

NAMICS Corporation is a leading source for underfills, encapsulants, adhesives, and insulating and conductive materials used by producers of semiconductor devices, passive components and solar cells.  NAMICS subsidiary, DIEMAT, Inc. located in Byfield, MA, specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative thermally conductive adhesives and sealing glasses.  Headquartered in Niigata, Japan with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, Singapore and China, NAMICS serves its worldwide customers with enabling products for leading edge applications.

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Atotech Exhibiting at Device Packaging 2011

Atotech is a leading global supplier of integrated production systems, including process chemistry, production equipment and technical support for the electronics and metal finishing industries.  Within the electronics market, Atotech provides process and manufacturing technology in the form of chemicals, materials and equipment for the printed circuit, package substrate and wafer metallization sectors.  Atotech is committed to sustainable development, which requires a constant focus on the health, environmental and safety issues pertaining to its products and processes.  With more than 3,200 employees, Atotech supports its worldwide operations through its production facilities and technical centers, strategically located to serve the global electronics market.

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Visit Rogers Corporation at Device Packaging

Rogers Corporation is a global technology leader in the development of high performance printed circuit materials for use in high frequency applications. Rogers? materials serve a wide range of markets including portable communications, communications infrastructure, computer and office equipment, advanced packaging, aerospace and defense, semiconductor and digital applications.  The world runs better with Rogers. ®

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Finetech on Display at Device Packaging 2011

Precision bonders for laser bars & diodes, photonics packaging, VCSELs, MEMs, sensors, detectors, flip chips, 3D, and C2W.  Thermo-compression, thermo-sonic, eutectic, epoxy, ACF & Indium bonding.  Process flexibility is ideal for R&D or prototyping.  Placement accuracy down to +/- 0.5 micron.  Manual and fully-automated models with industry-leading machine specifications and specialized engineers with process expertise to support your applications.

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Do Not Miss Interconnect Systems at IMAPS Arizona Conference

Interconnect Systems Incorporated (ISI) designs and manufactures multi-component modules, bare-die packages, high-performance connectors, high density memory modules, and footprint conversion adapters including IC obsolescence solutions and BGA fan-out interposers. Services include BGA reballing. ISI is ITAR registered and certified to ISO9001:2008. Please visit for more information.

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TechSearch Exhibiting in Arizona

TechSearch International was founded in 1987 as a market research and consulting company specializing in emerging trends in semiconductor packaging and assembly.  Multi- and single-client services encompass market forecasts, technology trends, and strategic planning.  Research topics include flip chip, WLP, CSPs, BGAs, 3D Through Silicon Via, stacked die and packages (e.g., PoP), System-in-Package (SiP), embedded components, LEDs, medical electronics, semiconductor packaging and assembly materials, and Pb-free manufacturing trends.  In a joint effort with SavanSys Solutions LLC, we offer Trade Off Analysis Cost Models for Flip Chip, WLP and Wire Bond.  We represent TPSS Japan for teardown reports on mobile phones and other products.

TechSearch International professionals have an extensive network of more than 16,000 contacts in North America, Asia, and Europe and travel extensively, visiting major electronics manufacturing operations and research facilities worldwide.

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Be Sure to Visit Sikama International's Booth

Sikama International designs, manufactures, and markets solder reflow & curing systems, wafer flux coaters and wafer washers. Our ovens feature a patented conduction plus convection heating technology and are used for Wafer Bumping, LED Die Reflow, BGA Re-balling, High Density Package Reflow, Lid Attach, Fluxless Gold Tin Reflow, Lead Frame Reflow and Curing among many other applications.

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Palomar Technologies will be on Display at Device Packaging 2011

Palomar Technologies, formerly Hughes Aircraft, is the global leader of die attach solutions, wire bonding equipment, optoelectronic packaging systems and precision assembly services. Customers utilize the products, services and solutions from Palomar Technologies to obtain precision wire and ball bonders and automated component placement systems. For more information, visit

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Stop by PADT, Inc.'s Exhibit

PADT, Inc. is the Southwest’s leading provider of Simulation, Product Development, and Rapid Prototyping services.  For over 16 years PADT has been providing ANSYS Software sales and support to the area’s leading packaging companies along with FEA and CFD consulting and training.  The company’s staff of simulation engineers have strong backgrounds in stress, thermal and flow simulation as well as a strong understanding of the unique needs and challenges involved in electronics packaging.

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Visit the Laser Tech Booth in Arizona

Laser Tech, Inc. has been a trusted supplier of lasering services for the microelectronics industry for over 25 years.  Laser Tech, Inc. specializes in drilling of high-density micro-vias in a wide variety of materials including alumina, silicon, quartz, sapphire and stainless steel. Additional services include the laser cutting of large area alumina substrates, plastics, adhesives, metals and many other materials.  Laser Tech, Inc. provides laser-engraving services as well.  Visit the Laser Tech, Inc. website @ for more information, or, call Larry Whitman @ 715-483-1636.

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Orthodyne Electronics on Display at Device Packaging Conference

Orthodyne Electronics, a division of Kulicke and Soffa, is an award winning, global leader in the manufacture of manual and automatic ultrasonic wedge bonders for the hybrid and semiconductor industries.  Orthodyne produces a variety of high production bonders, including the new HD Series Bonders (7600HD & 7200HD), specially designed for today’s Small High Density Power Packages such as SOP, DSO and QFN. Orthodyne’s Semiconductor and Hybrid Wedge Bonders bond aluminum wire sizes from 1-20 mil (25-500 micron) with large and small wire options or PowerRibbon® sizes 30x4 mil to 80x12 mil.   We have recently released PowerRibbon 8012 increasing the ribbon size range to 80X12 mil, a PowerRibbon bondhead with pulltest capability and a Graphical Bondhead Set-up system to simplify bondhead consumable replacement. By joining the K&S team, the most powerful name in package assembly, we are able to provide our customers an even wider range of interconnect solutions for a variety of semiconductor & power hybrid applications as we continue our decades long tradition for customer satisfaction.

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Be Sure To Visit Torrey Hills Technologies Booth

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC is a leader in developing and delivering quality yet affordable microelectronic packaging components and production equipment for multiple industries. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has expanded its business from Cu-W, Cu-Mo, CMC and CPC heat sinks manufacturing to the supply of large-scale mixing and furnace equipment for electronics and solar cell industries. Headquartered in San Diego , CA , its mission is to help customers achieve higher profitability by the provision of innovative products and services. The company is now shipping worldwide to more than 40 countries. In 2010, Torrey Hills Technologies LLC was ranked number 1013 on INC 500|5000 list and recognized as the 49th fastest growing privately held company in San Diego .


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STATS ChipPAC Introduces Enhanced Flip Chip Packaging with fcCuBE™ Technology at Device Packaging Booth # 30

STATS ChipPAC has introduced fcCuBE™ technology, an advanced flip chip packaging technology that features copper (Cu) column bumps, Bond-on-Lead (BOL) interconnection and Enhanced assembly processes.  fcCuBE technology delivers high input/output (I/O) density, high performance and superior reliability in advanced silicon nodes. 

As semiconductor devices are scaled to advanced wafer technology nodes of 45/40nm and below, innovations in package structure, design and assembly process are key to achieving high performance, cost-effective product solutions. fcCuBE technology addresses a complex set of packaging challenges and delivers important benefits including:  

  • Ultra high I/O escape routing density
  • Scalability to very fine bump pitches of 80 micron and below with finer effective
  • Significant reduction of stress on Ultra low-k (ELK/ULK) structures that has been proven down to 45/40 nanometer (nm) and 28nm silicon structures
  • Broad fab node compatibility
  • Higher resistance to electromigration
  • Lead-free alternative to conventional lead-free bumps and solder-based bumps
  •  A 20-40% lower cost over standard flip chip packages for most designs

In terms of the design flexibility of fcCuBE, STATS ChipPAC is deploying the core fcCuBE technology beyond traditional single-die flip chip packaging into more complex stacked/3D packages including Package-on-Package (PoP), Package-in-Package (PiP), flip chip/wire bond hybrid packages and next-generation Through Silicon Via (TSV) configurations.

To find out more about fcCuBE, visit STATS ChipPAC’s booth #30 at the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference on March 8-9th, 2011 in Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, Arizona or visit the Company’s website at

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