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:: LORD Corporation Receives Outstanding Customer Service Award (full story)

:: DYCONEX Well on it's Way to Lean Six Sigma (full story)

:: New Generation Airbus A350XWB Flies with Crane Aerospace and Electronics Power Solutions TRUs (full story)

:: Crane Aerospace and Electronics Microwave Solutions Introduces High-Stability VME Master Oscillator (full story)

:: EV Group Adds In-Line Metrology Capability to Wafer Bonding Systems to Support High-Volume 3D-IC and TSV Manufacturing (full story)

:: Hary Manufacturing Buys AMI Assets for Precision Screen Printers and Automatic Printing Systems (full story)

:: TJ Green Associates Announces 2011 Training Courses on Microwave Packaging Technology and Process Certification for Hybrids (full story)

:: Gore® Cartridge Filters Offer New Levels of Filtration Performance at Semicon West 2011 (full story)

:: SET Introduces FC300R High Accuracy Device Bonder with Robotics (full story)

:: Two New Products Launched To Meet Customer Needs from Heraeus (full story)

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LORD Corporation Receives Outstanding Customer Service Award

LORD Corporation has been recognized for outstanding customer service by Vicor.

An industry leader in the manufacture of modular power components and power systems, Vicor is headquartered in Andover, Mass. Vicor sells its power converters and systems to the communications, data processing, industrial control, test equipment, medical, and defense electronics markets. In May 2011, Vicor held their annual supplier day, an event that recognizes their supply base. Approximately 35 suppliers were invited to attend. LORD was one of only five companies recognized for outstanding customer service.

“LORD Corporation prides itself on customer service,” said Jim Greig, sales and marketing manager Electronic Materials. “To be recognized by Vicor for exceptional performance in this area is a great reward for the whole team.”

Since the early 1990s, LORD Corporation has been a major supplier to Vicor. Initially using a LORD thermally conductive epoxy potting system for its DC-DC converters, Vicor went on to apply several LORD formulations to their production process. LORD has developed thermally conductive silicone encapsulants, and thermally conductive low-modulus silicone materials that allowed Vicor to advance its production methods for surface-mount devices. Further custom formulations were developed for Vicor in the early 2000s for military and aerospace applications.

Today, one of the most recent formulations for Vicor is a low-viscosity, thermally conductive material. This new material allows Vicor to manufacture converters with high-power performance in a smaller package, while maintaining its high-volume production.

For more information, visit
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DYCONEX Well on it's Way to Lean Six Sigma

DYCONEX is consequently following it's path to six sigma quality and lean manufacturing. Starting 2009, a black belt project was finished which improved greatly the acquisition process. Following that, in 2010 we launched 4 green belt projects with 6 persons successfully graded "green belts". These projects have significantly improved production processes and have the potential of more than half a million cost savings in 2010.

DYCONEX is currently rolling out further lean six sigma projects throughout the manufacturing and business processes.

We are convinced that customers benefit in all aspects from quality to supply chain reliability.


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New Generation Airbus A350XWB Flies with Crane Aerospace and Electronics Power Solutions TRUs

Agreement were to be signed at Paris Air Show

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Power Solutions was selected by ECE, a Zodiac Aerospace company, to supply its Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) on the Electrical Power Distribution Systems (EPDS) for the Airbus A350XWB. The signing was scheduled to occur Monday, June 20, at 11:30 in Crane’s booth — Hall 4, Stand A188.

“We are excited to provide our high reliability, low weight and high power quality TRUs for the EPDS on the new generation A350XWB family fleet,” states Ed Fuhr, Vice President, Power Solutions for Crane Aerospace & Electronics.

There are seven TRUs within the Electrical Power Distribution System. The ECE Electrical Power Distribution Systems control and monitor the electrical DC power distribution to the loads on the aircraft.  The Crane TRUs provide 230VAC to 28VDC conversion / fault protection and 115VAC to 28VDC conversion / fault protection within the EPDS.

Crane Electronics Power Solutions offers ELDECTM, InterpointTM and KeltecTM power conversion, power distribution and battery systems for the commercial, defense and communications industries for use in electronic countermeasures, missiles, radar, intelligence and guidance systems.

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Crane Aerospace and Electronics Microwave Solutions Introduces High-Stability VME Master Oscillator

Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Microwave Solutions, introduces a new, feature rich VME Master Oscillator designed to provide all of the signals required for an advanced system. With four different output frequencies, an internal high-stability crystal reference and built-in test functions, this oscillator is fully tested and guaranteed over the operating conditions.

The VME Master Oscillator starts from a low noise, vibration insensitive Crystal oscillator, from which all of the subsequent signal outputs are derived. The four frequency outputs range from 10 MHz to 1920 MHz and the unit is designed to offer very low spurious signal output and excellent signal stability over the operating conditions. One of the unique features of this oscillator is that an advanced built-in test function provides indication, through the VME bus, of the signal output presence for each output. Also provided is the ability to disable each output from the command bus.

“This product represents another advance in our technology integration,” says Bob Tavares, VP Microwave Solutions. “This product merges our capability in low noise signal references, frequency synthesis, monitor and control into a single, advanced product providing our customer with exceptional functionality”.

For more information on the VME Master Oscillator visit
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EV Group Adds In-Line Metrology Capability to Wafer Bonding Systems to Support High-Volume 3D-IC and TSV Manufacturing

First-ever Integration of In-line Metrology with Temporary Bonding/Debonding Enables More Repeatable and Reliable Process, Improved Yields and Lower Cost of EV Group (EVG), has announced it has introduced a new in-line metrology module for its EVG850TB automated temporary bonding and debonding systems.  This new metrology capability, which is now available as an option on the EVG850TB and EVG850DB platforms, allows customers to implement in-line process control for thin-wafer processing.  This enables IC manufacturers to reduce defects and wafer breakage—thereby improving yields and lowering production costs.  Adding in-line metrology to thin-wafer processing is particularly crucial in helping to enable the ramp-up of 3D-IC and TSV manufacturing from pilot-line to volume production.  

EVG's new integrated in-line metrology module can detect a variety of process irregularities and defects during temporary bonding and debonding, including: total thickness variation (TTV) of the carrier wafer, adhesive layer, bonded stack and thinned wafer; bow/warp of the bonded stack; and voids in the bond interface.  

With semiconductor device scaling reaching its physical limits and becoming increasingly cost prohibitive, IC manufacturers are turning to 3D IC architectures—where multiple circuit layers are stacked into a single circuit and connected via TSVs—in order to increase device functionality.  Thin-wafer processing is key to enabling TSV applications.  However, since thin wafers are very fragile and prone to breakage, temporary bonding of the device wafer to a carrier wafer is needed to provide stability to the device wafer during thin-wafer processing.  After thinning and backside processing, the device wafer must then be debonded in order for the individual devices to be singulated and packaged.  

Since device wafers undergo many process steps prior to thin-wafer processing, it is essential that the wafer thinning and bonding/debonding process do not contribute to yield loss.  By integrating in-line metrology into its EVG850TB/DB platforms—the industry standard for temporary wafer bonding and debonding—EVG has provided its customers with a powerful new tool to optimize their wafer-thinning and bonding processes, reduce tool downtime resulting from yield issues that arise during processing, and maximize their product yields and investments.  

"For more than 10 years, EV Group has pioneered thin-wafer processing with our temporary bonding and debonding solutions—continuously adding new features that enable our customers to aggressively pursue their technology roadmaps and lower their cost of production," stated Dr. Thorsten Matthias, Business Development Director at EVG.  "With our new integrated in-line metrology module, we can now provide a total solution for thin-wafer processing that will enable our customers to reach the next level of production readiness on their leading-edge products by giving them overall control of their entire metrology process, including setting control values to help mitigate the cumulative effects of any bonding/debonding process issues."

Added Matthias, "Beyond improving yields, the integration of in-line metrology to our EVG850TB/DB systems can also enable temporary bonding and debonding to be performed by different companies—opening up an entirely new supply chain model for TSV manufacturing to further increase TSV adoption and drive down costs.  Integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and foundries can now perform temporary bonding, thinning and backside processing, while outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies can do the debonding before dicing and packaging—since each party can perform outgoing or incoming qualification of the integrity of these extremely fragile thin wafers."
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Hary Manufacturing Buys AMI Assets for Precision Screen Printers and Automatic Printing Systems

Hary Manufacturing, Inc. has recently begun operations designing, manufacturing, and marketing precision screen printers and automated printing systems, according to an announcement from the company's President Paul Hary.  Hary Manufacturing (HMI) is a successor organization to Affiliated Manufacturers, Inc. (AMI) which was established over 50 years ago.  According to Hary, HMI "offers the existing AMI product line and is developing innovative designs to accommodate advancing printing technologies."  He added that, "We will provide responsible technical service and support for the thousands  of existing AMI Presco printers, equipment, and accessories throughout the world."

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Selects HMI Precision Screen Printer for Photovoltaic Circuit Research/Prototyping
In his announcement, Hary also said that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Photovoltaics Research Laboratory, Cambridge, MA has purchased an HMI model MSP-485 precision screen printer to be used in its student program for workforce development and R&D on photovoltaic solar cells.  Dr. Christie Simmons, a postdoc working with Professor Tonio Buonassisi at MIT added that the new HMI printer will be used to develop improved silicone-based circuits in addition to production of small prototype circuit quantities for subsequent evaluation.

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TJ Green Associates Announces 2011 Training Courses on Microwave Packaging Technology and Process Certification for Hybrids

Rare opportunity for engineers, technicians, and inspectors to get the same specialized training offered on-site at Lockheed Martin, JPL, Honeywell and in house at other leading microelectronics companies.

BETHLEHEM, PA.--(Market Wire)—TJ Green Associates, LLC ( today announced its 2011 public training course schedule on Material and Process Certification for Hybrids:

Microwave Packaging Technology – July 26-28, 2011 (3 days) Register now at

Process Certification and Defect Recognition: Hybrids, Microcircuits, and RF/MMIC Modules – September 20-23, 2011 (4 days) Register now at

Both courses will be offered in Bethlehem, PA. 

The company offers microelectronics training and consulting and is led by Principal and founder Thomas J. Green. Mr. Green is an industry recognized hybrid materials and process expert who brings over 29 years of microelectronics manufacturing experience to the classroom.

 “We’re very excited about this year’s course schedule” said Mr. Green. “Our Microwave Packaging Technology course helps companies develop new RF/MMIC and microwave modules for use in extreme military, space, and commercial environments. The course is for process and quality engineers, designers, and managers who are responsible for microwave hybrid design and manufacturing and takes an in-depth look at design issues, material trade-offs, and process selection.”

Mr. Green continued: “Our Process Certification and Defect Recognition class is the industry’s only certification course for engineers and technicians. It is a must for process and manufacturing engineers, designers, senior technicians, inspectors and line operators looking to broaden their knowledge of the visual inspection process. The course is focused on understanding materials and processes and how to minimize defects. Scrap can be reduced and process yields improved by those in manufacturing who take the time to learn from others who have already experienced and solved these problems.”

Mr. Green concluded, “Companies who invest in our training gain immediate access to specialized knowledge from industry experts that you just won’t find anywhere else. We’re expecting heavier than usual demand this year and our limited number of openings will fill up quickly.”

Register now. or call TJ Green Associates, LLC - Thomas J. Green, 610-625-2158
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Gore® Cartridge Filters Offer New Levels ofFiltration Performance at Semicon West 2011

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. will be exhibiting its family of cartridge filters that dramatically improve process performance and reduce the total cost of filtration for ultrapure water, de-ionized water and high-purity bulk chemicals used in the manufacture of semiconductors, silicon wafers and other microelectronics manufacturing processes. These advanced cartridges were featured in Booth 1331 at SEMICON West 2011, July 12-14 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

Gore will be demonstrating its unique expertise in ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) material and membrane technology that has enabled it to engineer a family of filters that offer 3x the flow rate of best-in-class filters without sacrificing particle retention.

GORE® Filters enable semiconductor fabs to realize both improved performance and lower cost of ownership. The drop-in substitution of GORE® Filters can upgrade retention performance and reduce particle counts while maintaining desired flow rate, as well as enabling reduced processing times, higher flow rates and faster bath turnovers.

These filters are currently used by leading fabs worldwide for ultrapure and DI facilities water. They have dramatically reduced their total cost of filtration, improved water quality, and protected against upstream system upsets.

For processors of high-purity bulk chemicals used in semiconductor fabrication and other microelectronics manufacturing processes, the use of GORE® Filters has enabled dramatically improved product quality, increased production capacity and reduced cost of filtration for high viscosity fluids, acids, bases, solvents and specialty chemicals.

For more information about Gore’s cartridge filters for ultrapure water (UPW), de-ionized (DI) water and high-purity chemical processing, visit
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SET Introduces FC300R High Accuracy Device Bonder with Robotics

FC300R: an Easy-to-Use Production Platform Ideal for
High Accuracy C2W Bonding, Die Attach, Flip-Chip and 3D Integration with TSV.

SET - Smart Equipment Technology - has launched the FC300R, which combines robotic handling with the company’s proven FC300 platform to address the needs of the pre-production market for high accuracy bonding.
The FC300R offers hands-free placement capabilities for Chip-to-Substrate or Chip-to-Wafer assembly as well as Chip-to-Chip stacking. With an unmatched submicron post-bonding accuracy at bonding forces ranging from 0.4N to 4000N, the FC300R is the ideal tool for 3D-IC applications using high density TSV’s. This enhanced bonder accommodates components from 150 x 150 µm to 100 x 100 mm and substrates up to 200 x 200 mm or 300 mm wafers to serve a wide range of applications.

The addition of a loading robot to the base FC300 enables the handling of a wide range of components as well as increased machine autonomy by storing a large number ofwaffle packs or GELPAKTM. It is optionally equipped with a direct die feeder from diced wafer on frame capable of handling thin die. A tape and reel feeder is also available for device loading.

The loading robot operates in parallel with the bonding process module contributing to a significant reduction in the dry cycle time. When required, the FC300R makes use of up to three pre-alignment and inspection optics subsystems in the robotic feeding area to ensure proper pick up of tiny components like laser diodes.  Image processing is available for a wide variety of recognition functions such as pattern search, synthetic pattern generation, calipers, edge detection. It also provides contrast enhancement.

“As the FC300R has recently been ordered by a major global semiconductor company, for 3D bonding applications, SET is proud of confirming its technological leadership by providing cutting-edge bonding solutions to the semiconductor industry. By working closely with our customers, SET has raised process development, automation and flexibility of its high accuracy bonders to the highest level,” said Gilbert Lecarpentier, Director of Marketing & Business Development.

The FC300R can be equipped with an optional ultrasonic bonding head. A high force bonding head equipped with a confinement chamber which reduces oxide on bumps and bonding pads can also be installed. This configuration is especially interesting for Cu-Cu bonding applicable in 3D-IC integration.

Thanks to its unrivalled flexibility, the FC300R is able to support various applications on the same platform with a quick process-head reconfiguration:

  1. High Force Bonding Head ->adapted to the thermo-compression bonding process,
  2. Low Force Bonding Head -> for reflow bonding of all types of components including RF, Next generation of optoelectronics devices assembly,
  3. UV-Curing Head -> adhesive bonding, UV-NIL process, etc.

The SET FC300R excels in demanding applications and accommodates a wide variety of processes and materials including extremely fragile crystals such as GaAs and HgCdTe. This easy-to-use platform adapts to all bonding techniques: fluxless reflow, adhesive joining, thermosonic, thermo-compression and direct metallic bonding. The unrivalled process flexibility, precision and repeatability of the FC300R, based on SET’s decades of bonding experience set new benchmarks for Chip-to-Chip and Chip-to-Wafer bonding.

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Two New Products Launched To Meet Customer Needs from Heraeus

Two new product lines have  successfully launched at Heraeus. Here are the details on IAMS, an Insulated Aluminum Materials System, and our Thick Print Copper System.

IAMS is a Thick Film Materials System that Heraeus Materials Technology LLC Thick Film Division developed as an insulation system for aluminum substrates. This single-part system offers selective deposition and low design-change costs compared to metal-core PCBs. It offers excellent heat dissipation for high-power applications in a variety of applications including LED substrates; signals, signs and displays; and heaters. The system is compatible with 3000, 4000 and 6000 series aluminum substrates, and all materials can be fired at less than 550 degrees C. Its unique glass system minimizes bowing on aluminum while providing high dielectric breakdown strength and good thermal conductivity.

Heraeus' Thick Printing Cu Conducting Paste System has been developed for power electronic applications that require excellent print quality, thermal conductivity and soldering properties. The thick print copper system can be applied on alumina and some aluminum nitride substrates. Heraeus' paste has been optimized for 75-micron fired thickness, with one Print-Dry-Fire (PDF) cycle. It is an ideal alternative to Direct Bond Copper (DBC) based products. This product offers the advantages of an additive process (screen printing) with no chemical residue, improved line resolution, and more than 1,000 thermal cycles with zero failures. The system can be used in a wide variety of power dissipation and demanding thermal shock applications including high-brightness LED packaging, solid-state power circuits, battery chargers, and electronic heating devices. It also has applications in IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) modules where AC-to-DC and DC-to-AC conversion is required. 

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