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:: Brewer Science and EV Group Announce Agreement on ZoneBOND™ Technology (full story)

:: Axus Technology Announces Addition of Director of Process Technology (full story)

:: SC-280N/SC-280C Select Coat Film Coater Applicator from Nordson ASYMTEK (full story)

:: Amkor Technology Announces Conversion of PBGA Products to Pin-Gate Mold Process (full story)

:: DuPont Signs Technology Agreement for Large AMOLED Television Displays (full story)

:: SOURIAU PA&E Announces New Testing Standards for Space Qualified EMI Filters (full story)

:: Summit Partners Makes Growth Equity Investment in Solid State Equipment (full story)

:: IMAPS Honors Amkor Technology Executive Dr. Robert Darveaux with William D. Ashman Achievement Award (full story)

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Brewer Science and EV Group Announce Agreement on ZoneBOND™ Technology

Enabling Commercialization of Groundbreaking Temporary Bonding and Debonding Technology

Brewer Science, Inc and EV Group have announced an agreement on ZoneBOND™ technology. The agreement will enable both companies to commercialize the groundbreaking technology for customers in the temporary wafer bonding market.

The ZoneBOND™ technology provides a breakthrough approach for temporary wafer bonding, thin wafer processing, and debonding applications which overcomes the last remaining limitations associated with thin wafer processing. ZoneBOND™ technology allows the use of silicon, glass, and other carriers, is compatible with existing, field-proven adhesive platforms, and enables debonding at room temperature with virtually no vertical force being applied to the device wafer. To support grinding and backside processing at high temperatures and to allow for low-force carrier separation, ZoneBOND™ defines two distinctive zones on the carrier wafer surface with strong adhesion in the perimeter (edge zone) and minimal adhesion in the center zone. Therefore, only low separation force is required for carrier separation once the polymeric edge adhesive has been removed by solvent dissolution or other means.

"We are delighted to be able to bring the exciting ZoneBOND™ temporary bonding and debonding technology to the market," said Dr. Terry Brewer, founder, CEO, and president of Brewer Science. Paul Lindner, executive technology director of EV Group, added, "Combining Brewer Science's advanced material development and process integration and EVG's field-proven equipment and process solutions, ZoneBOND™ will enable customers to achieve a quantum leap in thin wafer processing."

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Axus Technology Announces Addition of Director of Process Technology

Axus Technology is pleased to announce that Paul Feeney has joined as the Director of Process Technology. Paul comes to Axus from Cabot Microelectronics where he had been a CMP Fellow in Research and Development. Paul has over 27 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, working as a supplier and in device development and production, with much of that focusing on CMP processes and process integration. His role at Axus will be to lead internal process development activities as well as directing the CMP and foundry operations at our Chandler, Arizona facility.  

"Paul's experience in managing CMP process engineering projects will be essential to successfully managing our rapidly growing lab activities," stated Barrie VanDevender, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Axus Technology. "Paul's background and insight related to process integration and development is already proving to be valuable to our users as we increase the range of process offerings and our overall capability." 

Paul holds a Masters of Science degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering for semiconductors from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from The University of Illinois.
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SC-280N/SC-280C Select Coat Film Coater Applicator from Nordson ASYMTEK

The Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat SC-280 is a precise, non-atomized conformal coating applicator.

The Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat® SC-280 non-atomized film coater provides automated, selective application of conformal coating materials with viscosities of less than 100 centipoise. Coating thicknesses range from 10 to 200 µm (0.0005 to 0.008 inch) for solvent-based materials.

With transfer efficiency more than 99%, the SC-280 film coater improves material utilization by 30 to 50 percent. Because the coating material is not atomized, overspray, masking, and rework associated with conventional conformal coating processes are minimized.

The stainless steel fluid path provides compatibility with current coating materials. The SC-280 design is based on the popular Nordson ASYMTEK SC-204/SC-104 film coater, which has been an industry standard for many years.

The SC-280 film coater is available for the Nordson ASYMTEK SL-940E & SL-941E Conformal Coating systems.

Features and Benefits
  • Non-atomized coating provides >99% transfer efficiency
  • Selectively coats complex circuit boards in seconds
  • Improves material utilization, achieves less waste, reduces costs
  • Virtually eliminates masking through precise, selective material application
  • Use of non-atomized process and a ventilated system reduces VOC emissions
  • Stainless steel fluid path provides compatibility with a range of materials
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Amkor Technology Announces Conversion of PBGA Products to Pin-Gate Mold Process

Amkor Technology, Inc. has announced that it will convert all of its 19mm through 31mm body size Plastic Ball Grid Array (“PBGA”) packages to pin-gate molding (“PGM”) over the next few years.  PBGAs produced with the new PGM process and structure provide superior quality, reliability and performance, and can be less expensive than traditional corner gate molding.

“PBGA packages are a mature technology used in a wide range of applications and end markets, such as computing, network infrastructure, gaming, set top boxes and digital TV,” said Pat O’Brien, Amkor’s senior vice president, ball grid array products.   “Our customers are very supportive of this conversion as this will provide a more reliable and better performing product at higher yields and lower cost.  This industry-leading effort will also extend the usefulness of wirebonding to smaller silicon nodes and is applicable with both gold and copper wires.”

Amkor’s PGM process is designed with a JEDEC-compliant larger mold cap which has a number of benefits, including allowing the routing of active traces and vias within the mold cap dimensions, improving protection from soldermask cracking, and facilitating larger die sizes in the same form factor.  In addition, Amkor’s PGM PBGA uses a package saw singulation process which produces a smoother edge on the package, reducing the potential for binding in the test socket and shipping tray, and thus delivering higher yields.

PGM is also a more cost effective PBGA structure as it uses higher density substrates and smaller diameter wire than traditional corner gate molding.  Gold wire diameter can be reduced by over 50% down to 0.5 millimeters.  Copper wire diameters can also be reduced significantly.  These capabilities also extend the usefulness of wirebonding to smaller silicon nodes.  With PGM, wirebonding can now be used down to 28 nanometers.

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DuPont Signs Technology Agreement for Large AMOLED Television Displays

DuPont  has announced that it has signed a technology licensing agreement with a leading Asian manufacturer of Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) display products.  The agreement will enable process technology developed by DuPont to be used in the company’s production of large AMOLED television displays.  The DuPont AMOLED process technology enables large displays to be produced at significantly lower cost than alternative technologies.  Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"AMOLED televisions clearly represent the future.  They are preferred by consumers for their superior performance, they are more energy efficient and the process technology we’re licensing allows them to be manufactured much more cost effectively,” said David B. Miller, president, DuPont Electronics & Communications.  “We look forward to helping make the promise of AMOLED television a commercial reality at a price point that is within reach for the mass consumer market.”

AMOLED displays deliver vivid color, higher contrast, faster response and a wider viewing angle than traditional Liquid Crystal Displays, while consuming less power.  AMOLED technology has been well received for small size displays such as in mobile phones, but cost has been a major barrier to the adoption of AMOLED technology for televisions up to this point.

DuPont has developed a proprietary solution-based printing technology that efficiently dispenses liquid OLED materials that it has developed to optimize display yields and performance.  The process is designed to significantly cut production costs for television-sized displays when compared to the current methods of producing AMOLED or LCD displays.

“Over the last several years, DuPont has used its substantial resources as a market-driven science company to solve significant technical challenges associated with the cost-effective manufacture of AMOLED displays. As a result, DuPont has developed a unique manufacturing process and innovative materials tailored to work with it,” said William F. Feehery, global business director, DuPont Electronics & Communications.  “By licensing display manufacturers to make AMOLED displays using DuPont process technology, we will also build a business selling proprietary DuPont OLED materials.”

Based on industry estimates, the AMOLED television market is projected to grow to over $5 billion by 2017.

For more information on DuPont AMOLED technologies, please visit

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SOURIAU PA&E Announces New Testing Standards for Space Qualified EMI Filters

Space Grade Quality with Lower Costs and Shorter Lead-times

EMI engineers designing components for satellite and other space applications now have an alternative to expensive and time-consuming Class S level testing, following the announcement of SOURIAU PA&E’s new Class H EMI filter testing requirements.

This new ‘hybrid’ approach adds most of traditional Class S tests to SOURIAU PA&E’s standard Class B testing process. The primary difference between Class S and the new Class H testing is the number of component failures allowed per lot. Under strict Class S, a single component failure will cause an entire lot to be scrapped. With Class H testing, this restriction is loosened slightly to allow for no more than one failure per lot. This slight variation in the process eliminates scrapping entire lots of serviceable and tested parts because of a single failure and, consequently, increases yields and decreases price while still providing highly-reliable and rugged EMI filters.

SOURIAU PA&E Class H EMI filters are inspected in accordance with MIL-PRF 28861 and must pass nearly 20 different tests that may include: temperature rise, thermal shock, vibration, current overload, corrosion (salt spray), terminal strength and destructive physical analysis. Hermetically sealed Class H filters are tested to 1x10-7 HE at one atmospheric pressure.

SOURIAU PA&E manufactures a number of EMI filter styles and sizes including micro & mini filters; eyelets, filter pins, as well as bolt and broadband filters. The company also manufactures custom caparrays, custom filter assemblies.

For more information about SOURIAU PA&E’s EMI filter solutions, visit us at


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Summit Partners Makes Growth Equity Investment in Solid State Equipment

Growth equity investor Summit Partners announced that it completed a significant investment in Solid State Equipment,
a manufacturer of single wafer wet processing equipment for the semiconductor industry. Solid State Equipment will continue to focus on several high-growth segments of semiconductor manufacturing, including advanced packaging processes, mobile communications and mobile computing products, and LED devices. The investment was made in July, 2011.

Founded in 1965, Solid State Equipment designs and manufactures capital equipment for leading semiconductor companies.  The company provides outstanding products and services for the integrated circuit industry that can be configured to a specific customer’s needs, while leveraging standard platforms and proprietary technology to drive efficiencies.  Solid State Equipment provides sales and technical support through its global network of direct and independent representatives.

Herman Itzkowitz, Solid State Equipment’s President and CTO, said, “Summit Partners' investment is a vote of confidence in our business model and our leadership position in the industry. Summit Partners has provided us with the growth capital necessary to continue our track record of success in important growth segments of the semiconductor industry.”  Added Rich Richardson, Solid State Equipment’s Chairman, “Summit Partners’ industry experience will be an invaluable resource as we enter our next stage of growth."

John Carroll, a Managing Director at Summit Partners who will join the Solid State Equipment Board of Directors, said, “Under the leadership of Rich and Herman, Solid State Equipment has established an exceptional track record through its proprietary technology and exceptional engineering capabilities. We are pleased to partner with Rich, Herman, and the entire management team to support the company’s continued growth."

“Solid State Equipment has maintained impressive growth and consistent profitability for nearly two decades,” added Peter Rottier, a Vice President with Summit Partners who is also joining the board.  “We are delighted to be an investor in the business and to work with the management team.”

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IMAPS Honors Amkor Technology Executive Dr. Robert Darveaux with William D. Ashman Achievement Award

Amkor Technology, Inc. announced that Dr. Robert Darveaux, its corporate vice president, technology and platform development,  has been awarded the prestigious William D. Ashman Achievement Award for 2011 from The International Microelectronics And Packaging Society (IMAPS). Dr. Darveaux is being recognized for his achievements and leadership in thermal and mechanical simulation, materials characterization, failure analysis, and fatigue life prediction for solder joints for the electronics packaging industry.

The William D. Ashman Achievement Award recognizes an individual who, in the opinion of the William D. Ashman Achievement Award Selection Committee, has provided significant technical contributions to the electronics packaging industry, while participating and demonstrating support of activities to enhance the electronics packaging profession as a member. Recipients of this award automatically become Life Members and Fellows of IMAPS.

“Dr. Darveaux is one of our industry’s most talented and creative technology development executives, and we congratulate him on being selected for this prestigious award,” said Ken Joyce, Amkor’s president and chief executive officer.  “This is a terrific recognition of Robert’s accomplishments in developing and commercializing new leading-edge packaging interconnect technologies and driving significant value for Amkor and our customers.”

Dr. Darveaux has over 23 years of experience in the electronics packaging industry, including stints at the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina, Motorola, and Amkor.  He has a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Iowa State University and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University.  He has published over 70 technical papers, been awarded 20 patents, and has led the development of several major package technology platforms.

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