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:: TJ Green Associates posts white paper Hermetic vs. 'Near Hermetic' Packaging - a Technical Review (full story)

:: Nusil Technology Adds New Low-Viscosity Silicone Polymer (full story)

:: Crane Aerospace & Electronics Power Solutions TRUs Fly on Gulfstream G650 (full story)

:: Toshiba and Amkor Sign Memorandum of Understanding for the Acquisition of Toshiba’s Malaysian Semiconductor Assembly and Test Operations (full story)

:: New Hires at Indium Corporation (full story)

:: EV Group and Yole Developpement Announce a New Live Webcast! (full story)

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TJ Green Associates, LLC

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TJ Green Associates posts white paper

Hermetic vs. 'Near Hermetic' Packaging - a Technical Review

Hermetic cavity packages have long been the standard for military and space applications. On one hand the hermeticity specs are getting tighter, on the other hand the question that is now being poised is; Do I need to be hermetic? "Near hermetic" or "non-hermetic" packages hold the promise of reliability at a greatly reduced cost ... maybe ..

Click here to download a 10 page white paper authored by Tom Green on this important subject  Free Download 

Hermetic packaging has long provided the required protection from dust, dirt, contamination, moisture, and other threats to operating reliability for sensitive electronic devices. Hermetic packages are expensive and technical and manufacturing resources for them are diminishing in availability. Designers are searching for ways to lower cost, reduce weight and increase performance by looking to design-in alternate material sets including engineered plastics such as LCP and robust barriers offering enhanced protection from moisture permeation. There are a variety of materials and approaches that hold the promise of enhancing reliability of non-hermetics while reducing cost. The problem essentially becomes one of minimizing moisture diffusion through the bulk of package materials and at package/lead interfaces. Packages made from polymeric materials, or robust barrier coatings, as opposed to traditional hermetic seals (i.e. metal, ceramics, eutectic etc.) require a different approach from a reliability testing and qualification standpoint.

Packaging technologies and materials that are not hermetic, and that offer reliability without hermeticity, are available to the industry. These approaches include flip-chip laminate designs or cavity packages made of materials that provide physical protection for sealed devices, but which are not positively absolute barriers to moisture. The conference proposes to bring together providers of non-hermetic concepts, products, and materials, with package designers, manufacturing and assembly production engineers, quality and reliability managers, and program managers to explore and explain enhanced moisture resistance packaging and provide technical guidance to those capabilities for potential users of such packages especially, for high reliability environments with extended service life expectations

Learn more and attend the IMAPS Non-Hermetic Packaging Technology for Reliable Microelectronics  ATW scheduled for Jan 18th in Florida.
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Nusil Technology Adds New Low-Viscosity Silicone Polymer

This silicone rubber boasts a variable cure schedule and high dielectric strength.

NuSil Technology LLC (, has unveiled R-2188, a solvent-free, two-part, translucent silicone system. R-2188 can be used as a compliant, high-strength adhesive and encapsulant in power electronics applications specifically requiring a highly insulative material.

R-2188 is a non-corrosive material with a low modulus that overcomes stress between materials with different Coefficients of Thermal Expansion (CTE). Due to its high dielectric strength, it can withstand medium and high voltage; thermal and mechanical stress; and long, elevated operating temperatures.

“R-2188 has helped solve many of the packaging issues engineers are facing with the growing use of power electronics and the many designs currently on the market.  NuSil understands the need for long-term reliability and ease of processing to keep production costs low in the emerging energy markets, and we are proud to be a participant,” said Brian Nash, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

R-2188 has a variable cure schedule, low shrinkage, and is easily repairable. It is effective in potting, encapsulating and coating modules, relays, power supplies, delay lines or complete electronic units, as well as a dip-coating for encapsulating components and printed circuit boards. A low-viscosity elastomer with a long work time, R-2188 is also suitable for automatic dispensing.

For more information on NuSil’s silicones for electronics applications, visit

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Crane Aerospace & Electronics Power Solutions TRUs Fly on Gulfstream G650

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Power Solutions was selected by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. to supply its Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU) on the Gulfstream G650. The five 250A TRUs on each G650 provide DC bus power throughout the aircraft.

Ed Fuhr, Vice President, Power Solutions for Crane Aerospace & Electronics said, “We have a long-standing relationship with Gulfstream and are pleased to be working with them on the G650. We are excited to provide our high reliability, low weight and high power quality TRUs.”

Crane Electronics, Inc., Power Solutions offers ELDECTM, InterpointTM and KeltecTM power conversion, power distribution and battery systems for commercial aerospace, defense and space for use in avionics, ATA Chapter 24 Power Systems, communications, electronic countermeasures, missiles, radar, navigation, guidance and utility systems.

For more information, please visit Crane Aerospace and Electronics at Aerospace & Electronics at or

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Toshiba and Amkor Sign Memorandum of Understanding for the Acquisition of Toshiba’s Malaysian Semiconductor Assembly and Test Operations

Toshiba Corporation and Amkor Technology, Inc. have announced that they have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding for the acquisition by Amkor of Toshiba Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“TEM”), Toshiba’s semiconductor assembly operation in Malaysia, together with a license to Amkor for certain related intellectual property rights. Subject to the satisfactory conclusion of due diligence, negotiation and signing of definitive agreements and receipt of any necessary government approvals, Toshiba and Amkor expect to complete the transaction by early January 2012.

Established in 1973, TEM has steadily expanded the scale of its assembly operations, primarily of discrete and analog semiconductors. In recent years, its main product has been power semiconductors.

Toshiba positions power semiconductors as a driver of growth for its semiconductor business and seeks to maximize cost competitiveness across its front- and back-end operations. Transferring ownership of TEM to the Amkor group will allow TEM to take full advantage of Amkor’s large scale production and material procurement capabilities and boost the overall efficiency of its power semiconductor operations.

Toshiba will continue to subcontract power semiconductor assembly and test to TEM as an important source of key products. As it does so, Toshiba will shift its focus and resources to front-end wafer fabrication for power semiconductors by reinforcing production capabilities at Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation, Toshiba Group’s discrete semiconductor production base in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture.

Amkor expects the transaction to further strengthen its relationship with Toshiba and to grow its semiconductor assembly and testing business. In particular, Amkor believes that TEM will provide an excellent platform for increasing its presence in the power discrete market, where Amkor estimates there is unmet customer demand for outsourced assembly and test services.

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New Hires at Indium Corporation

Regional Sales Manager/Key Account Specialist

Indium Corporation announces that Mike Steenbeke has joined the company as Regional Sales Manager and Key Account Specialist for Northern California, where he is based in the Bay area.
Mike is responsible for market development and sales of Indium Corporation products to major technology corporations.
Mike has over 29 years of experience in high-tech sales, including serving as a sales director for an electronics manufacturing company. He also has extensive background in distribution, as well as in the rep industry. Mike has an associate’s degree from DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA.

Technical Sales Support Engineer

Indium Corporation announces that Joe Bahou has joined the company as a Technical Sales Support Engineer. He is based in Huntington Beach, CA.
Joe is responsible for providing product and process support to customers, sales channel partners, sales team members, and co-suppliers for all of Indium Corporation’s solder and solar products. He assists in customer site evaluations, responds to customer inquiries, and provides technical advice.
Joe has extensive engineering experience that includes process engineering and engineering management. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts (Boston).
For more information about Indium Corporation, visit or email

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EV Group and Yole Developpement Announce a New Live Webcast!

3D is a Reality in High Volume Manufacturing !

Date : October 27th
Time : 10:00 AM CET

Register today! 

This webcast will highlight the ongoing manufacturing of 3D in high volume manufacturing.

Topics covered:

  • Industry trends of TSV and 3D manufacturing
  • Overview of various solutions
  • Benefits of TSV in the manufacturing process
  • Review of current manufacturing solutions
  • Customer testimonial

This is a live event, please join our discussion!
Speakers & Moderator:

  • Dr Thorsten Matthias, EV Group
  • Franz Schrank, Austriamicrosystems
  • Jean-Marc Yannou, Yole Developpement
  • Jeff Perkins, Yole Inc
We look forward to your questions!
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