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:: Visit Heraeus at Booth #310 For A Chance To Win a Silver Bar! (full story)

:: Endicott Interconnect Advanced Electronic Packaging Solutions at IMAPS 2011 (full story)

:: For the Latest in High Performance Underfill Visit NAMICS at Booth #300 (full story)

:: Pac Tech on Display at IMAPS 2011 – Long Beach (full story)

:: 3D Glass Solutions to Exhibit at IMAPS 2011 (full story)

:: Visit ANCeram at IMAPS 2011 Booth # 119 (full story)

:: Reldan Metals at IMAPS 2011 (full story)

:: NUSIL Technology To Display New Silicone Coating with Low Coefficient of Friction in Long Beach (full story)

:: Palomar Technologies - We're Proud to be Exhibiting at IMAPS 2011, And We Want to See You There! (full story)

:: Visit Xradia at IMAPS 2011 Booth # 110 (full story)

:: Welcome to IMAPS 2011! Come Visit NorCom Systems at Booth # 217 (full story)

:: Visit Interplex IEP at the IMAPS Symposium Oct. 11-13, 2011 in Long Beach, CA (full story)

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Heraeus Thick Film Division

LORD Corporation

Ceradyne VIOX

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Palomar Technologies

TJ Green Associates, LLC

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Visit Heraeus at Booth #310 For A Chance To Win a Silver Bar!

At the end of every exhibition day, Heraeus will raffle a 1Troy Ounce Ag bar. Please stop by the Heraeus booth, Booth #310, for more details.

In response to the ever-changing marketplace, Heraeus is continuing to invest in our microelectronics business. A $10-million-plus expansion of our headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pa., has doubled our production capacity. Two new product lines have been successfully launched: IAMS, an Insulated Aluminum Materials System developed for aluminum substrates, offers selective deposition and low design-change costs compared to metal-core PCBs; and a Thick Printing Cu Conductive Paste System developed for power electronic applications that require excellent print quality, thermal conductivity and soldering properties. To learn more about Heraeus products and technology, and how we can work with your business, please visit us at Booth #310.  

Heraeus Events at IMAPS International Conference:

Technology of Screen Printing will be co-taught by David Malanga, Business Unit Manager for Heraeus' Thick Film Materials Division, and Art Dobie, Senior Territory Manager for Sefar, Inc. The course will feature some of the latest advancements in composition, screens and printing technology that will enable screenprinting to meet future circuit density requirements as well as the definition required for microwave circuitry. By increasing their understanding of the screen printing process, attendees will learn how to improve production yield and print quality. The course will be given on Monday, October 10, 2011.

"How Silver Powder Metallurgy Affects the Physical Properties of Low Temperature Firing Silver Conductors" will be presented by Samson Shahbazi, Senior Research Scientist at Heraeus, and Mark Challingsworth, Technology Manager for Heraeus. The paper features the implications of the lead-free movement that is taking place on a global scale among hybrid microelectronic manufacturers. These manufacturers must now be aware of the interaction between lead-free solder alloys and RoHS-compliant thick film materials. Shahbazi and Challingsworth will discuss the results of newly developed Pb- and Cd-free silver thick film paste. The paper will be presented on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.
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Endicott Interconnect Advanced Electronic Packaging Solutions at IMAPS 2011

Endicott Interconnect is a world-class supplier of advanced electronic packaging solutions including printed circuit board fabrication, semiconductor packaging and assembly services. We have been in the electronic packaging business for 45 years, bringing a unique mix of leading edge technology and technical know-how to design and produce innovative, world-class products. Currently, EI is at the heart of IT Server and Supercomputer, Defense and Aerospace Industrial, Medical and Advanced Test Equipment. Contact EI today and let us fulfill your most challenging, electronic needs.

Attend EI's presentations at IMAPS 2011 and come visit us at exhibitor booth #125. We are pleased to congratulate Endicott Interconnects’ Chief Technical Officer and Senior Vice-President, Voya Markovich as the new IMAPS President-Elect.  

EI Technical Presentations:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 | Morning Sessions: 8:00 AM - 11:40 AM

3D Packaging Track
Z-Axis Interconnections for Next Generation Packaging
Rabindra Das, Frank D. Egitto, John M. Lauffer, Tim Antesberger, Voya R. Markovich, Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc
Presented by Rabindra Das

Thursday, October 13, 2011 | Morning Sessions: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Advanced Technologies Track
Printable Materials and Devices for Next Generation Packaging
Rabindra N. Das, How T. Lin, Jianzhuang Huang, John M. Lauffer, Mark D. Poliks, Voya R. Markovich, Endicott Interconnect Technologies
Presented by Rabindra Das

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For the Latest in High Performance Underfill Visit NAMICS at Booth #300

NAMICS CORPORATION is a leading source for underfills, encapsulants, adhesives, and insulating and conductive materials used by producers of semiconductor devices, passive components and solar cells.  NAMICS subsidiary, DIEMAT, Inc. located in Byfield, MA, specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative thermally conductive adhesives and sealing glasses.  Headquartered in Niigata, Japan with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, Singapore, Korea and China, NAMICS serves its worldwide customers with enabling products for leading edge applications.

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Pac Tech on Display at IMAPS 2011 – Long Beach

Pac Tech Asia Increases Capacity for Power MOSFET Backside Metallization

The Asian subcontractor for Bumping and Wafer Level Packaging facility has qualified a volume process for Power MOSFET devices.
It offers a unique turnkey solution for both frontside and backside metallization on the wafers.
The wafer frontside metallization is based on Pac Tech's proven Electroless NiAu and NiPdAu process, providing low cost maskless capacity of 600,000 wafers per year.
Concurrently, Pac Tech has qualified a highly reliable and well-controlled mid=98> Backside Metallization process with TiNiAg evaporation.
For further information, please visit or contact:

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3D Glass Solutions to Exhibit at IMAPS 2011

Photo-structurable APEX™ Glass for Through Glass Via (TGV) Applications

3D Glass Solutions (3DGS), a division of Life BioScience, Inc., will be exhibiting our latest products and technology at the 44th International Symposium on Microelectronics; October 11 thru 13 at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California at Booth #132.

Utilizing their proprietary photo-structurable APEX™ Glass, 3DGS is able to provide solutions for a variety of TGV applications in a high volume batch process featuring critical dimensions down to 5 microns. High density TGVs with minimal pitch can now be fabricated that feature both anisotropic etch profiles and via aspect ratios greater than 10:1 in glass; enabling more than 78,000,000 vias on a single 200mm wafer. 3DGS offers full engineering, development, prototyping and the high volume production of parts as well as APEX™ glass substrates to customers.

Mr. Jeb Flemming, Chief Engineering Officer for 3DGS, will be presenting a paper on the Cost Effective Micro-fabrication of 3D Glass for TGVs at 3:00pm on Tuesday, October 11, at IMAPS 2011.

Applications for the APEX™ Glass include TGVs for glass interposers, blind vias, RF Devices, MEMS/MOEMS/LED packaging, Optical Waveguides, CMOS Image Sensors and many others.

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Visit ANCeram at IMAPS 2011 Booth # 119

Silicon Nitride Substrates with AMB Copper Conductor

ANCeram ( has recently developed a tape cast, gas pressure sintered Silicon Nitride ceramic exhibiting a thermal conductivity three times higher than that of typical  Silicon Nitride materials and with good flexural strength.

The increase in thermal conductivity is the result of using different types of sintering aids as well as optimizing their content in the material. The high bending strength allows for the design of thinner substrates compared to other typical  power electronics ceramic materials  such as  Aluminum Nitride. This thickness reduction leads to a decrease of the total substrate thermal resistance which improves the heat dissipation. For the AMB ( Active Metal Brazing) process a silver based active brazing solder optimized for Silicon Nitride was used. The copper surface can be coated on request with Nickel or Nickel/Gold alloys for improved solderability and wire bondability as well as for corrosion protection.

The Silicon Nitride substrate with AMB Copper Conductor lines and fully plated back side ground shows a much higher reliability than comparable substrates made out of typical ceramic materials. The heat dissipation is comparable to that of conventional AMB substrates made of high thermal conductive ceramic such as Aluminum Nitride, but the thermal cycling behavior easily surpasses the limits reached with AlN-AMB or AlN-DCB. Tests results according to MIL-STD. 883G are available.

For more information, please visit ANCeram booth # 119 or contact JB Lafon at  /  719 264 6111
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Reldan Metals at IMAPS 2011

Maximizing Value From Precious Metal Scrap®

Reldan Metals Co. Div. of Abington Reldan Metals, LLC refinery has been operating for over 30 years with a combined experience of over 50 years turning our clients' waste into recoverable, quantifiable assets. Abington Reldan Metals provides State of The Art, efficient recycling and recovery of precious metals from scrap that allows your business to gain more real dollars for your scrap materials. Our State of the Art LEED certified facility by the U.S. Green Building Council is ISO 14001 certified, zero discharge, ITARS registered and Chwmeg reviewed.

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NUSIL Technology To Display New Silicone Coating with Low Coefficient of Friction in Long Beach

A curable silicone coating promotes ease of cleaning and decreases tack  
NuSil Technology LLC (, announces the release of R-1182, a one-part, acetoxy-cured, low-coefficient-of-friction silicone coating.

R-1182 is dispersed in Tert-Butyl Acetate, a non-volatile, organic component solvent. This smooth coating is curable at room temperature and, once cured, chemically bonds to the silicone elastomer substrate, mimicking its mechanical properties. The result is a smooth and durable, yet flexible, non-blocking coating that resists abrasion, static friction and friction from moving, sliding and rubbing parts. 

R-1182 decreases the coefficient of friction of a cured silicone surface by an average of 85 percent as compared to a non-coated silicone surface, and has an average contact angle of 106 degrees.

“In a cured state, silicone has a naturally tacky surface that tends to pick up dust, dirt and grime,” said Brian Burkitt, Product Director – Engineering Materials. “For ease of cleaning, R-1182 can be applied to prevent the accumulation of Foreign Object Debris (FOD).”

R-1182 can be used for applications in which silicones come in contact with each other or other surfaces, such as precision molded parts, molded rubber stoppers, O-rings, gaskets, accordions or cables/cable coatings.

For more information on NuSil’s silicones for engineering applications, call 805-684-8780 or visit

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Palomar Technologies - We're Proud to be Exhibiting at IMAPS 2011, And We Want to See You There!

Wrestling with a microelectronic packaging challenge? Striving to reach higher reliability while maintaining high-yield applications? Looking for the most innovative, fully automatic wire bond and die attach systems? Visit Palomar Technologies in booth #231 at IMAPS 2011, October 11-13 in Long Beach, CA.

Palomar is presenting two technical papers on the ever topical HB LEDs. Two talks, one stop!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011; 8:00am - 11:10am

We'll be sure to let you know when these papers are available for download! In the meantime, we invite you to watch the on-demand webcast "Automated Precision Assembly for HB LEDs " –

We hope to see you at IMAPS 2011! And be sure to keep up with the show happenings by following @PalomarTech on Twitter!

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Visit Xradia at IMAPS 2011 Booth # 110

Xradia, Inc. designs and manufactures 3D X-ray microscopes for industrial and research applications. The company enables science that matters with non-destructive high resolution/high contrast 3D imaging at large working distances and quantitative analysis for materials science, life sciences, geosciences, and semiconductor advanced packaging development and failure analysis. Please visit

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Welcome to IMAPS 2011! Come Visit NorCom Systems at Booth # 217

NorCom's 2020 Optical Leak Test System, is an advanced hermetic seal inspection system that complies with Mil-Standard 883 (revision H), and allows for a much more accurate and efficient way to test packages for both gross & fine leaks.  Here are just some of the many key advantages of this unique hermetic leak check system:

  • Test for both gross and fine leaks simultaneously in as little as 4 minutes  
  • Eliminates bubble leak testing for gross leaks
  • No helium bombing required
  • Easily operated by unskilled operators
  • Accommodates welding trays from typical seam welders
  • Immediate feedback for welding related issues

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Visit Interplex IEP at the IMAPS Symposium Oct. 11-13, 2011 in Long Beach, CA

Interplex Engineered Products (IEP) will be exhibiting our latest products and technology at the 44th International Symposium on Microelectronics; October 11th thru 13th at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California.  You can visit us at booth #1201.

Interplex Engineered Products is a turnkey vertically integrated world-class supplier of application-specific open cavity thermoplastic semiconductor and Electronic Packages across all major markets. IEP designs, develops and manufactures electronic packages, for Photovoltaic , LED , RF power, MEMS, RF ID tag and other similar semiconductor packaging applications.

Please visit the Interplex IEP experts at IMAPS to discuss your specific requirements and to see how our complete solutions approach can support your needs from initial concept through design and into full high-volume production.

IMAPS brings together the global community of microelectronics and packaging professionals each year at the IMAPS annual symposium on Microelectronics and Packaging to share new knowledge and network with industry colleagues. The entire supply chain is represented from OEM's to systems to designers to materials. 

Click here for more information on attending IMAPS

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