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:: Heraeus Announces Three New Polymer-Based Heater Pastes (full story)

:: Hesse & Knipps, Inc. Appoints New Technical Training Manager (full story)

:: Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC. was honored as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in San Diego (full story)

:: Nordson Asymtek: NexJet™ System with Genius™ Jet Cartridge (full story)

:: Tektronix Component Solutions’ Test Lab Achieves AS9100 Rev C Certification (full story)


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Heraeus Announces Three New Polymer-Based Heater Pastes

  1. The Thick Film Division of Heraeus Precious Metals introduces three new polymer-based heater pastes.
  2. The pastes cure at temperatures lower than 300 °C.

The Thick Film Division of Heraeus Precious Metals, has also announced the introduction of three new polymer-based heater pastes that cure at temperatures lower than 300°C and adhere well to a variety of substrates. The system consists of a dielectric paste, resistor paste, and epoxy-based silver conductor pastes.

The LTD5301 dielectric paste can be applied in three layers using a 230 mesh screen. The layers can be co-cured: Print Layer 1 cures at 150°C for 10-minutes, Print Layer 2 cures at 150°C for 10-minutes and Print Layer 3 cures at 250°C for 30-minutes. Target thickness is 40µm. This polymer insulator yields a chemically inert film that will not react with circuit components.

The TR43.08 resistor paste is recommended for screen printing on 280-325 mesh screen. This low-ohm polymer resistor (70-90 ohms/sq.) cures at 200°C-to-250°C peak temperature for 60-minutes and dries in 10-minutes at 150°C. Target cured thickness is 23-27 µm. Other resistor values can be developed depending on specific requirements.

The LTC3001 epoxy-based silver conductor paste is screen-printable using a 230-325 mesh screen. It offers multiple curing times: 150°C for 30-minutes, 200°C for 15-minutes and 350°C for 10 minutes. Cure thickness is 15-20 µm. The paste cures to a film that has low resistivity and excellent solvent resistance. Multiple layers will give a greater overall thickness and increase the leach resistance.

“The polymer heater paste system was developed to provide a low-temperature processing alternative for designing and manufacturing heater circuits,” said Mel Mehta, Sales and Marketing Manager at Heraeus. “The system’s low temperature processing allows a variety of substrates to be used.”

These products will be highlighted at Heraeus’ booth (#204) during the IMAPS 2012 conference taking place September 9-13 in San Diego, Calif.


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Hesse & Knipps, Inc. Appoints New Technical Training Manager

Hesse & Knipps, Inc., ( the Americas subsidiary of Hesse & Knipps Semiconductor Equipment GmbH, has appointed Allan Camp as Technical Training Manager.

Allan will provide technical training on Hesse & Knipps’ family of semiconductor packaging equipment including high speed fine pitch wedge bonders and heavy wire bonders. Training will be offered at Hesse & Knipps’ demonstration and applications facilities in Clinton, Mass. and Anaheim, Calif. in addition to on-site at customer facilities. Allan will also conduct demonstrations of Hesse & Knipps wedge bonding equipment and related software, enabling customers to validate and qualify wedge bonders prior to making an investment in new technology.

Allan possesses more than two decades of experience in the semiconductor industry, having most recently worked at Eastman Kodak Company as a microelectronics packaging technician and, previously, at Xerox Corporation as a wafer fab technician. In addition to earning a degree in Electronics Technology, Allan holds a certificate of business degree – management process from Rochester Institute of Technology.

“Allan’s knowledge in wafer fab operations, microelectronics packaging and semiconductor processing equipment will serve our customers well as he provides training that addresses their specific wire bonding equipment and manufacturing requirements,” notes Joseph Bubel, president of Hesse & Knipps.

For more information on Hesse & Knipps and its family of wedge bonders, please visit the company’s website at; to view videos of wedge bonding equipment in action, please visit For more information on Hesse & Knipps’ training programs, e-mail

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Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC. was honored as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in San Diego

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC. (THT) was honored as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in San Diego by San Diego Business Journal. THT was recognized at an award ceremony on Thursday July 12, 2012. THT’s president Ken Kuang accepted the award and had a picture taken with The Honorable Jerry Sanders, Mayor, San Diego. “We are pleased to present the 2012 ranking of the 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in San Diego County. Private companies growing quickly are the key to improve our economic malaise, so we are particularly pleased to honor this year’s winners”, stated Mr. Randy Frisch, President and Publisher

For more information about THT and its products, please visit

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Nordson Asymtek: NexJet™ System with Genius™ Jet Cartridge

Easy to Use
In addition to incorporating many of the advanced features and innovations of Nordson ASYMTEK’s previous jets, the NexJet System* offers a unique, long-lasting, one-piece Genius Jet Cartridge* that makes the NexJet System sophisticated, yet simple to own and use. Every NexJet System ships with two Genius Jet Cartridges for maximum system availability. Each NexJet System also includes a specially designed offline Genius Jet Cartridge Cleaner to flush the cartridge clean while another jet cartridge is used for production.

The Genius Jet Cartridge has built-in memory to store its usage. An optional RFID transceiver in the dispense system communicates with the jet cartridge, reading the cartridge type and number of cycles, which is compared to the recipe to ensure a correct cartridge is installed. It also alerts the operator when the cartridge needs replacement - each cartridge lasts up to 50 million cycles, depending on the type of fluid used. This intelligence enables quality dispensing and consistently high yields.

Flexible and Capable
The NexJet System’s advanced design also includes new precision software control of the jetting process enabling successful results with both low and high viscosity fluids. This added control expands the process window, ensures stable and repeatable results for high yield production, and broadens the range of jettable fluids and applications.

Available as an upgrade for the Nordson ASYMTEK Spectrum™, Axiom® and DispenseMate® Series platforms.

* Patents Pending

For additional details, specifications, brochures,
photos and videos visit:
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Tektronix Component Solutions’ Test Lab Achieves AS9100 Rev C Certification

Tektronix Component Solutions has announced that its Orlando, FL. component test facility has been certified to the standards of AS9100 Rev C for commercial aviation, space and defense industries.

AS9100 is a quality management system created specifically to address the demanding quality and reliability requirements of the aerospace industry. AS9100 Rev C goes above and beyond most other quality system requirements to provide confidence to aerospace, defense and space companies, and the U.S. government, that a supplier can meet their high-reliability and high-quality requirements. AS9100C is based on the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards, with additional requirements that pertain to the aviation, space and defense industries.

“Our customers have extremely high expectations for quality and on-time delivery,” said Jonathan Russell, Component Test Manager, Tektronix Component Solutions. “By achieving the highest level of AS9100 certification, we are demonstrating our commitment to quality, reliability and meeting our customers’ most demanding requirements.”

One of the most important areas of AS9100 Rev C, and any level of AS9100 certification, is customer satisfaction. In assessing a supplier, an AS9100 audit team looks at key customer-focused metrics like on-time delivery and quality. Performance on those metrics is then made public so customers can assess a supplier’s proficiency over time. In addition, any non-compliance uncovered by third-party auditors is also made public, providing a high level of transparency about an organization’s performance against the quality standards.

The AS9100 Rev C standard was developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), an industry organization focused on achieving significant performance improvements in quality, delivery and cost throughout the aviation, space and defense industry value stream. That goal is achieved through the establishment of prevention-oriented practices, standardized requirements, introducing a culture of quality in the value stream and establishing and maintaining cooperation between international companies in the industry.  Agencies and organizations endorsing AS9100 include the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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