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:: Masterbond’s Low Exotherm Potting Compound (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Technology Expert to Present at IMAPS-UK RaMP RF and Microwave Packaging Workshop (full story)

:: Kulicke & Soffa Launches ConnX PlusPSTM Wire Bonder Setting New Standards in Low Pin Count and Discrete Packaging (full story)

:: Palomar’s Flexible Solutions to Support LED Development in China (full story)

:: Microelectronic Packaging Training from TJ Green Associates (full story)

:: STATS ChipPAC Introduces Scalable 3D eWLB PoP Solution that Delivers Performance, Height and Cost Advantages Over Substrate-Based Package-on-Package Technology (full story)


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Palomar Technologies

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Masterbond’s Low Exotherm Potting Compound

Specially Designed for Heat Sensitive Components

Master Bond EP30M3LV is a specially engineered, low exothermic epoxy system formulated to help avoid excess heat buildup and damage to thermally sensitive components during potting operations.  It also contains a special additive to remove air bubbles.  This compound cures at room temperatures or more rapidly at elevated temperatures.  It can be cured in various cross section thicknesses. 

EP30M3LV has superb electrical insulation properties.  It has a volume resistivity of 2x1015 ohm cm at 25°C.  It has a convenient 2 to 1 mix ratio by weight and an advantageously low mixed viscosity of 2,000-3,000 cps.  Adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates is excellent.  Cured castings can resist exposure to various chemicals and thermal cycling.  It has a service operating temperature range of -60°F to +250°F.  EP30M3LV also has superior dimensional stability.  It has a flexural strength of 14,000 psi and a tensile strength of >8,000 psi. 

Master Bond EP30M3LV is environmentally friendly, 100% reactive, and contains no solvents or diluents.  It is available for use in half-pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon pail kits.

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Indium Corporation Technology Expert to Present at IMAPS-UK RaMP RF and Microwave Packaging Workshop

Indium Corporation’s Technical Manager for Europe, Karthik Vijay, will present his technical findings at IMAPS-UK RaMP RF and Microwave Packaging workshop on March 21 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Karthik will present Engineered Solders in RF & Microwave Packages. This paper discusses how engineering unique attributes into solder preforms exponentially increases the reliability and manufacturing windows of RF and microwave packages. Examples include: Au/Sn solder frames with no trapped oxide or contaminants to achieve a reliable hermetic seal; flux-coated InAg preforms (which melt at 143°C) to achieve very low-voiding; and solder-based thermal interface materials that do not require reflow, for superior thermal management.

Karthik joined Indium Corporation in 2003. He earned his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Electronics Packaging & Manufacturing from the State University of New York at Binghamton. He is an SMTA-certified engineer and earned his Six Sigma Green Belt certification from Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering.

For more information about IMAPS-UK RaMP RF and Microwave Packaging workshop, visit

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Kulicke & Soffa Launches ConnX PlusPSTM Wire Bonder Setting New Standards in Low Pin Count and Discrete Packaging

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. has announced the formal launch of its ConnX Plus High Speed Wire Bonder.  ConnX Plus is a second generation ball bonder under the successful Power SeriesTM. When compared to the previous generation, the ConnX Plus further increases net productivity in low pin count, discrete and cost performance markets.

Nelson Wong, Kulicke & Soffa’s Vice President and Business Unit Executive, said, “By pairing the increased UPH of the ConnX Plus with additional new features, we are offering customers an impressive second generation of a successful Power Series ball bonder that showcases our technological leadership and further broadens our product offering.  We continue to bolster our leadership position and stay ahead of the curve as we invest in and develop our R&D roadmap.  Importantly, our customers will continue to benefit from Kulicke & Soffa’s knowledge base, service history and innovative offerings that are not easily replicated or replaced.”

In addition to features of the prior generation ConnXPSTM wire bonder, the ConnX Plus includes exciting new enhancements to help further increase efficiency and net productivity:

  • Interactive Programmable Look Ahead Vision to ease first time set-up
  • Power Series Xpress Loop to help increase the productivity of short wire applications
  • Allows the integration of the optional Dual Mag Optics Kit to support stacked die applications in discrete and low pin count devices 
  • Field upgradable to the ConnX Plus LAPSTM in order to support an 87mm bondable area
  • 10% higher UPH (Units Per Hour) over the first generation ConnX ball bonder.
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Palomar’s Flexible Solutions to Support LED Development in China

Palomar Technologies, Hybond and AST will exhibit together in booth #3153 in Hall E3 at SEMICON China, held in Shanghai on March 20-22. A Palomar 3800 Die Bonder and manual Hybond equipment will be on-site for demonstrations.

Mr. PH Chan, Palomar Technologies Asia Director, recently wrote a blog summarizing the LED markets in Asia, specifically recounting how LEDs relate to China’s 12th five-year plan.

“By 2015, China intends its manufacturing standards to be globally viable for the volume production market. By that time, China’s LED industry is estimated to reach $75 billion,” stated Mr. Chan. “The 3800 Die Bonder is capable of ultra-high precision and high-reliability eutectic and epoxy die attach processes. This robust system is in production with several major players in the Asia-based LED market today. The 3800 Die Bonder embodies great versatility to accommodate multiple processes on a single 710in2 work envelope as well as tremendous flexibility to remain vigilant for the future of component packaging.”

Mr. Chan will be attending SEMICON China and is available during the conference for any on-site meetings.

In addition to the ultra-flexible 3800 Die Bonder, Palomar Technologies offers several complementing bonder systems: the 6500 Die Bonder is an ultra-high placement accuracy pick-and-place machine, which also has a wafer level packaging (WLP) configuration; and the 8000 Wire Bonder is a large area, high-reliability wire bonder and ball bumper with deep access capabilities. Augmenting the bonder systems are Palomar Technologies Customer Services (Field Service support, Process Development Consulting and bonder training courses) and Palomar Technologies Assembly ServicesTM, which offer customers the unique ability to prototype and develop critical processes and materials with an OEM.
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Microelectronic Packaging Training from TJ Green Associates

TJ Green Public Training Course Schedule

Process Certification and Defect Recognition: Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF/MMIC Modules 
Pasadena CA     April 10-13, 2012    
Bethlehem PA    September 25-28, 2012
This course is a must for process engineers, manufacturing engineers, designers and senior technicians and ideal for inspectors and line operators looking to broaden their knowledge base and understanding of visual inspection criteria and materials and processes used to assemble Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF MMIC Modules for high reliability Military and aerospace  applications. Trained instructors with years of industry experience deliver the material in a straight forward and easy to understand format. 
Course Outline

Microwave Packaging Technology
Boston MA       May 9-11, 2012
San Diego CA    Sept 5-7, 2012
This course is intended as an introductory to intermediate level course for process engineers, designers, quality engineers, and managers responsible for design and manufacture of microwave hybrids.This three day course examines all aspects of microwave packaging from a practical perspective. The instructor shares valuable lessons learned from years of experience. Design issues, material trade offs and process selection are all covered in detail.
Course Outline

Wire Bonding Certification 
Bethlehem PA    June 25-27, 2012
This three-day course is a combination of classroom and "hands-on" exercises conducted at the wire bonder designed to teach the basics of manual gold ball and wedge wirebonding. The goal is to teach the process of wirebonding, which includes the wire, tool, machine settings and operation, work stage adjustments and operator skills. Especially important is how to troubleshoot a wire bond problem and get the process back on track. Students develop a functional understanding of the wire bond process along with important quality and reliability considerations for hi rel military and medical products.   
Course Outline

Visual Inspection Certification
Bethlehem PA    June 28-29, 2012
Hybrid Pre Cap Visual  June 28 (Full Day)
Incoming Visual Inspection  June 29 (Half Day)
The students are exposed to a variety of defects seen at both incoming and Pre Cap Visual Inspection. Checklists are used to simply the criteria and focus on the major problem areas. Students learn what to look for and how to interpret and apply MIL-STD-883 and 750 inspection criteria. Microscopes in the classroom allow for “hands-on” demonstrations.  The course is intended for quality assurance engineers, inspectors, lead operators and others responsible for inspection of the hardware prior to the final package sealing process.
Pre Cap Visual    Course Outline
Incoming Visual Inspection   Course Outline

To register for any of the above call 610-625-2158 or email


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STATS ChipPAC Introduces Scalable 3D eWLB PoP Solution that Delivers Performance, Height and Cost Advantages Over Substrate-Based Package-on-Package Technology

STATS ChipPAC has announced its next-generation three dimensional (3D) embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array (eWLB) Package-on-Package (PoP) solutions. This innovative new 3D technology provides an ultra thin package profile height below 1.0mm, a 30% height reduction over the industry standard 1.4mm total stacked package height.

STATS ChipPAC’s eWLB PoP technology offers customers significant performance, cost and height advantages over traditional substrate-based PoP technology. By utilizing eWLB’s fan-out wafer level packaging approach, STATS ChipPAC has been able to reduce the bottom PoP package height to less than 0.5mm. eWLB PoP is available in either a single or double-sided configuration and provides a flexible integration platform for stacking a wide range of memory packages on top with a final stacked package height below 1.0mm.

With high-performance and power-efficient capabilities in an inherently small, ultra-thin package profile, eWLB has been a technology enabler for advanced mobile applications such as smartphones, media tablets and cloud computing. STATS ChipPAC has shipped over 200 million eWLB units at a rapidly increasing run rate and is in volume production with a large number of eWLB package architectures including small die, large die, multi-die and multi-layer designs. 

For more information, please visit

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