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:: Indium Corporation Experts to Share Technical Expertise at IMAPS Automotive Advanced Technicalogy Workshop (full story)

:: Heraeus Launches RelCu (full story)

:: Amkor Technology Receives Analog Devices’ Supplier Excellence Award (full story)

:: Master Bond’s Low Exotherm Potting Compound Specially Designed for Heat Sensitive Components (full story)

:: NuSil Technology Announces Expansion (full story)

:: DuPont-Toray Co. Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Ube Industries (full story)

:: Specialty Coating Systems Announces Open House to Celebrate Opening of Newest Facility in Austin on May 10 (full story)

:: LORD Corporation's Wang to Speak at IMAPS Automotive Workshop on May 22 (full story)


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Indium Corporation Experts to Share Technical Expertise at IMAPS Automotive Advanced Technicalogy Workshop

Indium Corporation experts will present their technical findings at the IMAPS 3rd Advanced Technology Workshop and Tabletop Exhibition on Automotive Microelectronics and Packaging May 22-23, in Dearborn, MI.

Global Product Manager: Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials Andy C. Mackie, PhD, MSc, will chair the paper session on die attach.

Senior Technical Support Engineer Mario Scalzo will present IGBT’s from the Top Down; Electrical & Thermal Connectivity from Die Attach to Heat Sink, which discusses the way solders perform in the stack up, from die attach to heat sink, focusing on thermal transfer value and reliability data.

Andy has more than 20 years of experience in new product and process development and materials marketing in all areas of electronics manufacturing, including: wafer fabrication, electronics assembly, and semiconductor packaging. He is an electronics industry expert in physical chemistry, surface chemistry, rheology, solder materials properties and processes (including solder paste printing), and reflow.

Andy has written papers and lectured internationally on subjects ranging from sub-ppb metals analysis in supercritical carbon dioxide to pin-probe testing of flux residues. Additionally, he holds patents in novel polymers, gas analysis, and solder paste formulation and is trained in Six Sigma - Design of Experiments.

Andy earned a doctorate in physical chemistry from the University of Nottingham, UK, and a masters of science in surface and colloid chemistry from the University of Bristol, UK. He also authors the Semiconductor and Power Semiconductor Assembly Blog.

Mario joined Indium Corporation in 2000. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Saint Anselm College and a certificate from the American Chemical Society for Professional Education. He is an SMTA-Certified Process Engineer and has a Six Sigma Black Belt from Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering. He is also the author of the Electronics Assembly Materials blog,

For more information about the show, visit

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Heraeus Launches RelCu

Corrosion resistance Copper Bonding Wire is a superior alternative to the current Pd coated Cu technology

Heraeus Materials Technology announced the launch of RelCu - a new proprietary alloyed Copper wire developed and specially designed for the market demanding improved reliability performance. (“Rel” stands for high reliability)

“RelCu provides customers a superior alternative to the current palladium coated copper technology as it eliminates the inconsistent distribution of palladium in the free-air-ball during the ball-bonding process”, notes Roman Perez, Product Manager for Copper products at Heraeus.

“We are excited to release this new wire that has improved corrosion resistance to the market as it enables the customer to successfully and reliably bond devices with a more consistent reliability performance” states Jack Belani, Vice President of Marketing at Heraeus’ Bonding wire group. He further states “This wire also allows the customer to achieve additional cost savings relative to the current palladium coated copper wire technology platform”

RelCu is now available in production quantities.
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Amkor Technology Receives Analog Devices’ Supplier Excellence Award

Amkor Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMKR), a leading provider of semiconductor packaging and test services, today announced that it has received a Supplier Excellence Award from Analog Devices, Inc. in the “Contracted Production” category.“

We are honored to be recognized by Analog Devices with their Supplier Excellence Award,” said Mike Lamble, Amkor’s executive vice president, sales and product management. “Helping our customers be successful in their markets is very important to us. We believe this prestigious award reflects our accomplishments and commitment to the world-class packaging and test services, competitive price points, and continuous improvement in performance and availability that Analog Devices requires.”

“Amkor and Analog Devices have worked closely together for many years developing packaging and test technologies across our signal processing product portfolio,” said Vincent Simonelli, director of global purchasing for Analog Devices. “From high mix industrial to high volume consumer applications, our relationship with Amkor spans from analog and mixed-signal products in standard package outlines to customized MEMS packages for automotive sensor applications. In 2011, Amkor’s performance was exceptional, helping Analog Devices bring a number of important products to market and ramping them to volume production with the high quality and reliability our customers expect.”

The Analog Devices Supplier Excellence Awards distinguish those companies that meet the rigorous standards of the Analog Devices supplier program. The winners must demonstrate an exceptional commitment to manufacturing excellence and leadership, and the on-time delivery of goods and services. Those suppliers cited by Analog Devices must also maintain high quality and reliability standards, deliver cost reduction initiatives, and display a proven dedication to technology advancement and continuous improvement.

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Master Bond’s Low Exotherm Potting Compound Specially Designed for Heat Sensitive Components

Master Bond EP30M3LV is a specially engineered, low exothermic epoxy system formulated to help avoid excess heat buildup and damage to thermally sensitive components during potting operations.  It also contains a special additive to remove air bubbles.  This compound cures at room temperatures or more rapidly at elevated temperatures.  It can be cured in various cross section thicknesses. 

EP30M3LV has superb electrical insulation properties.  It has a volume resistivity of 2x1015 ohm cm at 25°C.  It has a convenient 2 to 1 mix ratio by weight and an advantageously low mixed viscosity of 2,000-3,000 cps.  Adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates is excellent.  Cured castings can resist exposure to various chemicals and thermal cycling.  It has a service operating temperature range of -60°F to +250°F.  EP30M3LV also has superior dimensional stability.  It has a flexural strength of 14,000 psi and a tensile strength of >8,000 psi. 

Master Bond EP30M3LV is environmentally friendly, 100% reactive, and contains no solvents or diluents.  It is available for use in half-pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon pail kits.

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NuSil Technology Announces Expansion

New facilities at the Bakersfield, CA campus provide for increased production of silicone materials.

NuSil Technology LLC has announced plans for a major facility and capacity expansion in Bakersfield, California. Construction of a third building is complete, and the site is on track to reach a total of seven buildings on the 15-acre campus.

“This facility expansion will result in increased employment opportunities across many functional areas at NuSil Technology’s Bakersfield campus,” says Bill Klansek, Vice President of Manufacturing. “MorehouseCowles, a NuSil subsidiary, will be designing and building much of the equipment necessary to support the new manufacturing processes.”

The newly completed third building significantly increases the polymer processing capacity while adding additional warehousing space. The fourth building, at approximately 35,000 square feet, is now under construction and is scheduled for completion in September 2012. This new structure will become the center for Quality Assurance, Human Resources and Engineering, and will feature an enlarged QA testing laboratory and expanded office facilities.

Two additional manufacturing buildings have been designed and are quickly entering the permit stage. “The goal of this campus expansion is to increase plant capacity by three to four times over the next few years,” said Jim Yabsley, Vice President of Engineering.

For more information, please visit

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DuPont-Toray Co. Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Ube Industries

Complaint Alleges Infringement of Patent Relating to Polyimide Film Chip-on-Flex Technology

DuPont-Toray Co., Ltd. has filed a lawsuit in Tokyo District Court against Ube Industries, Ltd. for allegedly infringing a DuPont-Toray Japanese patent related to formulation and properties of polyimide film used in Chip-on-Flex (COF)1 electronic circuit technology, seeking injunctive relief for the infringement. In its court filing, DuPont-Toray alleged that Ube has infringed Japanese Patent No. 4777471 concerned with DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film, by manufacturing and selling polyimide film graded as UPILEX SGAV1.

Kapton® polyimide film manufactured and sold by DuPont-Toray using the patented technology has been a widely used material for COF substrates globally. As a technology driven company, DuPont-Toray invests significant resources and money in research to develop innovative products for its customers. Its intellectual property enables the company to continue investing in innovative technologies for the circuit and packaging materials market, and to ensure that its customers receive the high performance expected from DuPont-Toray products. DuPont-Toray will continue to take appropriate actions to protect its patent estate against infringement when necessary.

DuPont-Toray Co., Ltd. is a 50-50 joint venture between Toray Industries, Inc., Tokyo, and Du Pont Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan, a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont, Wilmington, Del., and has produced and sold DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film since 1985.

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Specialty Coating Systems Announces Open House to Celebrate Opening of Newest Facility in Austin on May 10

Please join us at an Open House to celebrate the opening of SCS’ newest facility in Austin, Texas.

Thursday, May 10, 2012
12 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Ribbon cutting ceremony at 2 p.m.

Lunch will be served.

Tours will take place throughout the afternoon, and meeting rooms will be available for those wanting to discuss applications and/or current business with the SCS Sales team.

Please RSVP at

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LORD Corporation's Wang to Speak at IMAPS Automotive Workshop on May 22

LORD Corporation – a leading supplier of thermal management materials, adhesives, coatings and encapsulants to the electronics, LED and solar industries –has announced that Larry Wang, Ph.D., staff scientist, Electronic Materials Research and Development at LORD Corporation, will present a paper at the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) 3rd Advanced Technology Workshop and Tabletop Exhibition on Automotive Microelectronics and Packaging.

The paper will be presented on May 22 at Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, Mich. at 4:45 p.m. Wang’s paper is titled: “Cooling from Down Under – Thermally Conductive Underfill.”

In response to the need for protection and heat dissipation of flip chip devices in confined spaces where Thermal Interface Material (TIM) and heat sink is impractical, LORD developed a new class of thermally conductive underfills. This paper describes the key challenges in developing underfill technologies imposed by package geometrics and performance requirements, and discusses the development of a non-anhydride underfill with low viscosity, small particle size filler, high thermal conductivity and reliability. The results will be presented on the underfill material characterization, underfilling process parameter and flip chip device reliability.

Wang is responsible for the development and commercialization of new materials for the electronics market. With expertise in various areas including conductive materials, adhesives, underfills, potting and encapsulants, he also leads technical support to Marketing and Sales for the LORD electronics business. Having worked for LORD Corporation for 11 years, Wang has more than 20 years of combined industrial experience focused on adhesives, coatings and potting encapsulants for the electronics industry. Wang earned his Ph.D. in polymer science from Peking University.

For more information or to register for the 3rd Advanced Technology Workshop and Tabletop Exhibition on Automotive Microelectronics and Packaging, please visit

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