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:: New Medium Viscosity, Optically Clear Epoxy System Resists Up to 400°F (full story)

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New Medium Viscosity, Optically Clear Epoxy System Resists Up to 400°F

Master Bond Inc. has recently developed a new medium viscosity, two component epoxy adhesive/sealant, coating and casting compound called EP30HT.  It is formulated to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures.  EP30HT features superior dimensional stability, superb optical clarity and high temperature resistance up to 400°F.  It conforms to Title 21, U.S. Code of Federal Regulation, FDA Chapter 1, Section 175.105 and 175.300 for food applications.

Master Bond EP30HT has a 4 to 1 mix ratio by weight.  It is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or volatiles.  Its moderate viscosity and exceptionally low shrinkage - 0.0003 inches/in make it well suited for casting.  Adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, woods, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics is excellent.  The hardened compound has superior electrical insulation properties.

EP30HT will resist exposure to water, oil and most organic solvents.  It has a refractive index of 1.54 and a spectural transmittance (3100-9000Å) of 97%.  Its dielectric strength is 440 volts/mil and its volume resistivity is >1015 ohm cm.  Color of Part A is clear and Part B is clear.

EP30HT is available for use in half-pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon container kits.  It is also available in easy to use convenient syringe applicators.

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Amkor Technology Receives Inaugural Supplier Quality Excellence Award from General Motors

Amkor Technology, Inc. has announced that its subsidiary, Amkor Technology Philippines, was awarded the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for 2012.

“Suppliers play a vital part in the overall quality of our vehicles, and we view their hard work and dedication as part of the foundation for GM to continue to be a leader in product quality and overall customer satisfaction,” said Bob Socia, General Motors' Vice President, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain. “We have made significant progress in recent years improving product quality, and moving forward we will continue to improve supplier relations to achieve a world-class supply chain focused on quality, capacity management and total cost.”

“Amkor is honored to be recognized by General Motors with their inaugural Supplier Quality Excellence Award,” said JooHo Kim, Amkor’s executive vice president, worldwide manufacturing operations. “We are committed to providing the world-class packaging and test solutions that meet the stringent requirements set by GM, one of the world’s premier automotive companies. This award is a testament to the hard work of our employees in the Philippines and our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers.”

The Supplier Quality Excellence Award is a new recognition award that GM is implementing effective this year. The award is given to specific supplier locations, and only their top-performing suppliers are eligible to receive this award. Suppliers who receive this award have met or exceeded a stringent set of quality performance criteria along with the cross-functional support of the entire GM organization.

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Indium Corporation Technology Experts Share Expertise at IEMT

Indium Corporation’s Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee, vice president of technology, and Sehar Samiappan, area technical manager for North Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, will present at the 35th International Electronics Manufacturing Technology Conference November 6–8 at the Kinta River Front Hotel, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Sehar’s paper, The High-Melting, Lead-Free, Mixed BiAgX Solder Paste System, explains the research involved in identifying lead-free alternatives for high-melting, high lead-containing solder alloys. The presentation also discusses a novel high-melting, lead-free, BiAgX mixed solder paste system, and compares its performance to several representative high lead-containing solder alloys. Sehar will present on November 8. The paper is available for download from Indium Corporation’s technical library located at

In addition, Dr. Lee, a world-renown expert in soldering technology, will be teaching a professional development course on Achieving High Reliability Lead-Free Solder Joints on November 6.

Sehar provides field technical support to Indium Corporation’s customers. He conducts process evaluations, product trainings, designs of experiments (DOEs), and helps diagnose productivity issues in the factories. Sehar is an electrical engineer with over 18 years of experience, mainly in the area of process, failure analysis, and production. He is an SMTA-certified process engineer and has earned his Six Sigma Green Belt.

Dr. Lee has extensive experience in the development of solder pastes, fluxes, high-temperature polymers, microelectronics encapsulants, underfills, and adhesives. His current research interests include advanced materials for interconnects and packaging for electronics and optoelectronics applications, with emphasis on both high-performance and low-cost of ownership. Dr. Lee is an SMTA Member of Distinction and a member of the SMTAI planning committee.

The IEMT conference is the premier Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) event devoted to the manufacture of electronics, opto-electronics, and MEMS/sensors devices and systems. IEMT is an established international conference, organized by the Components Packaging and Manufacturing Technology (CPMT) Society of IEEE. IEMT 2012 is being organized by the IEEE CPMT Malaysia Chapter with co-sponsorship from CPMT’s Santa Clara Valley Chapter.

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Atotech’s Clean Rooms for Semiconductor Production

Expansions, Challenges and Trainings

With the development of new markets and new customer needs, Atotech moves ahead as well. This includes setting up Clean Rooms at its worldwide TechCenter locations. The new Clean Room for FPD (flat panel display) and SC (semiconductor) manufacturing equipment in Feucht, Germany, is the latest addition. The first FPD-Line will be engineered and produced there in 2013. Further Clean Rooms around the world, mainly for sample plating, will follow.

Clean Room facilities for sample plating have already been established in Jangan, South Korea, Yokohama, Japan, Berlin, Germany, and Guanyin, Taiwan. A Clean Room for chemicals production is in use in Neuruppin, Germany, since 2008. And Atotech’s R&D Center for copper interconnect technology is working closely with and at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) in Albany, New York, USA, which provides over 86,000 ft² of clean room and analytical labs with a complete line of cutting-edge 300 mm semiconductor manufacturing and R&D equipment.

What is a Clean Room?
A Clean Room is a highly purified and regulated room, mainly for the handling of equipment which is highly sensitive to any contamination. The air in a Clean Room is constantly filtered, since the smallest amount of dust could create flaws in the production. Temperature, humidity and pressure are, amongst others, also strictly regulated. Clean Rooms are rated according to the International Standards Organization (ISO). An ISO 1 Clean Room, for example, allows only 12 particles per cubic meter of 0.3 μm. Compared to this, for example, the typical urban air contains 35,000,000 particles per cubic meter of 0.5 μm or larger.

Why a Clean Room?
Atotech is constantly striving to optimize its customer service. As a result, Atotech continuously invests in three different kinds of Clean Rooms:

  • Clean Rooms for the production of chemicals
  • Clean Rooms for manufacturing semiconductor equipment
  • Clean Rooms for sample plating for customers

Each Clean Room requires a different ISO class level, depending on its purpose and the material handled in it. The Clean Room in Feucht for manufacturing equipment, for example, is an ISO class 8 Clean Room.

The investment in Clean Rooms is growing in importance. Not only because, amongst others, purity levels of the plating chemistry significantly contribute to plated copper properties, but also because metallization technologies used in MEMS (micro-electro mechanical systems) and semiconductor applications are increasingly becoming a standard in the industry.

Challenges involved
The challenges involved in setting up a Clean Room for production equipment are multi-fold. According to David Lichtenauer, Sales Manager Electronic Systems at Atotech Deutschland GmbH in Feucht, Germany: “Existing production processes need to be re-thought and adjusted, new tasks need to be handled, new approaches need to be considered, and new technical solutions need to be developed.” New suppliers of materials and consumables are also needed. They need to be able to provide goods which are compatible with the required air cleanliness class.

“Building the Clean Room comes with yet another set of challenges,” states David Lichtenauer. “For our Clean Room (CR), class ISO 8, we need a relative CR humidity of at least 30% and a CR temperature of 19 to 25°C. With a production area of 1,800 m², we quickly reach a budget of nearly four million Euro.”

The People: Trainings
In addition, customers and technicians need to be trained. Technicians need to acquire new qualifications needed for working in a Clean Room. Customers, too, need to be trained on the correct equipment maintenance procedures as contaminations are not allowed. Employees and customers alike, for example, need to know how to bring in components from the “black area” through the washing area into the clean room.

For additional information, please contact Yvonne Fütterer, Marketing Specialist Electronics, at: +49 (0)30 349 85 – 978 or

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