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:: ERG Offers New Series of Economical High-Efficiency Led Drivers for Large Industrial Displays in 19” - 27” Range (full story)

:: Master Bond High Temperature Resistant Epoxy Has Exceptional Thermal Conductivity (full story)

:: Micross Components Details Proprietary Tester to Detect Counterfeit Semiconductors at electronica 2012 (full story)

:: Atotech’s CupraEtch™ DE – The new and “green” differential etch process for SAP manufacturing (full story)

:: STATS ChipPAC’s Advanced eWLB Provides a Versatile Integration Platform for the 2.5D and 3D Technology Evolution (full story)

:: Torrey Hills Honored for Innovative Mine-Safety Technology (full story)


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ERG Offers New Series of Economical High-Efficiency Led Drivers for Large Industrial Displays in 19” - 27” Range

Endicott Research Group (ERG) has introduced its Large Display Solutions: low-cost, high-efficiency LED drivers and rails specifically designed for LCDs in the 19”-27” diagonal range.  Used in test and measurement, control, outdoor signage, gaming, medical and other applications requiring a larger display with high reliability, these LED driver modules power multiple LED strings and offer economically priced power solutions.

ERG’s Large Display Solutions series includes the SFDZ, SFDQ and SFDT driver modules. All are available as standard products with wide input voltage design, small form factors, wide range dimming, and full brightness and enable control. They are plug-and-play compatible with most OEM LCD panels and are designed, manufactured and supported in the USA, with a one-year warranty.

The SFDZ Series driver provides high efficiency power (max. current 180 mA per string) to LED backlights used in LCDs up to 24” diagonal. It measures 1.35” x 5” (34.3 x 127 mm), is less than 12 mm high, and features open/short circuit protection, over voltage protection, under voltage lockout and an adaptive string voltage, with onboard & external PWM dimming (0-5 V). It provides total output power of 40 Watts (20 W per side), powers up to 8 LED strings (4 per side) and is ideal for displays with dual light bars.

The SFDQ Series driver provides power (max. current 140 mA per string) to LED backlights used in LCDs up to 27” diagonal, with a maximum string voltage of 70 Volts (the highest in the ERG LED Driver family), with external PWM dimming to 500:1 and onboard PWM dimming to 255:1. It measures 1.5” x 5” (34.3 x 127 mm), and is less than 14 mm high. It features open/short circuit protection, over voltage protection, and an adaptive string voltage. It provides total output power of 30 Watts and powers up to 4 LED strings.

The SFDT Series driver is capable of driving up to 12 discrete LED strings (6 per side) with a typical input voltage of 12 Volts. It provides an onboard & external PWM dimming ratio of 255:1 and is compatible with several OEM LED backlit panels up to 27" diagonal.

Pricing for the ERG’s Large Display Solutions LED drivers starts at $30.00 in production quantities. For additional details on pricing, contact ERG. Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks A.R.O.

For more information, visit

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Master Bond High Temperature Resistant Epoxy Has Exceptional Thermal Conductivity

Master Bond Inc. has introduced a new high performance, room temperature curing, two component epoxy adhesive/sealant called EP34AN.  This compound features a thermal conductivity of 22-24 BTU/in/ft²/hr/°F.  Physical properties are maintained even after long exposure to temperatures in the 400-450°F range.  EP34AN has superb dimensional stability and a low coefficient of expansion.  It also exhibits superior electrical insulation properties.

Master Bond EP34AN has a 100 to 70 mix ratio by weight.  It is easy to mix and can be applied without sagging or dripping even on vertical surfaces.  The adhesive/sealant spreads smoothly and only contact pressure is required for cure.  It is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents.  Cures can be accelerated by the use of heat. 

EP34AN has high bonding strength to a wide range of substrates.  Adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubbers and most plastics is excellent.  Additionally, EP34AN is resistant to thermal shock and many chemicals including water, oil and most organic solvents.  It has a Shore D hardness of >85 and a tensile strength of 5,500 psi.  Its tensile modulus is >500,000 psi.

Master Bond EP34AN is available for use in pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon container kits.

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Micross Components Details Proprietary Tester to Detect Counterfeit Semiconductors at electronica 2012

Micross Components, a leading global provider of specialty electronic components, will be discussing their proprietary ConTest-1K™ tester at electronica 2012. This equipment provides a means to quickly evaluate internal pin connections for continuity and conformance to known good components.

"Micross has always supported vigilance against counterfeit components," notes Jamie Knight, General Manager of Micross UK. "Our policy is to purchase components from only direct and authorized sources. We follow strict inspection procedures and offer a full portfolio of visual, electrical, and mechanical evaluation capabilities. Detecting counterfeit components is not always straightforward, and our heritage allows us to make expert judgment calls."

Recent US legislation requires contractors to bear the costs of surveillance, detection, and replacement of counterfeit components. This makes it all the more critical that contractors team with proficient and conscientious suppliers who will be their front-end sentinels against counterfeit devices.

With the ConTest-1K™ tester, a detailed VI curve trace is performed on each pin and is compared either against a reference device if it exists, or against other devices in the batch. The VI curves are also manually analyzed to verify against expected results. Programming takes less than 5 minutes and a full 1024-pin sweep less than 3 seconds.

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Atotech’s CupraEtch™ DE – The new and “green” differential etch process for SAP manufacturing

One of the key manufacturing processes for enabling the construction of IC-substrates with semi-additive processes (SAP) and modified semi-additive processes (MSAP) is the so-called differential etch process. It leads to different etch rates on electroless and electroplated copper and is used for the circuitization of copper tracks in the IC-packaging industry. Atotech’s new product, Cupra Etch™ DE, is based on iron sulfate etch. In this way, it differentiates itself from all known differential etch processes in the industry, which are based on sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide.

CupraEtch™ DE‘s iron sulfate etch runs in parallel with a regeneration unit. Offering a unique ferric sulfate system, it effectively removes the seed layer of electroless copper. Meanwhile, the regeneration unit plates out the copper for recycling use. This leads to an elimination of undercuts, a reduced amount of waste water and thereby to reduced costs of ownership.

Advantages of CupraEtch™ DE
CupraEtch™ DE has many advantages over commonly used differential etch processes. The main advantages are:

  • It’s superb etching capability effectively removes electroless copper seeds, while minimizing the occurrence of track undercuts
  • It retains the contour of the finest conductors without undercuts at the foot
  • The undercut-free circuitry enhances the reliability of IC-substrates

 “This green differential etch process is environmentally friendlier than the commonly used differential etch process,” states Dr. Rami Haidar, Global Product Manager for Surface Treatment Technology at Atotech Deutschland GmbH in Berlin, Germany. “Its regeneration unit, which plates out the etched copper and regenerates the ferric component in the chemistry, reduces the amount of waste water generated from the differential etch process. This also leads to reduced costs of ownership.”

The differential etch process with CupraEtch™ DE
CupraEtch™ DE eliminates the draw-backs associated with the typical peroxide based etchants, such as:

  • No feed and bleed operation is needed. Instead, it offers the possibility to regenerate solutions in bypass equipment. A considerable amount of chemical waste and the need for high waste treatment is therewith eliminated.
  • CupraEtch™ DE does not etch three-dimensionally. Peroxide etchants etch three-dimensionally, causing undercuts of conductor tracks of several micrometers and affecting the mechanical stability of the track and its electrical properties.

Figure 1 and 2 show a comparison between cross section pictures of tracks after the differential etch process. In Figure 1, tracks were treated with a differential etch process based on sulfuric peroxide. Undercuts are clearly visible. Figure 2, however, does not show any undercuts on the conductor side walls: It has been treated with CupraEtch™ DE, the differential etch finisher. Electronics

Figure 1. Undercut found on sulfuric peroxide based differential etch treated sample

Figure 2. No visible undercut found on CupraEtch™ DE treated sample


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STATS ChipPAC’s Advanced eWLB Provides a Versatile Integration Platform for the 2.5D and 3D Technology Evolution

STATS ChipPAC announced expanded packaging options for advanced embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array (eWLB) technology that provide a versatile platform for the semiconductor industry’s technology evolution from single or multi-die 2D package designs to 2.5D interposers and 3D System-in-Package (SiP) configurations. 

The advancement of silicon scaling to 14nm in support of higher performance, higher bandwidth and lower power consumption in portable and mobile devices is pushing the boundaries of emerging packaging technologies to smaller fan-out packaging designs with finer line/spacing as well as improved electrical performance and passive embedded technology capabilities.

Interposers are used to connect one active die to another in a 2.5D package configuration, enabling very dense interconnection with more effective heat dissipation, improved processing speed and the flexibility to integrate die from different manufacturing sources. While STATS ChipPAC continues to be in the forefront of the development and commercialization of Through Silicon Via (TSV) as a 2.5D and 3D integration technology, the Company has in parallel developed new eWLB based interposers to support high density interconnection and routing of multiple dies in a proven, low-warpage packaging structure.

With the inherent performance and cost advantages of eWLB, STATS ChipPAC is also effectively addressing some of the challenges in high end flip chip applications that require much finer bump pitches, higher I/O densities and the elimination of stress on extreme low-k or ultra low-k (ELK/ULK) dielectric structures at advanced silicon wafer nodes. eWLB’s fan-out packaging approach with its inherently lower stress, larger pad pitch, fine line width/spacing and redistribution layer (RDL) allows higher integration and routing density in less metal layers in an fcBGA substrate.

STATS ChipPAC also offers eWLB PoP solutions in either a single or double-sided configuration which provide a flexible integration platform for stacking a wide range of memory packages on top with a final stacked package height below 1.0mm. The number of interconnections between memory and processor can be up to 1024. The double-sided eWLB PoP technology features a flexible redistribution layer that can accommodate multiple active or passive devices in complex 3D SiP structures which enable very thin profiles, increased performance and superior warpage control.

For more information, please visit

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Torrey Hills Honored for Innovative Mine-Safety Technology

Company to transfer game-changing tools and processes from R&D to commercialization phase for mine safety and greenhouse gas reduction                               

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC has been named a finalist in the 2012 World Technology Awards competition for its innovative methane-gas-capturing process to dramatically improve safety in underground coal mines. The prestigious World Technology Network (WTN) awards, presented in association with TIME, Fortune, CNN, Science/AAAS, Technology Review and others, have been called “the Oscars of the technology world.”

Corporations and individuals in 20 categories are nominated by their peers for the annual awards. Along with Torrey Hills, Siemens and Qualcomm CEO Paul E. Jacobs were among this year’s finalists. Other nominees included Apple, Google, IBM and AT&T.

As a finalist in the Energy category, Torrey Hills automatically gains membership in the WTN-- a global community of individuals and corporations who are exploring what is imminent, possible and of lasting significance in emerging technologies. “This is a great honor for a small company like ours. It also speaks volumes about our lifesaving invention, which addresses the devastating problem of exploding methane gas in underground coal mines and on oil rigs,” said Ken Kuang, founder and president of Torrey Hills Technologies.

On an annual basis, methane gas explosions claim the lives of thousands of miners and generate an estimated $45 billion in economic losses worldwide. Torrey Hills is developing novel methane capture and recovery techniques to supplement ventilation, which is the only established and proven technology for alleviating methane problems. Since modern coal mines have complicated underground networks, it is virtually impossible to ventilate every corner equally.

By developing inventive and affordable methane-capturing products and processes, Torrey Hills is targeting three critical global issues: preventing and mitigating gas explosions, capturing greenhouse emissions that damage the environment, and converting methane gas into liquid methanol, which is a clean fuel and a useful chemical raw material. The company has received two rounds of R&D funding from the National Science Foundation and is seeking investors for the commercialization phase.

Founded in 2004, Torrey Hills has appeared on the list of INC Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for the past three years. The company, which maintains its headquarters in San Diego and a manufacturing facility in Yixing, China, supplies electronic components and heavy equipment to  the electronics and alternative energy industries.

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