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:: Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) Modules to be Sold Through RS Components (full story)

:: STATS ChipPAC Advances Through Silicon Via Capabilities with the Qualification of 300mm Mid-End Processing and Low Volume Manufacturing (full story)

:: Kulicke & Soffa Launches Next Generation Manual Wire Bonder Series (full story)

:: F&K Delvotec Rose to the Top Spot for the First time in Focused Suppliers (full story)

:: Hesse & Knipps Appoints Prospect Technical Sales as Rep throughout Northwest United States and Canada (full story)

:: Quik-Pak is now introducing the 8-lead SOIC - .150 (narrow body) package, which will complement their list of available Open-Molded Plastic Packages (full story)

:: Nusil Technology Presents New Thermally Conductive Electronic Packaging Material (full story)

:: NASA’s Mars Science Lab, Curiosity, Lands on Mars with Interpoint™ DC-DC Converter (full story)

:: LORD Corporation Completed Acquisition of Microstrain, Inc. (full story)

:: Master Bond’s New High Strength One Part Epoxy Adhesive Cures at 80°C (full story)

:: Materion Expands West to Meet Precision Parts Cleaning Needs (full story)


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Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) Modules to be Sold Through RS Components

Anaren, Inc., has announced that it will be marketing its new family of Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules with electronics distributor RS Components (RS), headquartered in Oxford, UK. The initiative is Anaren's first partnering opportunity with RS and is expected to provide AIR customers with a valuable new sourcing and support option.

"Anaren is pleased to have its new AIR product line on the RS line card," said Mark Bowyer, the business development manager in Anaren's Wireless Group responsible for the AIR line. "We are especially enthusiastic about the possibilities of supporting AIR, given RS'
renowned ability to service rush orders and help customers through their new DesignSpark online support community."

Bowyer added that "the alliance with RS widens Anaren's array of both service-intensive online and brick-and-mortar distribution partners."

Fred Knowles, Global Head of Product Management--Electronics at RS Components said: "We are delighted to be adding Anaren's family of Integrated Radio (AIR) modules to our stock. The introduction underlines our commitment to provide customers with the most comprehensive selection of parts across the entire spectrum of electronics products from top suppliers worldwide."

As for the AIR product family itself, this recently introduced product line from Anaren provides an elegant, 'plug and play' RF solution -- with each module's footprint being smaller than a postage stamp -- to electronic engineers challenged with adding wireless capability to new or existing devices.

Applications for AIR modules range from industrial control, building automation, and low-power sensor networks -- to lighting, equipment, and appliances intended for inclusion in smart-grid and energy-management scenarios (e.g. automated meter reading, devices and equipment intended for ZigBee(R) Standard applications, etc.).

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STATS ChipPAC Advances Through Silicon Via Capabilities with the Qualification of 300mm Mid-End Processing and Low Volume Manufacturing

STATS ChipPAC has announced that its Through Silicon Via (TSV) capabilities have achieved a new milestone with the qualification of its 300mm mid-end manufacturing operation and transition to low volume manufacturing.

STATS ChipPAC is firmly engaged with multiple strategic customers on TSV development programs which support the semiconductor industry’s shift to 2.5D and 3D packaging integration for the mobile, wireless connectivity and networking market segments. The Company’s current 3D TSV development and customer qualification activities include devices at the 28nm silicon node, application processors (AP) and graphic processors utilizing TSV for the high performance wide input/output (Wide I/O) memory interface required by higher bandwidth applications for the mobile market.

STATS ChipPAC was one of the first Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) providers to invest in back-end of line (BEOL) manufacturing capabilities for 2.5D and 3D TSV technology on 200mm wafers. The Company’s BEOL services include chip-to-chip and chip-to-wafer assembly with stealth dicing and fine pitch micro-bump bonding down to 40um. Since April 2011, STATS ChipPAC has been rapidly expanding its TSV offering with 300mm mid-end of line (MEOL) processing capabilities.

The mid-end TSV process flow occurs between the wafer fabrication and back-end assembly process supporting the advanced manufacturing requirements of 2.5D and 3D packaging including wafer level, flip chip and embedded technologies. STATS ChipPAC’s MEOL assembly services include microbump technology down to 40um, temporary bond/de-bonding, backside via reveal, isolation and metallization. With the early development of its MEOL capability, STATS ChipPAC is well positioned to support the increasingly popular industry model for 2.5D/3D integration of disparate silicon devices at the package level by an OSAT provider.

For more information, please visit
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Kulicke & Soffa Launches Next Generation Manual Wire Bonder Series

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. announced the launch of its next generation manual wire bonder series, the iBond5000TM.  The advanced series is the next creation from the proven market leader with over 60 years of experience in wire bonding, and over 9000 manual machines installed worldwide.  The series is based on the Company’s 4500, and integrates the proven legacy K&S mechanical design with advanced electronics to provide modern capabilities.  The iBond5000 series includes ball, wedge and dual-capability bonding options.

From September 5-7, customers could see the feature rich iBond5000 in action, throughout SEMICON Taiwan.  The iBond5000Ball, iBond5000Wedge, and iBond5000Dual are advanced bonders used for process development, production, research and added manufacturing support.  They provide the excellent yield and repeatability needed for high-end applications including: Optoelectronic Modules, Hybrids/MCMs, Microwave Products, Discrete Devices/Lasers, Chip-on-boards, Leads, Sensors, High Power Devices and much more.

Improved features of the iBond5000 include the addition of a multi-core ARM based processor, proven operating system and 7” touch screen.  With the improved electronics management, there are also more ways to connect to the iBond5000 via two USB ports for a mouse, keyboard or disk on key; or via Ethernet which allows for centralized management, access to an applications backup server, and capability for remote support and profile sharing.  For those that prefer working with physical controls, an optional analog panel is available.  The system enables saving and loading of custom files, along with factory preconfigured profiles, for storing, cataloging, and re-using golden processes.  The K&S bonding profiles internal library, which includes a bonding wires database, will enhance the ease of use and cater for various applications.  The iBond5000 has an abundance of advanced options for improved efficiency and expertise, while also lowering cost of ownership.

Aviram Shubeli, Kulicke & Soffa’s Manual Wire Bonding Business Unit Manager, remarked, “The iBond5000 offers customers important advancements, features and increased benefits – all of which leverage K&S’ market leadership, R&D strength and process knowledge.  We designed the iBond5000 to embody today’s modern digital technologies, while expanding upon the proven high standards from our existing wire bonder solutions.”


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F&K Delvotec Rose to the Top Spot for the First time in Focused Suppliers

2012 was the first time F&K Delvotec, a wire bonder supplier, captured a top spot in VLSIresearch’s 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey. Competing against all focused semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world, F&K Delvotec beat them in ten categories. This is an amazing accomplishment because F&K Delvotec is based in Germany, while most of its customers are in Asia. Moreover, they are relatively small on a global scale with just over 100 employees worldwide, proving that size and scale are no barriers to customer satisfaction.

F&K Delvotec has almost always placed in the top group of THE BEST Suppliers of Assembly Equipment for over 15 years, regularly inching higher and higher in the ratings each year. In the last four years they topped this off by consistently being the highest-ranked wire bonder manufacturer. F&K Delvotec increased its rating 7% this year to 8.51 against THE BEST Assembly Equipment Suppliers. So how do they do it?

Customer satisfaction is a ground game and F&K Delvotec addresses it with an engineering group in Singapore dedicated to customizing the automation systems on bonders to specific requirements. They also recently expanded their support network with new offices in China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. These teams are key reasons why customers rated F&K Delvotec best in field engineering support and support after sales, both at 9.0 on a scale of 1 to10. It’s also why customers wrote in such things as: ‘Perfect service attitude and excellent technical skill.’ ‘Excellent product -- does as advertised. Very good product support and Applications Engineering support. Very responsive, with quick, good answers to questions/concerns.’

Small companies do this by staying extremely focused. That’s best done by executives who lead from the top. The president of F&K Delvotec, Dr.-Ing. Farhad Farassat, is a co-founder and more than that, he was behind a management buyout back in 1992. So, F&K Delvotec is his legacy and he takes it personally. Who better to keep a company lean and mean? At the same time, he is very focused on his team’s performance and lets them know how proud he is of them when they succeed. As Dr. Farassat puts it, “We have set our sights on highest technology from the very beginning, and this has been the base of our success. In an expensive country such as Germany, there is really no alternative. But that alone is not sufficient: one needs to take care of the customer and provide the best possible service. We did not rest on our high-tech laurels but put enormous effort into a densely-woven service infrastructure, and this strategy is now bearing fruit.”

On the product side, the company had two new developments. One is their double-headed bonder G5-2 which is a very productive wire bonder, especially for power devices, and has been extremely popular. Second is their brand-new G5-XL which hits the special requirements of solar cell and e-mobility manufacturers head-on with its huge working area.

Achieving high customer satisfaction often pays dividends in other areas of a company. For F&K Delvotec it came with their brand-new G5-XL which was developed in an astoundingly short time of just 5 months. Having a sharp customer focus keeps development teams focused on getting innovations out of the lab. They’ll do this with processes like modular design, which shortens time to market. There is a feedback effect on customer satisfaction because in the case of F&K Delvotec, many components are standard across the G5 bonder family, which have been proven in hundreds of bonders. Thus there is a cumulative reliability effect of such standardization.

As for how they think F&K Delvotec makes a difference in the field of customer satisfaction, they say, “We have a deceptively simple answer to this question: we listen to our customers, and especially to their process problems. One result of this was the G5-XL. A second result was that we installed the special engineering group in Singapore. Being that much closer to many of our core customers has meant shorter turn-around times while keeping the quality advantages of ‘Made in Germany.’

Thirdly, we have acquired a huge body of scientific know-how about bonding, much of it in close and long-standing collaboration with leading research and university institutes. This has been a major benefit for our customers in understanding and removing problems, stabilizing processes and improving yields. We have received considerable praise from many customers about our quick response and deep-reaching problem solving help."

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Hesse & Knipps Appoints Prospect Technical Sales as Rep throughout Northwest United States and Canada

Hesse & Knipps, Inc., ( the Americas subsidiary of Hesse & Knipps Semiconductor Equipment GmbH, has strengthened its customer support and wedge bonder representation throughout Northwestern United States and Canada with the appointment of Prospect Technical Sales that will now support the company’s family of wedge bonders in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Northern California as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. 

Prospect Technical Sales represents manufacturers of advanced-technology microelectronic assembly and test products in the northwest USA and Canada. Steve Buerki, Prospect Technical Sales Principal/Account Manager, brings more than 25 years experience in the microelectronics market working in both technical sales and manufacturing. “Specializing in microelectronic assembly services as well as bonding equipment, Prospect Technical Sales can quickly and accurately access application requirements to recommend an ideal course of action for our semiconductor customers,” notes Buerki, who personally has a strong background in electronics, optoelectronics and vacuum sciences. “Because we are uniquely qualified to support a customer before and after the sale, we establish and maintain cooperative, long-term customer supplier relationships.”

“Prospect Technical Sales will be a valuable resource in establishing long-term customer relationships in new territories throughout Canada and the northwest United States,” notes Joseph S. Bubel, President of Hesse & Knipps, Inc. “Their combined technical and sales background in bonders supports our strategy of providing stronger customer support to existing customers and establishing new partnerships with additional semiconductor manufacturers along the West Coast and Canada.” 

For more information on Hesse & Knipps wedge bonders, please visit the company’s website at; to view videos of wedge bonding equipment in action, please visit

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Quik-Pak is now introducing the 8-lead SOIC - .150 (narrow body) package, which will complement their list of available Open-Molded Plastic Packages

This package is built to JEDEC standard MS-012 and is RoHs compliant.  It is Ni/Au plated and is excellent to wire bond.  It has the standard 1.27mm lead pitch and has a superior sealing surface for air cavity applications.
Samples will soon be available.  For more information visit

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Nusil Technology Presents New Thermally Conductive Electronic Packaging Material

New silicone thermal interface material increases options for thermal management in electronic applications.

NuSil Technology LLC  presents EPM1-2493, a low-viscosity, low modulus silicone elastomer with a nominal thermal conductivity of 1 W/mk.

Offering bond lines as thin as 5 microns, EPM1-2493 can be used to adhere materials with differing coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) for significant stress reduction during thermal cycling. A low volatility elastomer, EPM1-2493 can reduce or even prevent contamination of electronic device components used in applications exposed to high heat, such as solder reflow at 260°C. EPM1-2493 adheres well to aluminum, and its adhesive strength can be improved with the use of a primer, achieving average lap shear values of120 psi (0.8 MPa).

EPM1-2493 does not have the typical paste-like consistency of other thermally conductive silicones. Rather, it is a pourable, conformal liquid that is excellent for potting/filling recessed areas and applying to intricate geometries in electronic applications. It can also be used for adhering integrated circuit substrates, base plates or heat sinks, or where grooves or other configurations require a limited flow material.

“The conformal quality of EPM1-2493 enables it to work well with complex geometries and where thin bond lines are required for lower thermal resistance,” said Senior Technologist Michelle Velderrain. “It can be used as an adhesive or coating in virtually any application requiring a thermally conductive, electrically insulative, self-leveling material.”

For further ease of use, EPM1-2493 is supplied in a convenient 1:1 mix ratio and can be loaded into syringes and dispensed as a one-part material for automated dispensing. This elastomer cures at lower temperature but can be heat-accelerated for faster cure time.
For more information, please visit

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NASA’s Mars Science Lab, Curiosity, Lands on Mars with Interpoint™ DC-DC Converter

Crane Aerospace & Electronics congratulates National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on the successful landing of Curiosity on the Gale Crater, Mars, with InterpointTM dc-dc converter and EMI filter modules on board. Curiosity’s goal is not to find Martian life, but rather to seek out carbon-based organic compounds that are the building blocks of life, and then to determine whether the Gale Crater landing site was ever suitable for creatures. The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on November 26, 2011 via an Atlas V rocket.

Crane supports Curiosity with nine different Interpoint dc-dc converter and EMI filter families including the SMFLHP, SMRT, SMHF and SFME. Interpoint dc-dc converters are designed for the demanding environments in space, defense, aerospace and industrial applications. Interpoint EMI filters complement our dc-dc converters, simplifying system compliance to MIL-STD-461 and other demanding requirements.

"We are very excited about the Mars Curiosity mission, achieving a significant milestone! Interpoint products have been supporting NASA’s Cassini-Huygens, launched in 1997, which is continuing to send back valuable data on Saturn and its moons,” states Ed Fuhr, Vice President of Power Solutions for Crane Aerospace & Electronics.

For more information on Interpoint dc-dc converter and EMI filter modules, visit Check out our latest Power It video, featuring Mars Curiosity.

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LORD Corporation Completed Acquisition of Microstrain, Inc.

News Facts:

  1. LORD Corporation has closed the acquisition of MicroStrain, Inc.
  2. MicroStrain develops and supplies sensing solutions to the aerospace, defense, agriculture and construction, energy, and consumer electronics markets.
  3. MicroStrain will continue to operate out of its Williston, Vt. location as MicroStrain, a LORD Company.

LORD Corporation has announced the closing of the acquisition of the assets of MicroStrain, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. A privately-held company located in Williston, Vt., MicroStrain develops and supplies sensing solutions to the aerospace, defense, agriculture and construction, energy and consumer electronics markets.

Recently, MicroStrain has been involved in programs to flight-test a range of energy harvesting and wireless devices embedded in helicopter rotor head key components, as well as vibration measurement devices on platforms such as the V-22.

“The addition of the MicroStrain sensing technology enhances our LORD vibration and motion control portfolio. The combination of these technologies will enable the next generation of smarter aircraft, machines, and industrial processes,” said Rick McNeel, chairman, president and CEO of LORD.

“We are delighted to welcome MicroStrain and its outstanding employees into LORD,” added McNeel. “The addition allows LORD to leverage the cutting-edge technologies and the know-how of the MicroStrain employees for further expansion into new markets and regions. We are excited about the many growth opportunities it brings.”

MicroStrain will continue to operate out of its current location in Williston as MicroStrain, a LORD Company, while retaining its current 50+ employee workforce.


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Master Bond’s New High Strength One Part Epoxy Adhesive Cures at 80°C

Master Bond Supreme 3HT-80 is a new one component heat curing epoxy adhesive developed by Master Bond Inc.  Supreme 3HT-80 exhibits both high shear and high peel strength.  It offers superior resistance to impact, thermal shock, vibration and stress fatigue cracking. This no mix compound has an unlimited working life and cures within 30 minutes at 175°F (80°C).

Supreme 3HT-80 has excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubbers and most plastics.  It forms bonds that are resistant to water, oil, fuels and most organic solvents even upon prolonged exposures.  Supreme 3HT-80 has a service operating temperature range of -100°F to +350°F.  It is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents.  The hardened adhesive is a superior thermal insulator.

Supreme 3HT-80 is available in half-pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon containers.  For ease of application, it is also available in convenient cartridge applicators.

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Materion Expands West to Meet Precision Parts Cleaning Needs

With the addition of its facility in Mesa del Sol (Albuquerque), New Mexico complementing its recently expanded Wheatfield, New York site, Materion Microelectronics & Services is well-positioned to service customers from East to West coasts. The Mesa del Sol location greatly increases capacity for precision parts cleaning and surface treatment of physical vapor deposition (PVD) shield kits. The new site supports key customers who require these services in such technically demanding industries as: Wireless, LEDs, Medical Consumables, HDD, Semiconductor, Data Storage, Optics and Photovoltaics.

As Materion steps-up to meet North American market demand, it continues to focus on customer needs. The Mesa del Sol facility offers regional customers a more convenient location with the benefit of reduced shipping time and costs, as well as aggressive lead-time. Traditional removal technologies are offered in conjunction with innovative cleaning methods that can target complex deposition stacks from a specific industry.

With its vertically integrated "cradle-to-grave" solutions-based services, Materion is unique in the industry. It is the only global provider of thin film deposition materials, parts cleaning services, and precious metal recovery and refining. With that combination, it offers broad engineering expertise and breadth of experience to help customers through all stages of precision parts cleaning, from parts qualification through final precious metal settlement.

Related to the enlarged capacity, Jim McMullen, Materion Product Manager-Precision Parts Cleaning Service, commented, "We are greatly pleased with the addition of Mesa del Sol and the customer service experience we can now offer. Having a regional facility means faster turnaround and a regional precious metal refining solution to enhance the metal management model. This expansion further demonstrates our commitment to being our customers' first choice."

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