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Master Bond’s Flexible, Low Outgassing Epoxy Resin Compound Has High Thermal Conductivity

Master Bond Inc., has introduced a new high performance bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation system called EP21TDC-2LO.  This formulation offers high flexibility and excellent toughness.  It cures at room temperatures or more rapidly at elevated temperatures.  It has a 1 to 3 mix ratio by weight or volume and has a working life of >90 minutes for a 100gm. mass.  EP21TDC-2LO is easy to apply.  Little exotherm is developed during cure making it suitable for use in thick as well as in thin sectioned configurations.

Master Bond EP21TDC-2LO meets NASA low outgassing specifications.  It exhibits outstanding electrical insulation properties and superior thermal conductivity.  It is durable and adheres well to both similar and dissimilar substrates.  EP21TDC-2LO has a service operating temperature range of 4K to 250°F.  It also features exceptional thermal shock resistance.

EP21TDC-2LO has a Shore D hardness of 36 and an elongation of >50%.  It has a tensile strength of 1,070 psi and a T-peel strength of >15 pli.  Its tensile shear strength for aluminum to aluminum bonds is >980 psi.  Particularly noteworthy is its volume resistivity of >1012 ohm cm and its thermal conductivity of 9 BTU/in/ft²/hr/°F.

Master Bond EP21TDC-2LO is available for use in half-pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon container kits.

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News from Kulicke & Soffa (K&S)

Kulicke & Soffa Launches New LED Package Singulation Blades -
OptoTM  Ceramic & OptoTM PCB

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. has announced the launch of its new OptoTM
ceramic and OptoTM PCB Package Singulation Blades for the LED

OptoTM Hub and Hubless Blades significantly improve LED package singulation quality, precision and productivity, by providing improved stability and longer blade life.

Highlighted features of the new OptoTM blades include: attractive cost of ownership through consistently longer blade life, 100% pre-dressed to
shorten on-site dressing steps, and an optional kerf control feature to meet special application requirements. Significant UPH improvement has been observed in some applications by enabling higher feed speeds.

The new OptoTM ceramic blade utilizes unique electroplating technology to achieve up to 3 times theblade life of traditional resin/metal bonded blades, with minimal kerf change and blade wear. The new design minimizes machine downtime for blade changes, achieves the highest cut quality, and allows
higher feed speeds, increasing productivity.

The new OptoTM PCB blade for PCB & composite material substrates has an optimized design which provides uniform vertical wear, maintaining cutting power and consistent sawn package dimensions, thus eliminating in-process dressing steps. The optional ‘slits’ feature improves blade cooling, achieving high
singulation quality without typical whisker issues.

Nelson Wong, Vice President – Wire Bonding Solutions Business Unit, said: “The OptoTM blades provide a significant CoO improvement and a ‘plug and play’ solution for most dicer spindle configurations. Moreover, the hub-type design provides flexibility to various dicer configurations for package singulation and enhances machine utilization and factory productivity.”

Kulicke & Soffa Extends Power Series to Wedge Bond with PowerFusionPS
Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. has announced another extension of its highly successful K&S Power SeriesTM equipment. The Company’s new high performance Orthodyne wedge bonder, PowerFusionPS, is driven by a new powerful direct-drive motion system and
expanded pattern recognition capabilities which deliver industry leading productivity and performance.

The PowerFusionPS fits well into the Power Series of products, known for setting new standards for productivity, performance, advanced package capability, ease of use, configuration flexibility and reliability.

PowerFusionPS boasts increased UPH that is enabled by the direct-drive servo system and faster pattern recognition find times. It also shows higher MTBA due to the improved pattern recognition. The advanced package capabilities of PowerFusionPS improves the processing of high-density power packages, due to an expanded bondable area, wider leadframe capability and superior indexing accuracy and teach mode.

PowerFusionPS is available in two different models with single or multiple head configurations. The TL Model is the perfect choice for bonding single-row to four-row matrix TO- power discrete packages. The enhanced HL model is intended for advanced power package designs. When bonding high density power devices, like SO-8 & PDFN, or stretching the wire limits on a matrix D-Pak, the superior indexing accuracy and clamping capabilities of the HL Model deliver consistent performance. Both Models provide industry leading productivity that lowers cost of
ownership by improved uptimes and higher bond yields.

Matt Vorona, Kulicke & Soffa’s Vice President – Wedge Bond Business Unit, remarked, “Our state of the art PowerFusionPS series by K&S launches a product firmly in the tradition of Orthodyne wedge bonders, well known in the power semiconductor industry for leading edge innovation, productivity and performance. “

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Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) Modules A2530R24x Demonstrated to be fully Compatible with Sensinode's NanoStack(TM) 2.0 Protocol Stack for 2.4GHz Radio Applications

Anaren, Inc. has  announced that its Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) module A2530R24x has been proven to be fully compatible with the popular NanoStack 2.0 6LoWPAN protocol stack and NanoService embedded Web service software products for 2.4GHz radio applications from Sensinode (Oulu, Finland). Based on Texas Instruments CC2530 SoC, this AIR module was developed to simplify development of wireless applications intended to be compliant for the ZigBee(R) standard, but the company views the module's ability to run and support NanoStack and NanoService as an important option for customers who want to develop their own embedded applications based on 6LoWPAN and embedded Web services.

"Following on specific customer trials, we're excited to know that our recently released AIR modules for ZigBee are also ready and able to support Sensinode's NanoStack and NanoService solutions," said Anaren's Corporate Business Development Manager, Mark Bowyer. "The AIR product line is all about making a developer's RF design experience easier -- and if 6LoWPAN is the objective, we're happy that Sensinode's excellent NanoStack and NanoService solution, running on our module, can solve the customer's problem elegantly and cost-effectively."

For its part, Sensinode is pleased that there is now A2530R24x support for its industry leading 6LoWPAN NanoStack and NanoService application platform. Sensinode provides end-to-end software products that securely extend IP and Web services all the way to the end node. Combining highly optimized embedded client software with a scalable management and Web applications platform, Sensinode's software brings Web services to the most demanding enterprise applications in the Internet of Things.

"We are excited about Anaren's A2530R24x support for our NanoStack and NanoService solutions," said Jim Edson, VP of Sales and Business Development at Sensinode. "Any customer looking to seamlessly deploy 6LoWPAN and Web-based applications now has great off-the-shelf module support in the A2530R24x."

OEM design engineers interested in learning more about the A2530R24x AIR module now proven to be compatible with NanoStack and NanoService, are encouraged to contact Sensinode for firmware support or review information on Sensinode's NanoStack and NanoService product offering.

A2530R24x modules, meantime, can be purchased through one of Anaren's authorized AIR module distributors (see for a current list) -- and customers interested in the "do-it-yourself" approach to flashing Sensinode's software to Anaren's module can be found at the company's AIR for ZigBee wiki at: OEMs using AIR modules in an end product should closely review, and operate our modules in accordance with, the User's Manual to ensure the module's continued compliance with relevant FCC, IC, or ETSI regulations/standards.


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