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:: Canon introduces Lithography and PVD Solutions for Advanced Packaging, 2.5D and 3D Applications During IMAPS Device Packaging 2013 (full story)

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:: Explore DYCONEX’ Advanced Packaging Substrates and Interconnect Solutions for Miniaturized Medical Devices at Booth#15 (full story)

:: Come visit Micro Systems Engineering (MSE) at Booth# 15 and discover their Stacked Die and Micro BGA Solutions for Medical Applications (full story)

:: Atotech’s New Low-cost Super Concentrate BondFilm™ MS 500 Joins the BondFilm™ Family (full story)

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Amkor Technology Invites You to Attend Device Packaging 2013

Amkor Technology

Amkor Technology invites you to join us at the IMAPS 9th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging being held March 12-14, 2013 at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort and Casino, Scottsdale / Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA.

Ron Huemoeller, Senior Vice President of Advanced Product / Platform Development at Amkor is the General Chair-elect for Device Packaging Professional Development Courses (PDCs), and Russell Shumway, Director of MEMS & Sensor Packaging at Amkor, is this year's Technical Co-Chair of the MEMS & Microsystems Workshop session.

Amkor is pleased to be exhibiting at the show (visit us at Booth #47) and our technical staff will be presenting eight papers at this year's conference, including:

  • Tues. 11:00-11:30 AM
    Thermal Modeling Approach for Enhancing TCNCP Process for Manufacturing Fine Pitch Copper Pillar Flip Chip Packages by Siddharth Bhopte, Jesse Galloway, Kyung-Rok Park,Hyun-Jin Park, Jeong-Han Choi, Ho-Beob Yu and Sung-Hwan Yang
  • Tues. 3/12 11:30-12:00 PM
    Groove Geometry and Mold Shrinkage Effects on Die Stress in Flip Chip Molded BGAs (FCmBGA) by Bora Baloglu, Corey Reichman, Miguel Jimarez, Ahmer Syed
  • Tues 3/12 2:00-2:30 PM
    Assembly Challenges and Learnings for Large 2.5D TSV Products by Mike Kelly
  • Tues. 3/12 4:15-4:45 PM
    CoC (Chip on Chip) or FtoF (Fact to Face) - POSSUM™ Technology for 3D MEMS and ASIC Eliminating the Need for TSV or Wire Bonding by Jemmy Sutanto
  • Wed. 3/13 10:00-10:30 AM
    Effect of Substrate Layer Variation on Package Warpage by Brendan Wells, Wei Lin, HyunJin Park
  • Wed. 3/13 11:00-11:30 AM
    Adopt Advanced RDL Rule to Apply Flip Chip Packaging for Next Generation Si Technology: Feasibility Study by Shengmin Wen, KyungRok Park, Patrick Thompson, JeongSeok Lee, HyunJin Park
  • Wed. 3/13 2:30-3:00 PM
    A Process Dependent Warpage and Stress Model for 3D Packages Considering Incoming Die / Substrate Warpage and Assembly Process Impacts by Wei Lin, Ahmer Syed, KiWook Lee, Karthikeyan Dhandapani
  • Wed. 3/13 3:30-4:00 PM
    Innovative 3D Structures Utilizing Wafer Level Fan-Out (WLFO) Technology by Curtis Zwenger

Organized by the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS), the Conference will showcase a vast array of technical information and products from many high-tech companies serving all segments of the industrial, military, aerospace, radar, medical and semiconductor industries. The conference provides a focused technical program with workshop tracks on:

  • 2.5D & 3D IC & Packaging
  • Flip Chip & Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)
  • MEMS & Associated Microsystems
  • LED Packaging for Future Solid-State Lighting

Further information can be found at

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Visit Solid State Equipment on Display at Device Packaging Booth #38

Solid State Equipment Corp.

SSEC 3300 Series, Single Wafer Wet Processors for Advanced Packaging (WLP and 3D). UBM/RDL etch with SSEC’s WaferChek™ in-situ endpoint control. Wafer thinning/stress relief. Combination batch immersion /single wafer spray processing for PR and dry film strip, lift-off, flux removal, post-etch residue and TSV clean. High efficiency cleaning tools and PR/Dry Film Develop tools. Full process development lab including metrology for support.

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F&K Delvotec will be exhibiting and ready to discuss the unique Automated Non Destructive Pull/Shear Tester

The IMAPS Device Packaging Conference is here and F&K Delvotec will be exhibiting and ready to discuss the unique Automated Non Destructive Pull/Shear Tester. Model 5600C

This machine offers tremendous labor savings for those applications that require 100% non destructive pull testing. The 5600C also offers a patented feature which calculates and reports the corrected CPK values after determining the wire angles at first and second bond. Please visit with us during the IMAPS San Diego show to see the machine and learn more.

We will also want to share our new G5-HS (high speed) which offers a 30% speed increase over our very successful standard G5 wire bonder.

F&K Delvotec GmbH, the successful manufacturer of wire bonders based near Munich, won top prizes in the 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by VLSIresearch. F&K Delvotec garnered the survey’s highest available award, placing first in the overall 10 BEST list for Focused Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment. For the first time, a German company heads the worldwide ranking – an impressive feat given the several hundred-strong competition.

For the THE BEST rankings, all suppliers are additionally rated in four industry segments such as Wafer Processing and Assembly Technology. For over 15 years, F&K Delvotec has almost always placed in the top group of THE BEST Suppliers of Assembly Equipment, even managing to inch higher and higher in the ratings each year. In the last four years the German supplier topped this off by consistently being the highest-ranked wire bonder manufacturer.

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Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies

Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies (TMT) is pleased to announce the move of its microelectronics production lines from Los Angeles, California to Lewisburg, Tennessee. We will share this 170,000+ square foot, Classified facility with our affiliate, Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services. This move will create a more synergistic, cost effective business model and will help us maintain our position as the leading microelectronics packaging provider.

Remaining at the current Los Angeles facility will be a core group of personnel, including engineers and technicians, to maintain our R&D and rapid prototyping capabilities.

TMT prides itself on its uncompromised quality and exceptional service and the move will strengthen our capabilities and have a positive impact on every facet of our business. The move to Lewisburg, Tennessee, will occur in stages completing on or before May 31, 2013. Throughout the move, we will continue our focus on customer service, creating a seamless transition from one location to the other.

We are excited and enthusiastic about our enhanced production presence in Tennessee and our new future together. We look forward to working with you through our transition and thank you for your continued support.

For additional information on Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies’ capabilities, visit

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Canon introduces Lithography and PVD Solutions for Advanced Packaging, 2.5D and 3D Applications During IMAPS Device Packaging 2013

Canon U.S.A., Inc. will introduce Lithography and PVD solutions for advanced packaging, 2.5D and 3D applications during IMAPS Device Packaging 2013. 

To address the challenges presented by next-generation device packaging applications, Canon has developed the FPA-5510iV lithography tool (stepper) that is gaining acceptance in mainstream packaging and leading-edge chip-stacking operations based on the stepper performance, flexibility, stability and low-CoO.

During IMAPS Device Packaging 2013, Canon will also introduce Canon Anelva PVD equipment that has been developed to support demanding customers requiring advanced deposition capabilities for backend processes.

Please stop by the Booth #10 during the exhibition for updated information on Canon products supporting advanced packaging applications.

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Rudolph Tech. Introducing the JetStep Lithography System

Introducing the JetStep Lithography System, a 2x reduction stepper uniquely qualified for advanced packaging applications.

As resolution, overlay and many more technical specifications become tighter and more sophisticated, back-end manufacturers are choosing to move from aligners to steppers to meet these requirements. The JetStep System fulfills the needs for WLCSP, solder bump, gold bump, copper pillar bump, RDL/UBM, eWLB, and TSV applications. Featuring a large field of view (52mmx66mm) and a 30 reticle library with a 4 reticle wheel, the JetStep System handles wafers up to 450mm and both silicon and glass panels. Visit for more information.

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Explore DYCONEX’ Advanced Packaging Substrates and Interconnect Solutions for Miniaturized Medical Devices at Booth#15

The technical specifications for interconnect substrates used in medical devices are transforming rapidly. The ongoing trend for miniaturization in combination with the stringent need for higher performance and reliability at lower cost influences the design of medical electronics.

One characteristic of this trend is the growing use of advanced packaging solutions with a higher grade of systems integration such as SiP, Die Stacking or Chip-Embedding. High-end medical packaging substrates and PCBs have to correspond to the challenging requirements at hand.

At IMAPS Device Packaging Conference 2013, DYCONEX addresses these needs by highlighting its state-of-the-art interconnect solutions. For our display we kindly invite you to our booth# 15 at the conference lobby.

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Come visit Micro Systems Engineering (MSE) at Booth# 15 and discover their Stacked Die and Micro BGA Solutions for Medical Applications

Advanced requirements for state-of-the-art electronic devices used in medical applications are driving MSE’s IC packaging. Small form factors, stacked die as well as optimized performance in terms of operating voltage and reliability are some of today’s demands.

MSE offers stacked die packages that combine two or more dies in one molded package. Their packaging service provides die attachment for chips measuring 0.17 to 50 mm2 in size with an accuracy of 10 µm @ 3s. MSE also offer fine-pitch gold wire bonding, transfer molding, laser marking (1D and 2D code), solder ball attach as well as package dicing and sorting. Additional services include substrate design and customized analysis and tests.

For more information please visit us at booth# 15 at IMAPS Device Packaging Conference 2013.

Micro Systems Engineering GmbH, an MST company
Schlegelweg 17
DE-95180 Berg

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Atotech’s New Low-cost Super Concentrate BondFilm™ MS 500 Joins the BondFilm™ Family

Since the first BondFilm™ product launched in 1998, this product family has been a key contributor to success for Atotech. To continue to stand out from the masses, Atotech’s Surface Treatment Technology team recently launched a new product within the BondFilm™ family: The BondFilm™ MS 500.

BondFilm™ MS 500
“BondFilm™ MS 500 is a super-concentrate that employs new additives on top of the standard organic system,” explains Dr. Rami Haidar, Global Product Manager Surface Treatment Technology (STT), at Atotech Deutschland GmbH in Berlin, Germany. “This, in return, leads to a significant reduction in running costs, especially with large production volumes.”
The new product clearly differentiates itself from similar products due to:

  • Enhanced adhesion at ‚standard etch depths‘
  • Compatibility with a wider range of materials (High and Low Tg, Halogen-free) as well as with standard BondFilm™ equipment
  • Competitive process costs

Alpha Site Tests
Alpha Site tests have shown a very good performance. The new BondFilm™ MS 500 offers, for example, very good adhesion along the copper loading curve in terms of initial peel strength.

Adding BondFilm™ MS 500 to the initial peel strength also offers great results with other test parameters, which are well-known from the BondFilm™ family. Amongst these are:

  • Great thermal reliability
  • Acid resistance above five minutes
  • A broad copper loading window up to 28g/L

Beta Site Tests
In addition to the standard R&D lab and Alpha Site tests BondFilm™ MS 500 was also tested extensively during a Beta Site with one of Atotech’s customers in China.

Multiple samples at several etch depths and conditions were run at the Beta Site. All peel strength requirements demanded by the customer for the different etch depths and conditions were met and even surpassed.

Additionally several requirements in terms of thermal reliability for the prepared samples were defined. Extensive tests showed that these requirements could also be surpassed by BondFilm™ MS 500.

“All samples, at all required conditions, exceeded the customer’s requirements and expectations,” states Dr. Rami Haidar. “Additionally, all panels reached a very satisfactory and even surface roughness as well as cosmetic results.”

Market Introduction
Thanks to the outstanding test results at the Beta Site, Atotech’s customer in China has decided to start mass production with BondFilm™ MS 500.

BondFilm™ MS 500 is now being offered to customers
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Visit Polysciences at Booth #56

Polysciences, Inc. has been serving the global scientific community for over 50 years providing unique organic materials and a broad product line of adhesives, coatings and encapsulants for electronic, semiconductor and optical markets.

We specialize in custom formulations to meet your distinct needs.

Stop by Booth #56 to discuss your project and our line of High Performance products, including:

  • NoSWEEP™ Wire Bond Encapsulants
  • OptiCLEAR™ Optical Encapsulants & Adhesives
  • LoSTRESS™ Liquid Encapsulants
  • Potting Compounds - Epoxy & Silicone
  • Silicone Adhesives & Encapsulants
  • Damn Encapsulants for Electronic Assembly .

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Palomar Technologies on Display at Device Packaging - Recent PTI Blog Posts

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