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Going Underground With Microelectronics

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC receives Federal Tibbetts Award for Game-Changing Coal Mine Safety Innovation Enabled by Technologies Borrowed from the Packaging Industry

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC (THT) was named as a winner of the 2013 Tibbetts Award at the White House today for the commercialization of its game-changing coal mine safety technology under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. The Tibbetts Awards recognizes individuals or corporations that have visibly made a technological impact on the economy and society and embodies the spirit and intent of the (SBIR) program.

“This project opens up a whole new playground for our long-term growth,” said Ken Kuang, President and CEO of THT. “The lesson I wish to share with the microelectronic society is that despite the downward cycle showing in our industry, the technology you possess is your greatest asset and can be used to solve problems outside your existing network. You can make a buck or two at the same time.”

This R&D and commercialization project was inspired by a tragedy. In 2010, an explosion in Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch coal mine in West Virginia left 29 miners dead. On an annual basis, methane gas explosions claim the lives of thousands of coal miners and generate an estimated $45 billion in economic losses worldwide. Kuang, a veteran in the field of microelectronic assembly and packaging, decided to find a way to prevent a coal mine accident like this. Coincidently, Australian company ATS inquired about the company’s HENGLI belt furnace for a novel application – residual coal ash content residue analysis. Kuang and his team studied the coal mine industry extensively till the successful installation of this furnace, and decided that some existing technologies in the packaging industry can be utilized in the making of a device to capture methane gas and convert it into harmless liquid methanol. THT was awarded a $149,986 Phase I grant in 2011 and a $500,000 Phase II grant in 2012 from the National Science Foundation for this project.

“Our long term commercial success will be a given, but it should not be the goal,” said Kuang. “Our goal is to let coal miners go to work in the morning and come home in the evening, enjoying the prosperous life you and I take for granted. I think that whoever invests in us or partners with us should share this long term goal.”

The Tibbetts Awards, named after Roland Tibbetts, who was instrumental in developing the SBIR program, are presented to companies and individuals from all over the United States who are beacons of promise and models of excellence in high technology. Tibbetts award winners are selected based on the economic impact of their technological innovation, encouraged diverse participation in technological innovation, and increased the commercialization of federal research.

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News from Palomar’s Blog

Multi-Chip Modules & Stacked Die Assemblies
Multi-Chip Module packaging is an important facet of modern electronic miniaturization and micro-electronic systems. Demand for further miniaturization of consumer products, aerospace and defense systems, medical devices and LED arrays drive the need for compact packaging without performance disruption. The Multi-Chip Module (or MCM) package design supports multiple integrated circuits (ICs) to facilitate use as a single package. Read more:
Gold Ballbonden mit beheizter Kapillare
Gold (Au) Ball- Drahtbonden ist immer noch die beherrschende Verbindungsmethode in der Mikroelektronik. Die Industrie arbeitet weiter an neuen Aufbau- und Verbindungstechniken um Endprodukte noch weiter zu verkleinern und um Gewicht einzusparen. Dies hat zur Folge, dass nachfolgende Prozesse stärker als zuvor in drastischer Weise beeinflußt werden. Heute werden immer mehr elektronische Schaltungen in Plastikgehäusen verwendet.  Read more:
English version:

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Hesse Mechatronics Launches Heavy Wire and Ribbon Bonding Services for Early Stage Product Development

Hesse Mechatronics’ West Coast Demo and Applications Lab
Adds Heavy Wire and Ribbon Bonding Equipment, Prototyping and R&D

Hesse Mechatronics, Inc. (formerly Hesse & Knipps), the Americas subsidiary of Hesse GmbH, leading manufacturer of high-speed fine pitch wedge bonders and fully automatic heavy wire and ribbon bonders for the backend semiconductor industry, announces that it will offer application development, prototyping and pre-production services on a newly installed BONDJET BJ939 Fully Automatic Heavy Wire Bonder at the company’s west coast demonstration and applications lab, located at long-time company manufacturer’s representative Chalman Technologies in Anaheim, California.

The company will also offer expanded services for heavy wire and ribbon in addition to thin wire applications at its demonstration labs in Tempe, Arizona and Clinton, Massachusetts.
Heavy Wire and Ribbon on One Platform
The BONDJET BJ939 heavy wire bonder is ideal for power electronics and automotive device applications. Key features and specifications include:

  • Aluminum, gold, silver and copper round or ribbon wire
  • 3 mil to 20 mil wire
  • .075mm x .75mm to .3mm x 2mm ribbon on the same machine
  • Places up to 3 wires/sec
  • Integrated pull test
  • Large table travel
  • E-Box™ optical tool adjustment
  • PiQC™ Process-integrated Quality Control measures true bond quality in real time
  • In-air cut feature eliminates marking on die

In addition to providing demonstrations to customers, the company will offer early stage product development services on the BONDJET BJ939, including:

  • Heavy wire and ribbon bonding process support
  • Development and production of prototypes
  • Pre-production manufacturing

Customers interested in heavy wire and ribbon bonding product development services should contact Michael McKeown with questions and to send samples for their applications. Mike is a wire and ribbon bonding process expert with nearly three decades of experience in the automotive and power electronics industries. He recently joined Hesse Mechatronics as senior business development manager and can be reached at

“We are very pleased to expand our heavy wire and ribbon bonding services to customers throughout the Americas,” notes Joseph S. Bubel, president of Hesse Mechatronics, Inc. “Our team is eager to put their expertise to work helping customers in the very early stages of new product development and support them through successful production.”

For more information on Hesse Mechatronics and its family of wedge bonders, please visit the company’s website  For more information on Hesse Mechatronics’ training and applications support services, please e-mail To see wire bonding in action, visit

About Chalman Technologies

An engineering-oriented manufacturers' representative organization experienced in semiconductor, fiber optic and other microelectronics technologies, Chalman Technologies has served as Hesse Mechatronics’ rep for more than a decade. “We are pleased to partner with Hesse Mechatronics as the headquarters for the company’s West Coast Demo and Applications Lab and we are excited to offer these new heavy wire prototyping and development services,” notes Keith Chalman, VP, Chalman Technologies.  “We also are proud to represent the best wedge bonder on the market.” The Hesse Mechatronics lab at Chalman Technologies is located at 3150 E. La Palma Avenue, Suite K, Anaheim, California, 92806.

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New from Master Bond - Dimensionally Stable UV Curable System with a High Glass Transition Temperature

Suitable for high production applications, Master Bond UV25 offers fast fixture times, rapid curing and high temperature resistance. This multifunctional one component UV curable system was developed for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications. It is widely used in aerospace, fiber-optic, optical, electronic and related industries.

Master Bond UV25’s most notable feature is its thermal stability, with a glass transition temperature of 186°C. It is serviceable over the broad range of -60°F to +500°F. Additionally, this material is optically clear with a refractive index of 1.55 at room temperature.

Upon exposure to a UV light source emitting at a wavelength of 320-365 nm with an energy output of 20-40 milliwatts per cm² UV25 cures in 20-30 seconds. The rate of cure also depends upon the compound’s distance from the light source, the thickness of the section and the intensity of the light source. It is not oxygen inhibited and therefore does not require any special treatment in that regard. The product does not contain any solvents or volatiles and features low shrinkage upon curing. It bonds well to glass, surface treated metals and plastics such as polycarbonates and acrylics, among others.

When being used in potting applications, this system can cure in section up to 0.100-0.120 inches. At room temperature, UV25 has a moderate viscosity of 7,000-11,000 cps. It is also a competent electrical insulator.

UV25 can be stored for up to 6 months in its original, unopened containers with no exposure to light. It is available in syringes, ½ pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon containers.

Master Bond High Glass Transition Temperature Adhesives

Master Bond UV25 delivers the convenience of a one part, no mix system and rapid cures upon exposure to UV light. It features high temperature resistance and optical clarity with excellent light transmission properties. Read more about Master Bond’s high glass transition temperature formulations at or contact Tech Support. Phone: +1-201-343-8983 Fax: +1-201-343-2132 Email:

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