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Nantero Announces Qualification of New Brewer Science CNTRENE® Material

Ready for NRAM® Manufacturing

Nantero, Inc., the nanotechnology company pioneering the use of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in the development of next-generation semiconductor devices, has announced that it has qualified Brewer Science’s new CNTRENE® 1020 series CNT material for use in NRAM® manufacturing.  Brewer Science is working with NRAM licensees in production CMOS fabs to utilize the new CNTRENE 1020 series material.  Brewer Science is a licensed supplier of CMOS-grade CNT solutions made utilizing processes developed by Nantero for use in the manufacture of NRAM devices. 

This next generation of CNTRENE materials manufactured by Brewer Science provides an increased concentration of CNTs in solution, with lower ion content (<10 ppb) and extended stability for use in standard track coater systems. This new generation of Brewer Science CNT materials allows for reduced process costs and improved on-wafer coating performance, consistent with the company’s focus on integrated solutions.

Greg Schmergel, co-founder and CEO of Nantero, Inc., stated, “Brewer Science is a recognized leader in supplying advanced materials for semiconductor processing, with a global customer base, and we are pleased to have them providing our existing and future NRAM customers with fab-ready carbon nanotube material.” 


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Epoxy Technology, Inc. ® Launches New Website Offering Enhanced User Experience at

Epoxy Technology Inc, a leading manufacturer of high performance specialty adhesives, announces the launch of its new website,

The new website provides quick and intuitive access to its versatile product line, as well as extensive technical resources for customers with adhesive applications.

President and COO for Epoxy Technology, Inc., Andrew Horne says, “The new enhancements will help insure a superior and more informative user experience for our visitors, helping guide them to the adhesive solution best suited to their industry or need.” 

With enhanced search capability and simplified site navigation, it is a quick and easy for visitors to find the appropriate product or application information for a wide variety of design and manufacturing needs.

 Other website features include:

  • EPO-TEK® news and events area which encompasses a schedule of tradeshow participation across the globe as well as the latest information on our innovative new products
  • Technical Papers, Tech Tips and Product Literature on adhesive products and solutions for various industry challenges
  • Convenient forms to request product information, recommendations and technical assistance
  • A new EPO-TEK® Blog for the latest insights into adhesives 

For more information on Epoxy Technology products including authorized distributors, please visit our website at:

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LORD Corporation’s Encapsulant Proven to Improve Electric Motor Performance up to 55 Percent

Technology developed by LORD Corporation – a leading supplier of thermal management,  potting and encapsulation materials to the electronics, LED and solar industries – was recently cited as a solution for improving electric motor performance in a third-party study.

The research, conducted by Shafigh Nategh while a graduate student at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden, dealt with thermal management aspects of electric machinery used in high-performance applications with particular focus put on electric motors designed for hybrid electric vehicle applications. Nategh’s research is titled “Thermal Analysis and Management of High-Performance Electrical Machines.” 

According to Dan Barber, Ph.D., a staff scientist in LORD Corporation’s Open Technology Innovation group, LORD Thermoset SC-320 Thermally Conductive Potting Material – a relatively soft, high thermal conductivity material (3.2 W/m-K) with sufficiently low viscosity to be used in vacuum potting — was evaluated in Nategh’s research.

“Nategh’s research has shown that hot spot temperatures can be reduced by 35-50 percent using this material as compared to an un-potted motor, compared to improvements of only 20-30 percent using typical epoxy potting materials,” said Barber. “This material may provide significant improvements in power density of electric motors.” 

Barber noted the decrease in hot-spot temperature, depending on current, may provide:

  1. Increase in achievable power/torque for a given motor size.
  2. Decrease in motor size for a required power/torque.
  3. Longer operation of motor before reaching temperature limit.

According to Jim Greig, Global Sales and Marketing Manager, Electronic Materials, Thermoset SC-320 was developed in response to market needs for high thermal conductivity silicones with low viscosity. He noted this research validates the applicability of the material to meet industry trends.

Specially designed for thermal conductivity for electrical/electronic encapsulating applications, Thermoset SC-320 is a two-component system designed to retain desirable properties associated with silicones. It exhibits low shrinkage and stress on components as it cures, and maintains a low viscosity for ease of component encapsulation compared to other highly thermal conductive materials. Environmentally resistant and UL-rated to UL94V0 and 180C RTI, Thermoset SC-320 is composed of an addition-curing polydimethyl siloxane polymer that will not depolymerize when heated in confined spaces.

Possible applications for SC-320 include those in which higher power at lighter weight is needed, such as motors for electric vehicles; aerospace actuators and motors; and portable power generation equipment. Better thermal management in electric motors can reduce the current, and therefore the energy, required to provide the necessary power. It also can allow for longer motor lifetime. Cost savings because of the reduced amount of copper wire required for the motor windings may also be possible. Thus, savings in weight, energy, and/or cost may all be possible depending on the application.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting LORD Corporation at or at +1 877 ASK LORD (275 5673).


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NuSil Technology Obtains New Warehousing Capacity in Europe

Storage facility in Holland allows NuSil silicone to reach customers in Europe faster and for lower cost. 

NuSil Technology is proud to introduce a new stocking warehouse in Rotterdam, Holland! Project efforts for this accomplishment were actualized through a partnership with Expeditors International, a leader in Third Party Logistics (3PL). Shipments of NuSil silicone have already commenced from the facility.

Shipping products from central Europe provides many NuSil customers faster delivery times and lower freight costs. What is currently available in the warehouse caters mostly to the relatively consistent European orders the leading global silicone supplier can anticipate; however, as business in Europe increases, a wider variety of materials, including new product lines to be debuted, will be stored there. Stocked materials undergo the same quality checks prior to shipping from Rotterdam as they would coming straight from NuSil’s U.S. manufacturing sites.

“As a tool for sharpening our competitive edge, the Rotterdam warehouse exemplifies our commitment to customer service and stands as a platform for growth,” said Brian Nash, Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

The Rotterdam warehouse is a literal extension and exemplification of NuSil’s commitment to keep readily available stock of in-demand silicone materials for on-demand service to customers. In further pursuits to make NuSil silicone increasingly convenient to purchase anywhere in the world, it will serve as a model for future warehouses.

For more information, please contact NuSil at +1 805-684-8780, or

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Sikama Looking for Manufacturers Rep in Florida

Sikama Intl is looking for a Manufacturers Rep. The open territory is Florida and Puerto Rico. Are you a star performer? Do you live in Florida and have experience selling capital equipment? If you’d like to be part of our team please call or email Phil Skeen or Sig Wathne at 805-962-1000.

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