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:: AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) Releases COOL-PAD™ CPR (Conformal Pad) 7154: Second Generation (US Patent 6,496,373) (full story)

:: 3D InCites Partners with SEMI and TechSearch International for the 2014 3D InCites Awards Program (full story)

:: Kulicke & Soffa Expands the Advanced Copper Solution (ACS) Series Capillaries - Introduces ACS Max™ and ACS Lite™ (full story)

:: Advanced Chemical advances its services by offering 10 oz. silver bars (full story)

:: New Medium Viscosity, Optically Clear Epoxy System Resists Up to 400F (full story)

:: Gore Receives 2013 Platinum Award From Com Dev For Supplier Excellence With Gore® Microwave/RF Assemblies (full story)

:: News from NATEL (full story)

:: Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies Celebrates Half a Century of Innovation (full story)

:: Fraunhofer IZM - Flexible energy harvesting devices and related durable materials (full story)

:: Delphon Appoints Rajesh Varma to Chief Technology Officer (full story)

:: STATS ChipPAC Introduces Breakthrough Manufacturing Method for Wafer Level Packaging (full story)

:: Job Openings ::

:: Kulicke & Soffa - Process Development Engineer (full story)

:: Kyocera America - Sales Engineer, Fishkill, NY (full story)

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AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) Releases COOL-PAD™ CPR (Conformal Pad) 7154: Second Generation (US Patent 6,496,373)

COOL-PAD™ CPR 7154  provides both compressibility and conformability with phase-change ability to achieve the best of thermal grease performance.

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) introduces COOL-PAD™ CPR7154, a new class of thermal interface material that dispenses like a thermal pad, but performs with characteristics like that of a grease or gel when device temperatures increase to above 45°C. COOL-PAD™ CPR7154 is optimized to accommodate large areas with different heights and gaps of less than 3-mil along its interfacing area.  It is filled with a modified oxide mixture and is electrically insulating at normal voltage. It is designed to have high compressibility as applied in comparison to traditional thermal pads.  Once the device temperature reaches 45°C, COOL-PAD™ CPR7154 will "melt-flow" to fill even the smallest of trapped air along the interface between the device and heat-sink or heat-spreader.

COOL-PAD™ CPR7154 is semi-tacky on both sides for optimum thermal transfer performance. COOL-PAD™ CPR7154 has high thermal conductivity and low Tg characteristics that impose minimum thermal stress on bonded parts during thermal cycling or shock testing.  While COOL-PAD™ has some intrinsic tack strength, it is not designed for bonding.  A mechanical fastener must be used to provide assembly integrity.

A mechanical fastener of 5 psi or more is recommended to provide intimate contact between the COOL-PAD™ and the interfacing surface.  Because COOL-PAD™ is compressible, it will fill in uneven height differentials and warps between the mating surfaces.  The ultimate performance of COOL-PAD™ is achieved after the first cycle of melt-flow phase-change at 45°C or automatically when the device heats up during operation or with externally applied heat if the device is not anticipated to reach 45°C .

COOL-PAD™ CPR7154 is designed for thermal interface applications to withstand the worst of temperature and moisture exposure in outdoor LED luminaire applications with modules from Philips, Cree, Bridgelux, etc. Of course, the same phase-change pad works great for CPU and GPU in Xbox360, Play Station, and other game consoles.   COOL-PAD™ CPR7154  is also ideal for CPU modules and graphic card interfaces in laptops and desktops such as Asus, Samsung, BenQ, Foxconn and other OEM.

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3D InCites Partners with SEMI and TechSearch International for the 2014 3D InCites Awards Program

Proceeds to Benefit STEM-based Scholarship Programs
3D InCites has announced that it has partnered with SEMI and TechSearch International to host the second annual 3D InCites Awards. Proceeds of the 2014 awards program will fund a newly formed 3D InCites STEM Scholarships program, which this year will award a scholarship to a graduate of the SEMI High Tech U Program and will also contribute to the IEEE Frances B. Hugle Engineering Scholarship fund.

The 3D InCites Awards program recognizes achievements to further the commercialization of 2.5D and 3D integration technologies. Awards are presented to companies whose innovative products have contributed significantly to the advancement of through silicon via technologies and other processes critical to 2.5D and 3D IC applications. The 2014 3D InCites Awards will feature an expanded list of award categories, including a “Readers Choice Award,” presented to the winner of the online popular vote. The awards will be presented on July 10, 2014 during SEMICON West 2014.

A panel of independent 3D IC industry experts will judge the awards program based on innovation, solution to a problem and cost of ownership. Awards will be presented in the following 2.5D/3D IC categories:

    • Devices
    • Design Tools (includes EDA and Design for Test)
    • Processes
    • Materials
    • Manufacturing Equipment (includes Handling Equipment)
    • Inspection/Metrology Tools
    • Test Tools/Equipment (includes Probe Cards/Testers)


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Kulicke & Soffa Expands the Advanced Copper Solution (ACS) Series Capillaries – Introduces ACS Max™ and ACS Lite™

Kulicke and Soffa Industries has announced the expansion of its Advanced Copper Solution (ACS) Series Capillaries, with the addition of ACS MaxTM and ACS LiteTM. 

The ACS Series of capillaries are based on the Company’s advanced material development and deep-rooted application knowledge.  This family of capillaries offers production benefits for various copper wire bonding applications and has been expanded to serve the broader copper market:

  • The ACS ProTM, first launched at SEMICON Taiwan in Sept of 2013, is the best fit for ultra-fine pitch and advanced copper wire bonding applications with a bond pad pitch range of 40-69 microns.
  • The new ACS MaxTM is targeted for advanced package carrier families, such as mid-pin count QFP, QFN, PPF, uPPF and leadframes with a bond pad pitch range of 70-120 microns.
  • The new ACS LiteTM is targeted for low-pin count applications, such as discrete & powered integrated circuit applications using large wire diameters and a bond pad pitch in excess of 120 microns.

Nelson Wong, Kulicke & Soffa's Vice President, Wire Bond Solutions Business Unit, remarked, "Aligned with our leading position in copper wire bonding, the introduction of ACS MaxTM and ACS LiteTM further enhances our customer’s ability to create high quality bonds using larger diameter copper wire.  The unique design dynamics of the ACS Series drive cost of ownership benefits by enabling a wider process window and more consistent bond quality throughout the capillary’s life.”

The ACS MaxTM and ACS LiteTM Capillaries debuted at the SEMICON China show at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Booth #3417, from March 18-20, 2014.

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Advanced Chemical advances its services by offering 10 oz. silver bars

Advanced Chemical proudly announces its most recent development: the production of silver bars designed for investors, collectors, and gift-givers.

When there's uncertainty in the economy, people gravitate towards gold, however at $1,200 - $1,300 an ounce, not everyone can afford to invest. That’s why Advanced Chemical is offering a more affordable option with its new 10 oz. silver bars.

“We are very excited to produce these 10 oz. silver bars. It is a viable investment opportunity and also makes a wonderful gift,” states John Antonacci, the company’s Director of Sales & Marketing. “According to, the trading ratio of silver to gold is 62:1, favoring the purchase of silver over gold,” explains Antonacci. “If you're buying gold at a high price, its value would have to jump quite a bit for you to receive a decent return on your investment. But with silver your initial investment is lower so it won’t have to go up very much to get a favorable return on your money.”

Minted for investment purposes, each silver bar comes with a certificate of authenticity and a unique serialized number which is ideal for collectors. For gift purchases, the silver bars are placed in an Advanced Chemical black velvet bag. The 10 oz. silver bars can be purchased by phone and will be available through the Advanced Chemical website soon. They can also be provided as a settlement option for metal refining services, per a customer’s request.

To see a video on the process of refining, to place an order, or for more information, visit



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New Medium Viscosity, Optically Clear Epoxy System Resists Up to 400F

Master Bond Inc. has recently developed a new medium viscosity, two component epoxy adhesive/sealant, coating and casting compound called EP30HT.  It is formulated to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures.  EP30HT features superior dimensional stability, superb optical clarity and high temperature resistance up to 400°F.  It conforms to Title 21, U.S. Code of Federal Regulation, FDA Chapter 1, Section 175.105 and 175.300 for food applications.

Master Bond EP30HT has a 4 to 1 mix ratio by weight.  It is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or volatiles.  Its moderate viscosity and exceptionally low shrinkage - 0.0003 inches/in make it well suited for casting.  Adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, woods, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics is excellent.  The hardened compound has superior electrical insulation properties.

EP30HT will resist exposure to water, oil and most organic solvents.  It has a refractive index of 1.54 and a spectural transmittance (3100-9000Å) of 97%.  Its dielectric strength is 440 volts/mil and its volume resistivity is >1015 ohm cm.  Color of Part A is clear and Part B is clear.

EP30HT is available for use in half-pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon container kits.  It is also available in easy to use convenient syringe applicators.

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Gore Receives 2013 Platinum Award From Com Dev For Supplier Excellence With Gore® Microwave/Rf Assemblies

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., has become the first and only electronics manufacturer to receive the Platinum Award from COM DEV International Ltd. – the global designer and manufacturer of space hardware – for its performance in supplying GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies.

Gore's cable assemblies maintain reliable electrical and mechanical integrity in demanding environments.  This conforms with COM DEV’s position as a world leader in the production of space-qualified passive microwave equipment, specialized electronics and optical subsystems.

COM DEV’s business strategy and success are tied to their ability to deliver reliable, quality products on time.  COM DEV created its Platinum Award for excellence in on-time delivery, quality and supplier relationship performance to align suppliers to their strategy.  Part of the award is based on relationship measurements encompassing 21 categories, making this a challenging and rewarding goal to achieve.

“We are honored to be recognized by COM DEV for providing high-quality microwave/RF assemblies and meeting their delivery requirements. Our focus has been to provide solutions our customers can count on.” said Frank Kilday, product manager at Gore.

“We would like to express our appreciation to Gore for their dedicated commitment and continued support to COM DEV as one of our top-performing suppliers,” said Garry LaCroix, Director, Procurement.

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News from NATEL

Kunal Sharma has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer at NATEL EMS, a leading electronics manufacturer, announced President/CEO Sudesh Arora. This important top management appointment is a key element in NATEL’s current drive to achieve higher performance levels among tier-two electronics manufacturers.

In his new position, Kunal oversees NATEL’s operations groups across all North American facilities. This includes responsibilities for manufacturing, test facilities, and process engineering at NATEL sites in Carlsbad, CA, Chatsworth, CA, Mason, Ohio, and Juarez, Mexico, with the exception of supply chain processes. “In this new position, I will have the opportunity to drive our President’s vision of continuous improvement throughout all divisions of Natel, resulting in increased value to our customers,” says Kunal.

“Kunal has proven himself quickly and served NATEL well as Vice President of Operations,” says Sudesh. “His focus has been on applying lean methodologies and eliminating waste throughout NATEL’s value stream. He has led the spread of the NATEL Business System into our most recent acquisition and this expertise is exactly what we need in a Chief Operating Officer as we look at the horizon.”

Kunal has more than 15 years of manufacturing and operations leadership experience in the automotive, semi-conductor, aerospace and defense industries. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

NATEL’s new Director of Operations is Don Beck, a leading executive who was most recently operations manager of NATEL’s ceramics division, announced President/CEO Sudesh Arora.

“Beck has shown the ability to lead teams to achieve highest quality production standards at lowest cost to customers,” said Arora. “These are essential skills for our leaders as we position NATEL as a top second-tier electronics manufacturer that delivers solutions to our valued customers.”

In his previous position with NATEL, Beck led low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technologies and thick film teams in improving on-time delivery, quality and output.

As Director of Operations, Beck also will work with the engineering team at NATEL’s Chatsworth facility to develop a NATEL technology road map. His responsibilities include program management for current customers at NATEL’s Carlsbad, CA, facility.

Beck is a graduate of Grossmont College who was with Palomar Technologies and Alcoa before joining NATEL.

NATEL Supports Habitat for Humanity and Other Non-Profits
NATEL has always showed its long-standing commitment to community.  When employees donate small change while they get their coffee at the electronics manufacturer’s Chatsworth facility, they are donating to the selected charity of the month.  This March, NATEL has chosen “Habitat for Humanity” with NATEL matching the employee contributions.

“Since NATEL was founded here in Chatsworth in 1975, we have strongly believed in supporting our community and the non-profits that serve our citizens in need,” said President and CEO Sudesh Arora.  “We promote good corporate citizenship in every way we can.”

NATEL and its employees also support these great charities: National MS Society, Bladder Cancer Advocacy NE, One Drop, For The Troops, Doctors Without Borders, Alzheimer’s Foundation of North America, Child Find of America, Action Against Hunger—USA and Smile Train.

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Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies Celebrates Half a Century of Innovation

Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  For half a century, TMT’s Los Angeles facility served as the manufacturing center of excellence for multi-chip modules and advanced microelectronics packaging solutions for the aerospace, defense, medical and industrial markets.  In 2013, TMT moved its production facility to Lewisburg, Tenn., where it is poised for the next half century of innovation and agile service to meet our customer's requirements. 

Established in 1964, TMT has been at the forefront of microelectronics packaging innovation.  Over the past half century, TMT has produced millions of microelectronic circuits that have performed countless hours of service.  Pioneering space- level electronics for NASA, Teledyne microcircuits are still operating on the Voyager space probe now beyond the solar system, far exceeding life expectancy.  Teledyne is the leading trusted source for virtually every industry, for a broad range of microelectronic manufacturing disciplines, in the smallest form factors. 

“In this world of rapidly changing technologies and ever more complex systems, TMT continues to evolve to meet new paradigms in size, weight and performance,” said Shane Green, Vice President and General Manager of Teledyne Microelectronics Technologies.  “We take pride in our quality and ability to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations by providing innovative solutions and superior service.”

TMT completed its move to Lewisburg, Tenn. in 2013, creating a synergistic and more cost effective business model that maximizes Teledyne’s brand pedigree.  As Green explained, “This move allows us to provide better service to our customer with a vertically integrated turn-key manufacturing answer.  The addition of high reliability hermetic packaging complements our existing high density, high complexity circuit card assemblies, providing our customer with a one stop packaging solution.”


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Fraunhofer IZM - Flexible energy harvesting devices and related durable materials

Fraunhofer IZM leads the newly started FP7 MATFLEXEND project, which will provide wearable, flexible energy harvesters that can be manufactured in a low-cost printing process, and durable materials for such purpose. First results will be shown at the IDTechEx “Energy Harvesting & Storage 2014” conference which takes place in Berlin April 1-2. IZM will give a talk on integrated micro batteries at the conference and host a conference tour in its facilities.

Applications and Technology

These harvesters will be aimed at smart wearables, including wearables in medical sensing or in other consumer products. The new harvesters will be optimized for the low-frequency timing patterns and low to medium forces that arise in such applications, and thus may be advantageously integrated into consumer garments, or into an active insole for shoes.
Other relevant applications include security clothing; or technical textiles where electronic sensing may be desirable, but cabling is inconvenient or impractical. Future internet of things applications may also benefit from these autarkic power supply components.

MATFLEXEND harvesters will convert mechanical deformation into energy by using an innovative capacitive converter exploiting a capacitor´s deformation: such that capacity changes permit converting mechanical energy into usable electricity; and an energy storage device realized by a lithium-ion battery featuring an inherently flexible design. Advantages sought in the proposed technology include superior energy conversion efficiency and mechanical compliance, as well as manufacturability in a print-like continuous process, thus reducing manufacturing cost significantly.


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Delphon Appoints Rajesh Varma to Chief Technology Officer

Delphon, a worldwide provider of high-quality, innovative products and services to high-technology companies, today announced the appointment of Rajesh Varma to Chief Technology Officer.  Mr. Varma will support all four of Delphon’s divisions, including Gel-Pak, Quik-Pak, UltraTape, and TouchMark.

Mr. Varma joined the Delphon management team in 2012 as Director of Technology and has played a significant role in developing new materials for Delphon’s next generation of products.  In his new role, Mr. Varma and his team will be responsible for the development, implementation, optimization and support of the company’s materials and technology.  In addition, he will oversee the Delphon analytical services lab, providing technical support to customers in order to accelerate evaluation of Delphon’s new materials.

Mr. Varma brings significant experience in material analysis, development, new product design and business development to the position.  Prior to joining Delphon, Mr. Varma was instrumental in research and development of polymer-based products for companies including Neocork Technologies and PolyOne/GLS Corporation where he served as Director of Technology and Commercial Innovation Manager respectively. “Investing in Delphon’s engineering and development efforts is key to the future growth of the company and Raj’s expertise along with the talent of the team will position Delphon for our next phase of growth,” says Jeanne Beacham, Delphon CEO

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STATS ChipPAC Introduces Breakthrough Manufacturing Method for Wafer Level Packaging

STATS ChipPAC has designed and implemented an innovative new manufacturing method that is a significant paradigm shift from conventional wafer level manufacturing. This breakthrough approach, known as FlexLineTM, delivers an unmatched level of flexibility and cost savings for wafer level packaging (WLP).

The FlexLine method provides freedom from wafer diameter constraints while enabling supply chain simplification and significant cost reductions that are not possible with a conventional manufacturing flow. FlexLine seamlessly processes multiple silicon wafer diameters in the same manufacturing line without changing equipment sets or bill of materials used in the packaging process. In fact, FlexLine enables customers to simplify their supply chain across multiple devices, thereby achieving significant cost reductions that are not possible with a conventional manufacturing flow.

“STATS ChipPAC is driving a significant paradigm shift in wafer level packaging with our FlexLine method. We have leveraged our proven reconstitution process, which has produced more than half a billion units of fan-out wafer level packages, to extend flexibility and cost advantages to fan-in WLCSP devices.  We are the first company in the world to introduce a WLP method that is completely independent of incoming wafer sizes, including future 450mm wafer size, and delivers unprecedented flexibility in producing both fan-out and fan-in packages on the same manufacturing line,” said Dr. Han Byung Joon, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, STATS ChipPAC.

For more information, please visit

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:: Job Openings ::

Kulicke & Soffa - Process Development Engineer
Kulicke & Soffa (K&S), a global leader in the design and manufacturing of semiconductor assembly equipment. As one of the pioneers of the industry, K&S has provided customers with market leading packaging solutions for decades. In recent years, K&S has expanded its product offerings through strategic acquisitions, adding die bonding, wedge bonding and a broader range of expendable tools to its core ball bonding products. Combined with its extensive expertise in process technology, K&S is well positioned to help customers meet the challenges of assembling the next-generation semiconductor devices.

We are currently searching for a Process Development Engineer. Candidates must be able to:

  • Use professional concepts in accordance with company objectives to solve complex problems in creative and effective ways.
  • Work on complex problems where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of various factors.
  • Exercise judgement within broadly defined practices and policies in selecting methods, techniques and evaluation for obtaining results.

Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to:

  • Develops new or optimizes existing flip chip processes to complex process problems that require sophisticated analysis by using design of experiments (DOE) or other analytical methods, metrology tools or sound engineering judgement and experience.
  • Under minimal instructions, uses broad knowledge of die bonding process engineering to lead the transfer of customer processes onto our machine platform to qualify our machine on customers devices.
  • Coordinates and provides technical assistance and support to project leaders, designers, technicians or drafters as and when required to meet project schedule. May take responsibility for meeting project milestones of overall product or subsystem.
  • Prepares and develops complex testing, quality control specifications, test methods and procedures for process related buy off of systems.
  • Formulates system requirements, specifications for systems or subsystems and works with inter departmental, international teams to engineer systems accordingly.
  • Presents concepts, data, and recommendations to management in formal design reviews, to customers in technical presentations or trainees.
  • Coordinate technical activity and provide guidance of non-exempt personnel and jr. engineers as necessary to meet project schedules.
  • Prepares technical reports, memorandum as required.
  • Interfaces with customers, vendors, technical writers, field service, and quality control concerning any aspect of process flow or performance. Gathers feedback for R&D consolidation.
  • Prepares and conduct complex machine demos independently.
  • Determine methods and procedures on new assignments

Job Specifications:

  • Knowledge or wide-range experience in die bonding as well as die bonding related processes.
  • Good semiconductor material knowledge.
  • Experience on Advanced 3DIC processes including Thermo Compression Bonding, TSV, NCP, NCF will be an asset.

Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, (a Master’s Degree is preferred) and at least 5 – 8 years of experience. Must have good oral and written communication skills and be a team player. Must be detail-oriented with superior organizational skills and the ability to work effectively and independently. Proficiency in statistical software a plus.

Leslie Peoples
Senior Recruiter
Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc

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Kyocera America - Sales Engineer, Fishkill, NY
Experience a challenging and stimulating career at Kyocera America, Inc. (KAI). We are a global product technology leader seeking an effective sales professional for our Fishkill, NY Sales Office.

As a Sales Engineer, you will be responsible for managing and developing sales strategies for the Organic Products Division of KAI that provide products such as: FCBGA’s, FCCSP’s, PCB’s and chemicals for micro-electronic assembly applications.

The incumbent’s responsibility will be to increase business within an assigned territory and maintain a strong relationship with customers by conducting the following:

  • Create and support development activity within the customer base
  • Facilitate contract negotiations
  • Resolve customer complaints and other commercial requirements
  • Communicate and engage (internally & externally) with engineering, management, production, quality, & purchasing personnel at all levels. Strong communication skills are required as the Sales Engineer be the conduit for any information between the customers and other internal personnel (Production, Quality, Logistics, etc).
  • Interact with customers will be required regularly to identify customer needs, monitor competitive activity, conduct market analysis and provide feedback.
  • Provide updates to customers by presenting technical roadmaps and R&D activities. Therefore strong presentation skills and technical aptitude is required
  • Establish monthly sales goals (MSP) and guidance for annual (Master Plan) and 3-year sales plan within assigned account base

Requires a bachelor degree or equivalent job knowledge. Candidates with engineering degrees are preferred. A minimum of 3 years of on-the-job experience.


  • Key skills and abilities include self-motivated with a proven track record in sales and influencing others
  • Semiconductor or technical manufacturing industry experience is required.
  • Strong written communication and verbal skills • Keen problem solving and analytical ability.
  • Travel to customer sites, Kyocera factories and trade shows as needed, approx 30%

To apply, email your resume to: please reference Job Code IMAPS on the subject line. EOE


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