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:: Rudolph Announces New SONUS Technology and Collaboration with TEL NEXX for Advanced Packaging Process Control (full story)

:: News From Master Bond (full story)

:: DuPont Microcircuit Materials Adds Two New Solamet® Photovoltaic Metallization Pastes (full story)

:: The New STA 449 F5 Jupiter: The Cost-Effective Solution for Simultaneous Thermal Analysis from NETZSCH (full story)

:: Advantest Ships Milestone 1,000th V93000 Smart Scale Tester to Long-Time Customer Amkor (full story)

:: Mr. Mark DiSalvo has joined the RS Solutions Team as a Development Engineer (full story)

:: Advanced Chemical Has Receive OHSAS Certification (full story)

:: New TechnicStrip NF52 from Technic (full story)

:: Kulicke & Soffa Receives Supplier Award from STATS ChipPAC (full story)

:: STATS ChipPAC Honors Top Suppliers for Excellent Performance and Outstanding Support (full story)

:: CVI will be offering its PCB and Die Repair Kits through Techni-Tool as a Distributor (full story)

:: Recent Palomar Technologies Blog Posts (full story)

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:: AEM has few immediate openings for two R&D engineers and few technicians - Contact Pacific Rim Engineering (full story)

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Rudolph Announces New SONUS Technology and Collaboration with TEL NEXX for Advanced Packaging Process Control

Non-contact, non-destructive acoustic technology fulfills growing need in advanced packaging for thick film metrology up to 100μm and void detection down to 0.5μm

Rudolph Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: RTEC) announced today the availability of its new SONUS™ Technology, designed for measuring thick films and film stacks used in copper pillar bumps and for detecting defects, such as voids, in through silicon vias (TSVs). SONUS Technology is a non-contact, non-destructive acoustic metrology and defect detection technique that is designed to be of higher resolution, faster, and less costly than alternative techniques.

Copper pillar bumps and TSVs are key enabling technologies in the rapidly growing field of advanced packaging where 2.5D and 3D assembly schemes are driving the "More than Moore" roadmap. Rudolph has collaborated with TEL NEXX specifically to develop pillar bump and TSV plating process control based on SONUS Technology.

“SONUS Technology meets a critical need for measuring and inspecting the structures used to connect chips to each other and to the outside world,” states Tim Kryman, Rudolph’s director of metrology product management. “Copper pillar bumps and TSVs are critical interconnect technologies enabling 2.5D and 3D packaging. Plating process control for copper pillar bumping is directly related to the mechanical integrity of the interconnect and final device performance. Likewise, the quality of the TSV fill is critical to the electrical performance of stacked devices.  Rudolph’s patented SONUS Technology offers the unique ability to measure individual films and film stacks to thicknesses of 100µm and detect voids as small as 0.5µm in TSVs with aspect ratios of 10:1 or greater.”

Arthur Keigler, chief technology officer of TEL NEXX, said, “We’re attracted by the opportunity SONUS Technology offers our mutual customers in the advanced packaging market. The ability to measure multi-metal film stacks for Cu pillar, and then continue to use the same tool for TSV void detection offers immediate productivity and cost benefits to manufacturing and development groups alike."

Kryman adds, “SONUS Technology builds on the expertise in acoustic metrology developed for our industry-standard MetaPULSE® systems used for front-end metal film metrology. Offering both improved time-to-profitability and yield improvement during high volume manufacturing (HVM) brings a compelling value proposition to advanced packaging customers. To that end, our relationship with TEL NEXX has been invaluable in bringing this technology to market.”

For more information about Rudolph’s SONUS Technology please visit:
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News From Master Bond

Master Bond’s Low Viscosity, Two Component Epoxy is Optically Clear with Non-Yellowing Properties
Master Bond EP112LS is a two part epoxy that is well suited for impregnation, potting, encapsulation, sealing and coating applications, particularly in the aerospace and optoelectronics industries.

EP112LS is optically clear, features reliable non-yellowing properties and has a refractive index of 1.55. This electrically insulative system is resistant to chemicals including water, oils, fuels, acids and bases. EP112LS is serviceable over the temperature range of -60°F to +450°F.

This system features a working life exceeding 2-3 days at room temperature and requires oven curing. Post curing will enhance its properties. With a mixed viscosity of 50-200 cps, EP112LS bonds well to a wide variety of substrates, including metals, composites, glass, ceramics and many rubbers and plastics. Bonds feature a tensile strength, compressive strength and tensile modulus of 11,000 psi, 20,000 psi and 400,000 psi at room temperature, respectively. Dimensional stability is outstanding.

EP112LS has a shelf life of one year in original, unopened containers and is available in ½ pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon container kits.

Master Bond Electrically Insulative Adhesive Systems
Master Bond 112LS is an optically clear, low viscosity epoxy that has been formulated for a variety of high performance applications. This two component, heat curing system is also a competent electrical insulator, even at elevated temperatures. Read more about Master Bond’s electrically insulative adhesives at or contact Tech Support.

Phone: +1-201-343-8983
Fax: +1-201-343-2132


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DuPont Microcircuit Materials Adds Two New Solamet® Photovoltaic Metallization Pastes

Advanced Formulations Designed to Improve Solar Panel Performance and Manufacturers’ Profitability

DuPont Microcircuit Materials (DuPont) has added two new products to its leading lineup of frontside silver metallization pastes for crystalline silicon solar cells. DuPont™ Solamet® PV18H and PV18J photovoltaic metallization pastes offer solar cell manufacturers improved efficiency and profitability.

DuPont has added two new products, Solamet® PV18H and PV18J, to its leading lineup of frontside silver metallization pastes, offering improved efficiency and profitability for crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturers.

“The DuPont™ Solamet® PV18x series offers more efficiency with less material required, and we continue to innovate and build on the series,” said Peter Brenner, global photovoltaic marketing manager, DuPont Microcircuit Materials.  “These two newest offerings demonstrate a range of superior technical properties to meet different customers’ manufacturing process requirements.  We are excited about rolling them out to our customers globally and seeing very positive results from customer early adoption.”

The advanced Solamet® PV18x series products deliver a step change in the power output of solar panels by improving the conversion efficiency of solar cells.  This is due to proprietary Tellurium technology, which is only licensed and available from DuPont, and has been instrumental in unlocking efficiency gains by more than 0.5 percent by allowing contact to enhanced lightly doped emitters.  Compared to industry standard pastes on multi-crystalline solar cells, Solamet® PV18H and PV18J can boost conversion efficiency by an additional 0.15 percent as well as enabling extremely fine line printability down to 35 microns.  In addition, up to 30 percent less material usage is required with these new materials, resulting in significant savings for manufacturers.

Solamet® PV18H further enables excellent contact resistance to enhanced lightly doped emitters on mono-crystalline solar cells to maximize power output.  Solamet® PV18J demonstrates superior adhesion performance even with thinner busbars, and improves processing with excellent solderability and a wide solder temperature window.

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The New STA 449 F5 Jupiter: The Cost-Effective Solution for Simultaneous Thermal Analysis from NETZSCH

NETZSCH announces the release of the new, economical STA 449 F5 Jupiter®. Designed in the company’s well-established top-loading  instrument configuration, the new NETZSCH STA 449 F5 Jupiter provides ultimate ease of use. The instrument is optimized to offer a broad variety of measurement tasks at an outstanding price-performance ratio.

This instrument simultaneously performs Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) on a single sample, yielding more information than separate tests using two different instruments.  The test conditions are perfectly identical for the TGA and DSC signals including gas atmosphere and flow rate, vapor pressure on the sample, experimental heating rate, thermal contact to the sample crucible and sensor, and so on. Combining these two sets of data signals allows for differentiation between phase transformations and decomposition behaviors, distinguishing addition from condensation reactions, recognition of pyrolysis, oxidation, and combustion reactions, among other sample behaviors. The vacuum-tight STA 449 F5 Jupiter® is designed for simplicity, customized  specifically for the end-user’s application. Each instrument comes pre-configured as needed including all of the hardware and software features that are required by high-temperature applications in the fields of ceramics, metals, inorganics, building materials, etc.

The instrument comes with a silicon carbide furnace (SiC) capable of routine operation to 1600°C. At the heart of the instrument is a top-loading, highly sensitive low-drift micro-balance. In combination with a rotating motorized furnace hoist, this award-winning design allows for the sample – and, if necessary, the sensor – to be changed easily and safely. In order to implement measurement routines quickly, a unique software solution for automatic baseline correction called TGA BeFlat® is included. The system’s thermobalance covers a full 35 gram measuring range while its sensitive DSC capability enables one to accurately measure heat flow and characterize energetic behaviors. TGA measurements are also possible even on large or heavy samples.

The STA 449 F5 Jupiter comes standard with both AutoVac for automatic evacuation and refilling of the measurement system and mass flow controllers (MFCs) for precise control of purge and protective gases. This allows for the simultaneous determination of caloric effects and mass changes under both oxidizing and inert atmospheres. Two instrument versions (with or without automatic sample changer) are available, each including a TGA-DSC sensor. In lieu of the TGA-DSC sensor, a large-sample TGA-only sample carrier or a TGA-DTA sensor can optionally be employed.

Based on its many years of experience in the field of simultaneous thermal analysis, NETZSCH Gerätebau is a demonstrated market leader providing guaranteed reliability in their measuring instruments and comprehensive, worldwide customer support.

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Advantest Ships Milestone 1,000th V93000 Smart Scale Tester to Long-Time Customer Amkor

Leading OSAT Selects Tester for Ability to Perform High-Speed,
Low-Cost Testing of the Newest Consumer Connectivity ICs

Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation has shipped its 1,000th V93000 Smart Scale™ tester, with the historic system going to long-time customer Amkor Technology, one of the world's largest providers of contract semiconductor assembly and test services and a strategic manufacturing partner for more than 300 of the world's leading semiconductor companies and electronics OEMs.  Amkor will use the system, configured with Pin Scale 1600 and Pin Scale 9G cards, to cost-efficiently test the newest generation of semiconductors supporting High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI®) and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL®) technologies manufactured by Silicon Image, Inc.

"Advantest's V93000 is the leading production-proven system capable of achieving 6-Gbps performance and higher that meets the stringent testing and cost requirements of high-volume ICs targeted for mobile and consumer electronics products," said Ziaus S. Molla, director of operations engineering at Silicon Image, Inc.

"More and more customers are requesting high-speed test capabilities for their cost-sensitive devices," said Jong Bum Kim, senior vice president of worldwide test sales at Amkor.  "The V93000 Smart Scale has the configurable flexibility and wide application coverage that enable Amkor to meet these requirements."

With the V93000 platform's scalable design, the tester can be configured for different speeds, analog and radio-frequency (RF) performance to meet each customer's unique test needs for a large variety of low-cost devices.

"For the 28-nm node and beyond, our V93000 platform sets the standard in test by providing the industry's most versatile test solution," said Hans-Juergen Wagner, senior vice president, SoC Business Group at Advantest Corporation.  "In addition to its leading performance and accuracy, this well-established platform enables our customers to drive down the cost of test and shorten their time to market for new designs."

All classes of V93000 Smart Scale testers are compatible, enabling customers to redirect their product flow from one class of tester to another as IC production volumes and testing requirements change over time.

The V93000 test platform, widely used by Amkor and other outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) companies worldwide, features a universal per-pin architecture that provides the most flexible and economical test solution for advanced semiconductor designs.  By using the company's Pin Scale 1600 digital channel card, which offers the widest scale of capabilities on each digital channel, this tester can perform any function needed for a device under test (DUT).  Advantest's innovative technology allows each pin to run with its own individual clock domain, providing full test coverage by matching the precise data-rate requirements of any DUT.  This enables the V93000 to conduct power supply modulation, jitter injection, protocol communication and other key functions, offering system-like-stress testing at the ATE level.


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Mr. Mark DiSalvo has joined the RS Solutions Team as a Development Engineer

Mark has 25 years’ experience with the design, development and production of embedded processors/systems, firmware and electronic components in several industries. Mark worked with RS Solutions’ founder - Robert Schaff, over 14 years ago on the development of our initial set of driver, auto bias and data acquisition boards for testing Integrated Circuits. He broadened his background in several industries working with embedded processors, firmware and electronic problem solving.

RS Solutions now provides customers integrated thermal and electrical systems for failure analysis, HALT, electro migration, RF and other tests. Integrated systems include:

  • Thermal systems – ovens, heater blocks, tray systems, custom systems integration
  • High Temperature Sockets – to 450˚ C   DIP, ZIF
  • Custom contact solutions
  • Electronics – driver/bias boards, data acquisition
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly


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Advanced Chemical Has Receive OHSAS Certification

We at Advanced Chemical are proud to announce that we have recently received the OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services) certification. 

The OHSAS 18001 certification is a process that uses the OHS system to control occupational health and safety risks in such areas as planning and hazard identification, risk assessments/risk control, communication, training, and operational monitoring.  Another shining example confirming ACC's mission to provide a safe and supportive environment for all employees and visitors at our full-service precious metals refinery.

Our other certifications include;

ISO 9001:2008 "Quality"
ISO 14001:2004 "Environmental"
R2 - "Responsible Recycling"
ITAR Registered - "International Traffic In Arms Regulations"


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New TechnicStrip NF52 from Technic

Technic has announced the release of TechniStrip NF52, a photoresist stripper for TSV, copper pillar and other advanced packaging applications. TechniStrip NF52 operates as a negative tone photoresist remover, specifically formulated for use with laminated and liquid photoresist.

TechniStrip NF52 provides full dissolution of most photoresist without the use of harmful products such as NMP and Hydroxylamine. TechniStrip NF52 successfully performs without any negative impact to the copper surface, preserving critical fine features that would otherwise be negatively impacted by photoresist strippers that can etch into fine surface details.

TechniStrip NF52 has been documented to perform with an extended bath life that is typically 2 – 3 times greater than standard photoresist strippers, resulting in a significant decrease of operational costs.

“For several of today’s advanced packaging structures, lift-off of the resist is no longer acceptable. Only strippers that provide full dissolution while preserving fine surface details can meet the demands of today’s advanced packaging customers. TechniStrip NF52 is a highly effective photoresist remover while being compatible with numerous substrate."

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Kulicke & Soffa Receives Supplier Award from STATS ChipPAC

“Outstanding Award in Service and Support”

STATS ChipPAC recognized K&S with an “Outstanding Award in Service and Support” for 2013.  It honors material and equipment suppliers who distinguished themselves by providing excellent service, support, and responsiveness, while being aligned with and supporting their technology roadmap for the long term business requirements of STATS ChipPAC and their customers.

“We are pleased to recognize K&S with our Outstanding Award in Service and Support for 2013,” said Cindy Palar, Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations, STATS ChipPAC. “K&S delivered a strong performance in 2013 and continues to be an important strategic supplier for our copper wire bond business. Their technology and equipment is well aligned with our customer base and initiatives, such as the UPH improvement program, that has been an important advantage for STATS ChipPAC and our customers.  We value the regular and timely technology updates to our operations team every quarter and the ongoing training that K&S provides to each of our manufacturing sites.  K&S responsiveness, excellent sales support, and overall flexibility in delivery dates for our factories have been appreciated.”

Mr. Bruno Guilmart, President and CEO of the Company said, “As we continue to focus on delivering technologically advanced, innovative products and total solutions to our customers, it’s an honor to be recognized for our efforts in the past year. We thank STATS ChipPAC for this recognition, and we look forward to a continued strong partnership in the future.”

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STATS ChipPAC Honors Top Suppliers for Excellent Performance and Outstanding Support

STATS ChipPAC has announced the recipients of its seventh annual Supplier Awards, honoring the excellent performance and outstanding contributions of the Company’s top suppliers in 2013. 

STATS ChipPAC’s top honor, “Best Supplier Award”, was given to four suppliers for overall best-in-class performance in cost, quality, delivery, technology, service and support. Six suppliers were recognized with an “Outstanding Award in Service and Support” for excellence in service, support and responsiveness. For their outstanding service and support for a particular STATS ChipPAC manufacturing site, four companies received “Outstanding Site Award in Service and Support”.

The winners by category are:

Best Supplier Award

  • Daewon SPIC/Peak International
  • DISCO Corporation
  • Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corporation
  • NAMICS Corporation

Outstanding Award in Service and Support

  • Advantest Corporation
  • Duksan Hi-Metal Co., Ltd.
  • Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc.
  • Lam Research Corporation
  • Mitsui High-tec, Inc.
  • Teradyne, Inc.  

Outstanding Site Award in Service and Support

  • Hon. Technologies, Inc. (for STATS ChipPAC Shanghai) 
  • Oriental Mercury International Cargo Transportation Co., Ltd. (for STATS ChipPAC Shanghai)
  • SUSS MicroTec AG (for STATS ChipPAC Singapore)
  • UBoT Incorporated Limited (for STATS ChipPAC Shanghai) 

“The strong relationships we have with our suppliers are vital to our business and enable us to deliver compelling advantages to our customers in cost effective, high quality packaging and test solutions. With our strategic focus on advanced flip chip and wafer level packaging turnkey solutions, it is critical that our suppliers are well-aligned with our technology roadmap and are able to respond quickly to our customers’ time-to-market requirements,” said Cindy Palar, Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations, STATS ChipPAC. “We are pleased to recognize our top suppliers’ outstanding achievements and congratulate each of them for a job well done.”

For more information, please visit

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CVI will be offering its PCB and Die Repair Kits through Techni-Tool as a Distributor

CVI will be offering its PCB and Die Repair Kits through Techni-Tool as a distributor. CVI will still continue to support direct PCB repair and die reball but Techni-Tool provides a well-honed catalog distribution and sales platform. Early orders can be made by contacting CVI directly or going to the web site.

The capability to repair, refootprint or repackage die using die repair kits has not been available in the past but will prove beneficial for F/A and development organizations.

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Recent Palomar Technologies Blog Posts

SEMICON West 2014 recap - Palomar Technologies
Over 26,000 people attended SEMICON West and Intersolar North America this year. Palomar Technologies showcased our 8000i Wire Bonder with Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface® (i2Gi®) through live demonstrations, as well as other leading edge packaging solutions. Read more:

Total Risk Mitigation in Microelectronic Packaging
Microelectronic programs come with many forms of risk. If the design is manufacturable, the list is reduced, but a number of items still pose a company risk. These are mainly time to market issues, but also throughput, reliability, and yield come into play as unknowns. Read more:

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:: Job Openings ::

AEM has few immediate openings for two R&D engineers and few technicians - Contact Pacific Rim Engineering

  • AS, BS or advanced degrees in materials science and engineering, or chemical engineering or mechanical engineering.
  • Experience in cofire ceramic materials, process, equipment and designs.
  • US citizen or PR, working permit for outstanding candidates.
  • Working in San Diego, America’s Finest City!
  • Traveling to Asia at 25-35%

Send resume to with compensation history. AEM Components @ AEM Inc. @

Ray Petit
Pacific Rim Engineering
P.O. Box 230667 Encinitas, CA 92023


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