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:: Alternate Finishing, Inc. Saw 65% Sales Jump in the Latest Quarter (full story)

:: Recent PTI Blog Posts (full story)

:: DYCONEX qualifies new Multibond process for high-reliability PCBs (full story)

:: Optically Clear UV Curable System from Master Bond Offers High Bond Strength and Fast Cures (full story)

:: New Web Site Strengthens Remtec’s Position as Leader in Providing Ceramic Packaging Solutions for Demanding DC Power Electronic Applications (full story)

:: AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) Produces COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156, a Patented Compressible Phase Change Thermal Interface Pad for LED Luminaire, Large MCPWB and Electronic Power Module Heat Dissipation (full story)

:: Thank you to the IMAPS 2014 Exhibiting Companies! (full story)

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:: Commission-based Sales Agents (full story)

:: Finetech - Regional Sales Manager (Manchester NH) (full story)

:: Seeking 4 Engineers & Sr. Level Technician - Contact Pacific Rim Engineering (full story)

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Alternate Finishing, Inc. Saw 65% Sales Jump in the Latest Quarter

As compared to the previous quarter, the sales increase demonstrates customers’ continued trust in the company as well as the improved demand since the sequester about a year ago.

Alternate Finishing specializes in electroplating and electroless plating of nickel, silver, and gold on electronic printed circuits. It serves aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial and consumer products industries. Founded 12 years ago in Greater Boston, the company serves U.S. and Canadian markets.

More detail can be found in the company’s website at

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Recent PTI Blog Posts

An Introduction to Plasma Cleaning
Plasma cleaning is defined as a process that uses an ionized gas to interact with a substrate in order to remove contamination and/or modify its surface. Plasma cleaning, therefore, is much more than just a cleaning process, it is also a surface modification process and an etching process. Read more:


Part 2: Extending Production Throughput – Get Support from the Experts
Assistance with a bonder should not begin and end with its purchase. Such complex, sophisticated machinery requires support from experts that know the equipment, its capabilities, and its requirements. This is necessary to achieve maximum throughput and efficiency. Otherwise, what’s the true value of a bonder that is functioning at only a fraction of its potential? Read more:


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DYCONEX qualifies new Multibond process for high-reliability PCBs

DYCONEX has installed a new pre-treatment tunnel machine so it can provide an in-house Multibond process. Today, that process is qualified for flex PCBs and inner layers of rigid products.

Multibond is applied to high-reliability multilayer PCBs to improve the bonding between the single layers of a board. The underlying principle is a micro-roughening process in combination with an organic copper conversion coating for PCB inner layers. The new treatment leads to an improved adhesion between them and the prepregs, thus enhances the peel strenghts of the whole circuit board.

Furthermore, Multibond is also applied to roughen copper layers in order to improve CO2 laser drill energy absorption. This leads to better via quality and enhanced throughput.

To gain a deeper understanding on how Multibond can improve your PCB performance, please contact us at:


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Optically Clear UV Curable System from Master Bond Offers High Bond Strength and Fast Cures

Specially formulated to optimize bond strength, Master Bond UV15-42C is a UV curable system for bonding, sealing and coating applications. This smooth paste can be applied vertically without sagging. As an optically clear compound, it is often used in the fiber-optic, optical, electronic, aerospace and specialty OEM industries.

This one part system bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including glass, metals, composites, rubbers and most plastics. Adhesion to acrylic and polycarbonates is exceptional. UV15-42C also features a tensile strength of 5,000-6,000 psi and a tensile modulus of 250,000-300,000 psi at room temperature. Its toughness enables it to withstand thermal cycling as well as mechanical shock. UV15-42C is also resistant to chemicals such as water, oils, cleaning agents, acids and bases.

It cures readily in 10-30 seconds upon exposure to a UV light source emitting a 320-365 nm wavelength with an energy output of 20-40 milliwatts/cm2. UV15-42C is not oxygen inhibited and will cure in thicknesses up to ¼ inch. This electrically insulative, dimensionally stable system has low shrinkage upon curing.

UV15-42C is serviceable from -65°F to +300°F and is available for use in syringes and cartridges. It can also be purchased in ½ pint, pint and quart containers.


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New Web Site Strengthens Remtec’s Position as Leader in Providing Ceramic Packaging Solutions for Demanding DC Power Electronic Applications

Remtec Inc. has completed a new, comprehensive web site that strengthens Remtec’s position as the leader in providing ceramic solutions for DC power electronics, optoelectronics and RF/MW applications. The new site  provides a simple graphic overview of  company  capabilities and products starting from its core PCTF® technology products  such as leadless ceramic SMT chip carriers, substrates and packages (hermetic and non-hermetic),  laser and photodiode submounts and  LED submounts. It also describes other Remtec added-value ceramic technologies:  low cost AgENIG® substrates, high density thick films and direct bond copper.   Any of  these  categories can be quickly accessed and provide the engineer with examples, photos and drawings as well as  complete technical data in a wide range of commercial, industrial and military industries.

 For those circuit designers and engineers desiring more detailed support, there is quick access to general design rules, DBC design rules, process capabilities and technical articles.  For prospects and customers interested in manufacturing capabilities, the simple link provides a complete view of operations including state-of-the-art automated thick film processing, electroplating and autocatalytic plating, a class 100,000 clean room and the latest quality control equipment.  Navigation throughout the site is intuitive, the data is fast loading and presented clearly, and the opportunity for additional information and support is readily available.

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AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) Produces COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156, a Patented Compressible Phase Change Thermal Interface Pad for LED Luminaire, Large MCPWB and Electronic Power Module Heat Dissipation

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) introduces COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156, a new class of thermal interface material with extreme compressibility to fill in all uneven and unparallel thermal interface surfaces in LED luminaire modules, large area power modules and large area metal-core printed wiring board (MCPWB) applications.

COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156 dispenses like a thermal pad with immediate high performance.  When the module operates and heats to above 45°C, the interface pad (COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156) will melt-flow to provide the lowest thermal interface even in comparison to the best of thermal greases.

Side-by-side performance measurements demonstrate that, compared to standard pads in LED luminaire lights, COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156 lowers the temperature by 10-20% and lowers the heat-sink to module junction temperature from 60°C to less than 56°C.

COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156 has high thermal conductivity and low Tg characteristics that impose minimum thermal stress on bonded parts during thermal cycling or shock testing.

COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156 is optimized to accommodate large areas with different heights and gaps of less than 3-mil along its interfacing area.  It is filled with a modified boron nitride admixture and is electrically insulating at normal voltage. It is designed to have high compressibility as applied in comparison to traditional thermal pads. Once the device temperature reaches 45°C, COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156 will "melt-flow" to fill even the smallest of trapped air along the interface between the device and heat-sink or heat-spreader.

COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156 is designed for thermal interface applications to withstand the worst of temperature and moisture exposure in outdoor LED luminaire applications of outdoor LED lighting. Of course, the same phase-change pad works great for large area power modules, power converters for solar panels and metal core printed circuit boards populated with components that have substantial height differentials.

COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156 is semi-tacky on both sides for optimum thermal transfer performance – two release liners keep the tacky sides clean, however the liners are easily removed.   The pad can be cut to accommodate custom sizes.  COOL-GUMPAD™ CGP7156 is available in 40 mil (1.0mm) and 20 mil (.5mm) thicknesses.

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) Web Address:
Media Contact: Amy Grossman, (609) 799-9388,



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Thank you to the IMAPS 2014 Exhibiting Companies!

Thank you to all the companies that have signed up to exhibit at IMAPS 2014 San Diego already. The 47th International Symposium on Microelectronics will be held in sunny San Diego from October 13-16 at the Town & Country. The exhibit hall is filling fast but some good spots still remain. Contact with questions or to reserve a booth.

Download PDF of Booth Application | Floorplan | 2013 Exhibitors.

Exhibitor Contact name Booth Booth Type Booth Category
Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc. Duryea Herb R 506 10 x 10 Corner
ACM Research, Inc. Lee Michael 421 10 x 10 Corner
AdTech Ceramics Brown Douglas 616 10 x 10 Corner
Advanced Dicing Technologies Leonhardt Jason 415 10 x 10 In-Line
AI Technology, Inc. Amigh Richard 402 10 x 10 In-Line
AMICRA Microtechnologies GmbH Weinhaendler Johann 330 10 x 10 Corner
ASM Pacific Technology, Ltd. Koh Terence 504 10 x 10 Corner
ATV Technologie GmbH Kowalsky Siegfried 617 10 x 10 Corner
Azimuth Electronics, Inc. Hall RoJea 509 10 x 10 Corner
Besi North America, Inc. Kok Alice 225 10 x 10 In-Line
Cleanlogix LLC Jackson Amanda 229 10 x 10 In-Line
Conductive Containers, Inc. Burton Zach 417 10 x 10 Corner
CVInc Collier Terence 327 10 x 10 In-Line
Deweyl Tool Company, Inc. Palmer Johanna 408 10 x 10 In-Line
East China Research Institute of Microelectronics Wang Tony 512 10 x 10 In-Line
Electronic Production Partners GmbH Stenger Henry 501 10 x 10 Corner
Element Six Technologies US Corp. Obeloer Thomas 530 10 x 10 Corner
Epoxy Technology, Inc. McCabe Joseph D 407 10 x 10 Corner
F & K Delvotec, Inc. Mehran Farnaz 514 10 x 20 Corner
Finetech, Inc. Gerard Adrienne 317 10 x 10 Corner
FRT of America, LLC Flynn Paul 620 10 x 10 Corner
Gannon & Scott Conway Raymond J. 510 10 x 10 Corner
Geib Refining Corporation Gervais Michael 301 10 x 10 In-Line
Gel-Pak/Quik-Pak Nunes Jennifer 312 10 x 10 Corner
Haiku Tech, Inc. De Moya Martin I 115 10 x 10 In-Line
Harrop Industries, Inc. Timmel Paul 522 10 x 10 In-Line
Hary Manufacturing Incorporated Hary Paul 104 10 x 10 Corner
HD Microsystems Vernon Joan 128 10 x 20 Corner
Heraeus Thick Film Division Yin Yin 205 10 x 20 Island
Hesse Mechatronics, Inc. Bubel Joseph S 309 10 x 20 Corner
Hi-Rel Laboratories, Inc Devaney Roger M 413 10 x 10 In-Line
i3 Electronics (formerly Endicott Interconnect Technologies) Orband James 507 10 x 10 In-Line
Indium Corporation Cruz-Griffith Victoria 217 10 x 10 In-Line
Infinite Graphics Maitland Pete 314 10 x 10 In-Line
Inkron Ltd. Martens Patrick Michael 614 10 x 10 In-Line
Interconnect Systems, Inc. Gagnon Dave 401 10 x 10 In-Line
Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. Muenchow Jerry 215 10 x 10 In-Line
Kyocera America, Inc. Labadie Iris 410 10 x 10 In-Line
LINTEC OF AMERICA, INC Snow Mary 214 10 x 10 Corner
Metalor Technologies USA Nicholls Gary 209 10 x 20 Island
Microcertec S.A.S. Charbonnier Alain 605 10 x 20 Corner
MicroCoat Technologies Forman Samuel 605 10 x 20 Corner
MicroScreen LLC Wallace Holly 316 10 x 10 Corner
Micross Components Smith Scott 420 10 x 10 Corner
Mini-Systems, Inc. Tourgee Craig 406 10 x 10 In-Line
MRSI Systems LLC Medernach Jon 231 10 x 10 Corner
NAMICS Corporation McLaughlin Kevin 320 10 x 10 Corner
Natel Electronic Manufacturing Services, Inc. Angeloni James A 105 Island - 20 x 20 Island
Neu Dynamics Corp. Johnson Don 405 10 x 10 Corner
NorCom Systems, Inc. Aubertin Chris 210 10 x 10 Corner
Nordson DAGE Kardjian Aram 227 10 x 10 In-Line
NTK Technologies, Inc. Stoops Mariel 517 10 x 10 Corner
Palomar Technologies, Inc. Sylvester Jessica 221 10 x 20 Corner
Perfection Products, Inc. Vickery John 505 10 x 10 Corner
Photofabrication Engineering, Inc. Grande Judy 111 10 x 10 Corner
Plasma-Therm, LLC Messineo Nancy 108 10 x 20 Island
Polysciences, Inc. Gidzinski Ashley 422 10 x 10 In-Line
Reldan Metals Co., Div of AR Metals, LLC Whitaker Kathleen 521 10 x 10 Corner
Riv, Inc. Keefe Tania M 100 10 x 10 Corner
Royce Instruments, Inc. Heras Greg 321 10 x 10 Corner
Rudolph Technologies Cilip Claire 520 10 x 10 Corner
Sales & Service, Inc. Winn Chris 423 10 x 10 In-Line
SANTIER Thermal Management Solutions Klun Leonard D 500 10 x 10 In-Line
SavanSys Solutions LLC Palesko Amy 329 10 x 10 Corner
Semi Dice, Inc. Minter Darin 102 10 x 10 In-Line
Sikama International, Inc. Skeen Phil 213 10 x 10 Corner
Sonoscan, Inc. Lykowski Janet 315 10 x 10 Corner
Souriau PA&E Kalkowski Rick 414 10 x 10 Corner
SST International Wilson Bruce A 305 10 x 20 Corner
Stellar Industries Corp. Corley Barbara 400 10 x 10 In-Line
TDK Corporation Lambeth Sara 606 10 x 10 In-Line
Technic, Inc. Sheeran Robert 411 10 x 10 Corner
Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies, Inc. Fletcher Sharon 300 10 x 10 Corner
Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC Kuang Ken 515 10 x 10 Corner
TPT Wire Bonder Gold Jonathan 325 10 x 10 In-Line
Tresky Corporation Weil Allen 323 10 x 10 In-Line
UBOTIC Company Ltd. Adams Julie A. 322 10 x 10 Corner
Unisem Group Lee Angela 524 10 x 10 In-Line
West Bond, Inc. Witters Lorri 416 10 x 10 Corner
XYZTEC Haley Tom 404 10 x 10 Corner
YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC. Yin Wusheng 326 10 x 10 Corner
YXLON International, Inc. Floyd Randy 502 10 x 10 In-Line
Zeta Instruments Velidandla Vamsi 604 10 x 10 Corner
Total Booths: 96


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:: Job Openings ::

Commission-based Sales Agents

Alternate Finishing, Inc. is recruiting sales agents. The sales agents should be familiar with electronics in various areas such as defense, medical, high-tech, consumer product, industrial product, and R&D. The company ( has the tradition and know-how to produce high-quality plating on circuit boards and ceramic thick and thin films. It plates nickel, silver, and gold via electroplate and electroless methods.

Interested parties should contact Jim Zhao at

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Finetech - Regional Sales Manager (Manchester NH)

We are currently seeking an experienced, energetic and motivated technical sales manager with hands on experience in the semiconductor packaging or microelectronics market.
Location:  Manchester, NH

Responsibilities include:

  • Manage all aspects of driving new sales opportunities and maintaining and growing existing accounts in a defined Eastern US territory.
  • Qualify and prioritize all incoming sales leads  and follow through to closure.
  • Configure systems and tooling quotations, respond to formal RFQ’s.
  • Make technical product presentations to customers,  utilizing a consultative process approach.
  • Effectively communicate with and advise senior management, engineering, chief scientists, researchers, professors and students.
  • Assist with or lead hands-on equipment demonstrations.
  • Work with US and Germany Finetech teams to manage all details of system sales, from proposal through post installation.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (EE, ME, or Sciences preferred).
  • 5+ years of Regional Sales or Sales engineering experience in semiconductor/microelectronics related markets.
  • Specific experience with semiconductor equipment and advanced packaging is preferred. Experience in die bonding strongly desired.
  • Confident, hands-on approach to equipment sales and consultative skills a must.
  • Experienced traveler with willingness to travel 50%+, and adaptability to schedule changes.  Will involve travel primarily in Eastern North America.  Occasional travel to customer sites and tradeshows  throughout North America, as well as the factory in Germany.
  • Must be  capable of thriving in a small company “can do” atmosphere.  The ability to multi-task, problem solve and take initiative is a must.
  • Strong organizational, follow-up and communication skills a must.
  • Proficiency in MS Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, sales forecasting is assumed.

Submit resumes to:

We thank all applicants in advance for their interest; however, only those being considered for an interview will be contacted.



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Seeking 4 Engineers & Sr. Level Technician - Contact Pacific Rim Engineering

Seeking 4 Engineers in the materials and Ceramic technology also a Sr. level Technician hands on in the Thick Film technology please send your resume to the following contact.

1. Material Scientist/Engineer, BS/MS/Ph.D. in materials science + 5 or more years of experience in paste formulation.

2. Process Engineer, BS in Engineering, 3+ years of experience in LTCC or MLCC cofired or hybrid processes.Thick Film knowledge helpful

Location is in Sunny San Diego, CA The positions are opened to the students who have US citizenship or green card.

Ray Petit
Pacific Rim Engineering
P.O. Box 230667 Encinitas, CA 92023


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