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:: DuPont™ CooLam® Featured at Strategies in Light (full story)

:: Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies Celebrates Half a Century of Innovation (full story)

:: Non-Drip, One Component Silicone Offers High Temperature Resistance, Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Isolation (full story)

:: Kulicke & Soffa Creates Connections and Redefines Solutions at the Grand Opening of their Corporate Headquarters (full story)

:: Nordson EFD's New ValveMate 9000 Precision Valve Controller Offers Next Generation Dispense Valve Functionality (full story)

:: Delphon Appoints Rajesh Varma To Chief Technology Officer (full story)

:: CTE Matched TPG-EX Composite Heat Sink For Microelectronics and Optoelectronics (full story)

:: Microelectronic Packaging Training from TJ Green Associates (full story)

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:: Kulicke & Soffa - Process Development Engineer (full story)

:: Kyocera America - Sales Engineer, Fishkill, NY (full story)

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DuPont™ CooLam® Featured at Strategies in Light

New Patented Thermal Substrates Effectively Dissipate Heat in 3D LED Lighting Applications

DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials (DuPont) highlighted its innovative portfolio of DuPont™ CooLam® thermal substrates and delivered a key technical presentation during Strategies in Light 2014 in Santa Clara, Calif., from Feb. 25-27, at booth #414.  The CooLam® product line includes CooLam® 3D, a thermal substrate for bendable metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs), for which DuPont was recently awarded four U.S. patents.  The patents are related to the CooLam® 3D flexible layered structure, having a top conductive layer, a bottom heat sink layer and a middle dielectric layer to create an extremely reliable, bendable thermal substrate technology. 

“The lighting industry continues to develop LEDs with higher lumens per watt which drives the need for thermal substrate technologies that deliver better thermal management and reliability,” said Michael J. Green, global business development manager, DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials.  “We are excited to once again gather with industry experts at Strategies in Light to discuss the future of LED lighting and how our patented DuPont™ CooLam® materials can offer unique solutions to meet our customers’ growing thermal management needs.”

DuPont™ CooLam® thermal substrates are designed to dissipate heat in LED lighting applications which help enable LED manufacturers to offer products with longer life, greater reliability and better light quality.  Made with a proprietary polyimide dielectric specially designed to be thermally conductive, DuPont™ CooLam® thermal substrates dissipate heat more rapidly and more reliably than conventional filled epoxy-based boards.  With very low thermal impedance, and a maximum operating temperature of 180° C, CooLam® thermal substrates help ensure stable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions.  DuPont® CooLam® thermal substrates are used in submount, chip-on-board and metal core printed circuit board LED packaging applications.

DuPont also delivered a technical presentation during the conference focused on the impact of thermal substrate construction on LED junction temperature.  Stacy Hamlet, mechanical engineering consultant for DuPont, discussed how different board constructions can impact the heat spreading of an LED module or bulb which in turn impacts LED junction temperatures.  The presentation reviewed a number of typical LED module designs.

The newest patents issued are U.S. Patent Nos. 8,629,464; 8,637,880; D685932 and D687980, all entitled “Three Dimensional Light Emitting Diode Systems, and Compositions and Methods Relating Thereto.” 

For more information, please visit  In addition to CooLam® thermal substrates, DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials offers a broad and growing portfolio of products including dry film photoresists and phototooling films for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) imaging, polyimide films, flexible circuit materials and embedded passive materials.

The Switch75 light bulb, which is enabled by DuPont™ CooLam® 3-D technology, allows LEDs to remain cool while emitting optimal light output.

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Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies Celebrates Half a Century of Innovation

Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies (TMT is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  For half a century, TMT’s Los Angeles facility served as the manufacturing center of excellence for multi-chip modules and advanced microelectronics packaging solutions for the aerospace, defense, medical and industrial markets.  In 2013, TMT moved its production facility to Lewisburg, Tenn., where it is poised for the next half century of innovation and agile service to meet our customer's requirements. 

Established in 1964, TMT has been at the forefront of microelectronics packaging innovation.  Over the past half century, TMT has produced millions of microelectronic circuits that have performed countless hours of service.  Pioneering space- level electronics for NASA, Teledyne microcircuits are still operating on the Voyager space probe now beyond the solar system, far exceeding life expectancy.  Teledyne is the leading trusted source for virtually every industry, for a broad range of microelectronic manufacturing disciplines, in the smallest form factors. 

“In this world of rapidly changing technologies and ever more complex systems, TMT continues to evolve to meet new paradigms in size, weight and performance,” said Shane Green, Vice President and General Manager of Teledyne Microelectronics Technologies.  “We take pride in our quality and ability to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations by providing innovative solutions and superior service.”

TMT completed its move to Lewisburg, Tenn. in 2013, creating a synergistic and more cost effective business model that maximizes Teledyne’s brand pedigree.  As Green explained, “This move allows us to provide better service to our customer with a vertically integrated turn-key manufacturing answer.  The addition of high reliability hermetic packaging complements our existing high density, high complexity circuit card assemblies, providing our customer with a one stop packaging solution.”



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Non-Drip, One Component Silicone Offers High Temperature Resistance, Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Isolation

Placing an emphasis on convenient handling, Master Bond MasterSil 705TC features a paste consistency that doesn’t require mixing. This single component system sets up in 7 minutes and has a non-corrosive cure at room temperature when exposed to atmospheric humidity.

Suitable for a variety of bonding, sealing and coating applications, MasterSil 705TC delivers thermal conductivity of 14 BTU·in/(h·ft²·°F) or 2.1 W/m·K and retains its electrical insulation properties. This system can also withstand temperatures ranging from -60°F to 400°F. It adheres well to metals, composites and many plastics. As a silicone based system, MasterSil 705TC is also flexible and offers a degree of reworkablity.
This off-white colored silicone is available in 130 gram (100 cc) tubes and has a shelf life of 6 months at room temperature.

Master Bond One Component Silicones
MasterSil 705TC is thermally conductive and electrically insulative for bonding, sealing and coating applications. This single component system is easy to handle, cures readily at ambient temperatures and eliminates the need for mixing and. Read more about Master Bond’s one part silicones at or contact Tech Support. Phone: +1-201-343-8983 Fax: +1-201-343-2132 Email:

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Kulicke & Soffa Creates Connections and Redefines Solutions at the Grand Opening of their Corporate Headquarters

Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. celebrated the Grand Opening of their corporate headquarters, spanning nearly 200,000 square feet.  This new facility was customized according to K&S needs and developed in conjunction with Mapletree Industrial Trust.  It encompasses the company’s corporate office, manufacturing, research & development, marketing, sales & services, and customer training center. 

The new K&S facility employs almost 600 full-time employees and shows a growing presence in Singapore, leveraging the country’s skilled workforce, while being strategically placed for their primarily Asia customer base. Singapore is also a good fit for K&S, with its supportive government, and emerging presence as a center of excellence for science and technology development.   K&S relocated their corporate headquarters to Singapore in 2010 and broke ground on the new site in May of 2012.

Mr. Bruno Guilmart, President and CEO of K&S, said, “Based on market forecasts, the rapid adoption of 3D/TSV over the next few years shows an emerging advanced packaging sector that will be our next wave of growth.  We are engaging industry leaders early, to deliver best-in-class advanced packing solutions to our customers.”

“The opening of Kulicke and Soffa’s global headquarters building is a celebration of the company’s strong partnership with Singapore. It is also a testament to our precision engineering industry’s successful transformation over the years, from mass production of low value-added parts to high value-added engineering and manufacturing, including the manufacture of complex equipment,” said Mr. Chang Chin Nam, Executive Director, Economic Development Board. “By establishing its corporate headquarters and second largest R&D center in Singapore, Kulicke and Soffa will be well-positioned to capture growth opportunities in the Asian market.”

K&S proudly welcomed the Guest of Honor for the Opening Ceremony, Mr. S. Iswaran, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Home Affairs and Second Minister for Trade and Industry.

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Nordson EFD's New ValveMate 9000 Precision Valve Controller Offers Next Generation Dispense Valve Functionality

Nordson EFD has, introduced the new ValveMate™ 9000, state-of-the-art precision valve controller. The intricate microprocessor circuitry ensures the dispensing of precise, accurate, and repeatable amounts of the adhesives, lubricants, and other assembly fluids used in many of today's advanced products, such as medical devices, automotive components, and portable electronics. The ValveMate 9000 incorporates advanced features such as Auto-Increment mode that adjusts dispensing parameters after a certain number of shots or a specific elapsed time.

The ValveMate 9000 offers independent dual-valve control programming, each with 24 watt temperature controllers for J-type thermocouples. Each channel can drive a remote high-speed solenoid valve up to 500Hz. At such fast dispense speeds, the high voltage can potentially damage the dispense system, so the ValveMate 9000 incorporates a clever solution with a unique spike-and-hold functionality. When properly set, the spike-and-hold function allows the controller to spike the voltage for a user-specified spike time and then throttle the voltage down to a user-specified hold voltage after the spike time expires.

In addition, two electronic pressure regulators (EPRs) provide stability in the fluid reservoir by maintaining consistent dispensing with full-to-empty pressure control. This allows the system to compensate for periodically changing conditions, such as fluid viscosity changes, and can be used to alter the dispensing patterns and create deposits of different sizes.

Unlike existing controllers, the ValveMate 9000 offers the ability to remotely program the set-up parameters of the dispense station from the host PC or programmable logic controller (PLC). This feature enables adjustments to be made quickly and easily on-the-fly, without stopping the production line.

"Valve controllers offer an extremely accurate and cost-effective way to regulate the dispensing cycle and keep assembly lines running at maximum efficiency, without the need for time-consuming programming or mechanical adjustments that require the production line to be shut down," said Claude Bergeron, EFD global product line manager. "The benefits of controlled fluid dispensing include higher yields, greater process control, better quality, less rework, fewer rejects, and lower production costs."

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Delphon Appoints Rajesh Varma To Chief Technology Officer

Delphon, a worldwide provider of high-quality, innovative products and services to high-technology companies, today announced the appointment of Rajesh Varma to Chief Technology Officer.  Mr. Varma will support all four of Delphon’s divisions, including Gel-Pak, Quik-Pak, UltraTape, and TouchMark.

Mr. Varma joined the Delphon management team in 2012 as Director of Technology and has played a significant role in developing new materials for Delphon’s next generation of products.  In his new role, Mr. Varma and his team will be responsible for the development, implementation, optimization and support of the company’s materials and technology.  In addition, he will oversee the Delphon analytical services lab, providing technical support to customers in order to accelerate evaluation of Delphon’s new materials. 

Mr. Varma brings significant experience in material analysis, development, new product design and business development to the position.  Prior to joining Delphon, Mr. Varma was instrumental in research and development of polymer-based products for companies including Neocork Technologies and PolyOne/GLS Corporation where he served as Director of Technology and Commercial Innovation Manager respectively. “Investing in Delphon’s engineering and development efforts is key to the future growth of the company and Raj’s expertise along with the talent of the team will position Delphon for our next phase of growth,” says Jeanne Beacham, Delphon CEO


Delphon Industries’ mission is to provide high-quality, innovative products and services to the high-technology industry.  To that end, the company operates four divisions:  Gel-Pak of Hayward, CA; Quik-Pak of San Diego, CA; TouchMark of Hayward, CA; and UltraTape of Salem, OR.


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CTE Matched TPG-EX Composite Heat Sink For Microelectronics and Optoelectronics

Details soon...

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Microelectronic Packaging Training from TJ Green Associates

TJ Green Associates is once again proud to present an entire week of public courses in Singapore. Microelectronic Packaging Courses- Singapore

The training classes will be held Feb 24-28th at: Palomar Technologies (SE Asia) Pte Ltd,  A convenient 20 minute taxi ride from downtown Singapore and accessible via the MRT

US Public Course 2014 Public Course Training:

Microwave Packaging Technology (3 Days)
Boston, MA
May 7-9th    2014

This course is intended as an introductory to intermediate level course for process engineers, designers, quality engineers, and managers responsible for design and manufacture of microwave hybrids and microwave packaging technology. Microwave Hybrids, MICs, RF MMIC modules all require a unique set of materials and processes necessary to achieve reliable operations in extreme military, aerospace and commercial environments. This three day course examines all aspects of microwave packaging from a practical perspective.
Full Course Outline & Registration Info

Wirebond Certification Training (3 Days)
Bethlehem PA
April 29th –May 1st   2014

This is an intense three day course that combines classroom activities and "hands-on" skills at the wirebonder. Students have to demonstrate a basic level of wire bonding proficiency and pass a written test at the end.  Older model manual ball and wedge bonders are used to teach the basic skills of wirebonding and associated trouble shooting.  In addition high/ low power microscopes and wire pull test equipment allows the student to see and fell what makes for a good bond. Visual inspection and defect recognition are in accordance with MIL-STD-883 TM 2017 and TM 2010.
Full Course Outline & Registration Info

Process Certification and Defect Recognition: Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF MMIC Modules (4 Days)
Bethlehem PA
April 1-3rd    2014

This process certification is a must for quality, process, manufacturing engineers, designers and senior technicians and ideal for inspectors and line operators looking to broaden their knowledge base and understanding of visual inspection criteria and materials and processes used to assemble Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF MMIC Modules for high reliability Military and aerospace applications. Trained instructors with years of industry experience deliver the material in a straight forward and easy to understand format. 
Full Course Outline & Registration Info


Additional public training courses are scheduled throughout  the year and are available in plant.  Check the TJ Green LLC  website for up to date course schedules and locations.

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:: Job Openings ::

Kulicke & Soffa - Process Development Engineer
Kulicke & Soffa (K&S), a global leader in the design and manufacturing of semiconductor assembly equipment. As one of the pioneers of the industry, K&S has provided customers with market leading packaging solutions for decades. In recent years, K&S has expanded its product offerings through strategic acquisitions, adding die bonding, wedge bonding and a broader range of expendable tools to its core ball bonding products. Combined with its extensive expertise in process technology, K&S is well positioned to help customers meet the challenges of assembling the next-generation semiconductor devices.

We are currently searching for a Process Development Engineer. Candidates must be able to:

  • Use professional concepts in accordance with company objectives to solve complex problems in creative and effective ways.
  • Work on complex problems where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of various factors.
  • Exercise judgement within broadly defined practices and policies in selecting methods, techniques and evaluation for obtaining results.

Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to:

  • Develops new or optimizes existing flip chip processes to complex process problems that require sophisticated analysis by using design of experiments (DOE) or other analytical methods, metrology tools or sound engineering judgement and experience.
  • Under minimal instructions, uses broad knowledge of die bonding process engineering to lead the transfer of customer processes onto our machine platform to qualify our machine on customers devices.
  • Coordinates and provides technical assistance and support to project leaders, designers, technicians or drafters as and when required to meet project schedule. May take responsibility for meeting project milestones of overall product or subsystem.
  • Prepares and develops complex testing, quality control specifications, test methods and procedures for process related buy off of systems.
  • Formulates system requirements, specifications for systems or subsystems and works with inter departmental, international teams to engineer systems accordingly.
  • Presents concepts, data, and recommendations to management in formal design reviews, to customers in technical presentations or trainees.
  • Coordinate technical activity and provide guidance of non-exempt personnel and jr. engineers as necessary to meet project schedules.
  • Prepares technical reports, memorandum as required.
  • Interfaces with customers, vendors, technical writers, field service, and quality control concerning any aspect of process flow or performance. Gathers feedback for R&D consolidation.
  • Prepares and conduct complex machine demos independently.
  • Determine methods and procedures on new assignments

Job Specifications:

  • Knowledge or wide-range experience in die bonding as well as die bonding related processes.
  • Good semiconductor material knowledge.
  • Experience on Advanced 3DIC processes including Thermo Compression Bonding, TSV, NCP, NCF will be an asset.

Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, (a Master’s Degree is preferred) and at least 5 – 8 years of experience. Must have good oral and written communication skills and be a team player. Must be detail-oriented with superior organizational skills and the ability to work effectively and independently. Proficiency in statistical software a plus.

Leslie Peoples
Senior Recruiter
Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc

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Kyocera America - Sales Engineer, Fishkill, NY
Experience a challenging and stimulating career at Kyocera America, Inc. (KAI). We are a global product technology leader seeking an effective sales professional for our Fishkill, NY Sales Office.

As a Sales Engineer, you will be responsible for managing and developing sales strategies for the Organic Products Division of KAI that provide products such as: FCBGA’s, FCCSP’s, PCB’s and chemicals for micro-electronic assembly applications.

The incumbent’s responsibility will be to increase business within an assigned territory and maintain a strong relationship with customers by conducting the following:

  • Create and support development activity within the customer base
  • Facilitate contract negotiations
  • Resolve customer complaints and other commercial requirements
  • Communicate and engage (internally & externally) with engineering, management, production, quality, & purchasing personnel at all levels. Strong communication skills are required as the Sales Engineer be the conduit for any information between the customers and other internal personnel (Production, Quality, Logistics, etc).
  • Interact with customers will be required regularly to identify customer needs, monitor competitive activity, conduct market analysis and provide feedback.
  • Provide updates to customers by presenting technical roadmaps and R&D activities. Therefore strong presentation skills and technical aptitude is required
  • Establish monthly sales goals (MSP) and guidance for annual (Master Plan) and 3-year sales plan within assigned account base

Requires a bachelor degree or equivalent job knowledge. Candidates with engineering degrees are preferred. A minimum of 3 years of on-the-job experience.


  • Key skills and abilities include self-motivated with a proven track record in sales and influencing others
  • Semiconductor or technical manufacturing industry experience is required.
  • Strong written communication and verbal skills • Keen problem solving and analytical ability.
  • Travel to customer sites, Kyocera factories and trade shows as needed, approx 30%

To apply, email your resume to: please reference Job Code IMAPS on the subject line. EOE


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