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:: Remtec Expands Direct Bond Copper (DBC) Product Offerings Adding Copper Filled Vias, Copper Bore Coated Holes, Solder Mask and Assembly Option Capabilities (full story)

:: Quick Turn, NRE Free, Hermetic Implantable Feed-thrus & Endoscope Windows from SOURIAU PA&E (full story)

:: Palomar Technologies Announces the Latest in Wedge Bonding Technology: The 9000 Wedge Bonder (full story)

:: Micro Systems Engineering Completes Cleanroom Expansion (full story)

:: Gore Introduces New Microwave RF Assembly Calculator (full story)

:: Master Bond’s Two Part, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy Features Ultra Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (full story)

:: Yole Développement Welcomes Steven LaFerriere Business Development Director for the Northern America Region (full story)

:: TJ Green Announces a Full Day “Intro to Micro” Training Class (PDC) at Device Packaging Symposium on March 16th in Phoenix, AZ (full story)

:: AI Technology, Inc (AIT) Develops Ultra-Thin Die-Attach Film (DAF) Adhesive for New Generation of Ultra-Thin Memory Stacked Chip Devices (full story)

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:: Inside Sales Representative in Southern California (full story)

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Remtec Expands Direct Bond Copper (DBC) Product Offerings Adding Copper Filled Vias, Copper Bore Coated Holes, Solder Mask and Assembly Option Capabilities

Remtec Inc.(, has expanded its Direct Copper Bond (DBC) substrate capabilities. New capabilities include solid copper filled vias and copper bore coated holes providing front-to-back  connections and thermal paths for better heat management as well as solder mask and assembly options.

Solder mask options include liquid photo image-able LPI for higher resolution patterns, high operating temperature (400oC) solder mask and elevated reflectivity mask for high luminance requirements typical for LED applications.  Finally, Remtec complements DBC substrate fabrication with assembly capabilities including flying leads and pin/lug attachment onto metallized ceramics using CuSIL (copper-silver alloy) brazing and AuSn (gold tin) soldering.

Remtec offers a wide variety of DBC products on alumina and aluminum nitride with many versatile copper finish options including selective gold tin to ensure excellent solderability, wire bondability and product reliability.  The use of palladium plating enables economical assembly techniques including SMT soldering, low and high temperature die attach, aluminum wire, gold wire and ribbon bonding.

Now designers can utilize front-to-back connections, wire and terminal connections, flow-controlling solder mask and lead, pin and lug attachments on DBC substrates. Added DBC capabilities allow Remtec to address more applications in defense, aerospace, industrial power, medical instrumentation and green technologies.

For more information, please visit or stop by Booth 331 at APEX 2015, March 16-17 2015.
Editorial Contact:  Dean M. Wood   401-225-6789

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Quick Turn, NRE Free, Hermetic Implantable Feed-thrus & Endoscope Windows from SOURIAU PA&E

Design engineers working on implantable medical device or endoscope applications are often under increasing pressure to reduce both time-to-market and costs, without compromising quality or making performance tradeoffs.

Now, medical device manufacturers can more easily reach those goals by leveraging SOURIAU PA&E's "standard line" of hermetic implantable feed-thrus and endoscope windows.

SOURIAU PA&E has been manufacturing medical device components for 30+ years and in that time, the company has seen many common design parameters across both its implantable feed-thru and endoscope window product lines. The company's new standard product line encapsulates those design commonalities into a catalog of products that are ready to ship -- virtually eliminating multi-month lead times and NRE costs.

Hermetic Feed-Thrus for Implantable Devices

These feed-thrus are well suited for a variety of implantable applications, including: cardiac devices, neuro-stimulators, cochlear implants and more. This new product line includes 7 feed-thru configuration options - 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8 pins in both circular and oval formats. They all feature:

- Titanium body construction
- 0.01325'' OD (0.39 amp) platinum/iridium pins
- SOURIAU PA&E's industry proven Kryoflex® ceramic- to-metal sealing technology.

Pin pitches are .050" with one .100" layout available and .070'' or .360'' pin extensions are options. These connectors are leak checked to < 1 x 10-9 cc/sec He at 1 atm differential pressure. For more technical specifications, download the catalog here.


Examples of the New SOURIAU PA&E Standard Implantable Electrical Feed-thrus

Hermetic Endoscope Windows

SOURIAU PA&E's standard medical window products are ideal for endoscope coupler/camera, video camera and surgical navigation system applications. They feature sapphire glass (4mm, 5.5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 10mm clear aperture options) direct sealed into metal bezels with Kryoflex seals. Weld transition options include titanium grade 4, aluminum series 4000 or 304L/17-4PH stainless steel.

These windows are extremely robust and still exhibit a leak rate of <1 x 10-9 cc/sec He at 1 atm differential pressure after 1,200+ autoclave cycles.


SOURIAU PA&E's Hermetic Endoscope Windows Feature Direct
Ceramic-To-Metal Seals, Eliminating Metallization and Solder


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Palomar Technologies Announces the Latest in Wedge Bonding Technology: The 9000 Wedge Bonder

Palomar Technologies, has announced the launch of the 9000 Wedge Bonder. The 9000 Wedge Bonder is a high-speed fine wire wedge and ribbon bonder, offering control and flexibility. The 9000 features a large 12”x6” work area and the ability to easily change from a 45-60° wire feed range to 90° deep access. The quality control enabled by the 9000 is unparalleled, with real-time bond monitoring and process control software as well as a robust, low maintenance bond head. With the 9000 there is no need for an expensive bond head change, as the wire clamps are easily replaceable and adjustable.

There are seven strategic components to the 9000 Wedge Bonder that help customers achieve modern wedge bond requirements: large work area, inline factory automation, advanced user control, bond data miner, high-speed wire bonding, wire feed clamp versatility, and high-precision. Palomar Technologies pioneered the first automated fine wire wedge bonders in the 1980s and today carries the technological legacy into the industry’s most advanced fine wire wedge bonder on the market.

Operational Features for Control and Precision
The Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface® (i2Gi®) is an advanced GUI software feature implemented on the 9000 Wedge Bonder, and is an exclusive Palomar Technologies technology. i2Gi offers the required management tools for modern wedge bonding, from part design and development, to process validation, and finally to intuitive operations control. i2Gi was designed for 9000 Wedge Bonder operating technicians to work smarter, faster and with more control.

The natural navigation flow and interactive live graphical display of i2Gi lets bonder program developers and operators experience real-time bonding and part quality validation. i2Gi technology supports advanced wedge bond control through command tools which work in concert to provide a dynamic and intuitive user experience.

Process Advantages
The 9000 Wedge Bonder addresses a wide range of fine wire wedge bond applications including disk drives, large complex hybrids, MCM power connections, ribbon bonding, low profile wire bonds, running stitch interconnects, and fine pitch devices. Some process advantages of the 9000 Wire Bonder include providing various loop form functions, highly regulated constant wire length as well as loop height, individual loop shapes, and a loop length range from 70um to 20mm.

The 9000 Wedge Bonder also incorporates Bond Data MinerTM which is an all-inclusive and centralized data management and analysis system. This is a powerful tool to improve yield and utilization.

Delivering What Programmers Desire
Modern wedge bond requirements demand an automated, large bonding area system with scalability to increase production capacity without limiting performance. In order to achieve best efficiency at lowest cost, programmers and operators need relevant and real-time production feedback from their equipment.
With the 9000 Wedge Bonder, lab managers are able to have peace of mind that their bonder is fully supported by a highly trained team of field service and process development consultants. 

For more information, visit or | +1 760-931-3681
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Micro Systems Engineering Completes Cleanroom Expansion

Micro Systems Engineering (MSEI), an MST company and a leading specialist in the development and manufacture of electronic modules for active medical implants, has expanded its existing cleanroom capacity with a state of the art cleanroom, bringing total cleanroom area to 20’000 square feet.

The Class 10’000 rated cleanroom is qualified for medical implantable electronic manufacturing with the tightest environmental and cleanliness controls.  The space will house automated assembly and test equipment to support new business growth.

This expansion is spurred by strong customer demand for MSEI’s wide range of manufacturing processes, deep engineering capability, and highly skilled workforce.

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Gore Introduces New Microwave RF Assembly Calculator

W. L. Gore & Associates has introduced a new online tool for fast, easy microwave/RF cable assembly selection.  The GORE™ Microwave/RF Assembly Calculator is used to calculate insertion loss, VSWR and other parameters of GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies for different cable types. The Calculator is particularly useful when the initial cable type is unknown and needs to be specified independent of the connector. 

For more information, visit

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Master Bond’s Two Part, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy Features Ultra Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Master Bond EP42HT-2LTE is often chosen for a variety of bonding, sealing, coating and select casting applications in the electronic, aerospace, optical and specialty OEM industries. This two component epoxy has a flowable paste consistency that enables precise alignment with minimal fixturing. It cures at room temperature or more quickly with the addition of heat.

This system is notable for having a low coefficient of thermal expansion of 9-12 x 10-6 in/in/°C. With a tensile lap shear strength of over 1,200 psi, it bonds well to a wide variety of similar and dissimilar substrates, including metals, composites, ceramics, glass and many plastics. EP42HT-2LTE features superior electrical insulation properties, chemical resistance and dimensional stability over the wide service temperature range of -60°F to +300°F. It also offers low linear (<0.01%) and volumetric (<0.1%) shrinkage upon curing, which is useful for potting and encapsulation applications.

Featuring a light cream color, EP42HT-2LTE is prepared using a non-critical 100 to 40 mix ratio by weight or a 100 to 50 mix ratio by volume. After mixing a 100 gram batch, its working life is 60-90 minute open time. This product is available in standard packaging with sizes ranging from ½ pint to 5 gallon kits.

Master Bond Dimensionally Stable Adhesives
Master Bond EP42HT-2LTE is high temperature resistant, two part epoxy with an ultra low thermal expansion coefficient. This dimensionally stable system also features low linear and volumetric shrinkage upon cure. Read more about Master Bond’s dimensionally stable adhesives at or contact Tech Support. Phone: +1-201-343-8983 Fax: +1-201-343-2132 Email:

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Yole Développement Welcomes Steven LaFerriere Business Development Director for the Northern America Region

Steve will be your main contact for Yole Développement's market research publications, including collection of technology & market reports, manufacturing cost simulation tools, component reverse engineering & costing analysis and patent investigation, across the fields of expertise we cover. Moreover, with a close collaboration with Yole's technology & market analysts, he will develop custom's projects that fit with your needs. Also, you can meet with Steve during the main North America trade shows & conferences Yole's team will attend all along 2015.

Steven has more than 20 years of experience as a sales executive in the electronics marketplace, with an outstanding track record of customer problem solving. Prior to joining Yole Développement, he was a Senior Account Manager at IHS Corporation. His career also includes marketing positions and technical sales support at Avnet Electronics. Steven is a graduate of California State University Long Beach in Southern California

Feel free to contact him right now by:
- Email:
- Phone: +1 (310) 600 8267
- Skype: laferriere_yole


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TJ Green Announces a Full Day “Intro to Micro” Training Class (PDC) at Device Packaging Symposium on March 16th in Phoenix, AZ

This overview course is intended for those unfamiliar with microelectronics packaging technology. People in sales, purchasing, program management, new engineers, managers, equipment/material suppliers, people new to this industry or anyone looking to get a broad industry overview and review of the industry drivers, history and future trends are welcome to attend. This is an easy-to-follow class with lots of pass around samples and short video clips that puts everything in perspective and will allow you to understand where you sit in the microelectronics packaging food chain. Lots of time left for questions. To get more info or register, go through the IMAPS website at Device Packaging Symposium.

Additional Training Courses Offered by TJ Green Later This Year:

Process Certification and Defect Recognition: Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF/MMIC Modules (4 Days)
Bethlehem, PA
March 3-6, 2015

This four-day process certification course is a must for quality, process, manufacturing engineers, designers and senior technicians and ideal for inspectors and line operators looking to broaden their knowledge base and understanding of visual inspection criteria and materials and processes used to assemble Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF MMIC Modules for high reliability Military and aerospace applications. Trained instructors with years of industry experience deliver the material in a straightforward and easy-to-understand format.
Registration Form


Pre Cap Visual Inspection per MIL-STD-883 (TM 2017) (1 Day)
Bethlehem, PA
April 13, 2015

Hybrids/MCMs/RF Microwave Modules all require a visual inspection step just prior to encapsulation or hermetic seal. This is a critical process step that requires a high degree of operator skill and understanding of what to look for and reject as part of the inspection process. “Hands-on” training at the microscopes will supplement the classroom lecture.
The course is intended for quality assurance personnel, inspectors, lead operators and others responsible for inspection of the hardware prior to the final package sealing process.
Registration Form


Wire Bonding Certification (3 Days)
Bethlehem, PA
April 14-16, 2015

This is an intense three-day course that combines classroom activities and "hands-on" skills at the wire bonder. Students have to demonstrate a basic level of wire bonding proficiency and pass a written test at the end. Older model manual ball and wedge bonders are used to teach the basic skills of wire bonding and associated trouble shooting. In addition, high/ low power microscopes and wire pull test equipment allows the student to see and fell what makes for a good bond. Visual inspection and defect recognition are in accordance with MIL-STD-883 TM 2017 and TM 2010.
Registration Form


Packaging and Testing of Implanted Medical Devices (1 Day)
Bethlehem, PA
April 17, 2015

Implanted medical products such as cochlear implants and pacemakers along with an entire new generation of MEMS based sensors and drug delivery systems need to be packaged  in such a way as to survive the hardships of the body and perform reliably for five or ten years.
This course is a top to bottom review of both hermetic and non-hermetic packaging approaches for medical implants and is intended for process engineers, designers, quality engineers, and managers responsible for the reliability of the final product in vivo.
Registration Form


Microwave Packaging Technology (3 Days)
Boxborough, MA
May 6-8, 2015

This course is intended as an introductory to intermediate level course for process engineers, designers, quality engineers, and managers responsible for design and manufacture of microwave hybrids and microwave packaging technology.
This three-day course examines all aspects of microwave packaging from a practical perspective. The instructor shares valuable lessons learned from years of experience. Design issues, material tradeoffs, and process selection are all covered in detail. Microwave Design for Manufacturability DFM concepts are introduced and reinforced throughout the course.
Registration Form


Additional public training courses are scheduled throughout the year and are also available in-plant. Check the TJ Green LLC website for up-to-date course schedules and locations.

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AI Technology, Inc (AIT) Develops Ultra-Thin Die-Attach Film (DAF) Adhesive for New Generation of Ultra-Thin Memory Stacked Chip Devices

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) pioneered the first self-supporting Die-Attach Film (DAF) adhesive for advanced stacked-chip memory packages over 20 years ago. AIT is again revolutionizing wafer level semiconductor packaging by offering Ultra-Thin versions (3-5 microns) of its ESP7660-HKDAF. Using DAF at the wafer-level has become increasingly prevalent in die-attach for memory modules. However, continued success in wafer thinning technologies demands correspondingly thinner DAF, stacking as many as 20-50 chips for advanced performance in mobile devices. AIT’s new Ultra-Thin DAF, (available in thicknesses of 3-5 microns) meets and solves this challenging technical demand for thinner DAF in wafer level semiconductor packaging.

The Ultra-Thin DAF is built on the same self-supporting Die-Attach Film (DAF) adhesive technology AIT pioneered in the early ‘90’s. AIT now produces ESP7660-HK-DAF in Ultra-Thin 3, 5, and also 10 micron thicknesses for various processing and product requirements in large scale manufacturing. AIT produces this novel 3-5 micron thick insulating DAF in wafer-shape die-cut format as well as in pre-laminated on dicing tape (DDAF) format, both available in rolls up to 450mm in width and 100 meters in length. All production is performed in AIT’s clean room manufacturing environment, located on the company’s 16 acre manufacturing facilities in Princeton Junction, NJ.

In addition to being the industry’s first available 3-5 micron thick Die-Attach Film (DAF), ESP7660-HKDAF maintains a high glass transition temperature of 175°C , allowing faster wire bonding at temperatures as high as 250°C. In fact, ESP7660-HK-DAF achieves one of the highest glass transition temperatures in DAF for ease of wire-bonding and molding.

However, flexibility is incorporated in the material’s molecularly-engineered structure for stress absorption in larger memory devices and proven reliability in thermal cycling and shock testing that is uncommon even for traditional paste die-attach adhesives.

AIT’s ESP7660-HK-DAF also absorbs minimal water and maintains its bond strength after extended exposure to 85%RH/85°C.

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT):

Media Contact:
Amy Grossman, (609) 799-9388, x144.


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IMAPS is now on Twitter! Follow us for member news, event info, publications links, job postings and more

IMAPS is now on Twitter! Follow us for member news, event info, publications links, job postings and more.

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Inside Sales Representative in Southern California
Position Overview:
responsible for achieving sales and revenue goals by developing, building, and strengthening long-term relationships with customers, independent sales reps, distributors and partners

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as internal sales support for the sales team to achieve or exceed assigned sales quotas and goals
  • Collaboratively works with sales team members to develop and maximize opportunities, and generate sales activities with independent sales reps, distribution network
  • Partner effectively with FAE, outside sales reps to drive territory coverage, and maintain positive distributor relationships.
  • Coordinate marketing campaigns such as trade shows, online and offline promotions, seminar and technical trainings, and travel for marketing and sales events and customer visits.
  • Keeps management informed by submitting activity and results reports.
  • Monitors competition by gathering current marketplace information on pricing, products, new products, delivery schedules, merchandising techniques, etc.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by management.


  • Bachelor’s degree with four years college or university
  • 3-5 years professional sales/telemarketing experience preferred
  • Strong presentation, communication, organization, multitasking and time management skills, sales skills including prospecting, negotiation and closing skills
  • Demonstrated record of achievement in prior sales related position preferred
  • Able to travel to customers/team sites as required


Ray Petit, Pacific Rim Engineering
(949)285-6383 |


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