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:: Panel level packaging: the high volume manufacturing roadmap has yet to be built... | Status of Panel-Level Packaging & Manufacturing report from Yole Développement (full story)

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:: Recent SST Blog Posts

Improved Thermocouple Contact in Graphite Boat for Model 3130
SST International recently introduced an upgrade for Graphite Tooling. Over time, the thermocouple hole on the side of the boat begins to wear out, sometimes causing inaccurate thermal readouts or, even worse, causing the thermocouple to come out of the boat. Eventually the boat might need to be replaced, due to the damage of the thermocouple hole.

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Recent SST Press Releases

A.J. Wilson named President of SST International
SST International of Downey, CA, is pleased to annouce that A.J. Wilson has been named President. Mr. Wilson is succeeding David Muhs, who previously announced his retirement after a 30 year career with the company. Mr. Wilson joins SST International from V-TEK International, where he was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He has been involved in the electronics industry since 1998.

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Anaren Announces Version 1.5 Of Its Atmosphere Wireless Development Platform

The Syracuse-based Company Plans to Launch Latest Version in Coming Weeks
Anaren, Inc.’s Wireless Group has announced that it will release version 1.5 of its Atmosphere development platform in the coming weeks. The combined local and on-line software tool set helps manufacturers at every RF-design skill-level build applications for mobile devices and programs for embedded devices simultaneously. This capability allows developers to quickly and painlessly design an embedded system and turn a mobile Bluetooth® Smart device, such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android-based device, into a mobile control panel to interact with the embedded system. The software platform works with the AIR for WICED™ Smart Bluetooth modules, developer board, and Anaren’s AIR modules. The modules are low-cost, surface-mount radio modules that feature Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi technology.

The version 1.5 release will feature better connector highlighting for workflow; the availability of new elements for mobile apps, and Phone gap plugin support for these new elements, such as Vibrate, Beep, Device Info, Network Info, Alert, Confirm, and Prompt. The upgrade features a substantial Android BLE improvement and other performance enhancements, along with several bug fixes. In addition, a Geolocation element is slated to be included.

“This upgrade to Atmosphere, combined with the AIR for WICED product, makes it even easier for designers, innovators, and end-equipment manufacturers looking for intuitive, easy-to-use developer tools to simplify the challenge of ‘going wireless’ and speed up their time to market,” said Mark Bowyer, Director of Wireless Business Development for Anaren. “We believe we are the only company that allows an embedded developer to generate and push software to both the end device -- and the mobile device simultaneously,” added Bowyer.

Anaren is already working to develop the features of what will be version 2.0, including expanded project platform selection and new elements for Wi-Fi. Version 2.0, a major release, is expected to launch in early spring, 2016. For now, Anaren Atmosphere version 1.5 will be available for demonstration at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference held in Germany at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from February 23-25, 2016. Parties interested in learning more about Anaren’s AIR for WICED developer board, AIR modules, and the Atmosphere development platform may contact

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New Gore® Polyvent XS: Small Design. Big Capabilities. The Perfect Fit For Small Outdoor Electronic Enclosures

W. L. Gore & Associates announces the launch of its compact, low-profile GORE® PolyVent XS, designed for easier integration into small (up to 2 liter) outdoor electronic enclosures.

The newest addition to GORE® Protective Vents Screw-In Series, GORE® PolyVent XS was developed to meet the growing need – in industries like telecom, lighting and solar – to design increasingly complex electronics into ever smaller, ever lighter outdoor enclosures, and to more easily integrate robust venting performance that protects devices reliably and with longevity in the face of harsh environmental conditions.

“At Gore, we focus on a product’s ‘fitness for use’ in a given application,” said Product Line Manager John Zhao. “And GORE® PolyVent XS is truly an excellent fit for small enclosures. It packs a high level of performance into a very compact vent design to reliably protect the integrity of enclosures with up to 2 l (2 liters) in volume. The new GORE® PolyVent XS is also well-suited for applications requiring a venting solution that will not compromise the overall design.”

Enhanced design options and easy integration
This new compact, low-profile GORE® PolyVent XS offers engineers more design options, because it optimizes three critical dimensions:

--A smaller diameter (just 11.2 mm) makes GORE® PolyVent XS easier to integrate into smaller housings, particularly those with small installed clearances. And, the extra space on the housing exterior can often be used to add heat transfer fins or other accessory parts that enhance performance.

--The lower installed height (4.5 mm) means less external protrusion, which helps enclosures fit in the tightest spaces and reduces vulnerability to mechanical impacts.

--The short thread height (7 mm) means the vent intrudes less deeply into the enclosure, which provides more flexibility in component layout. Shorter thread height can also enable the use of thinner enclosure walls to reduce enclosure weight and material costs.

Robust performance to rigorous standards
Despite its compact size, the new GORE® PolyVent XS offers notable advantages in the field – all designed to help small outdoor enclosures withstand harsh environmental conditions:

--Added flammability protection: GORE® PolyVent XS is the first vent in the Screw-in Series to incorporate the new UL 94 V-0-rated GORE™ Membrane. This innovation, combined with Gore’s UL 94 V-0-rated vent body, cap and O-ring materials, provides comprehensive flammability resistance. This means added safety for high-value telecom or lighting products, and can spare manufacturers the time and expense of flammability validation testing.

--Robust performance: GORE® PolyVent XS meets other rigorous industry standards, including the Random Vibration test (IEC 60068-2-64 and ETSI EN 300 019-2-2) and resistance to degradation by Ultraviolet Light (UL 746C). The screw-in design also ensures a secure, durable attachment to the housing.

--Reliable ingress protection: The GORETM Membrane of 100% ePTFE provides lasting oleophobic and hydrophobic protection. With typical airflow of up to 300 ml/minute (dp = 70 mbar), this new vent provides rapid, reliable pressure equalization in outdoor enclosures up to 2 l, while meeting IP66, IP67 and IP68 (1 hour immersion at 2 m) standards.

While GORE® PolyVent XS offers new advantages in terms of size and capabilities, one thing that has not changed is the focus on reliability. According to Technical Manager Boris Su, “With GORE® PolyVent XS, reliability is assured, because the quality is built in. Each vent is laser-marked, and individually inspected before shipment, so customers can have 100% product traceability and full confidence in our venting performance.”

For more information about the GORE® Protective Vents product portfolio, visit or call 1-800-523-4673 (USA).

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Recent Palomar Blog Posts

High-Reliability Ball Bonding Using Stand-Off Stitch

There was a time when our hi-rel customers would typically use what they called a “security bond” on the stitch bonds of their packages. This was an attempt to strengthen the weakest link in the bond which was the heel of the stitch bond. The security bonds were first achieved by doing another ball bond on top of the stitch and then a stitch off on an adjacent non-functional pad. This eventually evolved into just the ball bond being terminated at the top of the ball, or a “ball bump” security bond.

Read More:

Read More:

Upcoming Trends for 2016
Each year we can look back and try to reconcile our good and bad projects. If we focus on the good, we will find the possibility of future trends. Not only will we find better, smaller, faster, cheaper aspects, but also which of these are trending and for what reasons. At Palomar Technologies we get involved in a very wide range of applications. While we cannot discuss any single one in specific, we can review the general technology paths customers from across many markets pursue.

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Graphite for Microelectronic Thermal Assembly Processes
Artificial graphite is a unique engineered material that finds many uses in microelectronics assembly. SST International is starting a blog series which will explore the role graphite plays in thermal assembly processes.This is the first blog of their series.

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Momentive High Conductivity TC1050 Heat Spreader For Telecommunication, Avionics and Aerospace

Read the Full Product/Marketing Bulletin

TC1050 heat spreader consists of a TPG* core encapsulated within a structural shell. The TPG provides a highly conductive path while the encapsulation material provides the structure (strength, stiffness, and coefficient of thermal expansion). Common Encapsulation Materials include:

  • Aluminum (TC1050.AL)
  • Copper (TC1050.CU)
  • Other available encapsulations and systems include Kovar, WCu, MoCu, AlSiC, stainless steel, Ni, carbon fiber, etc.

Key Features

  • Thermal conductivity 5x of aluminum and 3x of copper
  • Low thermal interface resistance
  • Lighter than aluminum
  • Adjustable coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Mechanical load bearing
  • Hermeticity higher than 10-8
  • Vibration and shock resistance
  • Machinable
  • Platable
  • Size up to 4 ft2 (0.37 m2)

Potential Applications

  • Heat spreader in electronic packaging
  • Thermal cores for PWB’s
  • Finned heat sinks
  • Avionic thermal cores
  • Satellite traveling wave tube (TWT) mounts
  • Electronic chassis
  • Cold plates in radar systems


Read the Full Product/Marketing Bulletin


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10 Key Challenges in Electronics Thermal Design

Mechanical Analysis Division
Mentor Graphics

Miniaturization of electronics is continuing to increase power densities at all packaging levels. Miniaturization arises from cost reduction, resulting in increasingly tighter design margins and less tolerance of over-design. This is particularly true in the physical design of the product, where over-design results in additional weight, volume, and in some cases manufacturing and assembly costs, increasing the cost of the final product.

How should engineers and designers ensure the thermal performance of their products while meeting other design criteria?

Explore the 10 key challenges in electronics thermal design.
Download Paper

Additional Resources




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Panel level packaging: the high volume manufacturing roadmap has yet to be built... | Status of Panel-Level Packaging & Manufacturing report from Yole Développement

“At Yole, we’ve identified five key packaging platforms that can be processed on a larger surface,” asserts Amandine Pizzagalli, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging & Semiconductor Manufacturing at Yole Développement. There are FO WLP panel, organic interposer, glass panel interposer, hybrid interposer and embedded die. Some of these advanced packaging platforms, embedded die and organic interposer are already available on panel, while others like FO WLP and glass interposer have yet to be confirmed.

Over the past few years, it becomes clear that some panel package choices will be more suitable than others for successful commercial development. So, when will the panel industry take off? How will it evolve?

Under its new report entitled “Status of Panel-Level Packaging & Manufacturing”, Yole Développement (Yole), the More than Moore market research and strategy consulting company presents the panel packaging technologies landscape.
...“At Yole, we believe that things are starting to happen which will propel this technology onto a high growth path,” comments Santosh Kumar, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging & Semiconductor Manufacturing at Yole...

More information about Yole Développement’s activities, click Yole

Sandrine Leroy
Email : – Skype : leroy_yole
Phone : +33 472 83 01 89


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:: Job Openings ::

Product Manager Thick Film - HET
Heraeus Electronics (HET) is searching for an experienced Product Manager to support the Thick Film Business Line of the Heraeus Electronics Global Business Unit (HET).  This position can report out of Conshohocken, PA in the US or Hanau, Germany.  The role of the Product Manager in HET is to manage the product portfolio, develop and implement product strategy based on HET strategy and monitor marketing activities against targets.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Define HET product portfolio and go to market strategy per customer segment and steer HET innovation projects to assure that new products meet customer needs and are competitive in the market.
  • Actively drive market and innovation dialogue with customers.
  • Define performance metrics for sales and marketing, monitor status with respect to metrics and drive actions if targets are not met.
  • Perform scouting of market & technology trends, monitor competitors’ directions, explore and propose partnerships and M&A targets.
  • Monitor HET operational performance against top competitors and future market requirements.
  • Collaborate with innovation teams to achieve customer oriented and results driven innovation program. Steer innovation project portfolio and new product development.
  • Provide support to meet sales, profitability, and market share targets for each sales region and for HET globally.
  • Support Regional Sales Managers for all client relationships in sales regions. Provide support in developing pricing and sales strategies of products.


  • Advanced University Degree (Master equivalent)
  • A minimum of 10-15 years within the function with a minimum of 5 years managerial experience
  • Extensive experience in Electronics and automotive industry, knowing the customers, known and respected by the customers
  • Detailed knowledge in assembly, joining and packaging processes and technologies used in electronics industry
  • Pragmatic personality with a strong view for optimizing of product portfolio: stringent activity management and transparent monitoring processes
  • Courage for change and for challenging old procedures and standards
  • Ability and ambition to lead multi-site and multi-cultural teams
  • Good English skills: Chinese language skills helpful
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Application Engineer - AM
Application Engineer - AM
Location Conshohocken - Pennsylvania
Full Time

Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned company formed in 1851. We create high value solutions for our customers, strengthening their competitiveness for the long term. Our portfolio ranges from components to coordinated material systems, which are used in a wide variety of industries, including steel, electronics, chemical, automotive and telecommunications. In the 2014 financial year, Heraeus generated product revenues of €3.4 billion and precious-metal revenues of €12.2 billion. We offer our 12,600 employees the freedom to develop and promote their own ideas. Open Space. For Open Minds.®

Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken, LLC, (HPMC) is searching for an experienced Applications Engineer to join the Heraeus Elecronics team.  The primary responsibility of this position is to act as the customer liaison for technical discussions regarding products, applications, and issues, servicing and qualifying both new product introductions and existing Heraeus Assembly Materials products.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following (other duties may be assigned):

  • Provide technical support to domestic and international sales team for current Heraeus products
  • Analyze, identify, and resolve technical problems or complaints from customers in order to maintain and increase business
  • Plan and conduct laboratory processes supporting the modification of existing products for new applications
  • Lead cross-functional teams to address complex technical problems or customer complaints
  • Act as the technical “voice” of the customer internally - function as a resource to sales, marketing, research and development, engineering and production by providing detailed product information and advanced application knowledge
  • Promote new products and company to customers and industry
  • Create and provide updates to product data sheets and technical data packages
  • Author and/or present technical reports, technical papers, project updates, and technical overviews for internal presentation, journals, and conferences
  • Attend technical conferences, trade shows, and educational courses to remain current in the field as it relates to existing and future technologies
  • Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the materials science used in the application of finished goods and the effect on performance
  • Identify new technology and applications and communicate to supervisor
  • Handle confidential information with care
  • Record precise results and findings in laboratory book, database and/or files
  • Maintains or supervises assigned laboratory areas and equipment
  • Follow safety guidelines for handling materials with the use of protective equipment as required
  • Travel in the field as necessary

Responsible for compliance with the Heraeus Code of Conduct, reporting the violations of the Code to the supervisor or the compliance officers


A minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Material or Ceramic Science and Engineering or related field and a minimum of 4 to 6 years of laboratory experience are required. Experience should be working with assembly materials products such as solder pastes, solder powders, sinter pastes, fluxes, SMT Adhesives, Conductive Adhesives, Non-conductive Adhesives, or related. The equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.  Self-starter with an attention to detail required. Demonstrate a high level of professionalism; exhibit a high level of motivation and initiative.  Must be able to travel 30 - 50% in order to visit customers worldwide, present technical papers, and attend conferences.  Must have experience with the application of Six Sigma methodology such as Design of Experiment and statistical analysis.  Knowledge of processing and analytical test equipment is required. 

As provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the company is committed to discussing and providing reasonable accommodations to its employees to help them fulfill the essential functions of their jobs.

Our recruiting team will carefully review and consider each individual application. Qualified candidates will be contacted for further discussion. We thank you for your consideration and appreciate your interest in Heraeus.

For more information, please visit


Technical Sales Manager AM
Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken, LLC (HPMC) is searching for an experienced Technical Sales Manager to work within the Heraeus Electronics team.  The primary responsibility of this position is to oversee the business development of AM products and act as the Key Account Manager for the Americas. The primary responsibility is to conduct product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including: gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following (other duties may be assigned):

  • Work closely with the Director of Marketing and Sales – Americas to develop strategies to grow the AM product line in the Americas by providing market information to ensure a consistent revenue stream, sales forecasting, and balance of resources.
  • Analyze the Americas market for AM products.Decide where fully customized solutions are required, bring in R&AE and develop time-line for milestone achievements. Track R&AE solution development time-line, production processes and identify critical processes.
  • Seek new opportunities by building and maintaining client relationships, utilizing existing relationships, working with internal resources, and managing proposal responses for newly identified work. Evaluates deal value potential and probability to win based on technical understanding of customer need and benefit.
  • Engage in research and analysis and competitive intelligence-gathering for strategic planning, competitive firm positioning, and business development activities. Leverage industry knowledge to identify profitable new opportunities.
  • Direct the sales team in the implementation of strategies for the promotion of new and existing products and company to customers and industry. Organize and/or manage potential outside sales organizations.
  • Participate as a member of a team of sales people to increase revenue within the product line.
  • Coordinates with Application Engineering to interact with technical experts (e.g., R&D) of customer to establish technical characteristics of the problem/customer need and explain benefits of solution offering.
  • Work with AM Product Managers to support the Americas sales team with sales tools and information flow to and from the production sites.
  • Handle confidential information with care.
  • Communicates with customers face-to-face, by phone, and via email.
  • Travel domestically and internationally in the field as necessary.
  • Adherence to Code of Conduct as applicable to job function:  CoC Guideline No. 1:  Guideline for the Procurement of Products and Services, No. 2:  Guideline for the Prevention of Bribery in Commercial Transactions, No. 3:  Guideline for the Acceptance of Precious Metals and No. 4:  Guideline for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Participation in Criminal Acts.

A minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Material Science and Engineering or related field and 10 years of experience within circuits & components, chemical, electronic component or related field.  Experience with assembly materials such as Solder Pastes, Solder Wire, Solder Powders, Sinter Pastes, Fluxes, SMT Adhesives, Conductive Adhesives, Non-conductive Adhesives or related products is required.  A minimum of 5 years of experience in a technical sales role is required.  The equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.  Self-starter with an attention to detail is required. Demonstrate a high level of professionalism, customer orientation and leadership ability; exhibit a high level of project management, negotiation, and presentation skills.  Must be able to travel up to 50% in order to visit customers worldwide, present technical papers, and attend conferences.  Must have previous experience dealing with global customers.

As provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the company is committed to discussing and providing reasonable accommodations to its employees to help them fulfill the essential functions of their jobs.

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