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:: Remtec and LTI Merge Metallized Ceramic Packaging and Glass-To Metal Packaging Capabilities to Expand Product Offerings to Sensor Markets (full story)

:: Axus Technology Now Offering Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System (full story)

:: SST Organization Announcement - Matt Vorona (full story)

:: Nordson ASYMTEK Wins SMT China’s Vision Award for its NexJet NJ-8 Jet Dispense Valve with the ReadiSet 2-piece Cartridge (full story)

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:: Remtec and LTI Merge Metallized Ceramic Packaging and Glass-To Metal Packaging Capabilities to Expand Product Offerings to Sensor Markets

Remtec Inc. (, , has merged its metalized ceramic packaging capabilities with the glass-to-metal packaging capabilities of parent company, LTI ( This combination of engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities will permit both companies to significantly expand product offerings to domestic and international sensor markets with a single stop solution for numerous products.

The expanded product offerings for Remtec and LTI include sensors for industrial accelerometers, fluid analyzers, liquid and gaseous flow meters, thermal conductivity measurement, sensing flow and content of liquids in corrosive environments, printed biosensors, medical instrumentation, optical detectors for tissue properties, x-ray imaging sensors for dental instrumentation and wireless sensors.

The additional engineering capabilities that make Remtec’s sensor market expansion possible include a large variety of assembly operations such as standard SMT soldering, gold tin soldering and Cu5il brazing. Typical attachment components are lead-frames, pins, bushings, contacts, connectors and lugs as well as Kovar and ceramic ring-frames for hermetic assembly. Remtec can now build more advanced and complex assemblies on its metallized substrates for sensor applications.

Greatly broadening Remtec’s overall capabilities is the addition of LTI’s multiple furnaces with various atmospheres (nitrogen, ammonia and forming gas) that operate at a wide temperature range (200 to 900°C). The addition of welding, the use of sophisticated tooling and introduction of DBC-to-DBC multi-layer stack-up assembly significantly expand Remtec’s sensor product offerings.

Using the combined capabilities of both companies Remtec is able to offer sensor designers a number of interrelated metallization technologies including thick and thin films, PCTF® metallization and AgENIG® (Electroless Ni-Immersion Au over thick film Ag).

Remtec and LTI will display their products and capabilities at booth 1318 in the Sensor Expo June 21-23 in San Jose.

Remtec a RoHS compliant, ISO 90001:2008 registered and ITAR compliant company, operates a manufacturing facility (totaling 33,000 sq. ft.) in Norwood, MA. Remtec provides custom and semi-custom packaging solutions for sensors and detectors, RF/MW products, DC power electronics, optoelectronics and other high density and power circuitry in commercial, industrial and military industries.

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Axus Technology Now Offering Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System

Axus Technology, is pleased to offer the Gemini-2 Dual Slurry Delivery System. This innovative system delivers a continuous supply of two precisely controlled CMP slurries in an exceptionally compact and economical package. The system was developed and delivered under an exclusive customer contract and has been in service for more than five years. Axus is now able to offer this system to other users for a broad range of production and development applications, anywhere where the efficient use of space and slurry are important.

The Axus Gemini-2 slurry delivery system provides continuous delivery and mixing of two slurries, utilizing a pair of mix and delivery tanks for each slurry.  When used for continuous dispense, slurry dispenses from one tank while new slurry is prepared in the second tank.  Dispense and mix alternates between tanks continuously, allowing for uninterrupted on-demand slurry delivery.  This twinned-tank arrangement eliminates the need to mix large batches of slurry and reduces concerns about pot-life and chemical management of stored slurry. Eliminating the use of a day-tank for slurry storage also allows for an exceptionally compact footprint.  

The Gemini-2 delivers two slurries with a footprint that is a small fraction of what a typical single slurry delivery system requires. Occupying less than six square feet, and with its two sets of twinned tanks, the system includes all of the needed slurry management features, including slurry humidification, nitrogen backfill and automated clean and purge capability. Along with being simple to maintain, the system design supports rapid clean and changeover of slurry types.

"With the system in service for more than five years, the Gemini-2 systems have demonstrated their reliability and consistent performance," stated Dan Trojan, VP of Engineering at Axus Technology.  "We're delighted to now be able to offer these systems to all users.  The Gemini-2 delivers two slurries and is priced less than a single-slurry automated delivery system. For many sites it's the perfect solution: a small foot-print system that delivers savings in both capital investment and slurry cost." 

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SST Organization Announcement - Matt Vorona

SST International of Downey, CA, is pleased to announce that Matt Vorona has joined the company as Regional Sales Manager.

Matt has spent the majority of his 30 year business career at Orthodyne Electronics, (now K&S) and has deep experience in the device packaging and bonding segments of our industry. In his role at SST Matt will be responsible for sales, market, and business development in North America and Europe. He will report to Alex Voronel, Director of Global Sales, and will be based from SST corporate offices.

We are delighted to have Matt join the STT team and we look forward to the contributions he will make bringing his knowledge, professionalism, and drive to our customers, our markets, and the company.

SST International, of Downey, CA, designs, manufactures and markets vacuum reflow systems to create void free and flux free eutectic die bonds and hermetically sealed packages for high performance electronic devices.

SST is a wholly owned subsidiary of Palomar Technologies, Carlsbad, CA.

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Nordson ASYMTEK Wins SMT China’s Vision Award for its NexJet NJ-8 Jet Dispense Valve with the ReadiSet 2-piece Cartridge

Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), was named the winner of SMT China's 2016 Vision Award in the dispensing category for its NexJet® NJ-8 with the ReadiSet™ jet cartridge. The Vision Awards recognizes companies for their remarkable achievements in China's electronics manufacturing industry. The Award was presented at NEPCON China, held April 26-28, 2016 in Shanghai, China.

The NexJet NJ-8 System improves and simplifies the dispensing process for fast-paced production environments where precision, flexibility, and long-term reliability are important. It comes with the ReadiSet 2-piece jet cartridge that can be quickly and easily removed, cleaned, inspected, and re-installed without tools, maximizing equipment utilization and up-time. It is long-lasting, durable, and has been tested on many fluids, from high-viscosity silicones to low-viscosity reagents, in board-level underfill, chip-scale packaging, ball grid array, package-on-package underfill, precise coating, silicone jetting, and adhesive dispensing applications. With the 2-piece cartridge, cleaning and changing are simple- it's ReadiSet and jet. Only the parts that come in contact with the fluid have to be removed from the system for cleaning and maintenance. The NJ-8 system saves fluid, resources, time, and cost-of-cleaning, produces a clean dispensing environment, and delivers a reliable result. Cost-of-ownership is reduced over other jets. The NexJet system is an integral part of Nordson ASYMTEK's comprehensive closed-loop dispensing systems and fully-integrated software-control of the precision jet dispensing process.

"Nordson ASYMTEK has been proud to have been honored with this award many times over the past years," said Michael Ho, national sales director, Nordson ASYMTEK China. "We listen to our customers and observe what's happening in the industry and society and that drives us to innovate new products and technologies to meet these and future needs. Our NexJet NJ-8 with the ReadiSet 2-piece cartridge is one such example."

The judging criteria for the Vision Awards is based on creativeness and technology advancements, the product's contributions to reduce costs, improve quality, increase efficiency, enhance reliability, ensure safety, and protect the environment. For information contact Nordson ASYMTEK at or visit our website at


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