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:: GANNON & SCOTT White Paper Details Advanced Pollution Control for Precious Metals Recovery (full story)

:: MRSI Systems Delivered 3-Micron Die Bonder MRSI-M3 to AIM Photonics Academy’s Education and Practice Factory at MIT in Cambridge for Research and Educationg (full story)

:: News from MASTER BOND (full story)

:: SHENMAO America, Inc. Introduces Omega Aleaciones S.A. de C.V. the Exclusive Mexico Distributor of SHENMAO Solder Paste & Flux (full story)

:: Just Released AMKOR & J-Devices 2017 Product Line Card (full story)

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Vacuum vs. Mechanical Clamping: Which is Best?
Whether you are placing components for die attach or creating wire bonds (ball or wedge), a good quality connection requires that the substrate surfaces be held firmly in place.  Particularly for wire bonding, if the substrate is allowed to move at all, the wire will most likely fail to bond or will be poorly attached.  There are many ways to clamp parts, but the methods fall into one of two categories: vacuum clamping or mechanical clamping.  Vacuum clamping is typically done using the bottom surface of the part (the side opposite the bond surface) and mechanical clamping is typically done by pushing down on the top (bond-side) surface.  Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, and there are several points to consider when deciding which method is best to use for a particular application. Read the full blog:


Why Process Development is Critical to Effective and Profitable Use of your Vacuum Reflow System
SST Vacuum Reflow Systems offers customers far more than just high performance vacuum/pressure soldering systems. When acquiring a system, customers should seriously consider taking advantage of the process consulting assistance that SST provides for the following reasons: Read the full blog:



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:: GANNON & SCOTT White Paper Details Advanced Pollution Control for Precious Metals Recovery

Gannon & Scott

Manufacturing industries depend on refiners to maximize the reclamation of precious metals from residual materials and wastes in an environmentally responsible way. Yet with complex products and materials, minimizing environmental impact in pyrometallurgical recovery processes can be challenging.

A new 8-page white paper from Gannon & Scott Inc. describes a thermal reduction process that operates at lower temperatures and uses a multi-stage environmental control system to overcome this challenge. To download,Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Precious Metal Recovery,” visit

The free white paper will be of special interest to companies with sustainability programs in industries such as: semiconductors and electronics, automotive and aerospace, robotics, medical devices, plating and surface finishing, precious metals refining, pollution control catalysts, ceramics, glass, jewelry and e-waste recycling.

While thermal reduction has been used for decades to recover gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other high-value metals and precious metal alloys from manufacturing wastes and recycled products, traditional combustion furnaces operate without advanced pollution controls needed to meet emerging needs.

During combustion, many of today’s complex materials such as integrated circuits, electronics and other industrial byproducts that contain low but beneficially recoverable amounts of precious metals can generate high volumes of air pollutants.

Gannon & Scott has been advancing precious metals refining and assaying since 1919, and today is an industry leader in environmental processing. The company services customers across North America, processing materials containing precious metals and other high-value metals at its facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, and Cranston, Rhode Island. For more information, visit, or call 800.556.7296.


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:: MRSI Systems Delivered 3-Micron Die Bonder MRSI-M3 to AIM Photonics Academy’s Education and Practice Factory at MIT in Cambridge for Research and Education

MRSI Systems, a leading provider of fully automated, high-speed, high-precision die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems, today announces the installation of its flagship MRSI-M3 Die Bonder in AIM Photonics Academy’s Education and Practice Factory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA, USA. This is the beginning of a great relationship that will lead to further collaboration in research and education of integrated photonics.

American Institute of Manufacturing (AIM) Photonics Academy built the Education and Practice Factory at MIT to enhance its education and training programs in integrated photonics manufacturing for the next generation of engineers. AIM Academy chose MRSI Systems as a partner because of its 33 years of experience as a leading solution supplier in this industry, its strategic vision, and its fast, accurate, and flexible systems that research and high-volume manufacturing of integrated photonics require. The MRSI-M3 will be an integral part of the Factory’s education and training program in chip packaging, board integration and assembly, and inspection and testing.

“MRSI Systems has been serving optoelectronics and microelectronics customers for the past thirty-three years. We are very pleased to partner with the AIM Photonics Academy’s Education and Practice Factory at AIM Academy, which has created a unique environment for engineering students and researchers to learn automation and to develop advanced prototypes at the same time,” said Mr. Michael Chalsen, President, MRSI Systems. “We appreciate the opportunity to contribute to its success and look forward to further collaboration with the Education and Practice Factory at MIT and with AIM Photonics.”

“We chose MRSI Systems and the MRSI-M3 because we value MRSI’s state-of-the-art automation technology, strong process knowledge, and its products’ flexibility for research and volume manufacturing,” said Brian W. Anthony, PhD, Associate Director, AIM Photonics Academy. “MRSI Systems offered the best package for our requirements.  We look forward to further collaboration with MRSI Systems in training programs and prototype development.”

About MRSI Systems
MRSI Systems is a leading manufacturer of fully automated, high-speed, and high-precision die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems. We enable customers to optimize the performance of their process including yield, throughput and uptime by building systems that use our unique expertise. In summary, this includes, our proprietary software, proven hardware, deep process knowledge, state-of-the-art manufacturing and a world-class customer service team. MRSI’s systems are built on common platforms that can be configured to meet specific customer requirements. These platforms are designed to be scalable from prototype to volume manufacturing. Our solutions deliver the best financial returns in the industry, while integrating seamlessly into our customer’s production. Markets include Telecom/Datacom, Aerospace & Defense, Medical Devices, Computers and Peripherals, and Industrial. Since 1984, we have been recognized as the standard of the industry, delivering our solutions to leading optoelectronic and microelectronic customers worldwide. Our headquarters is located in Billerica, MA in the greater Boston area. Our sales are supported by a global network of direct service and support professionals, located in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States. For more information visit:

About AIM Photonics Academy

American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics) Academy provides the unified knowledge, technology, and workforce interface for AIM Photonics, an industry driven public-private partnership that focuses the nation’s premiere capabilities and expertise to capture critical global manufacturing leadership in the photonics integrated circuit industry. The Institute’s goal is to emulate the dramatic successes experienced by the electronics industry over the past 40 years and transition key lessons, processes, and approaches to the photonic integrated circuit (PIC) industry. AIM Photonics supports Small and Medium Enterprises, providing practical access and technology on-ramps for U.S. industry, government, and academic communities. AIM photonics is creating a National PIC manufacturing infrastructure, widely accessible and inherently flexible to meet the challenges of the marketplace with practical, innovative solutions. For more information visit:
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:: News from MASTER BOND

One Component LED Curable System Meets USP Class VI Specifications for Biocompatibility
Widely used in the manufacture of disposable medical devices, Master Bond LED403Med is a single component system that passes the plastics test for USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity requirements. This medical grade system withstands sterilization methods such as gamma radiation, EtO and various chemical sterilants.

Optically clear LED403Med cures fully tack-free upon exposure to a 405 nm wavelength light source without any oxygen inhibition. In thinner sections, full cures can be achieved in 15-30 seconds. However, the rate of cure depends upon the intensity of light source, the thickness of the layer and the distance of the material from the light. It has a high viscosity but remains flowable and can be used as an adhesive, sealant, coating and encapsulant in sections up to 1/8 inch thick.

Once cured, LED403Med features dimensional stability and resist chemicals including water, many acids, bases and oils. It bonds well to glass, polycarbonates and acrylics as well as metals and other plastics. The adhesive is a competent electrical insulator and offers a solid physical strength profile.

Master Bond

It is serviceable from -60°F to +250°F. Without contact to light, LED403Med has a shelf life of 6 months in its original, unopened containers. It is available for use in syringes, ½ pints, pints, quarts, gallons and 5 gallon pails.

Master Bond Optically Clear Adhesives
Master Bond LED403Med is a one part LED curing adhesive, sealant, coating and potting compound that meets stringent medical industry specifications. This dimensionally stable system is also optically clear and features good light transmission properties. Read more about Master Bond’s optically clear adhesives at or contact Tech Support. Phone: +1-201-343-8983 Fax: +1-201-343-2132 Email:

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:: SHENMAO America, Inc. Introduces Omega Aleaciones S.A. de C.V. the Exclusive Mexico Distributor of SHENMAO Solder Paste & Flux


Omega Aleaciones S.V. Sales and Application Engineering Team reinforces SHENMAO’s commitment to providing our worldwide EMS and OEM customers with the highest quality and technical solutions Solder Paste to meet the challenges of today’s SMT Assembly and Product Reliability throughout Mexico.

Three Omega Aleaciones Sales, Service and Application Engineering Staff successfully completed Product Application Training at SHENMAO Technology, Inc. Headquarter in Taiwan.

With 11 of the 12 largest EMS companies as its customers, SHENMAO Technology, Inc. of TaoYuan City 328, Taiwan, a global leader of Superior Solder Materials with 10 Manufacturing, Technical and Sales Support Facilities located around the world. SHENMAO America, Inc., the American subsidiary, manufactures Solder Paste in San Jose, CA, U.S.A., supporting a wide range of products for the PCBA and Semiconductor Industries, complimented from multiple locations in Mexico by Exclusive Distributor Omega Aleaciones S. A. de C. V. own Products of Wave Solder Bar, Cored Solder Wire, Flux and collection of Solder Dross.

As the World’s Major Solder Materials Provider for 44 years, SHENMAO produces SMT Solder Paste, Laser Soldering Paste, Wave Solder Bar, Solder Wire and Flux, Solder Preforms, Semiconductor Packaging Solder Spheres, Wafer Bumping Solder Paste, Dipping Flux, LED Die Bonding Solder Paste and PV Ribbon.

For more information, please contact:

Eje 132 No. 120, Zona Industrial de Potosi C.P. 78395, San Luis Potosi, S.L.P., Mexico

+52 (444) 824-11-72 / 01 800 01 OMEGA / FAX: +52 (444) 824-11-73

Mexico Sales, Service and Application Engineer:
Juan Miguel Cardenas

Limón # 1194-7, Col. Del Fresno C.P. 44900, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
+52 (333) 811-26-90 / Cell +52 (333) 496-14-31        

SHENMAO America, Inc. 
Tel: +1-408-943-1755  
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:: Just Released AMKOR & J-Devices 2017 Product Line Card


The March 2017 update of the Product Line Card includes J-Devices packages. To download the latest version, visit:

Packages and services detailed in the line card include:

CABGA, FCBGA, fcCSP, fcSCSP, fcTMV®, fpfcMEP, PBGA, Stacked CSP


HSON8, HVSON, LFPAK, Mini-HVSON, PSMC, SO8-FL, SOD123-FL, SOD128-FL, SOD323-FL, TO-220, TO-220F, TO-220FP, TO-220SMD, TO-232JEDEC, TO-232JEITA, TO-251, TO-263, TO-263 (8-Pin), TOLL, TSON8-FL

WLCSP Die Processing, Wafer Bump (8" & 12") & Turnkey Process Flow

Cavity MEMS, Molded Cavity & Cavity LF

Major Testers Platform, Wafer Probers, Strip Test/Film Frame Handlers, Discrete/Power Test, Wafer Probe Roadmap, Package Test Roadmap - PnP/Gravity/Turret, Burn in Oven & EOL Services

For more information, please contact us at    
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