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:: Plan your visit to the Sold Out Device Packaging Exhibition - See all the Key Companies Under One Roof! (full story)

:: Be sure to Visit ASE at Booth #47 (full story)

:: Amkor Technology to Acquire NANIUM - Learn more at Device Packaging (full story)

:: NAMICS Corporation Develops Improved Sintered Silver Adhesive - Visit us at Booth #39 (full story)

:: Want to learn more about NANIUM? Visit us at booth # 61 (full story)

:: Rudolph Receives Multi-System Order from Leading Memory Manufacturer for Advanced Memory Ramp (full story)

:: Palomar Technologies on Display at Device Packaging - Booth #51 (full story)

:: MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions & Alpha Advanced Materials on Display in Booths #7-8 (full story)

:: Micro Systems Technologies Group (MST) is pleased to invite you to the upcoming IMAPS Device Packaging exhibition (full story)

:: Visit Booth #35 as TechSearch International announces the release of the 2017 Flip Chip and WLP: Market Forecast and Technology Analysis report (full story)

:: STATS ChipPAC invites you to join us at the Device Packaging Conference (full story)

:: Come visit MRSI Systems at Device Packaging Booth #44! (full story)

:: Visit Nikon Precision at the 13th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging (full story)



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DPC/GBC Premier Sponsor: ASE US, Inc.

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:: Be sure to Visit ASE at Booth #47

The ASE Group is the world’s largest provider of independent semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test. The group develops and offers complete turnkey solutions covering IC packaging, design and production of interconnect materials, front-end engineering test, wafer probing and final test, as well as electronic manufacturing services through USI, Inc. As global leader, ASE provides a complete scope of services for the semiconductor market, driven by superior technologies, breakthrough innovations, and advanced development programs.

Semiconductors are the basic building blocks used to create electronic products and systems. Increasingly we are moving towards more sophisticated semiconductor applications, driven by market demands for faster, smarter, portable and integrated electronic products. In such products, the tiny semiconductor chip is constantly being pushed to greater limits.

Semiconductor manufacturing consists of many processes - design of the integrated circuit (IC), preliminary testing of the viability of the design, wafer fabrication, packaging and final testing of the IC.

Our Capabilities

ASE is capable of providing services at all stages of the semiconductor manufacturing process, with the exception of wafer fabrication. Our service capabilities range from front-end engineering testing, wafer probing, packaging and final test. We also provide design manufacturing service from board design to systems assembly through USI, Inc., an ASE group member.

Front-end engineering test is the testing of semiconductor prototypes before they go into volume production. Our services include software development, electrical verification, reliability analysis and failure analysis.

Wafer probing is a process whereby each individual die (chip) on the wafer is tested for defects to identify operable semiconductors for packaging. Packaging, also known as assembly, is the processing of bare semiconductors into finished semiconductors, serving to protect the die and facilitate electrical connections and heat dissipation. We offer a broad range of semiconductor packages meeting the diverse function and cost requirements of our customers.

Final testing of semiconductors ensures that they function properly before being shipped to customers or assembled in electronic products.

Members of the ASE Group

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.(TAIEX: 2311, NYSE: ASX), a leading company of semiconductor assembly and test services.

USI, Inc., a leading electronic manufacturing service provider.

State-of-the-art Process Technologies

As the industry focuses on integrating more functions onto a single chip and chip performance increases with improvements in process technologies, packaging has gained even greater importance. Computing frequency of next generation chips are becoming higher and functions packed onto each chip are increasing. Consequently, requirements for thermal and electrical reliability are rising exponentially. Semiconductor designers need to explore advanced packaging methods to satisfy these requirements.

Innovation and quality are values that ASE prides itself for delivering leading-edge technologies and solutions to customers, meeting their demanding requirements such as electrical performance, heat dissipation, cost and aggressive cycle time. ASE continues to invest the maximum in research and development through its high caliber engineering teams and advanced manufacturing processes.

The advanced manufacturing process technologies that we provide include flip chip and wafer bumping, 300mm wafer bumping and test, Chip Scale Packaging (CSP), 3D packages and System in Package (SiP). We also offer standard products such as PDIP, SOJ, SSOP and PLCC. Our broad product portfolio provides customers the flexibility to select package types that best suit the needs of their chip designs.

ASE has also developed lead-free solutions to eliminate lead in electronic interconnections from both the legislative and competitive sides. We have investigated and tested the performance of various types of lead free solders to generate alternative semiconductor package applications that grant our customers environmentally-friendly chip packages without compromising the reliability.


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:: Amkor Technology to Acquire NANIUM - Learn more at Device Packaging


  • Strategic acquisition strengthens Amkor's leading position in Wafer-Level Packaging
  • Enables manufacturing scale for the market's "best-in-class" Wafer-Level Fan-Out solution

Amkor Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMKR) and NANIUM S.A. announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for Amkor to acquire NANIUM, a world class provider of wafer-level fan-out (WLFO) semiconductor packaging solutions. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.  

The acquisition of NANIUM will strengthen Amkor's position in the fast growing market of wafer-level packaging for smartphones, tablets and other applications. NANIUM has developed a high-yielding, reliable WLFO technology, and has successfully ramped that technology to high volume production.  NANIUM has shipped nearly one billion WLFO packages to date utilizing a state-of-the-art 300mm Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) production line.  

"This strategic acquisition will enhance Amkor's position as one of the leading providers of WLP and WLFO packaging solutions," said Steve Kelley, Amkor's president and chief executive officer. "Building on NANIUM's proven technologies, we can expand the manufacturing scale and broaden the customer base for this technology."  

"The Amkor transaction is a great fit for us and provides NANIUM and its employees with a strong platform for future growth," said Armando Tavares, President of NANIUM's Executive Board. "Amkor's technology leadership, substantial resources and global presence coupled with NANIUM's best-in-class WLFO packaging solutions will accelerate global acceptance and growth of this technology worldwide."

NANIUM is based in Porto, Portugal, employs approximately 550 people and had annual sales of approximately $40 million for their fiscal year ended September 30, 2016. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2017, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.

About Amkor Technology
Amkor Technology, Inc. is one of the world's largest providers of outsourced semiconductor packaging and test services. Founded in 1968, Amkor pioneered the outsourcing of IC packaging and test, and is now a strategic manufacturing partner for more than 250 of the world's leading semiconductor companies, foundries and electronics OEMs. Amkor's operational base includes 10 million square feet of floor space with production facilities, product development centers, and sales and support offices located in key electronics manufacturing regions in Asia, Europe and the U.S. For more information, visit

NANIUM S.A. is a world-class provider of semiconductor assembly, packaging, test, engineering and manufacturing services. The company started as Siemens Semiconductors back in 1996 and nowadays is a leader in 300mm Wafer-Level Packaging, both Fan-In/WLCSP and Fan-Out/WLFO. NANIUM offers in-house capabilities for the entire development chain, from design to multiple Wafer-Level Packaging technologies, and the flexibility to tailor and test solutions that respond to the most demanding customer requirements. The company is based near Porto, Portugal, and has offices in Dresden, Germany and Boston, USA. For more information, visit:

Amkor Contact
Greg Johnson
Vice President, Finance and Investor Relations
+1 480-786-7594

NANIUM Contact
Armando Tavares
President of Executive Board
+351 252 24 61 00  

To view the press release, please visit:


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:: NAMICS Corporation Develops Improved Sintered Silver Adhesive - Visit us at Booth #39

NAMICS Corporation has developed a sintered silver die attach paste (UNIMEC H9890-6A) for the semiconductor market.  UNIMEC H9890-6A low-temperature sintered die attach paste using our Metallo-Organic (MO) technology. This high thermal conductive paste does not require pressure while curing, and the porous sintered structure has been reinforced by a proprietary resin system. This material has been developed for replacing eutectic solders offering the same thermal performance as AuSn solder.

UNIMEC H9890-6A is in full production and is available for sampling.  Standard packaging is frozen syringes with 10 grams in a 5cc syringe; larger syringes are available.  To find out more about these NAMICS sintered silver materials, please visit or contact your local NAMICS sales representative.


H9890-6A cross-section

NAMICS CORPORATION is a leading source for underfills, encapsulants, adhesives, and insulating and conductive materials used by producers of semiconductor devices, passive components and solar cells.  Headquartered in Niigata, Japan with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and China, NAMICS serves its worldwide customers with enabling products for leading edge applications.

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:: Want to learn more about NANIUM? Visit us at booth # 61

NANIUM is an Outsourced Assembly and Test house in the semiconductor business, located in Europe, and our innovative R&D team with leading edge capabilities allow us to provide exceptionally reliable high-volume manufacturing, since 1996.


We offer Wafer-Level Fan-Out (WLFO) embedded packing technology, which allow for dense heterogeneous integration, high-performance, smaller form-factor, and thinner packages solutions.


Based in Portugal, NANIUM’s facilities include over 20,000 m2 of cleanroom area, making it the largest OSAT in Europe. The company offers in-house capabilities for the entire development chain, from design to the flexibility to tailor and test solutions that respond to the most demanding customer requirements. NANIUM is based in Vila do Conde, greater Porto area, and has sales offices in Dresden, Germany, and Boston, USA.

Want to learn more about NANIUM ?   visit us at booth # 61


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:: Rudolph Receives Multi-System Order from Leading Memory Manufacturer for Advanced Memory Ramp

Validates new 3D metrology option on NSX Systems for bump process control

Rudolph Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: RTEC) announced that a leading memory manufacturer in Asia has placed orders totaling over $8 million USD for process control equipment to support the ramp of their latest high-performance stacked memory devices. The equipment spans front- and back-end applications. It includes MetaPULSE® metrology systems for plating and etch control and NSX® 330 systems for two- and three-dimensional (2D/3D) inspection and metrology throughout the back-end process. The systems are scheduled to ship in the first quarter of this year.

“Controlling the etch process is critical for high-performance memory stacks at advanced nodes,” said Mike Goodrich, vice president and general manager of Rudolph’s Process Control Group. “Rudolph’s MetaPULSE system is widely used to measure opaque materials, like metals, for critical processes at sub-20nm nodes. We are happy to see its capabilities now applied to new process steps for controlling hard mask etch and plating, which are challenged by increased memory density. With the MetaPULSE G system, our customer was able to obtain the critical on-product metrology required to achieve high device yields, while at the same time, reducing process-related costs by eliminating monitor wafers.”   

Goodrich continued, “The through silicon via (TSV) and bump processes used to connect individual die in stacked memory devices are exceedingly complex and need careful monitoring and control. Our NSX system combines high-speed inspection and metrology to provide the sensitive defect detection and accurate measurements needed to help ensure TSV interconnects meet specifications. The system’s new 3D metrology capability measures the coplanarity of the micro bumps added to completed TSVs to make external connections. Coplanarity is required to ensure good connections and high yields for these high-performance devices.”

Elvino Da Silveira, Rudolph’s vice president of marketing, elaborated, “Rudolph expects to see significant growth in multi-die packages. This order illustrates the strength of our offerings in this and a range of similar processes, from 2.5D and fan-out to the TSV processes now emerging for high-performance applications in data centers and advanced computing. As the complexity of devices and packages increases, we expect the value of, and demand for, our technologies to increase as well.”    

For more information about Rudolph’s systems and software, please visit

About Rudolph Technologies
Rudolph Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of defect inspection, lithography, process control metrology, and process control software used by semiconductor and advanced packaging device manufacturers worldwide. Rudolph delivers comprehensive solutions throughout the fab with its families of proprietary products that provide critical yield-enhancing information, enabling microelectronic device manufacturers to drive down costs and time to market of their devices. Headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Rudolph supports its customers with a worldwide sales and service organization. Additional information can be found on the Company’s website at


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:: Palomar Technologies on Display at Device Packaging - Booth #51

Custom Tooling for Wire Bonding
Wire bonding is a well-known process that has been around for many decades. It was all performed manually from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s.  In the very early 1980s, semi-automatic and fully automatic wire bonders started to become available.  Hughes Aircraft Company’s equipment group in Carlsbad launched the venerable Model 2460 in March of 1980.  As of about 5 years ago, the very first unit was still in production in upstate New York, being used for rework wire bonding.  That unit has seen some battles! From the mid-1950s until today, one of the fundamental requirements for good wire bonding results has always been part tooling and clamping. Read the full blog:


Manual Part Presentation for Gold Ball Bond/Bump
There are many different directions to go in when it comes to part presentation stages—from that simple part built by the thousands yearly, to complex parts with different sizes and shapes. When making a presentation stage decision, start with the product mix and the parts’ typical requirements. For high-volume automated lines, we can put together integrated lines that are designed for a specific part, or a handful of products that can be handled with minimal tooling changeovers. Additionally, there is the question of manual presentation methods. This can allow the customer to be prepared for almost any part that may come in the future. Read the full blog:

Why the Materials You Choose Make a Difference in Void-Free Die Attach
SST Vacuum Reflow Systems designs and builds systems and processes that achieve low to void-free seals for die attach component parts. However, the choice of materials is critical in achieving the most positive results by allowing good wettability, thus creating a good solder joint. Void-free solder joints mean improved thermal performance and high reliability (e.g. mechanical strength) of the device package. Read the full blog:

Investing in an SST Strategic Service Plan
After investing in a sophisticated and complex piece of capital equipment, you expect to maximize its performance and minimize life-cycle cost. To help with that, SST Vacuum Reflow Systems offers a Strategic Service Plan to give you the peace of mind that your equipment is kept in peak operating condition, uses factory parts, and is serviced by SST’s technical experts. Read the full blog:

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:: MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions & Alpha Advanced Materials on Display in Booths #7-8

MacDermid Enthone Advanced Electronic Solutions (AES) is a global leader in high performance semiconductor chemistries and assembly materials. AES engages directly with OEMs, IDMs, wafer foundries, OSATs and tool suppliers to collaboratively develop solutions that meet the fast paced semiconductor market demands.      The MacDermid Enthone MICROFAB®, family of products provides advanced packaging solutions that meet aggressive packaging design requirements and enable greater device reliability. Formulated to satisfy advanced packaging cost, size and performance challenges, MICROFAB processes include copper, tin, nickel and gold electroplating chemistries for copper bump/copper pillar/post, copper redistribution layers (RDL), under bump metallization (UBM), and through-silicon vias (TSV). MacDermid Enthone PackageBond and PackagePrep technologies improve the reliability of semiconductor packages through increased package adhesion to comply with MSL-1 performance standards and provide enhanced component solderability and inspection. Each technology supports a broad spectrum of package applications that ranges from MEMS, RF filters and PAs to leading edge FOWLPs, high die count memory stacks and high performance RF modules    MICROFAB technologies are manufactured at world class, ISO-certified facilities strategically located throughout the globe. Each process is formulated, packaged, and quality controlled per stringent semiconductor industry requirements.

Alpha Advanced Materials (AAM) is the business unit within MacDermid Performance Solutions Company and the Alpha division that is completely focused on meeting the demanding needs of the semiconductor packaging industry.  AAM is a leading supplier of innovative, high performance materials, tailored to the needs of the leading semiconductor packaging manufacturers and delivered with knowledgeable applications expertise    Specifically AAM’s ATROX® product line of ultra-high conductivity die attach adhesives and conductive films provide advanced and power semiconductor packaging with higher thermal conductivity interfaces to help extend device reliability and functionality.  The ATROX® Hybrid Silver Sintering Technology line of materials are a ‘drop-in’ replacement for standard conductive adhesives and are designed for today’s high volume manufacturing processes.    In addition to providing, off-the-shelf products, AAM’s R&D and global application teams access a wide portfolio of chemistries, alloys and additives to work collaboratively with customers and equipment vendors in developing unique material solutions for customer specific designs.    Alpha Advanced Materials is committed to providing the global semiconductor packaging, microelectronic device manufacturers with innovative, high performance materials, and providing knowledgeable technical skills that contribute to success of any program. Our products enable our valued customers to meet the evolving and demanding needs of the industry.

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:: Micro Systems Technologies Group (MST) is pleased to invite you to the upcoming IMAPS Device Packaging exhibition.

Booth# 14

Micro Systems Technologies, Inc.
1839 S. Alma School Road
Suite 270
Mesa, AZ 85210-3024
United States
(P): +1 (480) 775 6878

Micro Systems Technologies Group (MST) is pleased to invite you to the upcoming IMAPS Device Packaging exhibition.

Please visit us at booth #14 and learn more about the comprehensive solutions of the MST companies. Our exhibition team looks forward to meeting you. For an appointment on site, kindly contact us at:

The MST Group is your one-stop partner for turning any of your ideas into an innovative solution in the field of highly reliable and miniaturized electronics.

Our solutions are targeted at the requirements of high-tech industries demanding exceptional performance and the highest level of reliability. The capabilities include design service, manufacturing of organic and ceramic substrates, component qualification, semiconductor packaging, advanced board assembly and module qualification.


Highly reliable microelectronics from one source


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:: Visit Booth #35 as TechSearch International announces the release of the 2017 Flip Chip and WLP: Market Forecast and Technology Analysis report

TechSearch International announces the release of our 2017 Flip Chip and WLP: Market Forecast and Technology Analysis report.  

This study provides detailed analysis of:

* Market forecast and Drivers for Fan-in WLP, FO-WLP and Flip Chip
* Large area panel FO-WLP processing developments and alternatives such as low cost FC-CSP
* Capacity analysis for fan-in WLP, FO-WLP, and flip chip with data by geographic region
* Flip Chip (including Cu pillar) and WLP applications
* Bump pitch trends, substrate developments, and Chip Package Interaction (CPI) analysis

The 115 page report with 78 PowerPoints is immediately available.  It comes to you in two downloadable files—a pdf of the full text and images and the set of PowerPoints. 

Visit our booth # 35 to see this and other studies on ADAS, SiP, glass and silicon interposers, substrates, sensors, BGA, CSP, PoP trends and market numbers.

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:: STATS ChipPAC invites you to join us at the Device Packaging Conference

We hope you will join us at the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference on March 6-9th where we will share the latest information on advanced packaging technologies including fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP), flip chip interconnect, System-in-Package (SiP), 2.5D and 3D integration which address the increasing market demand for higher levels of performance, increased functionality and miniaturization.
Don’t miss the following sessions where you can learn more about the latest packaging technology developments:

Advanced 3D eWLB-SiP Technology  (Tues, March 7th : 4:30 – 5:00 pm)
The Fan-Out Breakout panel session  (Tues, March 7th : 6:30 – 8:00 pm)
Advanced Packaging for Automotive Dashboard Application  (Thurs, March 9th : 10:15 – 10:45 am)

We invite you to stop by booth #55 to discuss your business requirements and possible solutions with our technology experts.  For more information on our company, visit
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:: Come visit MRSI Systems at Device Packaging Booth #44!

MRSI Systems is a leading manufacturer of fully automated, ultra-precision die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems. We enable customers to optimize the performance of their process including yield, throughput and uptime by building systems that use our unique expertise. MRSI’s systems are built on common platforms that can be configured to meet specific customer requirements. These platforms are designed to be scalable from prototype to volume manufacturing. Our solutions deliver the best financial returns in the industry, while integrating seamlessly into our customer’s production.

The MRSI-705 is built in Billerica, MA to meet the highest standards of reliability and dependability. It starts with an award-winning, industry standard platform with an accuracy of 5 microns.  The system is a flexible configurable platform, with the largest installed base in the industry in advanced packaging. Applications are found across a wide range of market segments, such as RF and Microwave.


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:: Visit Nikon Precision at the 13th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging

Meet with Nikon Representatives at IMAPS 2017 Booth #20, March 7-9, in Fountain Hills, AZ to learn about the latest lithography solutions for advanced MEMS applications. 

Nikon MEMS Steppers provide extremely diverse processing capabilities. They are successful in meeting customers’ unique requirements for not only Air Bearing Surface (ABS) fabrication and MEMS applications, but also for light emitting diodes (LEDs), discretes, and more. MEMS Steppers are also well-suited for patterning Cu Pillar insulating layers as well as the insulating layers used in bumping processes.

MEMS Steppers use low numerical aperture lens designs specifically optimized for MEMS-type applications, as well as shot-by-shot autofocusing. This combination enables them to deliver the necessary resolution with tremendous depth of focus. Nikon MEMS Steppers also provide a high degree of alignment flexibility, and the majority of MEMS Steppers support critical Backside
Alignment (BSA) capabilities as well.

Nikon continues to focus on expanding MEMS Stepper capabilities to meet varied performance and budgetary objectives for our customers. Newly developed systems maximize productivity, support substrates up to 200 mm, and enhance imaging with ghi/i-line capabilities. In addition, a multitude of add-on functions further boost system performance and yield are available.

Nikon is excited to announce our new NES2W-i10. This system features a reduction lens with a 44mm x 44mm field size, optimal cost of ownership, and enhanced overlay to offer customers a superior alternative to Mask Aligners, which have historically been used in back-end and packaging processes.


Nikon Precision provides sales, marketing, and unparalleled support for Nikon Lithography systems worldwide. Our extensive product portfolio includes specialized solutions for MEMS/LED, and flat panel display (FPD) processing, as well as advanced i-line, KrF, ArF, and immersion lithography systems used throughout the semiconductor and thin-film magnetic head (TFH) industries. Please visit our website at or contact:

Brenden Wells
Key Account Manager
Nikon Precision Inc.

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