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:: Master Bond Thermally Stable, Two Part Epoxy Meets NASA Low Outgassing Specifications (full story)

:: GPD Global Offers Consistent Fluid Supply and Uniform Fluid Dispensing (full story)

:: SHENMAO Technology Joins iNEMI (full story)

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:: Master Bond Thermally Stable, Two Part Epoxy Meets NASA Outgassing Specifications

Master Bond EP30-3LO is a two component epoxy system offering optical clarity, high temperature resistance, and NASA low outgassing approval. This combination of properties enables it to be suitable for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications in the aerospace, electronic, optical and optoelectronic industries.

This epoxy has a glass transition temperature exceeding 175°C. It also withstands many chemicals, particularly water, oils, acids, bases and solvents over the wide service temperature range of -80°F to +450°F. Often selected for potting applications, EP30-3LO features a low viscosity and reliable electrical insulation values.

With a non-critical 100 to 30 mix ratio by weight, this compound cures with the addition of heat ranging from 250-350°F. As it requires oven curing, EP30-3LO has a long pot life of 6-10 hours at room temperature. It bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, composites and many plastics and rubbers.

EP30-3LO delivers a 1 year shelf life in its original, unopened containers. It is available in standard packaging ranging from ½ pint to 5 gallon kits.

Master Bond High Glass Transition Temperature Epoxies
Master Bond EP30-3LO passes NASA low outgassing tests and offers a high temperature resistance. Read more about Master Bond’s epoxies with high glass transition temperatures at or contact Tech Support. Phone: +1-201-343-8983 Fax: +1-201-343-2132 Email:

154 Hobart Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601-3922



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:: GPD Global Offers Consistent Fluid Supply and Uniform Fluid Dispensing

GPD Global, a manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems for high-volume 24/7, low-volume/high-mix, and R&D production, offers a breakthrough in uniform fluid dispensing and repeatability by ensuring a consistent fluid supply to the pump regardless of reservoir size or fluid level.

Real Time Process Control - FPC

The patented Fluid Pressure Control (FPC) is a Real Time Process Control system that ensures a constant feed of fluid to a dispensing pump. Fluid Pressure Control is adaptable to any pump type and it improves the overall dispense repeatability and quality from beginning to end of a fluid reservoir.

Consistent Fluid for Uniform & Repeatable Dispensing

Dispensing pumps, in general, are very repeatable devices with high accuracy control systems and precision machining; however, when consistency of fluid entering the dispense pump varies, the output also varies. Typically, operators make numerous changes to the fluid pressure or dispense pump parameters to compensate for fluid variations originating from the syringe fluid level. Fluid Pressure Control automatically eliminates this operator interaction and ensures the feed pressure supplied into the pump is constant. By maintaining a constant pressure of fluid into the pump that is independent of reservoir pressure, Real Time Process Control (FPC) ensures the dispense pump always has sufficient fluid supply. The results are consistent and repeatable fluid displacement.
Fluid Pressure Control (FPC) systems can be upgraded to GPD Global's MAX Series and DS Series dispense systems and are available as a new dispenser option. It can also be added to new system configurations. If you are looking to improve dispensing results for bench-top or other systems, the Fluid Pressure Control (FPC) system is available as a stand-alone controller and hardware set. It is compatible with all types of dispense pumps, including auger, needle, pinch tube, and even jetting pumps. Just set the feed pressure and let our patented Fluid Pressure Control (FPC) system do its magic – maintaining a constant fluid input to the dispense pump for Uniform Dispense Repeatability.

About GPD Global
GPD Global is an equipment manufacturer of high-quality, precision, automated fluid dispensing, conformal coating, and component-prep machines and systems. The company is an international, state-of-the-art equipment supplier for the PCB assembly and semiconductor industries. We design and manufacture a wide variety of Automatic Fluid Dispensing Systems and Conformal Coating Systems. We also manufacture an SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and Component Prep equipment for Thru-Hole applications.

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:: SHENMAO Technology Joins iNEMI

SHENMAO Technology, Inc., the leading Soldering Materials Manufacturer in Asia since 1973, has joined iNEMI, the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative a not-for-profit, highly efficient R&D Consortium of approximately 90 leading Electronics Manufacturers, Suppliers, Associations, Government Agencies and Universities, to participate in Advancing Manufacturing Technologies.

For more than 44 years, SHENMAO has been dedicated to produce Solder Products including Water Soluble and No-clean Solder Paste, Laser Solder Paste, Cored Solder Wire, Wave Solder Bar Alloys, Wave Soldering Fluxes, Extremely Pure Solder Powder up to Type 8, BGA and Micro BGA Solder Sphere, Wafer Level Packaging Solder Paste and Fluxes, LED Die Attach Paste, High Performance Liquid Fluxes, Solder Preform, Solar Ribbon, Plating Anode used in PCB Fabrication, Assembly and Semiconductor Packaging Processes.

As an award-winning supplier of Electronics Assembly Materials, SHENMAO’s Advanced Material Development Center is collaborating closely with Electronic Manufacturers, Universities, and Research Organizations in the field of Innovative Solder Materials, Assembly, and Advanced Packaging Technology.

We place quality at the heart of everything we do, and consistently provide excellent service to our customers. SHENMAO Technology, Inc. has established manufacturing sites all over the world to provide instant delivery and support

For more information, please contact:
SHENMAO Technology, Inc. 
Tel: 408-943-1755  


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:: Recent PTI News

Palomar Technologies GmbH At-A-Glance
Did you know that Palomar Technologies has thousands of systems installed worldwide and serviced directly by Palomar? Take a look into our office in Erlangen, Germany, where the Nuremberg International Airport is only a 10 minute drive away! Read the full blog:

Vacuum Reflow System Basic Processing Techniques
Palomar Technologies modern bonding systems have a multi-decade history, with system software that has been continuously improved upon in large and small ways over the years. Other than improving reliability and stability, the software has mostly been improved and expanded by the addition of various features. Read the full blog:

Why or When One Should Use a Vacuum/Pressure Reflow Oven System as Opposed to Other Packaging Technology Systems
Today, in the majority of high production soldering of electronic component applications, belt furnaces are used.  The typical length of a belt furnace exceeds 20 feet. Some of these high volume production processes require <200 ppm oxygen level, a nitrogen flush (to achieve such a low ppm oxygen level) and constant “power on” that keeps the oven heated at all times. This process significantly increases the costs of operation as compared to a vacuum reflow oven system. In addition, belt furnaces are known to produce a significant amount of voids - as much as 40% - within the solder joint, which decreases long-term reliability of electronic components. Read the full blog:

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