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:: Fifty Years of Thick Film: a Look Back and a Look Forward with David J. Malanga, Vice President, Heraeus Electronics - Americas (full story)

:: Indium Corporation to Feature InFORMS® Reinforced Solder Preforms at IMAPS 2018 (full story)

:: Nordson ASYMTEK Receives ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certification (full story)

:: StratEdge Receives ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certification (full story)

:: Three New Product Launches from MRSI (full story)


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:: Fifty Years of Thick Film: a Look Back and a Look Forward

By David J. Malanga, Vice President, Heraeus Electronics- Americas

As a company whose business expertise began with precious metals, it is particularly gratifying that Heraeus Electronics reaches an important milestone this year: our “golden” anniversary celebrating fifty years in the thick film business. While my association with Heraeus does not span that length of time, I have seen in my many years with the company a dramatic transformation of thick film technology. If the past pace of progress is any indication, the future will be a time of even greater innovation.

Over the past 50 years, I have seen a number of “game changer” moments as thick film technology advanced. Among them:

  • The rapid acceptance and standardization of Printed circuit boards in the ‘70’s-‘80’s, which was a big challenge for the thick film industry.  The thick film industry had to re-invent itself to sustain business by focusing on areas where PCB’s could not go, such as highly complex multilayer circuits, harsh environments, automotive electronics and sensors, and high frequency applications;
  • The adoption of low temperature co-fired ceramic tapes (LTCC) to fabricate high frequency circuits;
  • The transition from precious metal based electrodes in multilayer chip capacitors (MLCC’s) to base metal electrodes (Ni);
  • The advent of strict environmental regulations that limited the variety of elements and materials that could be used in thick film materials;
  • The growth of photovoltaics (PV) as a new high volume application of thick film pastes.

Of course, like any industry, history is nice, but the real excitement is what the future holds. For thick film, the greatest trend is the miniaturization evolution. How do you deliver greater performance, but do it as the available “real estate” continues to get smaller?

This has been a constant evolution from the beginning of microelectronics.  To meet these targets, as well as reduce costs, the continuous advancement in raw materials is one of the main pathways to success.  Coupling these new cutting-edge materials, like nano-powders and highly engineered organics with new formulations that take advantage of these new materials, is how we accomplish both of these requirements.  By using new technology for characterizing and analyzing the materials both in paste form and in the fired form, we can design formulations that print to extremely fine lines, print thinner, or are more stable than old formulations.

As thick film continues to advance, so do the opportunities to expand into new applications. One of the main strengths of thick film technology is its capability to operate at higher temperatures and in extremely harsh environments.  This makes thick film technology ideally suited for today’s requirements of more power and higher operating temperatures.  Applications such as power electronics, down hole well drilling, and sensors and controls for electric vehicles are some of the main applications that are currently being developed with thick film technology.  Once success is achieved in one application, it often opens the door to adjacent industries and new uses.

Heraeus is one of the few companies that has not only survived over the 50 years in thick film but has actually flourished.  I believe that that the guiding principles that we have used the past 50 years will be the same ones to guide us for the next 50.

One of those pillars is to continually invest and innovate. Another factor is to truly walk in the customer’s shoes so that you have a deep understanding of their applications and requirements. This is invaluable in process development, and if necessary, we could end up creating a special formulation for them. Like every other industry, you need to understand and be responsive to a customer’s need for competitive options. From a formulation perspective, it could mean using less precious metals or replacing them with a base metal. The thick film industry will continue to change as it responds to new challenges, trends and requirements of customers and markets. Just seeing the progress and innovation that has occurred during my career, I am convinced this time and the years ahead will be seen as the “golden age” of the thick film industry.

Please join us this year at IMAPS 2018 in Pasadena booth# 703 where we will present our new innovations in Thick Film Technology, Advanced Packaging, and Bonding Wire solutions.
In addition to our participation in the exhibition, our experts will be presenting their exciting new developments. Below is a list of papers we will be presenting.

Session WA5:
Solderable Polymer Thick-film Conductors for Low Temperature Substrates
Gregory Berube, Heraeus Precious Metals North America
Session THA4:
Fine Pitch Paste for System-in-Package Applications
Zhang Ruifen, Heraeus Materials Singapore Pte Ltd
Session THA5:
Growth of Intermetallics at Coated Silver Wire Bond Interfaces

Sarangapani Murali, Heraeus Materials Singapore Pte Ltd
Poster Session (Thursday lunch):
High Performance Etchable RoHS Compliant Thick Film Gold Conductor
Gregory Berube, Heraeus Precious Metals North America

(Monday 10/8/18 – separate event at convention center):

Curriculum of Coated Silver Bonding Wire
Sarangapani Murali, Heraeus Materials Singapore Pte Ltd (Tan "Eric" Swee Seng, Wong "Jason" Chin Yeung)


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:: Indium Corporation to Feature InFORMS® Reinforced Solder Preforms at IMAPS 2018

Indium Corporation will feature its reinforced solder alloy fabrications, InFORMS®, at IMAPS 2018, Oct. 8-11 in Pasadena, Calif.

Indium Corporation is redefining solder with its InFORMS® solder preforms. InFORMS® are a composite preform consisting of solder with a reinforcing matrix. This results in:

  • Improved mechanical and thermal reliability
  • Uniform bondline thickness
  • Low-voiding performance

InFORMS® do more than just bond two surfaces. These solder preforms are designed to address some specific challenges to the power electronics industry.

InFORMS® provide engineers with an enhanced material for the development of more reliable and higher performance modules. Due to the planarity improvements and stand-off tolerances, the package design becomes more predictable. In addition, stronger and more dependable joints allow for high power densities.

For more information about InFORMS®, visit or visit us at booth #722.

Indium Corporation is a premier materials manufacturer and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets. Products include solders and fluxes; brazes; thermal interface materials; sputtering targets; indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals and inorganic compounds; and NanoFoil®. Founded in 1934, the company has global technical support and factories located in China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

For more information about Indium Corporation, visit or email You can also follow our experts, From One Engineer To Another® (#FOETA), at or @IndiumCorp.

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:: Nordson ASYMTEK Receives IOS 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certification

Nordson ASYMTEK a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), a global leader in dispensing, jetting, and coating equipment and technologies, announces that it has received ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification from DNV GL. The certificate scope covers The Design and Manufacture of Automated Fluid Dispensing and Coating Systems.

Certification for Nordson ASYMTEK headquarters in Carlsbad, California covers a variety of business processes including management, purchasing, product development, order fulfillment, product support, and overall quality systems. The Vista, California facility includes engineering, manufacturing, inspection, maintenance, warehouse, and shipping.

"Nordson ASYMTEK has always been focused on technology leadership with stable but flexible manufacturing processes to support that technology," said Larry E. White, director of quality, Nordson ASYMTEK. "Quality is designed into our business processes, products, and services to assure total customer satisfaction and long-term value. Our commitment to the ISO standards assures continued monitoring of the quality system, allowing the company to meet its stated quality policy and annual quality objectives."

For more information contact Nordson ASYMTEK at, call +1 760-431-1919,or visit our website:

About Nordson ASYMTEK

Nordson ASYMTEK, a world leader in precision fluid dispensing, conformal coating, and jetting technologies, designs and manufactures dispensing and coating systems, supported by an award-winning global applications and service network for over 35 years. To find out more, visit, or on social media.

About Nordson Corporation

Nordson Corporation engineers, manufactures, and markets differentiated products and systems that precisely dispense adhesives, coatings, sealants, biomaterials, polymers, plastics, and other materials, fluid management, test and inspection, UV curing, and plasma surface treatment, all supported by application expertise and direct global sales and service. Nordson serves consumer non-durable, durable and technology end-markets including packaging, nonwovens, electronics, medical, appliances, energy, transportation, construction, and general product assembly and finishing. Founded in 1954, headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, Nordson has operations and offices in nearly 40 countries. Visit Nordson at, Twitter, or Facebook.

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:: StratEdge Receives ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certification

StratEdge Corporation, leader in the design, production, and assembly of high-performance semiconductor packages for microwave, millimeter-wave, and high-speed digital devices, announces that DNV GL - Business Assurance has found StratEdge Corporation to conform to the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015. The certificate is valid for the design and manufacture of semiconductor packages, filters, and electronic component assembly.

"ISO 9001:2015 reflects the changes in the industry since the 2008 version of the certification," said Tim Going, president of StratEdge. "As a company that manufactures and assembles very high-precision, high-frequency packages, we have always had to be ahead of the curve in our manufacturing capabilities, practices, and procedures. Quality must be a given for our packages to function as intended or the high-reliability products that depend on our packages will not work. This new certification validates procedures that we abide by on a regular basis."

For more information, contact StratEdge at, shop at the StratEdge store on, sign up for the StratEdge newsletter, and/or visit our new website at

About StratEdge

StratEdge designs and manufactures high-performance semiconductor packages and provides chip assembly and test services. We specialize in packages for high-frequency, very high power, extremely demanding Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices and have a complete line of post-fired and molded ceramic semiconductor packages that operate from DC to 50+ GHz. Our patented electrical transition designs give StratEdge packages exceptionally low electrical losses, even at 63+ GHz. Markets served include telecom, mixed signal, VSAT, broadband wireless, satellite, military, test and measurement, automotive, and MEMS. StratEdge is an ISO 9001:2015 facility.


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:: Three New Product Launches from MRSI

MRSI Systems Launches MRSI-HVM3P for New Applications Extending the MRSI-HVM3 Die Bonder Family

MRSI Systems (Mycronic Group), is expanding its leading high speed MRSI-HVM3 die bonder platform with the launch of the MRSI-HVM3P to offer configurations for active optical cable (AOC), gold-box packaging, and other applications in addition to chip-on-carrier (CoC).

This expansion is in response to our customer's request to take advantage of the field-proven performance of the flexible high speed MRSI-HVM3 platform, for their other essential packaging applications in photonics manufacturing which are high volume and high mix by nature.

The new MRSI-HVM3P is the first major extension to the HVM3 family, equipped with inline conveyor for single fixture or multiple cassette inputs that can automatically transport large forms of carriers of the dies. This configuration is targeted at AOC or similar die-to-printed circuit board (PCB) applications, gold-box packaging, and CoC in fixture. The processes include eutectic, epoxy stamping, UV epoxy dispensing, and in-situ UV curing.

"With these extensions to our successful HVM3 platform, MRSI Systems is now able to offer flexible high volume die bonding solutions, not just for CoC, but also for PCB and box levels of packaging to our customers in photonics, sensors and other advanced technology fields," said Dr. Yi Qian, Vice President of Product Management of MRSI Systems. "This is another demonstration of MRSI's commitment to provide critical solutions promptly in response to our customers' needs," concluded Mr. Michael Chalsen, President of MRSI Systems.

Both MRSI-HVM3 and MRSI-HVM3P now carry the following options inherited from our long proven MRSI-M3 family:  localized heating, flip-chip bonding, and co-planarity bonding. These options are increasingly critical for new applications such as 400G transceivers and silicon photonics.

The MRSI-HVM3 product family delivers industry-leading speed, future-proof high precision (<3mm), and superior flexibility for true multi-process, multi-chip, high-volume production.

The launch of the MRSI-HVM3P builds on the success of our first configuration launched last year, the MRSI-HVM3 for CoC, Chip-on-Submount (CoS), and Chip-on-Baseplate (CoB) assembly using eutectic and/or epoxy stamping die bonding, which has proved to be the best-in-class die bonder with the leading speed, zero-time tool change between dies, and <3mm accuracy. The superior performance was enabled by dual head, dual stage, integrated "on-the-fly" tool changer, ultrafast eutectic stage, and multi-levels of parallel processing optimizations (see product launch press release August 14, 2017).


MRSI Launches new MRSI-H3TO Die Bonding Product Family Targeted at the 5G Wireless Network Supply Chain

MRSI Systems (Mycronic Group) is launching the MRSI-H3TO, a new 3mm high speed die bonder which will be the first of its kind to address the multi-die and multi-process requirements, delivering industry leading throughput, superior flexibility, and future-proven 3mm placement accuracy.

The MRSI-H3TO is tailored for WDM/EML-TO or other multi-die multi-processing TO-can photonic devices to support the upcoming 5G wireless network. It enables our photonics customers to meet their manufacturing challenges, by allowing them to stay competitive in this high volume and high mix production environment.

The upcoming 5G wireless deployment will need higher bandwidth in signal transportation through front-haul and back-haul fiber optic systems within the fiber-to-home / premise network. As a result, WDM & EML types of lasers and other multi-die optical receivers in TO-can packages are required. These new TO-can based devices demand a new class of high speed die bonder that is capable of multi-die and multi-process production in one machine, in order to achieve the best throughput.

The new MRSI-H3TO builds on the key technological building blocks featured in our field proven high speed MRSI-HVM3 platform including a dual-head motion system that performs TO pick-and-place/handling and die bonding in parallel. In addition it encompasses our on the "on-the-fly" auto tool changer that has twelve vacuum tips/collets integrated on the bonding head for zero time tool change between dies.

"The new MRSI-H3TO is exactly the type of die bonder our customers were demanding to manufacture the next generation of TO-can photonic devices, such as WDM & EML-TOs.  It has the industry leading throughput without sacrificing flexibility, accuracy or reliability," states Dr. Yi Qian, Vice President of Product Management of MRSI Systems. "MRSI is pleased to meet the new market needs to support 5G wireless deployment with the launch of our new high speed, flexible die bonder for high volume manufacturing of TO-can based photonic packaging," said Mr. Michael Chalsen, President of MRSI Systems.


MRSI Launches New MRSI-H3LD Die Bonder Targeted at the High Power Diode Laser Market

MRSI Systems (Mycronic Group), is launching the MRSI-H3LD, a new 3mm high speed die bonder, optimized for bonding large dies for high power diode lasers, that are used in advanced photonics such as industrial lasers, optical fiber amplifications, lighting, and sensors.

High power diode lasers are critical components for multiple markets and have seen a significant, continual rise in adoption with the explosion in new applications. The new MRSI-H3LD is equipped for speed with "on-the-fly" auto tool changer integrated on the bonding head for zero time tool change-over with ultrafast-ramp eutectic station for reduced cycle time. Combining both, MRSI-H3LD demonstrates the highest throughput in industry for the high power diode laser die bonding.

"The new MRSI-H3LD product carries key technological building blocks from our field proven flexible high speed MRSI-HVM3 platform for industry leading throughput, superior flexibility, and future-proven 3mm placement accuracy. It enables our high power diode laser and other photonics customers to scale up their business," said Dr. Yi Qian, Vice President of Product Management of MRSI Systems.

MRSI-H3LD has a placement accuracy of <3mm (±3s). The precision is achieved without sacrificing high speed or flexibility and helps high power diode laser manufacturing to achieve smaller offset between the front facets of laser diode and the front end surface of the submount. It is also equipped with self-leveling collets specially designed for large high power laser dies to achieve co-planarity between two bonded interfaces.


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