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:: TechSearch International Analysis Shows Packaging for Cryptocurrency Provides a Windfall (full story)

:: GPD Global introduces its NEW full-featured benchtop dispensing system (Catalina) (full story)

:: MRSI Systems’ New Product MRSI-HVM3 Die Bonder Has Entered Volume Production Driven by Fast and Wide Customer Adoptions (full story)

:: Indium Corporation’s Andy Seager Named European Sales Manager (full story)

:: Kester Launches NP560 Solder Paste (full story)

:: Nordson ASYMTEK Wins its 14th Service Excellence Award (full story)

:: What's New in Xpedition (full story)

:: TJ Green Associates LLC releases REV A of Workmanship Standards eBook: Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF/MMIC Modules (full story)

:: Henkel Develops Non-Proprietary Solder Paste Analysis Toolkit for Modern Process Complexities (full story)

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::TechSearch International Analysis Shows Packaging for Cryptocurrency Provides a Windfall

Projections for PC growth are flat and shipments of smartphones show low growth rates. Demand for cryptocurrency devices in flip chip CSPs and BGAs is expected to provide increased volumes this year to help keep foundries and OSATs busy. Few are willing to add foundry, substrate, or assembly capacity for cryptocurrency because of its unpredictability, but many are enjoying the windfall. Cryptocurrency trends are one of the topics in TechSearch International’s latest Advanced Packaging Update.

The latest CSP market forecast shows a 7% CAGR from 2017 to 2022. One of the categories with the strongest growth is the quad flat no-lead (QFN) package with a CAGR of 8.8%. QFNs are a low-cost, low profile package found in a wide range of products from automotive and industrial applications to mobile phones and wearable electronics. An analysis of the OSAT financials is presented. Developments in fifth-generation (5G) wireless broadband technology are discussed including continued use of 4G LTE and challenges for packaging.

The latest Advanced Packaging Update is a 49-page report with full references and an accompanying set of 52 PowerPoint slides. The report also examines trends in stacked die CSPs and laminate-substrate CSPs. The projected package-on-package (PoP) decline is explained. A five-year market forecast for BGAs is also provided.

TechSearch International, Inc., founded in 1987, is a market research leader specializing in technology trends in microelectronics packaging and assembly. Multi- and single-client services encompass technology licensing, strategic planning, and market and technology analysis. TechSearch International professionals have an extensive network of more than 18,000 contacts in North America, Asia, and Europe. For more information, contact TechSearch at tel: 512-372-8887 or see Follow us on twitter @Jan_TechSearch

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::GPD Global introduces its NEW full-featured benchtop dispensing system (Catalina)

NEW Full-featured Benchtop System!
The compact and efficient dispensing robot offers accurate and repeatable dispense results.

GPD Global introduces its NEW full-featured benchtop dispensing system (Catalina). A benchtop system does not mean “no features”. The compact and efficient semi-auto dispense robot provides you with standard features: automatic vision, laser surface sensing, and automatic nozzle alignment and calibration.

Some companies require a small and economical dispense system to meet their dispensing requirements. Catalina has been developed with this in mind. This powerful and compact dispense robot is easy to learn with its computer-based software with windows operating system. Applications using conductive adhesives, solder pastes, glues and gasketing, and more benefit from the compact and full-featured table top system.

• Automatic Alignment and positioning with high resolution camera
• Laser Surface Sensing
• Create dispense path using camera teach or on screen graphic editing
• Import DXF files for complex path programming
• I/O ports provides the flexibility to add advanced features/equipment
• And more.

Programming is done via computer. User-friendly graphic editing allows users to effortlessly create a dispense path. For complex path programming, AutoCAD DXF files can be imported. For uneven surfaces the system may use the laser to trace a dispense path for automatic dispense height adjustment.

Catalina semi-automatic table top dispense system is compatible with GPD Global’s full line of dispensing pumps: Precision Auger, NCM5000 Jetting, Volumetric PCD, and Time Pressure. A pump is available to suit your dispense fluid type and dispense requirements.

Speak with our specialist about your dispensing requirements, contact 970-245-0408 or

GPD Global is an equipment manufacturer of high quality, precision, automated fluid dispensing, conformal coating & component-prep systems. The company is an international, state-of-the-art equipment supplier for the PCB assembly and semiconductor industries. Design and manufacture a wide variety of Automatic Fluid Dispensing & Conformal Coating Systems. We also manufacture SMT Cover Tape Peel Tester and Component Prep equipment for Thru-Hole applications.

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:: MRSI Systems’ New Product MRSI-HVM3 Die Bonder Has Entered Volume Production Driven by Fast and Wide Customer Adoptions

MRSI Systems, a leading provider of fully automated, ultraprecision, high speed die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems is pleased to announce that our new MRSI-HVM3 system has entered a volume production phase, using advanced Demand Flow Technology (DFT) to satisfy worldwide customer demand. Our ability to deliver the new product with short lead times is crucial to our customer’s success.

Launched at the China International Optoelectronics Exposition (CIOE) September 6-9, 2017, the new system has clearly met a need in the market. The first wave of configured machines have been focused on Chip-on-Submount (CoS), Chip-on-Carrier (CoC), and Chip-on-Baseplate (CoB) and have been successfully installed in North America, Europe and Asia.

As Dr. Yi Qian, Vice President of Product Management, states, “Our new 3μm high speed die bonder MRSI-HVM3 is exactly the solution the photonics market was looking for to address one of the most critical manufacturing bottlenecks. We listened to our customers and prospects and geared the roadmap towards the direction of high speed without sacrificing high accuracy, or high flexibility, to handle multi-chip multi-process production in one machine. As a result, the system is able to generate a great return on investment for our customers.”

Our value proposition helps photonic device companies execute their strategy to have a fast response high volume manufacturing capability alongside the ability to maintain low manufacturing costs for the high demand driven by data center applications. We also predicted the new system would need to allow the production of multiple products passing through the same production line without sacrificing throughput. Our assumptions have been validated by this first wave of customers with their test results on their facility floors.

“MRSI is pleased to meet these specific requirements to scale efficiently in today’s fast-paced market with the MRSI-HVM3, high speed die bonder for high volume manufacturing. MRSI Systems has been serving optoelectronic and microelectronic customers for the past 34 years and continues to be a leader in die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems,” said Mr. Michael Chalsen, President.

MRSI Systems is a leading manufacturer of fully automated, high-precision, high-speed die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems. We enable customers to optimize the performance of their process including yield, throughput, and uptime by building systems that use our unique expertise. In summary, this includes our proprietary software, proven hardware, deep process knowledge, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and a world-class customer service team. MRSI’s systems are built on common platforms that can be configured to meet specific customer requirements. These platforms are designed to be scalable for R&D prototyping, pilot production and high-volume manufacturing. Our solutions deliver the best financial returns in the industry while integrating seamlessly into our customer’s production. Markets include Telecom/Datacom (Data Center), Aerospace & Defense, Medical Devices, Computers and Peripherals, and Industrial. Since 1984, we have been recognized as the standard of the industry, delivering our solutions to leading optoelectronic and microelectronic customers worldwide. We are headquartered in Billerica, MA in the greater Boston area. Our sales are supported by a global network of direct service and support professionals, located in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States. For more information visit:

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::Indium Corporation’s Andy Seager Named European Sales Manager

Andy Seager

Indium Corporation’s Andy Seager has been named European Sales Manager. Based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, Seager is responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies for all solder products in Europe. As a member of the European sales leadership team, he supports and leads the field sales force, maintains team focus, and coordinates resources to support company goals.

“Andy’s extensive industry experience enables him to be an exemplary leader in supporting the needs and requirements of our customers,” said Brian Craig, Managing Director, European Operations.

Seager has 20 years of service with Indium Corporation and has held various sales positions within the European regions. Well known and respected in the industry, Seager has been instrumental in growing the solder paste business in Central Europe. He has also played a key role in leading power electronic and thermal management market efforts.

Indium Corporation is a premier materials manufacturer and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets. Products include solders and fluxes; brazes; thermal interface materials; sputtering targets; indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals and inorganic compounds; and NanoFoil®. Founded in 1934, the company has global technical support and factories located in China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

For more information about Indium Corporation, visit or email You can also follow our experts, From One Engineer To Another® (#FOETA), at or @IndiumCorp.

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::Kester Launches NP560 Solder Paste

Kester is proud to announce the launch of NP560, a no-clean, lead-free, halogen-free solder paste. It consistently delivers paste transfer efficiencies of 0.50 to 0.55 AR and is fully capable of printing and reflowing 01005 components, even in air, with minimal graping behavior. In addition to its stable, consistent product performance, NP560 has redefined the voiding standard for PCB assembly and has the potential for low voiding performance.

For additional information on this product including technical and safety data sheets, please visit

For any questions or additional information, please contact: Fil Marcial-Hatfield, Global Product Manager at

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::Nordson ASYMTEK Wins its 14th Service Excellence Award

Honored for dedication to quality, customer service, and support

Photo at:

Nordson ASYMTEK a Nordson company, announces that it has been honored with the Circuits Assembly 2018 Service Excellence Award (SEA). Nordson ASYMTEK was recognized for receiving the highest customer service ratings for companies in the dispensing category. Each company was judged by its own customers in five service categories - quality, value, responsiveness, dependability/on-time delivery, and technology. Nordson ASYMTEK has won all 14 years it has entered the award.

"Customer service is the one factor that can lead to a company's success or failure," said Peter Bierhuis, president, Nordson ASYMTEK. "Having the best products isn't enough. A knowledgeable and experienced application and service support team, who understands the customer's products and market, and is available when needed, is critical. Nordson ASYMTEK has always taken the extra steps with both our equipment and our global sales, applications, and service teams to deliver on every aspect of customer service. It is especially meaningful to once again receive this award."

The award was presented to James Nielsen, Service Manager, Nordson ASYMTEK, at a ceremony held during the IPC APEX Expo in San Diego, CA. The awards program is sponsored by Circuits Assembly, part of UP Media Group Inc., which serves the global printed circuit board community.

For more information contact Nordson ASYMTEK at, call +1 760-431-1919, or visit our website:

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::What's New in Xpedition

The latest release of Xpedition Enterprise excels in providing highly differentiated technology that solves real-world problems.

Xpedition VX.2.3 addresses the increasing complexity of today’s advanced system designs through an emphasis on both ease-of-use and team productivity.

Xpedition provides innovative technologies that recognize the importance of design reuse, automate the layout of high-speed topologies, facilitate the configuration of advanced constraints, enable the design and verification of 3D rigid-flex structures, and provide robust data management for both libraries and designs.

Watch this short video for a quick update on what's new in Xpedition.

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::TJ Green Associates LLC releases REV A of Workmanship Standards eBook: Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF/MMIC Modules

Access over 300 color defect pics linked to Mil-Std-883 source requirements with just a click! REV A is now released and fully up to date with all the latest requirements in MIL-STD-883.

This is an online illustrated guide depicting photos of common workmanship defects as seen during production and each defect slide is tied to a particular page in MIL-STD-883. Its intended as an on-the-floor working document for operators, inspectors and quality engineers to facilitate an understanding of defects generated during the manufacture of hybrids, microcircuits and RF/MMIC modules and how they relate to the contractual requirements of MIL-STD-883.

Learn more by attending a full day training class:
Pre Cap Visual Inspection per Mil-Std-883 (TM 2017)
Boxborough MA. April 30th in conjunction with the IMAPS NE show held the following day at the same hotel.

Why buy a subscription?
• One digital document with up to date visual inspection criteria from MIL-STD-883 and MIL-STD-750, which decreases time spent looking for requirements and increases productivity and quality.
• Easily accessible by computer, tablet of phone for all subscribers throughout the plant.
• Valuable training aid with over 300 color defect photos linked to applicable mil spec visual inspection.
• Saves countless hours interpreting the often ambiguous visual requirements contained in the mil specs.
• Know the source requirements… tie defect pics to the specific requirement in MIL-STD-883 and MIL-STD-750.
• A single authoritative source of microelectronics inspection criteria updated quarterly by TJ Green, Associates.

Check out our upcoming schedule of Public Seminars including the popular 3-Day Wirebond Certification Class

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::Henkel Develops Non-Proprietary Solder Paste Analysis Toolkit for Modern Process Complexities

As a leading solder materials innovator, Henkel recognizes the need for more holistic solder paste process analysis, especially as device miniaturization and finer particle size solders become mainstream. While many suppliers and manufacturers use proprietary solder material evaluation tools, there is a requirement for easily-implemented, standardized test vehicles that address the realities of today’s manufacturing complexities, particularly in the process areas of printing and reflow. The electronics business of Henkel Adhesive Technologies has developed such a tool.

“As assembly dimensions have dramatically decreased in the last ten years, the influence of solder paste formulation effectiveness has increased,” explains Doug Dixon, Global Marketing Director at Henkel. “As such, evaluating the many material properties – from print characteristics and stencil behavior to reflow performance and reliability – has become more challenging. The objective of this work was to develop a robust solder paste evaluation tool that integrates current and future market requirements, while providing a simple, off-the-shelf solution for PCB assemblers.”

A cooperative effort between industry specialists in the disciplines of material formulation, statistical evaluation and process engineering, the new solder test vehicle offers a turnkey solder evaluation tool. PCB design, a complete bill of materials (BOM), full programming documentation, set-up and test methods and step-by-step directions for a designed experiment are all incorporated.

Considering current and future market requirements, the solder evaluation tool integrates area arrays down to 0.3 mm pitch, 0.4 mm pitch bottom terminated components (BTCs) and a variety of discretes from 1206s down to 008004s. The unpopulated side of the board offers a design to evaluate slump, spread, solder balling, SIR and print to fail (PTF). Balancing the 22 material properties to be tested along with BOM and labor costs, the PCB and test methods were intentionally engineered for efficiency, providing maximum data while minimizing the time investment. A user-defined scorecard that prioritizes various solder paste characteristics and weightings summarizes rating information to indicate the best solder paste for a specific operation.

“There is often hesitance to change solder paste formulations for a variety of reasons,” says Dixon in closing, noting that challenging and time-consuming qualification procedures frequently deter transitioning to a more capable material. “Access to a simple method for determining the best solder material for a particular process enables fast implementation for better yield and reliability outcomes. For assemblers who need or want to update solder formulations on a regular basis, this new test vehicle offers an efficient and effective approach for material qualification.”

The Henkel-developed solder evaluation kit will be available through select, third-party suppliers. To learn more, follow this link to view a recent Henkel webinar about the new analysis tool.

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