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:: Tekmos Announces High Temperature Flash Memory (full story)

:: Promex Awarded CA FDB Manufacturing License for Class II, Class III Medical Devices (full story)

:: TechSearch International Analysis Highlights Impact of Trade Friction on Electronics Industry (full story)

:: Indium Corporation Introduces Non-Silicone-Based TIM for Burn-in and Test (full story)

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:: Tekmos Announces High Temperature Flash Memory

Tekmos' TK29H400AT-90 addresses challenges

Tekmos has developed a High Temperature Flash Memory chip in the TK29H400AT-90. Lynn Reed, President of Tekmos says, “We have noticed the availability of flash memory is a challenge in high temperature electronics and wanted to address this with up-screened flash memories rated at 175C and 200C.” The TK29H400AT-90 is a 4 MB, 3 volt, top boot sector, 90 ns NOR, parallel, flash memory. “We are not seeing other products out there with parallel memory like ours,” Reed says.
“As Tekmos moves forward with high temperature flash memory we plan to extend this work up into 64 MB flash.”

Tekmos executives, Reed and Bob Abrams, Vice President of Business Development will attend the International Conference on High Temperature Electronics Network (HiTEN 2019), July 8-10, 2019, St. Anne’s College in the University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom .to talk about the TK29H400AT-90.

About Tekmos

Established in 1997, Tekmos is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in solutions in the development and manufacturing of affordable ASICs, FPGA, stacked die System in a Package (SIP), high temperature chips and flash memory, "Drop in Replacements"​ of Microcontrollers, and Standard Parts for consumer products, aerospace, military, and industrial. Tekmos’ technology based on special high temperature processes meets the requirements of military, aerospace, geothermal resource exploration, the oil and gas industries, and industrial markets.

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:: Promex Awarded CA FDB Manufacturing License for Class II, Class III Medical Devices

Promex, a provider of microelectronics assembly technology, is now licensed to manufacture Class II and Class III medical devices by The State of California Food and Drug Branch (FDB) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This license indicates that the FDB has authorized Promex to operate under the rigorous quality guidelines of California's Device Manufacturing Licensing Laws, including compliance with California Health and Safety Code requirements, all applicable state laws, and the federal Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Quality System Regulations (QSR).

Research by McKinsey & Company found that of the $380 billion in global sales for medical devices in 2017, poor quality cost device OEMs an estimated $12 billion, despite an investment by manufacturers of close to $24 billion in quality procedures and processes. According to Promex Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance Hassan Sorkhabi, the CA FDB license strengthens Promex's position within the medical device industry as a quality-focused provider of complex engineering and heterogeneous assembly solutions.

“Every change or modification to the design or manufacture of a complex biomedical device creates a new set of variables. We understand the importance of thorough documentation and verified processes and do everything possible to ensure quality for our customers. By incorporating risk management in the Promex quality policy, our organization is adopting a preventive-action approach to most activities performed under our Quality Management System (QMS) – a practice aligned with the latest ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001-2015 expectations. As a CA FDB-licensed medical device manufacturing services provider, we use Risk Management and pFMEA after QMS policy implementation for continuous improvement,” Sorkhabi said.

Promex provides design-for-manufacturing services coupled with materials science expertise and broad assembly capabilities for small- to mid-volume onshore production. Located in Silicon Valley since 1975, Promex features Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanrooms. The company is ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR registered and licensed by the State of California Food and Drug Branch to manufacture Class II and Class III medical devices. More information is available by calling 408-496-0222.

Promex: Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance Hassan Sorkhabi 408-816-8042
C3PR: Mar Junge 408-219-0101 or Paul Neuenschwander 505-440-3090

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:: TechSearch International Analysis Highlights Impact of Trade Friction on Electronics Industry

The impact of the ban on selling components to Huawei combined with generally lower shipments for PCs and mobile phones is having an impact on the electronics industry this year.  TechSearch International’s latest analysis examines the impact in terms of the OSAT financials and unit shipments.  A market forecast for BGAs and CSPs in units by package construction is provided.  The CSP market is divided into laminate and leadframe (QFN) substrates.  Package-on-package (PoP) trends are discussed. 

The emerging role of the foundry in providing advanced packaging solutions is highlighted with an analysis of package offerings and roadmaps for TSMC and Samsung. 

The latest Advanced Packaging Update is a 43-page report with full references and an accompanying set of 43 PowerPoint slides.

TechSearch International, Inc., founded in 1987, is a market research leader specializing in technology trends in microelectronics packaging and assembly.  Multi- and single-client services encompass technology licensing, strategic planning, and market and technology analysis.  TechSearch International professionals have an extensive network of more than 18,000 contacts in North America, Asia, and Europe.  For more information, contact TechSearch at tel: 512-372-8887 or see  Follow us on twitter  @Jan_TechSearch


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:: Indium Corporation Introduces Non-Silicone-Based TIM for Burn-in and Test

Indium Corporation has added to its line of thermal interface materials (TIMs) with the introduction of HSMF-OS, a non-silicone based metal/polymer material designed for burn-in and test applications.

HSMF-OS is designed for high insertion capability. Its high tensile strength and soft compliant polymer backing allow it to survive multiple insertions. HSMF-OS has been tested to withstand over 5,000 insertion cycles without any loss of performance.

One of the challenges associated with a burn-in TIM is the attachment method. HSMF-OS has inherent adhesive properties on one side that allow for hand placement, removing the need for these additional steps and fixtures without compromising thermal performance. The opposite side is aluminum and it will not mark or stain the DUI (device under test).

HSMF-OS offers consistently good performance without phase change.

For more information on HSMF-OS and Indium Corporation’s full line of TIMs, visit

Indium Corporation is a premier materials manufacturer and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets. Products include solders and fluxes; brazes; thermal interface materials; sputtering targets; indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals and inorganic compounds; and NanoFoil®. Founded in 1934, the company has global technical support and factories located in China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

For more information about Indium Corporation, visit or email You can also follow our experts, From One Engineer To Another® (#FOETA), at or @IndiumCorp.


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