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:: Indium Corporation Expert to Present at IMAPS Advanced SiP and Other News from Indium (full story)

:: SST Vacuum Reflow Systems Launches Automated Vacuum Pressure Soldering System for IGBT Power Module Market (full story)

:: Integra Technologies Announces New Headquarters (full story)

:: Toughened, Low Outgassing, One Component Epoxy from Master Bond Features Thermal Cycling Resistance (full story)

:: TechSearch International Analysis Predicts Growth for Fan-in and FO-WLP (full story)

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:: News from Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation Expert to Present at IMAPS Advanced SiP 

Indium Corporation’s Sze Pei Lim, Regional Product Manager for Semiconductor Products, will share her expertise at the Advanced System in Package (SiP) Technology Conference & Exhibition, June 25-27 in Monterey, California.

Lim will present Soldering Material Challenges for Heterogeneous Integration and Assembly, which examines heterogeneous integration as the industry’s solution to overcoming miniaturization needs—such as increased functionality, lower power consumption, lower cost, and faster time to market. Heterogeneous integration provides enhanced functionality and improved operating characteristics in the package. As this integration becomes more extensive and the assembly process becomes more complicated, different types of soldering alloys and fluxes are often needed to meet the processing and reliability requirements.

Lim has more than 20 years of experience in the PCB assembly and semiconductor packaging industries and is highly respected in her field. She earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the National University of Singapore, is an SMTA-certified process engineer, and has a Six Sigma Green Belt. Lim joined Indium Corporation in 2007.

Indium Corporation Highlights Gold-Based Solder Paste
Indium Corporation's line of gold-based solder paste is used in a variety of high-reliability applications. 

Gold-based solder pastes offer numerous benefits, such as high tensile strength, high-melting point for compatibility with subsequent reflow processes, high thermal and electrical conductivity and thermal fatigue, resistance to corrosion, and excellent wetting. AuSn solder pastes also are resistant to oxidation and are RoHS compatible.
Gold-based solder pastes are an ideal solution for high-volume, high-power LED module assembly, as well as a range of specialty soldering applications. Higher yields and cost per unit make gold-based solder paste a viable option, even though the initial cost may be higher that alternative solders. 
No-clean and water washable gold-based solder pastes are available in AuSn and AuGe alloys, eutectic and off-eutectic formulas, and Types 3–7 powder sizes. For more information about gold-based solder pastes, visit:

About Indium Corporate

Indium Corporation is a premier materials manufacturer and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets. Products include solders and fluxes; brazes; thermal interface materials; sputtering targets; indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals and inorganic compounds; and NanoFoil®. Founded in 1934, the company has global technical support and factories located in China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

For more information about Indium Corporation, visit or email You can also follow our experts, From One Engineer To Another® (#FOETA), at or @IndiumCorp.

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:: SST Vacuum Reflow Systems Launches Automated Vacuum Pressure Soldering System for IGBT Power Module Market

Palomar Technologies, a global leader in total process solutions for advanced photonics and microelectronic device packaging, announced that SST Vacuum Reflow Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Palomar Technologies, has launched the SST 8300 Series Automated Vacuum Pressure Soldering System. The series, consisting of single and triple chamber systems provides a highly reliable solder connection with a better than industry standard void rate – a key to delivering high-reliability power modules for automotive and commercial applications.

A.J. Wilson, President of SST Vacuum Reflow Systems and CMO for Palomar Technologies commented, “The electric vehicle market is exploding and one key to the successful rollout is mass availability of affordable and reliable power modules. In addition to higher volumes, power modules are expected to be more efficient and to be able to operate under more stressful conditions, such as higher temperatures and more power cycles. Our new automated vacuum pressure soldering system succeeds in providing both high volume and high reliability for the assembly of power modules.”

The SST 8300 Series Automated Vacuum Pressure Soldering System differs from current systems on the market by utilizing SST’s unique system of applying both vacuum and gas pressure to achieve an extremely low void ratio for the soldering interface of key components inside a power module, especially for DBC-to-baseplate soldering. The power module market is actively seeking a flux-free solder process that achieves low void rates, which provide for higher reliability and longer life. Other industry segments with a demand for highly reliable power modules include power converters for wind turbines, photovoltaic solar energy systems, and other renewable energy applications, as well as industrial motor controls and large scale medical devices. Specific applications include: IGBT/SiC/GaAs/GaN die attach, CPV solar cell assembly, die attach for pressure sensors, hermetic sealing of high-reliability packages, high intensity LED attach, hermetic sealing of IR image sensors, copper clip soldering, high power laser module assembly, and multilayer ceramic capacitors.

Other key benefits of the 8300 Series include:

  1. Automated high-volume production vacuum pressure soldering system
  2. Enables low-void solder connections with preforms or with solder paste
  3. Offers maximum flexibility for processing a wide range of solder alloys and other alternative interconnect materials
  4. Each chamber of the SST 8303 runs a complete process allowing multiple processes to be run in parallel
  5. Flexible configuration for any production line: single (8301) or triple (8303) chamber
  6. Oxide removal technology using formic acid or forming gas

More information on the SST 8300 Series Automated Vacuum Pressure Soldering System can be found at: SST 8300.

About Palomar Technologies
Palomar Technologies makes the connected world possible by delivering a Total Process Solution™ for advanced photonic and microelectronic device assembly processes utilized in today’s smart, connected devices. With a focus on flexibility, speed and accuracy, Palomar’s Total Process Solution includes Palomar die bonders, Palomar wire and wedge bonders, SST vacuum reflow systems, along with Innovation Centers for outsourced manufacturing and assembly, and Customer Support services, that together deliver improved production quality and yield, reduced assembly times, and rapid ROI.

With its deep industry expertise, Palomar equips customers to become leaders in the development of complex, digital technologies that are the foundation of the connected world and the transmission of data generated by billions of connected devices. Palomar solutions are utilized by the world’s leading companies providing solutions for datacom, 5G, electric vehicle power modules, autonomous vehicles/LiDAR, enhanced mobile broadband, Internet of Things, SMART technology, and mission-critical services.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Palomar offers global sales, service and application support from its offices in the USA, Germany, Singapore and China. For more information, visit:

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:: Integra Technologies Announces New Headquarters

Integra Technologies LLC, a world leader in semiconductor packaging, assembly, test, characterization and related services, announced it has moved it's corporate offices into a new facility in Wichita to accommodate rapid company growth. Expanding by 14,000 sq feet, the new location will house the company's administrative, sales, and support staff, making Integra's total footprint approximately 115,000 sq feet. 

The expansion is due to the increase in business the Qualification, Design Verification and Reliability Testing Services division has encountered over the last year. In 2018, Integra Wichita completed over 600 complex military and aerospace part qualifications, having processing times of 12 – 26 weeks each. 

Integra’s Wichita factory is on pace to perform over 700 complex military and aerospace part qualifications in 2019. With the increased demand, Integra made the decision to move the corporate staff out of the Wichita factory to allow for further expansion of production capabilities. Integra plans to further increase the production space in 2019 adding new equipment and engineering staff.

"The move will allow us to better serve our entire customer base of semiconductor manufacturers, military/space/aerospace, automotive OEMs, and medical device customers by increasing our capacity and reducing lead times," said Brett Robinson Integra’s President & CEO. "Integra is currently seeing rapid increase in production at all three factory locations. We are looking forward to continued growth throughout the rest of 2019 and beyond." 

The corporate office remit to address remains the same, 3450 N. Rock Rd., Bldg #100, Wichita, KS 67226. For more information contact Integra Technologies,




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:: Toughened, Low Outgassing, One Component Epoxy from Master Bond Features Thermal Cycling Resistance

Master Bond Supreme 17HT is a single component, no mix epoxy system for bonding and sealing applications featuring an unlimited working life at room temperature. “This thermally stable formulation has a high glass transition temperature of 410°F (210°C) and retains its bond strength at elevated temperatures,” says Rohit Ramnath, senior product engineer. “As a toughened system, it is ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates. Supreme 17HT’s unique combination of properties makes it suitable for applications involving repeated exposure to thermal cycling.” It also meets NASA low outgassing specifications per ASTM E595 testing.

Supreme 17HT possesses high bond strength properties with lap shear strength of 1,900-2,100 psi and tensile strength of 7,000-8,000 psi. This system is a reliable electrical insulator with volume resistivity of over 1015 ohm-cm at ambient temperatures and over 1012 ohm-cm at 400°F. It is serviceable from -100°F to +550°F (-73°C to 288°C). Along with its simple handling properties, Supreme 17HT offers a moderate viscosity of 100,000-150,000 cps.

Supreme 17HT cures at elevated temperatures with cure schedule options including 300°F for 5-6 hours or 350°F for 4-5 hours. It is available in standard packaging ranging from ½ pint to 5 gallon containers as well as specialty packaging including cartridges and syringes.

Master Bond Toughened Epoxy Systems

Supreme 17HT is a high strength, toughened epoxy adhesive ideal for applications that require resistance to high temperatures as well as thermal cycling. Read more about Master Bond’s flexibilized and toughened adhesive systems at or contact Tech Support. Phone: +1-201-343-8983 Fax: +1-201-343-2132 Email:



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:: TechSearch International Analysis Predicts Growth for Fan-in and FO-WLP

TechSearch International predicts strong market growth for fan-in wafer level packages (WLPs) and fan-out WLPs (FO-WLPs).   Despite lower growth for smartphones, growth continues as the number of WLPs per handset increase. WLPs are increasingly adopted in tablets, and wearable devices such as smart watches, fitness bands, and virtual reality headsets.  Fan-in WLPs are projected to grow at an 8.5% CAGR from 2018 to 2022.  FO-WLP‘s adoption continues in products ranging from smartphones to automotive and the package shows a growth rate of almost 37% over the four-year period. Cost-reduction pressures are driving the development of alternatives to reconstituted wafer FO-WLP in the form of large area panel processing and the first product can be seen in the new Samsung smart watch.  An analysis of the market growth in units, wafers, and panels is provided for fan-in and fan-out.  The market is divided into standard-density, high-density, and panel.
TechSearch International’s new study, 2019 Flip Chip and WLP: Trends and Market Projections, provides detailed analysis of the drivers for fan-in WLP, FO-WLP, and flip chip.  The detailed analysis is based on the company’s 31-year history of studying markets and critical technology and infrastructure issues.  

Demand for flip chip in applications ranging from large die for AI accelerators to small die for amplifiers and filters is provided.  Cu pillar is increasingly used for many devices.  Demand continues for both 300mm and 200mm bumping. Market projections in units and wafers are provided.  Flip chip growth shows an 8.3% CAGR in unit volume from 2018 to 2022.  Growth in gold bumping is also included.  A critical analysis of planned capacity and utilization is provided for each geographic region, showing projections for strong growth in China.       

The 124-page report with full references provides forecasts for the flip chip wafer bumping market by application, device type, number of wafers, and die shipments.  Merchant and captive capacity is included.  Forecasts for fan-in and FO-WLP demand are projected in number of die and wafer shipments. A set of 90 PowerPoint slides accompanies the report.

TechSearch International, Inc., founded in 1987, is a market research leader specializing in technology trends in microelectronics packaging and assembly.  Multi- and single-client services encompass technology licensing, strategic planning, and market and technology analysis.  TechSearch International professionals have an extensive network of more than 18,000 contacts in North America, Asia, and Europe.  For more information, contact TechSearch at tel: 512-372-8887 or see  Follow us on twitter  @Jan_TechSearch




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