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November-December 2006

We could not let 2006 close without recognizing one of the hardest working members of the IMAPS 2006 Steering Committee.  Bill Ishii was the Sponsor Chair of IMAPS 2006 and he brought in more individual sponsorships than we have ever had before.  He spent many hours soliciting sponsors all over the Southern California region and writing previous sponsors all over the world.  The results were very evident in San Diego and at the Golf Outing.

We were all proud to get to know Bill and hope you will enjoy reading about his background and his current career path.

Bill Ishii
Bill Ishii
San Diego Chapter

Bill received his BS in Marketing and Finance from California State University of Long Beach. Leaving Los Angeles to relocate to San Diego, it was with Kyocera America where he entered the industry, and the last position held there was as a Sales Engineer handling Southern California.

Bill founded Pacific Products Technologies, focusing on products from Pacific Rim countries.  Pacific Product's major focus is on representing his major principle Torrey Hills Technologies, primarily covering the west coast territory, and Torrey Hills Technologies' line of heat sinks, precision machined metals and furnaces.  He enjoys time helping customers to be competitive and increase profitability.

A dedicated member and volunteer of IMAPS since 2004, Bill is currently the Vice President of the local San Diego chapter.  Prior to that, Bill served as the chapter's Treasurer and Membership Chairperson.  Bill also served as Sponsorship Chairperson for the 2006 IMAPS International Symposium. 

Please see what Bill’s colleague Ken Kuang has to say.

I have known Bill Ishii for more than six years ever since he joined Kyocera in 2000. We collaborated closely to support many customers in Southern California. As a dedicated professional, Bill worked proactively to meet and exceed customers' expectations. He distinguished himself with sincere caring for customers, excellent communication skills, endless optimism and great personality.

I have also worked closely with him on IMAPS' San Diego Chapter. As a membership chair, Bill recruited many new corporate and individual members. He supported local student chapters with great enthusiasm.  Simultaneously, he was busy as Treasurer for the chapter. 

Finally, Bill has made IMAPS the society that he is dedicated to and focused on. Once again his dedication was well displayed throughout the IMAPS 2006 conference. In our golf tournament, thanks to Bill, we had a record number of sponsors. He was so busy meeting with sponsors and thanking them that he did not even get a chance to play himself.

August - October 2006

Congratulations to Steve on his election to President-Elect of IMAPS.
For the next few weeks we are featuring the very able and strong Chair of the IMAPS 2006 Committee, Steve Adamson, as our Member in the Spotlight. Steve has served us all very well and has evinced the leadership this Committee needed to ensure that IMAPS 2006 is a great success for all. Please take a minute and read about Steve’s background and when you see him at IMAPS 2006, make sure you tell him how much you appreciate his efforts on our behalf.


Steve Adamson
Steve Adamson
San Diego Chapter

Steven (Steve) J. Adamson is currently working as market development manager for Asymtek. In this role he has traveled the world to develop new market opportunities in Semiconductor Packaging and Hard Disk Drive manufacturing.  Before changing careers to marketing, he was an assembly engineer and has worked in all aspects of packaging and assembly from R&D to manufacturing, designing MCMs, hybrid circuits, PCBs, thermal printed heads and magnetoresistive head assemblies.

He has delivered technical papers on wirebond encapsulation, CSP / Flip Chip assembly, PCB design rules and reliability at HDI, IMAPS, IPC, IEEE and Diskcon meetings and conferences. He has been published in Advanced Packaging, SMT, Chip Scale, Meptec, Electronic Production and Test magazines and several of his papers have been translated and published in China, Korea and the EU. He is also a co-author with Charles Harper on a soon-to-be-released book “Handbook of Plastic Processes” published by McGraw-Hill.

Steve has over twenty years of experience in microelectronics assembly, previously holding positions with Kodak, Motorola in the U.S., and Plessey, International Computers Ltd. in the UK. He has been awarded five U.S. and two UK patents.  Originally from the UK, he holds a Higher National Certificate in Electrical Engineering from Stockport College of Technology. He is also lead instructor on a University of California San Diego (UCSD) extension course on Microelectronic and Optical Packaging. 

He was chairman of San Diego IMAPS chapter for two years, and general chair for SOCAL and is currently General Chairman of the 2006 IMAPS Symposium. In 2005 he was presented with an award by the San Diego Engineering Council for “Outstanding Service to Electrical Engineering.”

May-July 2006

Our May-July 2006 Member in the Spotlight is the ubiquitous Herb Duryea. Herb has been active in both Southern California and National IMAPS for many years. Herb always has a smile and a friendly word for everyone he meets. Herb epitomizes the ideal IMAPS member – he is definitely a role-model for our newer members. Make sure you say “hello” to him in San Diego at IMAPS 2006 – he is sure to be there.

Herb Duryea
San Diego Chapter

Herb began his ceramic career at Gladding McBean and Company in 1959 after serving in the Army Airborne (101st Screaming Eagles). He married in 1960 and had one daughter in 1965 and another in 1967. He currently has four grandchildren.

Herb worked in manufacturing during the early years of his career. While at Gladding McBean, Herb met Jim Welterlen. Jim was instrumental in Herb's career as he gave Herb the opportunity to move on to positions at Western Gold and Platinum (WESGO) and Ceramic Systems. After WESGO he worked for Kyocera and Rosenthal Metceram (Hertz). Starting as a Quality Control Manager, he moved to Manufacturing Manager to Vice President of Manufacturing and Plant Manager at these various companies.

In 1979, Herb decided he would like to switch his direction to sales. He was offered an opportunity to be the Sales Engineer for the East Coast for Texas Instruments, which he accepted. He went on to be Sales and Marketing Manager for Accu-Tech Laser Processing working for Jim Byrum. He left Accu-Tech to take a position as Sales Engineer for Mission Marketing.

Herb’s sales experience prompted him to open his own representative business. He operated KL Marketing until 1998 when he sold the company to Walt Napoleon.

Herb is now partially retired but stays active in the industry by consulting in sales and marketing for Jim Byrum at Accu-Tech.

Herb Duryea has been associated with IMAPS/ISHM, IEPS, and SMTA for over 30 years and has attained the Emeritus position in the American Ceramic Society. He has held virtually every position in the local IMAPS San Diego chapter and served as Southern California Regional Director for IMAPS. He has served on the boards for both local IMAPS Symposiums and National IMAPS conventions.

Herb especially wants to thank Jim Welterlen and Jim Byrum. Both have been Herb's good friends and mentors over the years.


March/April 2006

We are pleased to honor an outstanding Student Member of IMAPS as our March/April IMAPS Member in the Spotlight. Eric (Tiezheng) Li is currently the President of the IMAPS San Diego State University Student Chapter as well as an active voice for students on the IMAPS 2006 Symposium Committee. Eric earned the top prize in the 2005 Membership Campaign and received his Top Recruiter Award at IMAPS 2005 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Eric Li epitomizes the high caliber of our IMAPS Student Members and is an inspiration to other young engineers seeking a future in the microelectronics and electronic packaging technologies.

Read more about Eric’s accomplishments in his following bio.

Eric (Tiezheng) Li
San Diego State University Student Chapter

Eric (Tiezheng) Li is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the joint doctoral program (JDP) between UC San Diego and San Diego State University. Eric came to US in 2001 after receiving his Bachelor degree in Tsinghua University (China), and since then, he has been doing research on metal-ceramic/intemetallic multilayer composite materials. With extensive training and strong background in both Mechanical Engineering and Material Science, Eric conducts his research on failure analysis, fracture mechanics and damage evolution in the composites during service, by means of mechanical tests and material characterization (such as SEM). His another research focus is the computer simulation of thermal stress in composites during manufacturing, and his analytical models and finite element simulation by ABAQUS and Mentat have provided deep insights into the evolution and distribution of thermal stress during processing. Eric is the author of several journal papers and has been actively presenting his research in various professional conference and seminars. He is now towards the end of his Ph.D. study and is going to defend his Ph.D. dissertation in late March, 2006. Eric is currently the President of IMAPS student chapter at SDSU, and is actively involved in the local student chapter and San Diego Chapters of IMAPS, as well as the upcoming IMAPS 2006 Symposium in San Diego.


January/February 2006

Happy New Year!

Our Member in the Spotlight for January and February 2006 is Mike O’Neill, Vice President of Membership. When we look through our member ranks for a person who consistently delivers solid, invigorating leadership, we can look no further than Mike O’Neill.

Mike O'Neill
Phoenix Chapter

Mike has been a member of IMAPS since 1992 and during that time has been the driving force behind the revitalization of the former MMRC and its metamorphosis into the GBC (Global Business Council). Under his three-year Chairmanship, the GBC became the essential and indispensable voice for the corporate side of Microelectronics. The GBC Annual Meeting each spring brings the experts of our industries presenting the current and future status of our technologies in the marketplace. The Symposium-based Marketing Forum is a great success, usually garnering the most attendance of any other Symposium event.

Now as Vice President of Membership Mike is taking responsibility for a large group of IMAPS entities and is well on his way to making IMAPS the necessary and vital part of microelectronics and electronic packaging worldwide that we envision. You can “catch up” on these activities in the "Vice President of Membership" columns in each issue of Advancing Microelectronics.

Mike has been an integral part of Heraeus, Inc.- Thick Film Division, for a number of years and his colleague, David Malanga, sent us the following.

Mike started at Heraeus in 1996 as a National Salesman for our Automotive Product line and has held various sales-oriented positions since then including Sales Manager and Global LTCC Product Manager.

Currently he has left the harsh life of the Northeast and moved to the warm locales of Arizona to become our Western Regional Sales Manager.

Mike is an avid golfer and runner which are a lot nicer since his move to the Southwest. Currently he is very active in many IMAPS activities, including his newly-elected position of VP of Membership.

David Malanga, Heraeus, TFD

November/December 2005

Dave Virissimo has been an active member of IMAPS since 1995. He has held various positions with IMAPS San Diego including that of President. Dave was Exhibits Chair of IMAPS 1998 and is currently the National Marketing Chair for IMAPS 2006 in San Diego. Dave is on the IMAPS 2006 Executive Council serving his second term as Southwest Regional Director. – Whew!

As you can see, the November/December IMAPS Member in the Spotlight is extremely deserving of this honor. Since joining IMAPS, Dave Virissimo has volunteered for almost everything that has come his way. IMAPS is extremely grateful for Dave’s work on our behalf and we applaud his knowledge and the abilities that he brings to every endeavor.

Dave Virissimo
San Diego Chapter

David Virissimo is Western Regional Sales Manager for Semiconductor Packaging Materials, Inc., a leader in Microelectronic materials in the area of wire and ribbon for bonding, solder attach including preforms and spheres, precision metal stampings, lead frames and tape & reel packaging services and materials. David has specialized in sales and marketing in the high tech microelectronics industry for the last 20 years, including thick film and thin film metallized ceramics, multilayer ceramics, metal packaging and hybrid circuit materials. David received his BS in Computer Science from U.C. San Diego in 1984. David is in his final year of service as Southwest Regional Director for IMAPS and is actively involved in the local San Diego Chapters of IMAPS as well as the upcoming IMAPS 2006 Symposium to be held in San Diego.

Ken Kuang, President of Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC, shared his thoughts on Dave:

David is the kind of leader who inspires others. He has been serving IMAPS members at the chapter, regional and national levels since early 1990s. In the San Diego chapter, he served progressively as treasurer, vice president and president. Under his leadership, we saw excellent growth in IMAPS membership, including the founding of two student chapters (UC San Diego and San Diego State University). Currently he is IMAPS' Regional Director for the Southwest Region and a member of the IMAPS Executive Council.

While we recognize David's outstanding contribution to IMAPS, it is also important to acknowledge the consistent support from his employer Semiconductor Packaging Materials (SPM,, for which David serves as the west regional sales manager. In and out of IMAPS' circle, David enjoys an excellent reputation as a trustworthy professional customers can count on.

August - October 2005

Thank you IMAPS 2005 Symposium Committee!

IMAPS 2005 - Symposium Committee
(Keystone and Garden State Chapters)

For the next few months, our Spotlight is featuring and honoring volunteer members of the IMAPS 2005 Organizing Committee. It is appropriate that we honor these hardworking volunteers at this time and recognize the work they have done and are doing to make your visit to Philadelphia in September enjoyable.

Each and every one of the members has worked diligently to bring you not only a superior Technical Program but many great activities that are both fun and educational.

Our Companion Program gives your guests two full days of learning just how much the area has to offer. Thoughtful arrangements are in place to ensure your total experience. Publicity has already been successful in making the Offices of the Governor of Pennsylvania and the Mayor of Philadelphia well aware of our activities that week.

The Exhibits are filling the Hall and offer much to see and learn about the applications of our technologies. The Student Program is being designed to make each student attendee’s visit unforgettable. The Employment Center will be open every day and will offer job inquiries, interviewing facilities and resume drop-off.

The Global Business Council is once again offering the Marketing Forum which is free of charge to all attendees. This year the Forum will be held after the Exhibit Hall closes to afford “booth personnel" the opportunity to attend.

Registration will be much smoother and faster. The Registration Chair, working with IMAPS staff, has implemented some new features which will speed up the process.

We will have the annual IMAPS Golf Tournament with all of the fun of participating and the gratitude of the Sidney J. Stein Educational Foundation, the recipient of the proceeds.

All in all, this outstanding IMAPS 2005 Committee has put an enormous effort into bringing you the best Annual International Symposium possible.

When in Philadelphia, please take the time to tell the Committee how much you appreciate a job well done.

IMAPS 2005 Organizing Committee

General Chair - David Malanga
Technical CoChair - Don Havas
Technical CoChair - Lee Levine
Arrangements - Edward M. Gildein
PDC Chair - Tom Green
Exhibits Co-Chair - Greg Chesmar
Exhibits Co-Chair - Art Dobie
Registration - Michael Salloum
Golf Outing - Howard Imhof
Companion Program - Barbara Malanga & Marissa Kurpiewski
Sponsorship Chair - John Wood
Publicity - Mike McLaughlin
Secretary - Bob Sutterlin
Student Chair - Joan Delalic
Ed Fund Auction - Gary Hemphill
GBC Marketing Forum - Howard Imhof

June/July 2005

For the next two months we will be honoring a very hardworking IMAPS member. David Malanga is the General Chair of IMAPS 2005 and, as such, is performing an important and crucial role for our Society. Those of you who have served on the National Symposium Steering Committee know full-well how much work is involved in this endeavor. David comes to this position having served in a number of capacities throughout his membership and we could not have a better leader for a successful Symposium.

David Malanga
Keystone Chapter

David Malanga holds both a BS and a MS in Ceramic Science and Engineering from Rutgers University. He has been employed at Heraeus CMD for the past 18 years. While at Heraeus CMD he has worked in the R&D Department on Nitrogen Fireable Thick Film Pastes and LTCC systems. He was a Technical Service Engineer from 1992 to ultimately managing the Technical Service Department. David is currently the Technical Service and Sales Manager and has held that position since 1993.

David is also author of a variety of papers on fiber optic materials, thick film resistors, conductors, dielectrics and LTCC materials, microwave materials, and passive component metallizations.

David has been a member of IMAPS since 1988 and has played an active role in the Keystone Chapter. Among various offices at the chapter, he has served as President and General Chair of the Keystone Spring Symposium.

He has been a vigorous supporter of IMAPS at the National level having served on the IMAPS 1997 Steering Committee, the Sponsorship Chair for IMAPS 2001 and is the current General Chair for IMAPS 2005.

Ed Gildein, a longtime Keystone member and National officer, sent this testimonial about David Malanga.

"I have had the pleasure, since 1987 of knowing Dave Malanga, through his involvement with the Keystone Chapter of then ISHM.

Through the years, I have witnessed Dave’s dedication as an active member and supporter of our organization. His contributions have been very valuable to our success as a Chapter.

Dave has served in many capacities. He was a fellow committee member for the 1997 Symposium. This was the time ISHM became IMAPS.

Dave is Current General Chair for our 2005 Symposium being held in Philadelphia, PA. With his strong leadership abilities, this Symposium will be a success. I wish him the very best in this endeavor.

The Keystone Chapter continues to prosper because of dedicated individuals like Dave.

--Ed Gildein"

April/May 2005

Our member spotlight is someone who is not only known in the Southern California Region or even just nationally, but is making a mark for IMAPS internationally as well. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious and he is working hard to increase membership. He is finding ways to get individual chapters to communicate with each other and bring the most to individual members. It is the pleasure of the San Diego Chapters to introduce you to Ken Kuang.

Ken Kuang
San Diego Chapter

Ken Kuang is President of Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC. His new venture has given him the opportunity to make an impact on Membership by bringing in various perspectives and views of different regions. Prior to establishing Torrey Hills Technologies, Ken was an acting engineering manager and a process engineer at Kyocera America, Inc. in San Diego. Ken is recognized as an industry expert in materials, as evidenced by the authoring of over 20 peer-reviewed technical papers, presentations at numerous conferences and symposia, and the approval of one U.S. patent for multilayer multiple element thick film fuses. He received his BS and MS degrees in Materials Sciences and Engineering from Tianjin University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991 and 1993, respectively.

Currently, he is an active member of many Societies but he has been a major advocate for IMAPS especially in the local chapters as well as the National Symposium. Ken has been a participating member of the IMAPS National Technical Committee, has chaired subcommittees including the IMAPS Subcommittee of Manufacturing, Automation and Statistical Process Control (SPC). He is active in the Local San Diego Chapter where he has been the President, the Technical Chair for the National Symposium in San Diego as well as the Chair for the SoCal Symposium held every 3 years in San Diego. He has continued to cultivate the Student Chapters in San Diego and sees the importance of bringing these young, energetic minds and introducing them to local companies.

He is currently the IMAPS Vice President of Membership and is happy to report that for the first year of his responsibilities the membership slide that has hit ALL major technical societies finally stopped in the IMAPS organization. His goals are to increase individual memberships, Corporate memberships and Student memberships with an aggressive plan that has all Regional Directors and Chapter Presidents involved in working with IMAPS Headquarters.

Ken’s Current Bio

Ken Kuang is the president and founder of Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC (, specializing in helping its customers improve profitability by outsourcing from China and marketing into China. Prior to founding Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC, he had a successful career with Kyocera America, Inc. where he worked on thick film, thin film and MW/RF/TO/Optical packaging.

Graduated with BS in Materials Sci. & Eng. from Tianjin University in 1991 and MS in Chemical Engineering from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993, he moved to the US in 1994. Ken has extensive networks in both US and China and has helped many companies accomplish important business missions by "bridging" the cultural divide.

A member of IMAPS since 1997, he started with the San Diego Chapter as membership chair, later becoming treasurer, vice chair and chair. Currently he is the advisor for San Diego Chapter and IMAPS VP of Membership. Ken presented many times in packaging conferences, won Best Session Paper in IMAPS 2000 and Best Symposium Paper in ICEPT 2003.

February/March 2005

For those of you who have attended IMAPS Symposia, ATWs, and Garden State chapter events, our February-March 2005 Member in the Spotlight is very familiar to you. Michael Salloum is easy to spot at these events as he is usually behind the Registration Booth lending a hand to IMAPS staff and volunteers.

We all appreciate and value Michael’s assistance and wish we could “clone” him several times over, because he is such a great and helpful resource for IMAPS. Michael really puts forth an effort in support of our IMAPS events and does it always with a smile and friendly demeanor.

Please read a bit about his background and the testimonial from a colleague in the Garden State Chapter.

Michael Salloum
Garden State Chapter
Michael Salloum was born in Lebanon; he moved to the US in 1980. He is married to a beautiful woman (Lina), who is also the mother of their 3 children (Eli-7, Remy-5 and Julie-4 months); they reside in Somerset, NJ.

Michael attended Northeastern University where he graduated in electrical engineering in 1986.

Working in the industry since the late '80s, Michael has worked on Thick Film, SMT and TH Processes and Packaging. He also has four years of experience in Semiconductor Testing Support.

A member of ISHM/IMAPS since 1992, he started with the New England Chapter as a membership chair, later becoming a technical chair. Michael also presented several papers in Thick Film and SMT. He also served on the 1994 Symposium Committee as the Student Activity Chair.

Michael moved to NJ in 1998, where he joined the Garden State chapter as the VP and is currently serving as the Chapter President.

Currently he is Vice President of R&D Assembly in Allentown, PA. R&D Assembly offers complete turnkey products in Advanced SMT (

A dedicated member and volunteer of IMAPS, Michael will serve as the IMAPS 2005 Symposium Registration Chair.

Kathleen Kriskewic, Vice President of IMAPS Garden State Chapter, HED International, shared her thoughts on Michael:

I’ve served with Mike Salloum for at least two years as an executive board member of the Garden State Chapter of IMAPS. During that time, the GS chapter has sponsored symposiums for which Mike has recruited and organized exhibitors. Although each of the executive board members had a task to do, Mike did not limit his efforts to his alone, and never hesitated to help another. When I think of Mike, I think of an individual who can get the job done. His dedication and attention to detail inspire those who serve with him.

Thank you for this opportunity to voice my admiration and respect for an exceptional individual.

December 2004/January 2005

Our December/January Member in the Spotlight, Gino Domenella, has had too many accomplishments throughout his career for us to summarize. Please read all about Gino, what he has done and some special comments from his longtime friends and colleagues, Loren Saar and Steve Capp.

Gino Domenella -
Chicago/Milwaukee Chapter

· Career
Joined ISHM/IMAPS in 1980. Started microelectronic career with Zenith Microcircuits Corporation in Elk Grove Village, as a Production Engineer in the Manufacturing Engineering Department. Followed by establishing the Electronics Division for Milwaukee Electric Tool from the initial startup, research and development department as a Senior Electronics Engineer focused on microcircuit packaging, design, and processing. Continued with various positions within Knowles Electronics, Cherry Automotive, Microelectronic Modules and Cirqon Technologies.

· Patents
Currently hold two patents for microelectronic packaging and design.

· Regional Director Bio
A seasoned thick film industry veteran, with over 24 years of service in the Chicago/Milwaukee region. Currently, I’m a Product Manager for Durex Industries, a manufacturer of high quality electric heaters and temperature sensors. Areas of focus have included New Product Development, Production Engineering, Process Engineering, Materials, Design, Manufacturing, Management and Operations. Participated in the student chapter as President and Treasurer at Northern Illinois University. Upon graduation continued to assist the university in the operation and renovation of the thick film lab. Assisted in organizing the April Technical conference at Northern Illinois University for four consecutive years. Within the Chicago/ Milwaukee Chapter have held the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Symposium Registration Chair, Nominations Chair, and currently hold Membership Chair. On a National level, I am currently the North Central Regional Director, have assisted at numerous meetings and have chaired sessions at the Chicago conference in 1999. Currently, as Chapter Membership Officer I work closely with National Headquarters to secure local chapter membership. Also, I have been nominated for “Fellow of the Society" Award by the Chicago/Milwaukee Chapter. I continue to be an active participant in IMAPS on both the local and national levels.

· National Committees
Currently serve on the IMAPS membership task force.

Comments from friend and colleague, Loren Saar:

How I got to know Gino and what I learned.

I first met Gino when we worked together at the Zenith Elk Grove Village thick film facility. Gino was a flamboyant, energetic, aggressive, young man, just out of school. He was the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. We used to frequent the “Nut House” after lunch to sample some Macadamia nuts for our dessert.

Gino avidly absorbed all aspects of the thick film business as he progressed through numerous employers, never leaving a company without acquiring new knowledge. His proficiency in thick film technology ranges from design, layout, processing, equipment acquisition, production, to shipment packaging.

Gino joined ISHM when we were still employed at Zenith. In the Chicago/Milwaukee Chapter, he has held every possible office at least once and is currently the Membership Chair. On the National level he has been the North Central Regional Director of IMAPS for the last 2 years. Gino is an up-beat, non-stop dynamo, and I am fortunate to call him a close friend. Loren Saar

Steve Capp added…

Gino has been a very active member of the Chicago / Milwaukee Chapter of IMAPS. He has served in every chapter office at one point or another in his career and has been one of the few members that have consistently stayed active in the chapter no matter where his job took him. When there is a need for members to volunteer he is right there at the head of the line. I have worked with Gino as a chapter officer, on a Symposium planning committee and on the Executive Council. He is a good person to work with and great guy to be around.

October-November 2004

IMAPS is indeed fortunate to have so many great members and we are proud to honor some of the more exceptional ones here in the Member in the Spotlight each month.

This month we are honoring one of our Charter Members and one of the very best we have. Ed Gildein is a favorite of everyone who meets him. He always has a kind word and a smile and is eager to help out in any way. Ed has been a member since 1967 and has held many different jobs both locally and nationally for our Society and, even after all of the time he has given to IMAPS over the years, he agreed last year to run for National Office and is now our Treasurer. You will enjoy reading about this gentleman and we hope you have the honor of meeting him in person at one of our events.


Ed Gildein -
Keystone Chapter

Mr. Edward M. Gildein is Co-Owner/Founder of Hybrid-Tek, Inc., Clarksburg, NJ. Founded in 1981, Hybrid-Tek, Inc. is the manufacturer of hybrid thick film assemblies and related products. Ed is currently President/C.E.O. of Hybrid-Tek, Inc.

He attended Drexel University for electrical engineering and has been in the industry since 1960.

Prior to Hybrid-Tek, Inc., he was employed at IRC, RCA, United Aircraft, Lansdale Microelectronics and Gulton Industries. While at United Aircraft, he did
the design and layout of the first multi-layer thick film 2-layer printed substrate, which received a patent in 1968.

Ed is a Charter Member of ISHM/IMAPS, joining in 1967. Active in the Keystone Chapter, he has served various positions: Program Chair, Treasurer, Vice
President and President. He served as General Chair for ISHM in 1983, Philadelphia and for ISHM/IMAPS in 1997, Philadelphia.

He received the "Fellow of the Society Award" in 1983. In 1990, he was the 2nd recipient of the Ira Custman Service Award, for dedication and service
" over and above" to the Keystone Chapter.

Ed served as Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for four years, and has chaired Regional Symposia meetings sponsored by the Keystone Chapter, as well as joint meetings with Garden State and Metro Chapters during the course of the last 32 years.

Ed is currently on the IMAPS Executive Council as Treasurer of the Society.

Ed and his wife Dorothy reside in Philadelphia, PA.

Art Dobie, a long time associate of Ed's, added his thoughts about our Member in the Spotlight.

Ed Gildein has been one of the greatest supporters of IMAPS that I have had the pleasure of meeting during my 24 years in the microelectronics industry. Ed has always been one of the first to answer the bell for volunteers at both the National and local chapter levels. His dedication to the society in the form of multiple chapter officer positions, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, as well as two tours of duty as General Chair of the past two International IMAPS Symposiums held in Philadelphia has elevated the Keystone Chapter into one of the most successful and active chapters in our society.

It is my opinion that IMAPS is a better society today because of the dedication and efforts of Ed Gildein.

September 2004

Our Member in the Spotlight this month is Steve Capp, a longtime member and active supporter of IMAPS on the national and local level. Steve has been very active in the Chicago/Milwaukee Chapter and was one of the best IMAPS Treasurers and member of the Executive Council we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Steve comes from a real ISHM/IMAPS family. His father, Arthur Capp, joined ISHM in 1971, practically the beginning, and Steve's brother Rick has been active in IMAPS for awhile.

Richard Breck, Emeritus Executive Director of IMAPS, wrote the following about his longtime colleague and added a "Steve in a nutshell" quip at the end that sums up our collective experiences with Steve.

Steve Capp -
Chicago/Milwaukee Chapter

Steve Capp, President and CEO
Laserage Technology Corporation
By Richard M. Breck, IMAPS Emeritus Executive Director

Steve has been a member of ISHM/IMAPS since 1980, and during that time he has given both generously of his time and financial resources both to the local Chicago/Milwaukee Chapter and the National Organization.

Most recently, Steve served as IMAPS Treasurer and Chair of the Budget and Finance Committees from January 2002 to November 2003. Steve implemented a three-year rolling budget for the Society, a more reliable program to track administrative efforts, and many money-saving ideas that were implemented to operate the Society more efficiently. During his tenure he protected IMAPS funds with a more conservative investment strategy by moving Society funds into more conservative investments; this proved to be a wise direction with the dramatic swings in the stock market while he served as Treasurer.

He also serves as a Foundation Trustee of the Sidney J. Stein Educational Foundation and has been a significant donor for many years.

Steve’s first major involvement in the National Organization was serving as the 1999 Chair of the International Symposium on Microelectronics, Chicago, IL. A native of Illinois, he assembled a talented and diverse team from the Chicago/Milwaukee Chapter to plan, manage, and organize the Symposium. The Symposium was a major success.

Steve worked his way up through the local chapter and served as Chapter President of the Chicago/Milwaukee Chapter in 1997. In addition to his IMAPS volunteer duties, Steve serves on a number of community and social-based organizations in Lake County, Illinois. He is married with two children.

Steve’s good humor and winning personality are just a few of his fine qualities and why he was chosen member of the month.

You can reach Steve at or give him a call at 847-856-2207.

Richard sums up his experience working with Steve by saying "Steve Capp is the kind of guy who will bring you a cord of firewood in the dead of winter at 20 degrees F. Steve came to visit me in Chicago to meet over the IMAPS end of year forecast and budget related matters. He mentioned that he had chopped down some wood on his property and asked me if I could use it - yes, of course, I said. Steve is a very generous guy and a truly committed volunteer. I am lucky to know Steve."


August 2004

If you have recently attended Regional Vendor Days, produced by the IMAPS local chapters and our Topical Workshops and Exhibitions, our Member in the Spotlight for August, 2004, will be a familiar face to you. Marjorie Gordon has been exhibiting at these shows for a number of years and, those who know will tell you that she is an interesting and engaging person. If you have visited her booth at these venues, you will understand; if not, you owe yourself the privilege of getting to know one of our most accomplished and favorite members.

Marjorie Gordon -
Capital Chapter

Hearing about a problem and helping to find a solution directed Marge Gordon from the box business into the world of microelectronics and she has spent the last 25 years doing just that: learning about problems in shipping static sensitive components and finding solutions. Since her husband's company, L.Gordon Packaging, had the capabilities to convert specific forms of ESD protective materials, which are recyclable and biodegradable, her design solutions were an innovative use of “green“ materials in the industry.* After Mr. Gordon’s death, the 3rd generation box company was transformed into a smaller L.Gordon Packaging devoted to the same ESD packaging products she had developed since 1978 and working with other materials as new requirements emerged. A BA in Philosophy from Goucher and a Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins is not a traditional preparation for a technology-driven business. But by joining and participating in local chapters of professional organizations (15-year member of IMAPS and founding member of the ESD association), hiring experts for technical advice, attending trade shows, and working one on one with engineers, she enhanced her understanding and ability to provide solutions. She enjoys and appreciates many relationships with long time customers and the challenge of finding new problems to solve for new customers.

L. Gordon Packaging was recently recognized for accomplishments in producing environmentally-sound packaging.

Please visit for further information.

Marjorie Gordon is a respected industry advisor and has also created products for hundreds of major companies, some of which are APT-RF, Analog Devices, Intersil, Q-Tech, MSKennedy, Macom, and Vari-L. She has been an innovator in developing simple, appropriate, material-saving designs. The concept of lead shunts was first designed by L. Gordon Packaging for RCA in 1978 and they are still being used in various sizes and materials.

She has also found her IMAPS membership valuable because:

"In the beginning,(ISHM) IMAPS membership was critical in teaching me about the industry and where our products could be used. I was 'clueless' until we made that first lead shunt for RCA in 1978. The magazine and Industry Guide provided important marketing information, so that categories of components (formerly unheard of in my world) gradually began to make sense. Participating in IMAPS national and chapter trade shows introduced me to the diverse products my prospects made and gave my small, unknown company some visibility in respected venues."

June/July 2004

This month we honor a person who has dedicated a lot of volunteer time to his local IMAPS chapter. Ernie Vasary is really one-in-a-million. He has never hesitated at taking on a job or responsibility for the benefit of the Northwest Chapter and, through hard work and innovation has been part of the success of his chapter. Ernie is an example of the knowledge, camaraderie, and networking success available to members at the local chapter level.

Ernie's photo includes his sons Tim and Dan, of whom he is most proud.

Ernie Vasvary -
Northwest Chapter

Ernie Vasvary has been an active member of IMAPS since 1980. He has been a guiding force behind the regeneration of the Northwest Chapter where he has held the positions of Program Chair, President (2 terms), along with being the General Vice-Chair of ISHM 1988 in Seattle and Session Chair for that event as well.

Ernie's professional life evinces his dedication to microelectronics by his developing a series of Ruthenium Dioxide thick film pastes for commercial use; designed, developed and produce the World's smallest thick film hybrid module (hearing aid); developed a non-planar, edge printed thick film resistor for a University; helped design and mechanically qualified a double-sided, double-stacked LTCC circuit for implantable pacemakers and implemented design rules for inspection criteria for CSP's implantable devices.

Ernie's involvement with the Northwest chapter began in 1985 and he and Steve Kirby worked in concert to bring back the chapter in 2000.

Please see what his longtime colleague, Ted Tessier has to say about Ernie Vasvary:

"He was the major driver in revitalizing the Northwest Chapter of IMAPS and continues
to be very active in organizing local events and the like. He has had a long and colorful experience in the ceramic and packaging world including his work at Biotronik/MSEI in Portland. I think Ernie is a good example grass roots fellow who has done a lot of good for the society and deserves to be in the IMAPS Member Spotlight."

May 2004

A very familiar person to long-time IMAPS members is in our Spotlight this month. Dr. Jerry Sergent is well known to many of us. He has held many positions in IMAPS both locally and nationally and has received a number of our Society’s highest honors. Dr. Jerry Sergent continues to be a valuable resource in our industry and is currently doing an exceptional job of preparing students for the world of microelectronics and electronic packaging. We are very grateful and honored to be able to tell more of you about him.

Dr. Jerry Sergent -
New England Chapter

Dr. Jerry Sergent is Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department and Co-Director of the Master’s Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT. A long-term IMAPS/ISHM/IEPS member, he is a Past President of the Society, having served in that office in 1979. Since that time, he has remained active and has served as Chair of the Publications Committee and as Editor-in-Chief of the IMAPS Journal.

Dr. Sergent has written over 70 technical papers and two books and has received three patents for his work in electronic packaging. He is a recipient of the Daniel C. Hughes Award, the William D. Ashman Award, the John P. Wagnon Technical Achievement Award, and is a Fellow of the Society.

His career has been primarily in electronic packaging, including hybrid microelectronics, and has included teaching, consulting, and industry. His present duties include establishing a product design laboratory that will include thick and thin film capability, along with surface mount.

A former student of Dr. Sergent said,

“Dr. Sergent is not only a dedicated and supportive member of IMAPS, but a warm-hearted and exceptionally helpful teacher. He has authored a number of books and papers and received many awards. Dr. Sergent has given many valuable insights and suggestions about my work. Dr. Jerry Sergent is a responsible and respectable person.”

April 2004

April’s Member in the Spotlight is Rick Sigliano. Rick has been an active member of IMAPS since 1988. He has been an IMAPS Chapter President, National Technical Committee member and, most recently, sat on the Executive Council as Organizational Director. Rick has always been a strong voice for IMAPS and has fulfilled many duties on behalf of our Society. We are proud that we can honor him and his work by placing him in the Spotlight this month.

Rick Sigliano -
San Diego Chapter

Rick Sigliano has 28 years of experience in the microelectronics industry. The past 23 years have been spent with Kyocera America; he is currently serving as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Previous to Kyocera, he spent five years at Beckman Instruments as a Material Development Engineer working in the areas of Liquid Crystal materials and Displays, Thick and Thin Film materials and microcircuits. Mr. Sigliano has a BS in Chemistry/Biological Sciences from Fullerton State.

His leisure activities and hobbies include backpacking, fishing and golf.

Ken Kuang, IMAPS Vice President of Membership, has been a colleague of Rick’s for a long time and holds him in high regard. Ken sent us this testimonial message about Rick.

Rick has made significant and continuing contributions to IMAPS over the last 20 years. Technically Rick was instrumental in developing many ceramic microelectronics packages that were critical to numerous US automotive, medical, military and space programs. Many of his novel designs/concepts represented important advancements in microelectronics packaging technology. His various technical publications in IMAPS-sponsored conferences and IMAPS publications speak volumes of his technical achievements. Besides his technical contributions to IMAPS, Rick has worked tirelessly to serve IMAPS members. During his terms as IMAPS San Diego President (1994-1998), our local MAPS membership grew tremendously and our monthly dinner meetings attracted 600+ attendees every year. He advocates IMAPS membership whenever he has a chance. Rick also provided valuable service to IMAPS organizational members and organized many IMAPS popular marketing forums.


March 2004

We are proud to introduce you to Ajay Malshe, our Member in the Spotlight for March, 2004. Ajay currently serves as the IMAPS Southeast Regional Director and has been instrumental in the reactivation of the Central Texas and Florida chapters and the formation of the University of Texas Student Chapter in 2003. He is currently aiding the Carolinas Chapter in its reactivation efforts. Ajay has served for several years as both the General and Technical Chair of the IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop on MEMS and has taught Professional Development Courses at the Annual Symposium along with presenting papers at IMAPS workshops and conferences. IMAPS is grateful for these efforts and looks forward to his continued involvement.

Ajay Malshe -
University of Arkansas Student Chapter

Ajay P. Malshe (Ph.D., 1992) is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and adjunct-faculty of Electrical Engineering. He is Director of the SERC for Nano and Micro Systems and Materials and Manufacturing Research Laboratories. He is a Materials Scientist and Engineer. Malshe has multidisciplinary research programs in MEMS and microelectronic packaging and integration, nanomanufacturing, and surface engineering for advanced machining. He has authored over one hundred refereed publications, two book chapters, and holds six patents. He has initiated the development of nano-particle composite coatings, femtosecond laser for chemically clean nano-machining, wafer level chip scale packaging of MEMS and related microsystems, and nano-mechanical machining system-on-a-chip. He has graduated over twenty students, trained numerous post-doctoral fellows, and provided research experience to several undergraduate and high schools students. He has received thirteen awards for research, education and service achievements (1996-2003) and is listed in Lexington's Who's Who. He has an extensive record of global collaborations with academic institutions and companies, and has co-founded two companies in the hi-tech sector in the state of Arkansas. He is involved in professional organizations, namely, International Microelectronics And Packaging Society (IMAPS) and American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME). In particular, he served IMAPS in various roles such as paper presenter, session chair, Chairman of Advanced Technology Workshops, and Executive Council Member as one of its Regional Directors. His family includes wife, Savita; son, Harsha; and daughter, Ashvini. Traveling for sightseeing and painting and photography are his hobbies.

A few words from Dr. Malshe’s colleague, Dr. William D. Brown:

I've known Dr. Malshe for about 10 years - ever since he joined the High Density Electronics Center (HiDEC) at the University of Arkansas in the mid-90s. Since that time, I've worked very closely with Ajay on a number of research efforts and continue to work with him today. I've found him to be an extremely energetic and dedicated individual with excellent vision for the future of a number of technologies. Although his education is primarily in material science, he has been involved in a broad range of technologies, most notably, electronic packaging, MEMS packaging, hard coatings for tools, nanotechnology, manufacturing, thermal management, etc.

I have also worked closely with him on various committees within IMAPS and on the organization of ATWs and conference sessions. His knowledge of what others are doing in a given field of research is phenomenal. Consequently, he always manages to attract the very best participants and the ATWs or conference sessions he organizes are quite popular.

Finally, Dr. Malshe has made IMAPS one of the societies that he is dedicated to and focused on. He is extremely concerned about the technical activities of the society and works hard at maintaining the society's integrity. It is because of people like Ajay that technical societies are able to provide its members with the very best in ATWs and conferences. I realize that there are many others who deserve recognition by IMAPS, but none more so than Dr. Malshe. I'm glad to be able to call him a colleague and a friend.

February 2004

Here we are at February, 2004, and we are pleased to present our Member in the IMAPS Spotlight, Greg Caswell. Greg has been a long time member of IMAPS and has held many local and national volunteer positions. He has been recognized by the Society by being the recipient of the top IMAPS National Awards.

All that being said, what you probably don’t know is how much volunteer work Greg does behind the scenes. He is active on several IMAPS committees and is the Chair of the National Symposium Task Force that is tasked with investigating methods to improve our National event. He is also the General Chair of the Military, Aerospace, Space and Homeland Security ATW to be held in March in Baltimore.

Not only is Greg Caswell always “there” for IMAPS North America, he was the guiding force behind the reactivation of the Central Texas Chapter, which has now had two very successful mini-symposia since getting back into the IMAPS fold in 2003.

Greg Caswell gives us his knowledge, experience and common sense selflessly whenever and wherever he is needed, but the really remarkable thing is that he remains an easygoing guy with a great sense of humor.

Greg Caswell -
Central Texas Chapter

Mr. Caswell has 36 years of experience in the electronics industry. He is currently Technical Sales Manager for Silicon Hills Design and Manufacturing in Austin, Texas. He was previously Semiconductor Packaging Sales Manager for BridgePoint Technical Manufacturing, Director-Member Services for the International Wireless Packaging Consortium (IWPC), Design and Prototype Technical Sales Manager for XeTel Corporation, Operations Manager for Galaxy Microsystems, chief engineer for the Digital and Applied Systems Division of Tracor, and a member of the technical staff at RCA’s Solid State Technology Center.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University and also has a Bachelor of Science in Management from St. Edwards University in Austin.

Mr. Caswell has over 200 publications addressing CMOS, CMOS/SOS, input protection networks, surface mount technology, RF design, and advanced packaging. He was the organizer and a contributing author to the IMAPS book entitled "Surface Mount Technology" which was the first book published on the subject in 1984.

Mr. Caswell, a Past President of the International Microelectronics And Packaging Society (IMAPS), has been a member of the society since 1982, was IMAPS Vice President in 1986 and the 1984 Centex Chapter President. He was National Chairman for the IMAPS-sponsored Advanced Technology Workshop program from 1989-2000. He has taught short courses on Surface Mount Technology at IMAPS National Symposiums as well as at local chapter events and he is a member of the National Technical Program Committee. He is currently leading the Symposium Task Force that is investigating methods for improving membership and attendance at national symposia.

He has received the IMAPS Technical Achievement Award (1986), Fellow of the Society (1993), and Daniel C. Hughes Memorial Award (1995). He also received the Tracor Technical Innovation Award in 1984.

First Past-President, Peter Barnwell, has known Greg for many years and has offered the following:

Greg Caswell is one of those people who quietly, but very effectively makes things happen. He has been a tower of strength within IMAPS for many years, having served on many committees and led many activities. He is currently heading up the Advanced Technology Workshop on Homeland Security to be held in Baltimore from 28 to 30 March. Most significantly he was President of our Society from 2001 to 2002 and has continued to serve us since he completed his term. As well as all this he has also found time to pursue a successful technical and business career - and even his golf is looking good these days!

It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Greg for a number of years. He fully justifies the honor of being our Spotlight Member this month.

January 2004

We are kicking off the New Year with a young woman who is an inspiration to all who are fortunate enough to come in contact with her. Silke Spiesshofer, a graduate student at the University of Arkansas, has been a positive force in the IMAPS student chapter and was a founding member. She has been dedicated to the success of the chapter and been an active member since its inception.

Silke served on the IMAPS 2003 Steering Committee, volunteering to coordinate and run the Employment Center for the duration of the Symposium. Her unflagging spirit and optimism is infectious and she is interested in enhancing the experiences of IMAPS student members everywhere.

Silke will receive her Ph.D. sometime this year and will be welcomed into the ranks of the regular IMAPS members. She is a valuable resource to our Society and someone who will make her mark indelible on our industry in the future.

Silke Spiesshofer -
University of Arkansas Student Chapter

Silke Spiesshofer received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 1998 and her Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 2001. She is currently scheduled to complete her Ph.D. in Microelectronics-Photonics in 2004 at the University of Arkansas.

She has worked at the University of Arkansas’ High Density Electronics Center for the past six years where she has been involved in cutting edge research in the areas of integrated passives, high density interconnect technology, and 3D through silicon via technology. She led the test/reliability group for a DARPA-funded project in 3D MCM advanced applications. She currently leads a group doing 3D chip stacking and is responsible for developing advanced copper microplating.

Silke was on the team of students that started the IMAPS student chapter at the University of Arkansas in 1998. She served as President of this student chapter for three years. She has several publications and has given many presentations on her research through the years at professional conferences domestically as well as internationally.

Dr. Len Schaper a member of the University of Arkansas faculty, the IMAPS Advisory Council and a Trustee of the Sidney J. Stein Educational Foundation, has been Ms. Spiesshofer’s Graduate Advisor and sent these remarks about his experiences working with her.

Silke is an ideal graduate student - bright, curious about everything, hard-working, and cooperative on a team. She must also be very patient, having put up with me as her advisor for 5 years - two getting her Masters in EE, and three working on her PhD in Microelectronics/Photonics. For her MS she worked on a reliability study for a 3D MCM program with NorthropGrumman. She had to build the test interface hardware and assemble the test system as well as perform the actual testing. For her PhD she has been working on creating Z axis interconnect vias through silicon wafers. She's had to master all of the normal wafer fab processes in the cleanroom to create these 4 micron holes, as well as develop copper microplating to fill them. By the time she graduates (sometime in 2004) this breadth of experience will be a great asset to any company lucky enough to hire her. And oh yes, she can get up in front of an audience and deliver a paper as well as the best experienced professionals. I'm going to enjoy watching her career soar.

December 2003

This month we are featuring an IMAPS member who epitomizes the human and professional attributes for which we all strive. Maurice Lowery has just received a distinguished award from Northrup Grumman and we think that, because of this and his undying support of our Society for many years, he deserves to be the only honoree this month.

Maurice Lowery has been the driving force in keeping the Angel Chapter going. He is also the General Chair for IMAPS 2004 in Long Beach, California. Please read the bio of this remarkable person and his many accomplishments.

Maurice Lowery -
Angel Chapter

Maurice Lowery
2004 Black Engineer of the Year
Winner – Technical Achievement
Northrup Grumman Space Technology

Maurice Lowery’s desire to be an Aerospace Engineer got its start from Maurice watching “My Three Sons” on TV where Fred McMurray’s character was an aerospace engineer. This initial interest was enhanced through conversations with a professor at the then-segregated Mississippi State University in Starkville who Maurice met after missing the school bus and getting a propitious ride to within a few miles of the school campus from this professor. Maurice missed the bus more frequently and during the morning rides the professor freely gave many helpful suggestions on what it would take for a young black boy from deep in Mississippi to become an aerospace engineer. The type of preparatory classes required were discussed along with the sad fact that most were taught in the White high school but not in the Negro high school.

Employment at Hughes Aircraft in 1972 was a direct result of the courses taken and chemistry grades received, not from the Mechanical Engineering Major studies. Work was interesting and full of learning experiences and Maurice advanced rapidly. In 1976 a new assignment at Hughes Missile System Engineering opened the door for career expansion. Maurice studied Component Failure Analysis, and earned a certificate of expertise in using the “Scanning Electron Microscope for Semiconductor Analysis” from John DeVaney of Hil-Rel Laboratories.

In 1980 Northrop Electronics offered Maurice a position with advanced opportunities. This was a pay increase (20%) and travel reduction (from 45 miles to 4 miles), which could not easily be repudiated. Maurice’s responsibilities continued to soar, and became focused on Hybrid Microelectronics. Industry networking became even more pronounced. Maurice shortly gained knowledge throughout the Hybrid Microelectronics Industry. This proved to be a very good position for future involvement within the microelectronics packaging industry.

Industrial contacts led to Maurice being sought by TRW’s Microelectronics Production Center. He joined the TRW team in December 1987, and his career began to skyrocket toward success. With the support of TRW’s management, Maurice began his leadership roles in both the industrial professional technical society arena, and within TRW, now NGST.

Maurice often took advantage of new roles that offered new challenges. Specifically at TRW during the mid-1990s where support to the advancement of TRW Automotive Electronics offered expanded opportunities. This level of support required spending weeks in Japan and Paris to support automotive electronics product and assembly plant assessments. Additionally, Maurice was provided the luxury of assisting with the management of an automotive electronics product line that required travel to Helsinki. Management opportunities at the functional level were also being made available within the Space and Electronics Materials and Processes Department.

Working partially in the Hybrid Microelectronics arena, Maurice had a growing hunger for additional knowledge and became interested in the Hybrids Professional Society (ISHM) in 1982. The Society provided more industry contacts, experts and educational opportunities. Maurice was soon elected to a local chapter office. Today he still holds the office of president (since 1989), tirelessly working many symposiums and other society events. Among other honors, he was selected by the national committee as General Chair for the 2004 Symposium to be held in Long Beach, California, in November 2004.

Superior performance on work assignments coupled with his strong people skills has resulted in multiple promotions that led to many management positions during this thirty-five year career. His most recent assignment, leading the Northrop Grumman Space Technology Hybrids Commodity team is an expanded challenge. Managing the technical team of engineers is done with experience, managing the procurement aspect is the new challenge. Maurice brought a new level of professionalism into the procurement of high reliability space electronic hardware at NGST.

Maurice and Ann (his wife of the past 34.5 years) were also busy raising their own family of three daughters, who all graduated college.

Maurice began teaching Sunday school at Victory Baptist Church in 1982, a rewarding activity that continues today and provides the satisfying challenge of aiding young persons from a poor community in Los Angeles grow into successful adults who become contributors straight from high school or after going to college. At NGST Maurice finds the time to lead a noon Bible study on Tuesdays and he serves as vice president of the NGST Bible Study Club.

Time devoted to all these activities is not allowed to take away from the time Maurice commits to his five grandchildren. Activities ranging from bicycling and camping to amusement parks and museums are required no less than three Saturdays of each month.

The satisfaction gained from supporting young people led Maurice to be a mentor to several summer interns at NGST. Maurice has a very special personal perspective to offer to these minority students, most of whom are the first generation of their family with the opportunity to attend college.

When asked "Where do you find the time to contribute to all this?", Maurice simply replied, “If you enjoy doing something, you will make the time for it.”

· US Patent 5,266,529 (Nov. 1993) for "Focused Ion Beam for Thin Film Resistor Trim on Aluminum Nitride Substrates”
· Patent pending: Docket No. 12-1154 for “Thermal Solder Writing Eutectic Bonding Scheme and Apparatus”
· Patent pending: Docket 12-1170 for “Improved Adhesion of Thickfilm Paste to 99.6% Al2O3 for RF Mixed Signal Technology Substrates”

· “Microelectronic Bonding Wire DC Operating Current Limit” (in final editing prior to release and publication)
· 1986 “Seam Sealing Methods for Hybrid Microelectronics Metal Packages,” for Hybrids Circuits Technology

· Northrop Grumman Space Technology 2003 Black Professional of the Year in Professional Achievement, Technical
· TRW Space & Electronics Six-Sigma Green Belt Award for “Standardized Parts Approval Process” (2002)

· Certificate of Commendation for Dedication and Perseverance in successful completion of Project 3290 Incentive Milestone for PDSU GaAs
· Certificate certifying completion of ISO 9001: 2000 Auditor Transition Course (2001)
· TRW Black Professional of the Year Nominee (2001)
· Certificate for completion of ISO 9000 Internal Assessor Workshop (2000)
· TRW recognition for 15 years of service (1992)
· Certificate of Appreciation for mentoring in the TRW Harvey Mudd College Upward Bound Math & Science Summer Internship Program (1991 & 1996)
· Completion of TRW Proposal Team Member Program (1996)
· TRW Leadership in Facilitation Training (1999)
· TRW Coaching & Performance Management (1991 & 1996)
· TRW Goals & Goal Setting (1996)
· TRW Professional Versatility (1995)
· TRW Leadership and Management Skills (1995)
· TRW Finance for Managers (1991)
· TRW Fundamentals of Supervision and Management (1992)
· TRW PR/MRB Course (1991)
· TRW Certificate of Accomplishment of TRW Statistical Process Control Training Program
· AAAC Certificate, TRW Manufacturing Division Representative (1991-1994)
· ISHM (International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics) and IMAPS (International Microelectronics And Packaging Society) Certificates for: Outstanding and Dedicated Services for services as Symposium Committee Advisor (1989); Angel Chapter Secretary (1988); Angel Chapter Vice President and Technical Chair (1989); Angel Chapter President (1990, 1992 - 2003)
· ISHM Certificate of Appreciation for chairing the 1990 Symposium Short Courses
· TRW Design of Experiments Using Orthogonal Arrays in Manufacturing (1991)
· PR & PO on the Web, TRW (2002)
· Course Completion; Scanning Electron Microscopy Applications to Semiconductors, Hi-Rel Labs (1977)
· Technical Report Writing for Impact, Shipley Associates (1986)
· Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Los Angeles City College, 1973
· Studied Mechanical Engineering at California State University part-time

Current Job Responsibilities at Northrop Grumman Space Technology:
Hybrids Commodity Team Leader
Material Organization, Production and Supply Chain Management

Maurice Lowery manages the NGST Hybrids Procurement Team of three EEE Components Engineers with expertise in Hybrids Microelectronics, two team buyers (one strategic) and one procurement administration assistant. Maurice (and team) is responsible for the quality, reliability, cost and delivery of highly complex microelectronics assemblies to NGST.

Hybrid microelectronics is used in every product NGST delivers, and is key to the electronic operation of the spacecraft payload, bus and interface. The Hybrids Commodity Team is responsible for interface with the Integrated Product Teams at interception, or as early in the program as possible after performance is defined, and continued interface with the program management team and all Hybrids customers as necessary. The team is responsible for:
· Ensuring the design employs EEE components that will survive the space (and program mission) environment for the required mission of the spacecraft and beyond.
· Verifying that the EEE components will not become obsolete in the near future.
· Recommending the most appropriate approach to the circuit and the packaging of the circuit to meet the application requirements (Hermetic Hybrid, MCM, Surface Mount Discrete, Non-Hermetic Module, etc.).
· Ensuring the design is manufacturable, and with a high degree of reliability.
· Knowledge of all EEE component piece parts used to manufacture a Hybrid.
· Knowledge of the assembly techniques and processes necessary to manufacture a Hybrid Microelectronics device.
· Knowledge of reliability of the suppliers to the Hybrids industry, and the Hybrids suppliers within the industry.
· Knowledge of the MIL-Specifications associated with the manufacture of Hybrids.
· Accuracy review of all circuit analysis, de-rating analysis, layouts, I/Os, and performance calculations.
· Obtaining the best price for the product.
· Ensuring contractual commitments are legal between NGST and the Supplier.
· The Quality of the product.
· Implementing testing that will ensure best quality product is delivered to NGST.
· Generation of all requirements and specifications for the product.
· Communication with the projects (product customers) on issues and status.
· Surveys and audits of supplier’s facilities as necessary.

Maurice provides guidance to decision making of technical issues, employee mentoring and goals setting. Maurice also provides senior support to the leadership of the department, having much leadership experience and knowledge. Maurice guides the hiring process for the department, reviews all applicants and participates in all interviews.

A few words about Maurice from our President:

Maurice Lowery has been a consistent and dedicated contributor to the ISHM/IMAPS efforts in the Southern California Region for many years. He leads the Angel Chapter activities and is always willing to participate in various committee roles in the annual SoCal Symposium and Exhibition, where his performance has always been exemplary. Maurice's achievements have been recognized by his employer, where he has been awarded the "Northrop Grumman Space Technology 2003 Black Professional of the Year in Professional Technical Achievement." His dedication to IMAPS has led him to get involved in IMAPS 2004, to be held in Long Beach, California. We're proud to announce that he was approved by the Executive Council as General Chair of this major event and has their confidence that his leadership will make it successful.

Phil Zulueta
IMAPS 2004 President

November 2003

This month's "members in the spotlight" have truly given almost all to IMAPS. Both are long-term members and have served locally and nationally. Both of these gentlemen began their careers in other countries and we are fortunate that they brought their talents here so that we could reap the benefits of their participation.

Delip "Doug" Bokil -
New England Chapter

Delip [ aka Doug ] Bokil spent his formative years both in the eastern part of India in Calcutta and also near the west coast of India in Bombay and Poona. Influenced by his father, a Civil Engineer working for the Indian Railways, he successfully completed his baccalaureate in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering. Unfortunately, there weren't many domestic opportunities for a young ECE in those days, so a determined Delip, with a spirit of adventure and his family's encouragement, made his way to the U.S. intent upon "learning his profession."

Always a facile student, he was admitted to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Later, running short on cash, he headed to Concord, NH, for his first real job with Sprague Electric, which started him down the road to Hybrids and what we now call Microelectronics. Following a semester at UNH, Delip received his Masters in Engineering Management from Northeastern University. His career developed steadily with stints at RCA, Analog Devices, Film Microelectronics, Computer Products, American Power Conversion and Cabletron. He has applied his considerable skills to design, fabrication and test of electronic components, thick and thin films, microelectronic packages and Multi-Chip Modules.

In the mid 1990s, Delip accepted an assignment to set up, from scratch, a DC-DC Converter assembly operation in Weifang, Shandong Province in the northeast of China. Building on this success and newly acquired international experience, he followed up with three years at APC spending much of his time working for them in the Philippines.

Although devastated by the loss of his first wife at a young age, Delip rebounded and found a soul mate, Susan, with whom he raised his two sons, Nathan and Mark. They're an eclectic couple, enjoying ethnic foods, wine and gardening and Delip also likes downhill skiing. Delip brightens markedly when discussing perhaps his favorite topic, his involvement in community youth soccer. He co-founded the Winchester (MA) Soccer Club and worked with virtually every age group during his 10+ years as a coach.

Delip was working at RCA when he was encouraged to join ISHM. He quickly became involved in the NE Chapter Committee, serving as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and President [ 1987 and 1988 ]. Following Chapter service, he spent four years as Northeast Regional Director and was subsequently elected Secretary of ISHM. He also served twice as Technical Chair of the International Symposium on Microelectronics [ 1987 and 1994 ]. Along with Roger Cadenhead, Delip was instrumental in expanding ISHM's focus and ISHM subsequently became IMAPS - International Microelectronics And Packaging Society. In 1997 he was awarded "Fellow of the Society."

He is currently employed by Environmental Systems Products Holdings, Inc. as its Operations Support Manager - International.

IMAPS Spotlight on Doug Bokil
By Ken Gilleo

We all know Doug since he's been with IMAPS for a long time and is now the General Chair for our International Symposium in Boston for 2003. His real name is Delip Bokil and he spent his early years in the eastern part of India in Calcutta and also lived near the west coast of India in Bombay and Poona.

Doug has been very active in IMAPS well before it took on the new name. He joined ISHM while working at RCA and soon became involved in the NE Chapter Committee, serving as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and President [1987 and 1988]. He next spent four years as Northeast Regional Director and was subsequently elected Secretary of ISHM. He served twice as Technical Chair of the International Symposium on Microelectronics [1987 and 1994]. He and Roger Cadenhead were instrumental in expanding ISHM's focus and helped it to become IMAPS - International Microelectronics and Packaging Society. In 1997 he was awarded "Fellow of the Society".

Doug currently heads up the IMAPS 2003 Committee and, because of his hard work and dedication, is looking like another successful Boston area IMAPS Symposium. We will all miss our visits with Doug and his wife Susan hosting IMAPS 2003 committee meetings where the lucky attendees enjoyed fantastic international menus and got see magnificent gardens. So come to Boston and to IMAPS 2003, 36th International Symposium on Microelectronics and meet Doug and Sue, two wonderful people.


Phil Hider -
Capital Chapter

Phil Hider was born in London, U.K. and grew up there during WWII. He was educated in London, obtaining a Physics Degree from University of London, became a Chartered (Professional) Engineer, and married his London bride, Diane, in 1965. While in the U.K., Phil worked for British Scientific Instrument Research Association (SIRA) and Molins Machine Company, where he obtained a patent for an optical scanning system. It had always been his goal to emigrate and he duly obtained an interview with Computing Devices of Canada (Bendix Corp.) which offered him a position at their facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Within a month of getting married, Diane and Phil sailed for Ottawa, Canada. While working at Computing Devices of Canada, his primary task, among several, was to help establish a microelectronics facility. He was drafted for six months temporary duty in the USA to learn about microelectronics. Diane and Phil left their Ottawa apartment and possessions, and headed south for six months, with all that they could carry in their car. Phil spent that period at Bendix Corp. in Towson, Maryland. While there, they made primarily hybrids for the military that included fabricating their own thin film resistors in the high vacuum facility. Towards the end of the six-month period, Bendix of Towson made Phil an offer he could not refuse and assisted him in applying for a "Green Card." The six month temporary work visa expired before the green card arrived and he received the first of several deportation notices from the Department of Immigration and Naturalization. After each notice he negotiated an extended stay and eventually got a Green Card. Phil became a US citizen in 1972. He worked at Bendix until work began to run low, then went to AAI, followed by General Instrument. He eventually ended up at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) where he still resides. Phil helps run the Electronic Services Group where it performs various electrical design and fabrication services for the Lab. The primary work of the Electronic Services Group is the fabrication of space-craft, both Earth-orbiting satellites and deep-space craft. They are currently building several spacecraft, one to journey to Mercury, another to Pluto, and a third between the Earth and the Sun. The Group also performs tasks that apply to submarines, surface vessels, ground vehicles, and aircraft.

Phil became a member of ISHM in 1989 and attended the Baltimore International Symposium of that year. He has always enjoyed the work of ISHM/IMAPS and attended most of the local chapter meetings and the international symposia. He served as the President of the Capital Chapter for several years as well as several other offices, and as the Technical Vice-Chair for the Baltimore 2001 International Symposium. This was a particularly difficult symposium to run as it was held just one month after September 11, 2001. The Symposium opening day was the day that the U.S.A. began its campaign in Afghanistan. Phil believes IMAPS to be a very special professional association with its balance of practice and academia, and counts many IMAPS members as his friends and business associates. These include fellow JHU/APL employees, Past President Harry Charles, and President-Elect Bruce Romenesko.

Early in his new "American" life, Phil learned to fly, getting his Private Pilot License and Commercial Pilot License. He then decided that the only way that he could afford to continue flying was to obtain his flight instructor certificate with multi-engine and instrument ratings. This led to his Airline Transport Pilot License and the ability to fly charter, etc. He has flown many thousands of hours over North America including Canada (while still holding his Engineering jobs) and even took a light-plane trip with a student (it was his plane) from Baltimore, Maryland, to London, U.K. and back via the Arctic Circle, landing in Greenland and Iceland. This was in the days before GPS, and the whole round trip was navigated by dead reckoning, always interesting when as far north as the Arctic Circle.

Diane and Phil have one daughter, born in Maryland, who married into a wonderful Maryland family. Their daughter and son-in-law have provided them with a grandson, who is their pride and joy. Phil now hopes to retire in the not too distant future. To this end he and Diane have designed their own South Western style house which they plan to build in the middle of the Mojave Desert in Nevada. People ask him, "why there"? This question has even been posed by supposedly intelligent residents of the Mid Atlantic Coastal Region, who endured their residency during the past year of 2003. In answer, he explains that instead of the approximately seven feet of snow, eighteen inches of precipitation above annual average with its accompanying humidity, and the ravages of the likes of hurricane Isabel, he will have to endure no snow, no rain or humidity, no hurricanes and about 360 days a year of unbroken sunshine.

IMAPS Spotlight on Phil HIder
By Keith Sellers, President, Capital Chapter

Phil Hider has been a longstanding member of the IMAPS Capital Chapter and has been a Chapter leader and officer for many years. Phil was primarily responsible for the re-establishment of the Capital Chapter's Symposium and Exhibition at The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD, where the Chapter regular meetings have primarily been held over the last several years. Phil was Technical Co-Chair of the IMAPS 2001 Symposium and was responsible for the successful Short Course Program. The IMAPS Capital Chapter is grateful for Phil's eager participation in the Chapter's events over many years. It is volunteers like Phil Hider who make IMAPS the active, exciting, forward-thinking organization that it is. Thanks, Phil, for all you have done!


October 2003
In Memoriam - John (Jack) Balde

On September 8, 2003, we lost one of our industry's bright and shining stars. Jack Balde passed away after a long, hard battle and we offer these words as our homage to him.

Jack was both an IEEE Fellow and an IMAPS Fellow of the Society. He was active as a consultant to over 200 Electronics companies, and active in the Electronic Packaging Societies. Jack was one of the early chairmen of the IEEE Computer Packaging Committee, now TC-14 System Packaging Committee, where he was serving as workshop coordinator. A founder of the International Electronic Packaging Society, he served as Chairman of the Board before its merger with ISHM to form IMAPS. He furthered the thrust for surface mount packaging with his focus on chip carrier technology; he nurtured the MCM technology with workshops and conferences, and was focusing on foldable flex technology for high capability, low cost manufacture. In his activities for societies he had organized over 40 workshops and 12 conferences - founding the IMAPS MCM conferences in Denver. Jack had 16 patents in electronic curve tracers, tantalium thin film technology and laser via drilling. He has authored or
edited four major books and contributed to many others, and presented over 150 technical presentations at major electronics packaging conferences.

Jack graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and was for many years an engineer and later a Research Leader for Western Electric company and Bell Telephone Laboratories, before founding his consulting firm, Interconnection Decision Consulting.

At the time of his death, Jack resided in Flemington, NJ, with his wife Betty.

Although mere words are inadequate in times like these, the following are representative of the many kind words and sentiments we have received from Jack's colleagues and friends.

"Jack was a remarkable man of whom I have many memories. He was a demanding but always fair individual with great energy and vision. I had many discussions with him over the years and he was a great help to me when I took over as President of IMAPS last year. I will miss him greatly and he will be a tremendous loss to our Society and particularly the Advisory Council."

Peter Barnwell, President
IMAPS North America

"Jack was an indefatigable organizer of conferences, workshops, standards, and working groups across three Societies (IEEE, IMAPS, IEPS) that I know of. I served on his IEEE Gel Task Force. As chairman and with strong opinions, Jack could have dominated the results, but he never argued when the vote went against him, accepting the collective opinion as his own. I learned to admire him with his objectivity in handling that committee. Above all, he was honest with himself and his peers."

"Jack served on my CPMT Fellow committee for about 10 years. The members often had strong opinions, with large standard deviations, but I always looked forward to Jack's ratings/comments. They were well thought out, written, insightful, and extremely objective."

"Jack, you will be sorely missed and well remembered!"

George G. Harman

"I first met Jack when I was a young engineer fresh out of graduate school, in my first job at Western Electric's ERC in Princeton. I remember the first time I ever saw him, everyone was crowed in a conference room around a table and Jack was at the center if it, explaining why multi chip modules were going to revolutionize electronics."

"Whether he knew it or not, Jack has been a mentor for me for over 20 years and was the prime influence that steered me into packaging technology and in particular, multi chip modules, where I spent more than half my career."

"I will miss his insights-he will be a great loss to the packaging community."

Eric Bogatin

"Jack's contributions to our industry are hard to underestimate. He was a
major force to commercialize SMT technology, a major organizer of Workshops
and Conferences related to electronic components, packaging and assembly, an important industry consultant, an author of leading edge technical books, a
major participant at industry conferences, a visionary constantly seeking
the best, most workable directions for the technologies and, finally, a
friend over the years to many of us in the industry."

"We, in the industry, owe much to his energy and commitment to technical

Dick Otte

"As some of you may know, Jack and I co-authored a book, VLSI and the
Substrate Connection, in 1981, and then in the mid '80s he and I were on
opposite sides of the largest patent infringement lawsuit in the history of
the US."

"We served on the former IEPS board of directors together, and worked
together on countless activities."

"His wisdom, kindness, vision and strength of personality were a beacon for
us to follow."

Don Brown

"The one thing I can add that I think we would all agree on is that Jack was an important audible voice you heard when a nodding group of individuals had not considered one or more fundamental aspects of their newly formed agreement. I know meetings won't be the same without him."

Larry Moresco

Make a contribution to the
John W. "Jack" Balde Memorial Scholarship

September 2003

Our September "Members in the Spotlight" need no introduction at all. Both are active, well-known and well-respected longtime members of IMAPS.

Tom Green -
Keystone Chapter

Tom Green is currently an independent consultant and adjunct professor at the National Training Center for Microelectronics (NTCµ). For seven years at NTCµ Tom was the Assistant Technical Director where he designed and developed curriculum related to Microelectronics (Hybrids, RF/MMIC Modules) materials and processes for process engineers, designers and technicians. He has taught industry short courses all over the world and has been responsible for numerous successful consulting projects. Prior to working at NTCµ Tom was a senior staff engineer at Lockheed Martin-responsible for materials and manufacturing processes used in building custom high reliability space qualified microcircuits for military and commercial communication satellites.

Tom joined IMAPS in 1988 and during the course of his membership he has contributed greatly to our Society. He has been a PDC instructor at the Annual Symposium since 1993; he initiated the "Hands-On" courses at the Chicago, Boston and Baltimore Symposia; he is the Founder and was the first General Chair of the Optoelectronics Packaging and MOEMS Conference held in Bethlehem, PA, every year since 2001. Tom has been a member of the IMAPS National Technical Committee since 1994.

Tom was instrumental in starting and organizing Keystone Chapter's Regional Symposium and Vendor Day at the National Training Center for Microelectronics at Northampton Community College, since 1998. He was President of the Keystone Chapter in 2002, Vice President in 2001. Treasurer and Spotlight Chair are among the other varied duties he has performed for the Chapter. In 2002, the Keystone awarded Tom its highest honor, the Ira Custman Award.

Tom's expertise and knowledge has been an asset for other IMAPS chapters as well. He taught a weeklong course in conjunction with SoCal 2000 that helped raise $5,000 for the event.

Tom has published seven technical articles, three of which have been presented at IMAPS. He holds a Masters of Engineering Administration from the University of Utah, a B.S. in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from Lehigh University and has served 21 years in the United States Air Force Reserve and is currently a Lt. Colonel.

Tom is a proud native of Bethlehem, PA, who often extols the many virtues of living and working in the beautiful Lehigh Valley.

Bill Heffner has worked closely with Tom on the Optoelectronics ATW and has valued the experience:

"I met Tom in 2000 when he convinced me to co-chair the Optopackaging 2001 ATW in Bethlehem, PA. It was an exciting year learning from his skills at organizing technical events. Tom has a great talent for assembling and energizing and creating an environment of fun and learning within the packaging community. He has provided considerable leadership for optoelectronic packaging within our technical community and it has been a great pleasure to work with him."

Loren Saar -
Chicago/Milwaukee Chapter

After fourteen years of service, Loren retired in December of 2000 as a Senior Process Engineer at Motorola's Automotive and Industrial Electronics Group and was Manager of the Engineering Hybrid Prototype Laboratory. Loren holds three patents, has presented several papers, and has served the microelectronics industry for over 35 years, earning his Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks. Since retiring Loren has served as a consultant to various arms of the industry.

Loren joined IMAPS in 1980 and became a Fellow of the Society in 1992. Locally, he has served the Chicago/ Milwaukee Chapter of ISHM/IMAPS as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. On the National level Loren served on the Executive Council as the North Central Regional Director from 1991 until 1994, and on the Executive Committee/Council as National Secretary from 1995 until 1999.

Loren's involvement with the International Symposium on Microelectronics began when he served in 1981 as Arrangements Chair, in 1991 as General Chair, and in 1999 as Vice General Chair. At the Chicago (1999), Boston (2000), Baltimore (2001), and Denver (2002) Symposia Loren has served as "Mr. Information."

Loren lives in the Chicago area with Nancy, his wife of 45 years. They have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. In their retirement, Loren and Nancy have avoided boredom by looking out for the welfare of Loren's 101-year-old Mom who resides in Franklin, PA, and helping out with their new twin grandchildren in Belmont, MA, when needed. Otherwise Loren is working in his newly appointed woodworking shop, fishing in Canada with fellow IMAPS fishing buddies, and making his annual family trek to Aruba at Christmas time.

"Although Loren has retired from Motorola, he is still very active in the Chicago/Milwaukee chapter. He has been a long time member of the Chapter participating as a chapter officer and an active leader. He has also served as a RD and National Secretary. Loren and his wife Nancy continue to volunteer at the International Symposium. You will see his smiling face in the Information Booth as you come into the registration area. One of Loren favorite pastimes is fishing in Canada."
--Steve Capp, IMAPS Treasurer
President, Laserage Technology Corp.

"My experience with Loren goes back to our Zenith Microcircuit days when initially Loren was involved with several areas of the facility before being tasked with the Mexico assembly operation. He has long been known for his quick wit as well as being an excellent mentor to me during my early years as a Production Engineer. He always made sure we were on the straight and narrow and wouldn't let us stray too far. During those years I remember a certain incident on his motorcycle, yet he still continued to forge forward with all of his projects. Occasionally when Nancy would come by the facility or attend a then-ISHM meeting, she would also make us feel as part of the family. Loren and I have been very close and continue to stay in touch. I wish him the best in his retirement and hope to continue to see him at the IMAPS information booth directing traffic around our annual symposium."

-- Gino Domenella, IMAPS
North Central Regional Director

Stop by the Information Booth at IMAPS 2003 in Boston to say "hello" to Loren.

August 2003

August features two exceptional IMAPS Members in our Spotlight.

Both gentlemen continue to be a resource to IMAPS National and while we appreciate their past contributions, we happily anticipate our mutual involvement for many years to come.

Don Havas -
Keystone Chapter

Don has been active in IMAPS and the Keystone Chapter for over a decade. Recognized by the chapter with the Ira Custman Award for service to the chapter as President, Symposium organizer, Program chair and newsletter columnist, he also serves IMAPS National where he is a member of the Manufacturing sub-committee of the National Technical Committee. Don will be Program Chair for the IMAPS National Symposium when it returns to Philadelphia in 2005.

Lee Levine, President, IMAPS Keystone, writes, "Over the years, Don served as the President, Conference Chair and Program Chair for the Keystone chapter bringing to the chapter organization, growth and programs of interest the several different constituent groups in the Keystone area, OEMs, suppliers and academia. He now has accepted the role of Program Chair for the IMAPS National Symposium when it returns to Philadelphia in 2005.

"Since joining the Keystone Chapter, Don created and continues to author the 'KeyNotes' column for the chapter newsletter. Taking advantage of his continuing interest and regular reading in microelectronics technology, he puts out a concise and informative summary of interesting material from journals, the trade press and symposium proceedings.

"Professionally, Don has grown up in the Microelectronics industry starting in nascent photolithography technology at IBM and then into IBM's TCM and TCM backplane PWB assembly processes before moving into automotive and most recently optoelectronics at Agere Systems. Building upon his experience he recently formed his own consulting practice, Applied Technology & Science, to provide manufacturing engineering services.

"Don continues to contribute to IMAPS and the Keystone Chapter wherever help is needed. We are happy to count him as one of our Spotlight Members."

On a personal note, Don and his wife, Mary Ann, will celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary this year. Their three daughters are grown and leading successful lives on their own. Don and Mary Ann enjoy music, art and the theater together while Don continues to attempt to develop his skill as an artist in pen and ink and watercolors. As often as activities allow, they also get off on their sailing dingy to enjoy the pleasures and skills of sailing on local lakes.

Adam Schubring -
Great Lakes Chapter

Adam Schubring is President of the IMAPS Great Lakes Chapter and a founding member of that chapter. He was a Session Chair for the 2003 Ceramics Interconnect Conference and a 2002 and 2003 Session Chair for the SAE Advanced Automotive Electronic Packaging, SAE World Congress and he is the Automotive Standards Liaison for IEEE Nanotechnology Working Group.

Adam holds a BS in Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, along with a MS in Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, also from UM, Ann Arbor.

He has been with Visteon in Dearborn, MI, since 2000, and is currently a design engineer responsible for developing technologies for advanced powertrain electronic programs. From 1995 to 2000 Adam was in manufacturing engineering for thick-film printing and in the advanced development area of thick film at Delco, Kokomo, IN.

Adam holds one patent and has authored/co-authored five publications.

When we asked the Great Lakes Chapter to comment on why Adam deserved to be in our Spotlight this month, we received the following:

"I am Vice President of the Great Lakes Chapter and have known Adam for many years. Adam had been involved in the IMAPS Indiana Chapter and wanted to continue his IMAPS activities when he moved to Michigan. His enthusiasm for work and his desire for professional growth motivated him to re-start the Great Lakes Chapter. This effort has enabled all of us to have forum in which to discuss all aspects of microeletronics."
- Brad W. Heller

"Adam has put his heart and soul into getting this chapter running and making it valuable to all it members." - Mike Kunselman

"Microelectronics is not a hot ticket item in the Detroit area, but we typically draw a good crowd for all of our meetings. Adam always puts together great topics for informative monthly chapter meetings that have proven beneficial for all of our members.
We would not be here without him." - Danya Rood

"Adam has laid a solid foundation in the establishment and future development of the Great Lakes Chapter through networking, technical education, and ongoing communications with our members. Good-natured, intelligent, and practical, Adam also possesses a sense of humor that is unmatched." - Diane Gietzen-Jett

Adam spends his leisure time with his children, ages 2 and 4. He says, "I used to do stuff like golf and fish, but that's all on hold now until my kids get older. I honestly spend all of my free time with them."

July 2003

Once again we are proud to introduce you to two of our long-time, active members.

Both of these gentlemen deserve our gratitude and appreciation. We can't do it without you, Alan and Larry!

Alan Hirschberg - Southern California

Alan Hirschberg has been a familiar face at IMAPS for many years, having joined our Society in 1969. During that time he has been the 1984-85 President of IMAPS North America; Director of the Educational Foundation, 1987-89; and has held various local and national offices and committee positions throughout the years.

Alan became an IMAPS Fellow of the Society in 1983 and received the Daniel J. Hughes Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992. Everyone in the Southern California Region knows that Alan is one person they can always count on. He is currently working for IMAPS as General Co-Chair of IMAPS 2004 - Long Beach, CA.

Along with all of Alan's IMAPS activities, he has managed to obtain five patents, author over 20 papers on the diverse aspects of microelectronics, Chair the Hybrid Committee of CHMT of the IEEE and be a member of the IPC Hybrid Marketing Research Council.

Alan has spent more than 35 years in the microelectronics industry. He began his career 1964 and has worked as a Laboratory Manager for both Rockwell and Schlumberger. He was Associate Director Engineering at Teledyne Microelectronics and Director of Engineering at Coors Electronic Packaging. Alan has been at Northrop-Grumman Space Technology since 1996, beginning as Manager, Manufacturing Technology. He then moved to Manager, Astrolink Program Parts; Manager, Strategic Sourcing and Commodity Teams Center; Systems Engineer, Space Tracking and Surveillance System and is current Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Manager, NGST-Radio Systems.

Maurice Lowery, another long-time IMAPS Member and colleague of Allan's, had this to say, "Alan M. Hirschberg remains one of the IMAPS/(ISHM) cornerstones. Alan has been the executive advisor to the Angel Chapter for the past eight years. He has held every chapter office at least once in addition to IMAPS National office positions. Alan is the most technically-informed and socially-aware supporter we have had the privilege of working with.

"Alan is our historian of IMAPS/ISHM events and activities. He met and married the love of his life through ISHM. Yes, Mrs. Julie Hirschberg was an employee/officer of ISHM when Alan met her and swept her from the Society. We all appreciate his effort throughout the years and consider it an honor to be associated with him."

Larry Wallman - Indiana Chapter
Neal Thomas, President, IMAPS Indiana, writes "Larry has been tireless in his support of IMAPS, locally and nationally, for many years. It is noteworthy that he has spent countless hours on two Indiana chapter activities, the monthly newsletter and Vendor Day.

"The chapter newsletter consistently has all of its advertising spaces sold each month due to Larry's marketing activities. He also takes responsibility for printing and mailing the newsletter on a timely basis after receiving the final master copy of each edition.

"Larry's marketing skills really shine when he is recruiting exhibitors for the annual Indiana IMAPS chapter Vendor Day and Symposium. The strong vendor support generates sufficient revenue to allow the chapter's Vendor Day and Symposium to be offered free to individual attendees. This undoubtedly helps improve the attendance and the overall viability of the event.

"One chapter member said to me, 'I can't say enough nice things about Larry. He is the main reason I became active in the Indiana Chapter of IMAPS. He is always upbeat, enthusiastic and just a genuinely nice guy. Not to mention a wealth of knowledge regarding IMAPS and the chapter's history. He has been a great mentor, friend and leader.' Many other IMAPS chapter members feel the same way.

"The attractiveness, or lack thereof, of the Indiana business climate is a topic of great interest to Larry. He wants current electronic businesses to stay and grow in Indiana, and he wants to attract new electronic businesses. Larry regularly writes letters to newspapers to illustrate the pros and cons of topics and legislative issues which could impact Indiana's business climate. Further, Larry is concerned that too many of the graduates of the state's engineering schools must leave the state to find employment in their chosen fields.

"Larry never seeks recognition for his activities. He is an extremely important member of IMAPS, and everyone in the chapter certainly appreciates Larry's contributions to making the Indiana chapter a successful organization."

Larry Wallman is a native "Hoosier" who joined IMAPS in 1984. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis. Larry has been in the electronics industry for the past 35 years. The first 10 years of his career was spent in electric component distribution. For the past 25 years Larry has been a manufacturer's rep, the past 20 years of which has had a strong emphasis on microelectronics.

June 2003

We proudly present the two Member Spotlight personalities for June, 2003, Ken Gilleo of our New England Chapter and Jim Welterlen of San Diego. These men have both have had long and distinguished careers in the microelectronics and electronic packaging industries and have gone way beyond the norm in their service to IMAPS. Thank you Ken and Jim!

Ken Gilleo, Ph.D. - New England Chapter

Dr. Ken Gilleo holds a Ph.D. in chemistry earned under a three-year NASA scholarship from the University of Connecticut (UCONN). He has developed new products for 30 years and is an inventor in electronics, circuitry, materials, nanotechnology and packaging, especially for MEMS. He holds 29 US patents and several hundreds of foreign equivalents.

Ken has authored over 400 hundred papers, presentations and workshops. He writes articles that cover technical history and others that deal with "not-yet-happened" future technologies. He expects to have three technical books out in 2003 for a total of six in print, and has also contributed chapters to many other books.

Dr. Gilleo is the General Technologist for Cookson Electronics, a worldwide electronics materials and equipment supplier. He is focused on discovering and analyzing Emerging Technologies and their impact, especially MEMS. He is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and provides timely topics at worldwide events each year. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, IEEE, IMAPS (Technical Chair for 2003 International Conference), SMTA (VP Technical Programs), OSA (Optical Society of America), and SPIE (an optoelectronics society).

Ken is very active, always walking or riding an exercise bike - 55 and fit - that is Ken Gilleo. Ken has worked long and hard to be at the top of his career and remains enthusiastic about his work. He has spent many years writing technical papers, giving presentations, and educating the microelectronics industry. He has found his niche amongst peers as a technical "go to" guy and has made many friends along the way. Ken has been a vital part of the New England Chapter's technical presentations, having shown a dedication to getting the best and brightest to the Chapter meetings as part of the Technical Program.

John Redman, a long time associate of Ken's and fellow member of the IMAPS New England Chapter sums it all up by saying, "Ken Gilleo, PhD, General Technologist for Cookson Electronics is one of the most prolific and engaging technical writers to be found in microelectronics today.

'Ken works hard to keep abreast of what is hot in microelectronics and technology today. In addition to the many papers and articles he has published over the years, Ken writes a regular column "Kemistry Korner" for IMAPS New England Newsletter and also finds time to volunteer as one of the Technical Chairs for the IMAPS New England Annual Symposium.

'Whether Dr. Gilleo is sharing news about artificial atoms or explaining the secrets of turning lead (Pb) into Gold (Au), Ken keeps you thinking and wondering where he will turn next."

Ken has five sons and two daughters (that's seven kids, folks). All are on their own and doing well.
Ken and his wife live in Cranston, Rhode Island.

James Welterlen - San Diego Chapter

Jim Welterlen's career can be described as a series of happy accidents. He went to Iowa State College intending to study to become a Mechanical Engineer, having descended from an early day auto mechanic who was among the first dealers in the state of Iowa for the Ford Motor Company. When he arrived at Iowa State in 1947, the word was that mechanical engineers were going to be in surplus (a dime a dozen) because of the huge influx of ex-GIs who were studying for that profession. In reviewing his options, Jim discovered a department at the College that was chronically under enrolled, Ceramic Engineering. Knowing nothing about the field, he enrolled and at the end of his college training, found jobs a-plenty. (Of course by that time the Korean war had created ample openings in his first choice, Mechanical Engineering.) The war also necessitated his service in the Air Force, as a Second Lieutenant having opted to join the AROTC in his junior year. Serendipity again showed its face, when, instead of being assigned to High Temperature Materials Research at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, he was sent to Scott Field to train as a communications and Electronics Officer. He left the Air Force as a First Lieutenant from the Strategic Air Command's 5th Reconnaissance Wing at Travis Air Base in Fairfield, CA, the state that he and his wife Patt had determined would be their home.

After departing the Air Force in 1953, he went to work for a traditional ceramic company, the largest, most diversified, ceramic company west of the Mississippi, Gladding, McBean and Company. After a year or so working in traditional ceramic materials, refractory brick, sewer pipe, and wall tile, the Air Force again impacted his fortunes when it approached GMcB to fabricate ceramic radomes for guided missiles. When asked if anyone on the staff knew what the Air Force members meant by X band radar and one-quarter wave wall thicknesses, Welterlen admitted that he had been exposed to those terms in his year of Air Force Electronics Training. He was immediately assigned to the project, which gave rise to a long term involvement with technical/electronic ceramics.

With other young engineers in the company, Jim established a Technical Ceramics Division to deal with these new challenges. The Company, however, was not enamored of High Technology and abandoned the effort a few years later. The radome business followed him to Western Gold and Platinum Co. in 1960 and the commitment to technical ceramics for electronics was forever implanted.

In 1967, Welterlen joined a fledgling company in San Diego developing High Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (HTCC). Unfortunately, the tech world was not yet ready for this innovative approach and the investors became restless. He and a partner, Yung Tao, managed to buy the assets of the company just before the dawn of the digital electronic watch. Serendipity again prevailed and company sales skyrocketed with the explosion of the "next great thing." The company rode the wave of this new technology and sold to Hewlett-Packard in 1977. As part of the sales agreement, Welterlen was free to use the technology they had developed without restriction. Serendipity again as it turned out, all over the world there was a desire to know what this technology was doing to enhance computer technology of IBM and others. Jim Welterlen became the "Johnny Appleseed" of co-fire technology and set up and supported facilities around the world engaging in the technique.

During all this time, Welterlen was true to his profession and supported the American Ceramic Society, becoming a Vice President, and was a charter member of ISHM. He was also a Vice President and Board Member of IEPS which merged with ISHM to form the present IMAPS organization. He was Technical Program Chair is 1998 when the organization met in San Diego. A long time supporter of inter-society liaisons, he was instrumental in forming the San Diego Chapters, a multi-affiliation local activity which is among the most successful local technical organizations in the United States.

"Everything in my career has been the result of serendipity, a happy accident of fate," Jim stated.

May 1, 2003 - the kickoff day for Member Spotlight, which will run every month and will feature IMAPS members who have been nominated for this honor by their Chapter.

We are especially pleased this first month to have two of our finest to highlight. Nathan Schwarz from the Northwest Chapter and Harvey Smith from the New England Chapter are both dedicated IMAPS members that contribute a great deal of time and effort and are examples of the broad spectrum of the IMAPS volunteers that make our Society run.

Nathan Schwarz - Northwest Chapter

Nathan Schwarz graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Material Science in 1996 at which time he was hired by Crane-Interpoint in the Custom, Medical, RF Hybrid business unit where he is currently a Senior Process Engineer.

Nathan has been recognized several times by Crane-Interpoint by receiving the Top Award in 1999 and joined the prestigious Circle of Excellence in 2002. He was recently promoted to Team Leader for the new Technology Department.

Nathan says that he joined IMAPS seven years ago - just a few weeks after being employed by Crane-Interpoint and was encouraged to do so by company officials. Several colleagues, Doug Breeden and Jim Dunlap, were officers of the Northwest Chapter and the company recommended that all Process Engineers become members of IMAPS.

He is a native of Washington State and grew up in Vancouver, B.C. He moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington and was hired by Crane-Interpoint directly from the University.

Currently leisure time for Nathan is spent pursuing a Master's in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Washington where he will graduate in June, 2003. Graduation will come just in time for him to spend the summer hiking and camping in the Olympic National Forest - when not hard at work for Crane or IMAPS.

Nathan Schwarz epitomizes the young, up and coming microelectronics professional that IMAPS encourages to join, volunteer and become a vital part of our Society. Nathan's work with the Northwest Chapter has included serving twice as Elections Chair and organizing two technical programs.

Nathan Schwarz brings enthusiasm, good humor, and dedication to his pursuits and IMAPS is grateful for his very important and necessary contributions.

Harvey W. Smith - New England Chapter

Harvey Smith is a 25-year member of IMAPS, having joined ISHM in 1978. Harvey jumped into volunteering his abilities and services to the New England chapter right away. He was soon taking the meeting minutes and writing newsletter articles and has been the "driving force" behind the New England chapter for many years.

"Harvey Smith consistently puts more work into the Annual New England Symposium, now in its 30th year, than any other person in our chapter," stated Susan Munyon, New England Chapter President. She further stated, "Harvey's expertise in Publicity and his outstanding relationship with vendors is the reason the IMAPS New England chapter enjoys the success and fiscal security it has today."

Rudy Meyer, another long-time member of IMAPS New England, adds, "He probably has communicated with National Headquarters more than anyone in the whole Society and attends and actively participates in the Leadership Meetings held during the International Symposiums." "Harvey Smith is the heart and pulse of our New England chapter - the untiring 'Energizer Bunny' with unequaled commitment," he further commented.

For his selfless devotion to the success of his chapter, Harvey was awarded the 2002 George Hanow award for his loyalty and commitment to the New England chapter over the years.

Harvey has served in a number of Chapter offices. They are:

1989 Inside ISHM Correspondent
1990-94 Publicity Chair
1995-96 Vice President/Publicity Chair
1997-98 President/Publicity Chair
1999 Past-President/Publicity Chair/Membership
2000 Past-President/Publicity Chair/Membership
2001-03 Publicity Chair/Technical Committee

In 2000 he was the Publicity Chair for the very successful 33rd International Symposium on Microelectronics, held in Boston, MA.

In his professional life, Harvey worked for Ceramics International from 1965-73; had his own sales company, Harvey Sales from 1973-75; was Strategic Business Manager and Sales Manager for National Beryllia for 10 years, 1975-85; served as VP of Marketing for Barry Industries, 1985-88; and has been a Manufacturing Representative with his own company, Electronic Marketing Associates, since 1988.

Harvey is married to Judi Eicher and they make their home in Plainview, MA.


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