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David C. Virissimo
March 10, 1960-June 2, 2016

Dave was an active member of IMAPS since 1995 and was awarded the Life Membership in 2012.  His dedication and support of IMAPS was reflected by a seemingly endless list of progressive volunteer roles with the Society, including the local San Diego Chapter, the Microelectronics Foundation, the annual symposium organizing committee and the IMAPS Executive Council.  IMAPS is extremely grateful for Dave’s work on behalf of the Society.  The legacy he leaves behind is unsurpassed.

Dave was a 1984 graduate of UC San Diego, where he earned his degree in Computer Science.  He became a specialist in sales and marketing for the high tech microelectronics industry for the remainder of his career with Semiconductor Packaging Materials, Inc., which was later acquired by Coining, an Ametek company.

IMAPS established the IMAPS Microelectronics Foundation David Virissimo Memorial Scholarship in honor of Dave. Click here to make a donation.


Post-IMAPS 2015 in Disney Village with Dave, Bill Ishii and Benson Chan of the Executive Council.


Contributed by Vern Stygar

Dave pictured with Vern Stygar's son on Dave's left and Dave Jr. on the right. Wallace Johnson behind Dave, and Casey Krawiec to Wally's left. Vern is in the yellow hat.


Jeff Gotro
Jeff Gotro
InnoCentrix, LLC

Jeff Gotro was announced as a 2014 IMAPS Fellow of the Society Award at the IMAPS International Symposium on Microelectronics in San Diego, California. The Fellow of the Society Award honors and recognizes those who, in the opinion of the Fellow of the Society Award Selection Committee, have made significant and continuing contributions to IMAPS over the years at any level – local or national. A nominee must have been an IMAPS member for ten (10) consecutive years. Examples of the nomination criteria usually considered for this award are: (1) service as an officer of a local chapter or in a national office; (2) service as a member of a local, regional, or national committee or task force; and/or (3) presentation of papers or conducting of short courses at local, regional, or national symposia. Recipients of this award automatically become Life Members of the Society.

Dr. Jeffrey Gotro has been an active scientist and research manager over a 31 year career in the field of polymers used in microelectronic packaging. He has authored 59 technical publications and was a co-author for 4 book chapters on thermosetting polymers used in electronic applications. Dr. Gotro has 14 issued patents covering composition of matter and application of polymers in electronics. He has been an invited speaker at numerous technical conferences, including three invitations to speak at the presitious Gordon Research Conferences.

Jeff Gotro started his career at IBM in Endicott, New York. He immediately introduced advanced scientific approaches to the printed circuit board industry. His work enabled commercial production of multilayer and large motherboards to house multichip modules (Thermal Conduction Module). His work contributed to the fundamental understanding the chemorheology of thermosetting polymers. He received three IBM invention achievement awards. Jeff moved on to Aeroquip, Allied Signal, Honeywell, Abelstick (now part of Henkel) where he was Vice President of Technology and Innovation. With his leadership, polymer technologies expanded into various electronic areas; one of these is the worldwide adoption of polymer based die attach technologies compared to eutectic or silver-glass approaches.

Jeff regularly teaches a professional development course on Polymers in Electronic Packaging for IMAPS and has served on the IMAPS National Meeting Technical Program Committee as a session organizer and session chair.



Tania Keefe
Tania Keefe
President and Owner of Riv Inc. ~ Thick Film Printing Screens

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society well. Please read more on Tania Keefe to catch her enthusiasm for IMAPS and our industry.

Tania Keefe has been involved with IMAPS since 1994. She has supported the Society throughout her career and attributes much of her success to her involvement and the support she received especially in her beginning years when she held several positions on the New England Chapter Committee from Secretary, Registration chair to Vice President. In 2001 she held the position of Regional Chair Director and worked closely with National IMAPS. “IMAPS has been such a huge part of my success personally and professionally. Being involved has provided me with such a strong base of knowledge, receiving and sharing, Friendships that will be lifelong and networking for my business that has proven to be invaluable.”

Tania is the President and Owner of Riv Inc. ~ Thick Film Printing Screens. Riv Inc. is a family business that has been catering to the Hybrid Microelectronics and other related Industries since 1986. She attended Dean College in Franklin Massachusetts graduating with a Degree in Business Management. Her original interest was to pursue Travel and Tourism, a childhood dream to continuously travel and see the whole country. That just wasn’t in the cards; her father called her at college and asked her to work for him after graduation. The business was doing very well in its first years and he dreamt of his children being a part of it. He needed someone to travel for him and grow the business. So the Business Degree began and her travels now takes place for her thrive to promote Riv. She has not regretted it for a second she loves what she is doing. It wasn’t easy at first, a 20 something year old women in an industry that was dominated by men. She was put to the test on several occasions mainly people thinking that she wasn’t as knowledgeable as they were. They were wrong; she knew it but had to prove it and it has proven to be a tremendous learning experience. Little did most know that she has been making Screens since the age of 13 years old. She has worked in every department of the company from reclaim/disassembly, to assembly, coating and exposing, QC and shipping and receiving until she headed off to college. She has worked for her family’s business for the past 28 years and has since purchased it from her retired parents Ron and Ruth Rivard in Dec. of 2012.

Tania Keefe at National
IMAPS National

She believes that being successful means nothing if you don’t have Good People standing in it with you. “I am continuously grateful for the people I get to work with every single day. The staff at Riv is above and beyond all I could hope for. They are loyal and smart at what they do. Together we have continued focus on Quality and Service, which was the two main goals this company started with and we will continue to win with.”

In her free time, Tania is half-marathon runner with several races under her belt and in pursuit of many more. She is also a proud mother of 2 very active young men, 11 & 13. They enjoy traveling, skiing and attending any sporting event they can together. Watching the two boys play baseball is her favorite past time. Watching them play football is her most stressful time. Spending time with her Friends and Family with a glass of wine or sharing a glass of Gentleman Jack with her Dad is such an enjoyable part of her life and keeps her sane and thankful.

Tania Keefe Boston 1/2 Marathon
Tania Keefe Boston 1/2 Marathon

Tania, Cole & Cody working IMAPS Florida chapter
Tania, Cole & Cody working IMAPS Florida chapter

The Family: Cole, Brother Todd, Mom (Ruth), Cody, Dad (Ron) & Tania  2013
The Family: Cole, Brother Todd, Mom (Ruth), Cody, Dad (Ron) & Tania 2013




Lee Smith
Lee Smith
Market Development Director at Plexus Corporation

March - May 2014

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society well. Please read more on Lee Smith to catch his enthusiasm for IMAPS and our industry. IMAPS leaders appreciate his insight, time, and energy.

Lee Smith has over 33 years of industry experience across a diverse range of disciplines, markets and microelectronics technologies. Lee is recognized as an expert in advanced or 3D packaging applications & technologies. He was responsible for defining the architecture, driving the development and industry infrastructure for the widely adopted package on package (PoP) platform used in nearly every smartphone.

Lee has been a member of IMAPS since 1995, an officer in the Arizona chapter since 2007 (serving as the technical program director, elected as V.P. for 2014) and was elected to the IMAPS Executive Council in 2011 where he is serving a 3 year term as the V.P. for Marketing and Membership. Lee has been an invited speaker to the IMAPS Global Business Council (GBC), a long term leader on the GBC Steering Team and has chaired or co-chaired a number of GBC events, including the top (based on attendance and feedback) GBC Spring events on 3D Packaging Supply Chain Development for 3DIC and 2.5D applications. He believes a strong international technical society is critical in our complex industry. Microelectronic assembly technologies are becoming more complex, interrelated to the chip and substrate technologies and expensive to develop and produce. Lee stated, “our industry is undergoing an aggressive, technically demanding transition to wafer level processing, 3D and multichip modules. Applications are requiring higher interconnect densities with heterogeneous integration, mixed assembly processing where multichip and passive integration are becoming standard and TSV interconnects are emerging as a clear choice for performance driven applications. This transition is driving more outsourcing from IC fabrication, microelectronics and SMT. As a result we are seeing more overlap across the supply chain and technical societies with microelectronics in the middle as a key upstream and downstream enabling technology.” Lee has been active in IMAPS at the local AZ and national levels as he believes industry opinion leaders need to take an invest their time / talent in IMAPS to help the society grow and expand our offerings to better serve our global membership.

Lee is the Microelectronics Market Development Director at Plexus, Corporation where he works with customers and the Plexus microelectronics focus factory in Boise, ID to help develop market and technology strategies to expand the multichip module solutions Plexus supplies into demanding end product applications. Prior to Plexus Lee was with Amkor Technology for 12 years in positions of increasing responsibility including V.P. of Marketing and Business Development. Lee’s 3D packaging experience includes Texas Instruments and Tessera where he was responsible for 3D packaging. While at TI, Lee defined the PoP architecture and drove co-development of the PoP platform with Nokia (phone integration / reliability, and SMT stacking), Samsung (top memory package), TI (processor chip and final test) and Amkor (for the bottom package assembly).

Lee has also been a long term member of the SMTA and MEPTEC where he has been an invited speaker to a number of events addressing packaging technologies, trends, roadmaps and 3D package co-development. He was the opening Keynote speaker on ‘Pop past, present and future’ for the SMTA International 2011 in Fort Worth, TX. Lee has authored or co-authored a number of technical papers, industry articles and patents in semiconductor packaging.

Lee has a B.S. degree with honors in industrial technology from the University of Wis. -Stout. Stands by his confidence that one year the MN Vikings will win a Super Bowl, hopes it can be accomplished before A.P retires. Is an active sportsman and has maintained a single digit handicap in golf despite the many ups and downs in golf as we have in our dynamic industry.


Aubrey Beal
Aubrey Beal
Ph.D student at Auburn University studying Electrical Engineering

October 2013 - February 2014

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society well. Please read more on Aubrey Beal to catch his enthusiasm for IMAPS and our industry. IMAPS leaders appreciate his insight, time, and energy.

Aubrey Beal is a Ph. D student at Auburn University studying Electrical Engineering. The focus of his research is the integrated circuit implementation of a high frequency, exactly solvable, chaotic oscillator for communications. Due to its closed-form, analytic solution, this novel type of low dimensional, chaotic system generates a chaotic bit stream, which may be controlled by small perturbation techniques. The development of this nonlinear system will show the feasibility of controlled chaos to achieve obfuscated, spread spectrum data encoding for integrated, electronic communication systems.

Aubrey has been an active IMAPS member attending IMAPS Device Packaging Conferences since 2011, and has contributed publications on MEMS devices and embedded passives for interposers. Aubrey was awarded the first place Microelectronics Foundation prize at Device Packaging 2013 and the third place Microelectronics Foundation prize at Device Packaging 2012 for publications related to embedded passives for interposers. Besides these outstanding IMAPS memories, Aubrey has enjoyed the warm welcome, professional diversity and expertise of acquaintances made at IMAPS conferences.

As Aubrey has progressed in his graduate studies, a strong interest for life-long education has developed. The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project has provided an outlet for this excitement by allowing Aubrey to offer a course entitled Introduction to Vocational Electronics. This course offering introduced Alabama prisoners to engineering concepts in a college-level educational experience while providing Aubrey unique and powerful insights into pedagogy as well as personal development. This teaching experience has fueled a serious passion for education. Provided with much inspiration and enthusiasm, he now holds an Analog Electronics teaching appointment with Auburn University. Aubrey intends to pursue ongoing research and educational opportunities as a researcher and student.

IMAPS conferences have played a pivotal role in his professional and educational development. He has felt honored and strongly encouraged to present research in such a valuable forum. As a graduate student, he has felt it has been a privilege to correspond with IMAPS members who are such high quality scientists and engineers.

The recognition for the Microelectronics Foundation prizes definitely made great IMAPS experiences, but another very notable experience was traveling to his first IMAPS Device Packaging Conference. Another graduate student and Aubrey took a road trip from Alabama to Arizona. They camped out, went hiking and sampled local cuisine throughout the Southwest. After presenting at IMAPS and inadvertently meeting a chemist who developed part of the plating process, they ultimately saw the Grand Canyon for the first time.

Aubrey Beal Hiking

Family is very important to Aubrey and he gets easily excited about playing music with friends, audio electronics and sound art. He started college as a music major and changed his concentration to engineering during the end of his junior year. He has played in many musical ensembles and enjoys audio recording.

Aubrey Beal Guitar

Aubrey Beal Violin

Below is a link to a youtube video of a band that Aubrey played with last year:


Sig Wathne
Sig Wathne
Sikama International

June - September 2013

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society well. Please read more on Elviz George to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. IMAPS leaders appreciate his insight, time, and energy.

Sigurd (Sig) Wathne has been a member of IMAPS since 1974. He and his company, Sikama International, have steadily supported IMAPS over the years as a contributor to the Microelectronic Foundation, advertising in Advancing Microelectronics and the Symposium Final Program and as a member of the Microelectronics Marketing Research Council (MMRC) precursor to the Global Business Council (GBC). He is an exhibitor every year at the Annual Symposium and the Device Packaging Conference. Sikama has sponsored many IMAPS events and activities.

Sig was born in the US but raised in Norway. His interest in electronics started in high school. At the time, Norway was under German occupation, and the Germans had confiscated ALL radios. Possession of any radio was punished by immediate death. Sig was determined to listen to the BBC, right across the waters. Outfoxing the occupation powers, he obtained a roll of toilet paper, removed the paper, wound a wire coil on the core (tuned to the Scotland frequency), glued in a detector, clips for earplugs, antenna and ground, and then wound the paper back onto the roll. A crystal set was born. Every night, 8 PM was "toilet time" where he could monitor the latest progress of the Allied forces. Almost 100 of these sets were made, and none of them was ever found by the Germans, thanks to lots of tight-lipped friends.

Sig left Norway in 1946, sailing in the merchant marines as a Radio Officer, and finally settled back in his native Los Angeles. He started work at Collins Radio in Burbank. Later he was Vice President of Manufacturing and Sales at Browne Engineering, which served the microelectronics industry. When the firm was sold in 1982, he and his eldest son started Sikama International in their garage. The company soon outgrew the garage space, and in the last twenty-five years has sold more than 2,000 units of Reflow Soldering machines worldwide.

Sig Wathne is a remarkable person and example of hard work and determination. He was honored as a Life Member of IMAPS and as a Fellow of the IMAPS Society in 1993. We are proud that Sig Wathne is a member of IMAPS.


Judi Eicher
Elviz George
Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering
President of the IMAPS University of Maryland Student Chapter

February-March 2013

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society well. Please read more on Elviz George to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. IMAPS leaders appreciate his insight, time, and energy

Elviz will soon finish earning his Ph.D. in the field of electronics reliability at the University of Maryland. His thesis focuses on the non-linear damage estimation in SnAgCu solder interconnects under sequential loading conditions. Elviz is developing a non-linear damage model for solders that covers all the limitations of the Miner’s rule of linear damage accumulation. The model will improve reliability prediction and will assist companies in introducing higher quality and more reliable electronic products.

Elviz provided valuable leadership to restart the IMAPS University of Maryland Student Chapter. Working with the support of Dr. Diganta Das, a faculty advisor, Elviz recruited 20 students to join the chapter. As its President, Elviz led the production of chapter events and some member programs since March of 2011. These events include two regional student poster competitions in July 2011 & November 2012 and a full Chesapeake Chapter event that included a poster display in March 2012. Elviz and the student chapter team have gained laurels from these events by the IMAPS Foundation and Chesapeake Chapter leaders.

Elviz also helps plan Chesapeake Chapter events as well. As chapter programs are finalized, he recruits other student members to participate. He continues to recruit new student members at other schools within the University to increase participation at both chapter’s events.

Erica Folk, President of the Chesapeake Chapter, notes “Elviz has been an outstanding contributor by helping to organize events and encouraging students to participate. His leadership in planning the student poster competitions has led to valuable chapter events for both student and industry members. This has helped very much in both chapter’s outreach to many students that normally would not know about IMAPS and its programs.”

On an international level, Elviz led the University of Maryland Student Chapter team to produce a booth and exhibit research at IMAPS 2012 where they earned first place in the booth competition. Also at the Conference, he earned an Outstanding Paper award for his paper presentation, “Effect of Extended Dwell Time on Thermal Fatigue Life of Ceramic Chip Resistors.”

Elviz notes, “IMAPS is like a very close-knit family. The enthusiasm shown by IMAPS members motivates me to do more. Chapter events are a valuable venue for students to highlight their research work, interact with industry professionals, and gain technical knowledge. IMAPS events help me to work as a team, polish my leadership skills, and gives me opportunities to interact with the best professionals in microelectronics.”

After graduation, Elviz plans to work in the industry. He reports, “At Maryland, we interact a lot with the industry for our research. My Ph.D. and Masters theses projects were sponsored by a consortium of companies which gave me an insight into company deliverables and how they operate. My experience from these industry interactions will provide a great start for my career in electronics reliability.

Elviz’s interests include photography, trekking, and ice-skating. He and his wife, Chino, love traveling to new places both in the USA and overseas. They are passionate about cooking different styles of cuisine. Elviz says, “If not for engineering, I would have started a restaurant!” Chino and the rest of his family in India provide tremendous support to both his professional and personal life .

Elviz addressing the University of Maryland IMAPS student chapter members at a general body meeting

Elviz with his wife, Chino


Judi Eicher
Ms. Judi Eicher
Microelectronics Representative,
EMA Sales & Marketing
Events Chair of IMAPS New England

November-December 2012

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well. Please read more on Judi Eicher to catch her enthusiasm for volunteering. IMAPS leaders appreciate her insight, time, and energy.

Judi teams with her husband, Harvey Smith, to manage EMA Sales & Marketing (EMA), a microelectronic distribution and representation company. Since 1990, she has successfully managed most sales support and administrative functions for EMA and its many national clients such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, IBM and GE, to name just a few.

Previously, Judi worked for Datel for five years in various materials management functions. Before that she managed a family business in New Jersey and graduated with a degree in business management from Ramapo College.

Judi has been supporting the New England chapter as a key volunteer since 1988. Since becoming Chapter Arrangements Chair in 2006, chapter leaders have valued her effort and enthusiasm in support of chapter and committee meetings plus the annual symposium.

May 7, 2013 marks the date of the chapter’s 40th Symposium. (See more event information at These symposia have been among the most highly respected IMAPS chapter events for many years in their support of the microelectronics industry. The 2012 Symposium featured 8 technical tracks, 41 paper presentations, student programs, and an exhibit hall of 60 booths.

Michael Gervais, the current chapter President, states this for Judi. “She is the hardest working, most devoted, and most overlooked volunteer for IMAPS New England. Judi has great skills to fill many roles for chapter events, member programs, and business administration. Her major contribution is her spirit of volunteerism that she conveys well with other members.”

Judi says, “IMAPS has been both a social and learning adventure for me. I still enjoy collaborating with our iMAPS community. Over the last twenty years many of our colleagues have become personal friends and we have made numerous esteemed business connections.” Judi proposed the “007” James Bond theme for their 2007 symposium keeping with the “fun” quotient that the New England Symposiums are well-known for by many in the industry. She skillfully reduces costs for the chapter by negotiating with various venues for their meetings. She also serves with as the Assistant Exhibits Chair helping to manage the ongoing relationships with exhibitor partners.

Judi enjoys cooking, golfing, bicycling, hiking, racquetball and skiing.

Judi Eicher
Judi celebrates IMAPS New England’s 40th Anniversary with Harvey Smith and Rita Mohanty

Judi Eicher
Judi and Harvey share a beautiful day together

Judi Eicher
Judi celebrates with fellow volunteer, Joe Soucy, as he gains recognition for a 2012 IMAPS award


Jessica Sylvester
Ms. Jessica Sylvester
Marketing and Communications Manager
Palomar Technologies, Inc.

July-August 2012

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well. Please read more on Jessica Sylvester to catch her enthusiasm for volunteering. IMAPS leaders appreciate her insight, time, and energy.

Jessica directs the marketing and communications efforts at Palomar Technologies in Carlsbad, CA. Palomar technologies manufactures fully automated, high-accuracy microelectronics packaging systems (die bonders and wire bonders). It also offers precision microelectronics contract assembly services for optoelectronic packaging, hybrid assembly, and micron-level component attachment. Jessica develops and manages strong communication channels between Palomar’s worldwide customers and its experienced engineers.

Jessica ensures Palomar customers have information on the latest advancements and market news. She uses many marketing channels to promote Palomar’s systems and solutions. On a weekly basis, Jessica connects with over 2,500 industry peers through the PTI Blog, Palomar’s website, and their social media channels. Jessica brings several technical papers to publication, including co-authoring “Automated Precision Assembly for High-Volume HB LEDs” published in October 2011.

Jessica joined IMAPS in January 2011 and has often participated in IMAPS San Diego Chapter events in the past 20 months. She notes, “the Chapter has opened many doors for me not only to network with local peers, but also to continue my knowledge of the microelectronics industry. Through my volunteering for San Diego Chapter events, I have gained considerable market insight by interacting with regional experts. The chapter lunch discussions have been particularly valuable by providing useful industry presentations.”

Jessica also manages Palomar Technologies’ involvement in IMAPS conferences and technical workshops. These include expanding the Palomar's participation in regional events such as IMAPS RF Workshop (San Diego), IMAPS Southeast (Florida) and IMAPS Metro 2012 (Greater NYC). “Participating at these regional shows provides a strong sense of industry community and good venues to discuss goals and needs. Palomar always comes away from IMAPS events with solid contacts for sales, business development, and industry partnerships.”

Palomar Technologies will be exhibiting at IMAPS 2012 in San Diego this September, where Don Beck, the General Manager, will be presenting a paper on sub-5um component attach placement accuracy. This presentation is also available as an on-demand webcast on the IMAPS webcast library at

Jessica earned a Bachelor of Science in applied nutritional sciences. As a Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo honor’s graduate, she found that a scientific and research-based degree could provide many transferrable skills into other market segments. Jessica began her high-tech career through a marketing communications role with an enterprise threat/risk management division of Hewlett-Packard in the Silicon Valley. She and her husband, Wesley, decided to move to San Diego in November of 2010, just before continuing her career at Palomar Technologies.

In her free time, Jessica is a full and half-marathon runner and an aspiring “alternative” baker. She and her husband enjoy hiking, cerebral films, craft beer, and experiencing all that San Diego offers.

Jessica Sylvester
Jessica promotes Palomar Technologies at their booth last year at IMAPS 2011 – Long Beach

Jessica Sylvester
Jessica and Wesley enjoying dinner during a vacation in Mexico


Greg Clemons
Greg Clemons
Senior Process Engineer,
Intel Corporation

May-June 2012

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well. Please read more on Greg Clemons to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate his insight, time, and energy.

Greg Clemons is currently a Senior Process Engineer at Intel Corporation in the Package Assembly Test Technology Development Organization at the Chandler, AZ campus. His current role focuses on the development of flip chip attach process improvements to meet future packaging requirements.  Greg has been conducting research at Intel Packaging labs for over a decade.  

Greg has written several technical papers and presented on topics such as early lead free and halogen free transitions.  He was directly involved in the first lead free package introduced by Intel.  He currently holds four patents in device packaging.  Greg earned his Masters of Science degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Dayton, Ohio.  

Greg joined the IMAPS in 2004 at an Arizona Chapter lunch presentation and soon volunteered as the Membership Chair.  He continued to volunteer as a chapter officer over the years and has been the President for several years.   

Greg notes that he has significantly strengthened his industry connections through IMAPS events.  “I volunteer because I want to help make a difference in my local technical community.  There are a lot of amazing things going on in our area and I want to keep myself and my peers connected with that information.  The valuable technical events that our Arizona Chapter volunteers put together have even brought presenters and participants from overseas.  This keeps me motivated to volunteer more to produce future IMAPS chapter events.”

Greg has a good chapter leadership team of Jody Mahaffey, Lee Smith, Clark Fisher, and Stephen Bowen.  He values the team’s volunteering to produce local events and build their membership base.  “Having a great group of officers really makes the difference between a good event and a great event.  We have had some really great events over the past two years or more.  Our membership is growing in many categories and the members value their participation.”

Greg regularly participates in the annual IMAPS Device Packaging Conference (DPC) in Scottsdale, AZ.  This year he recruited Intel to join IMAPS as both a corporate member and DPC sponsor.  He and his fellow colleagues at Intel are now taking full advantage of the benefits that the membership offers.

Greg is a proud husband and father to a great and loving wife, Monda, and three young girls, Emily 12, Abbigail 10, and Kathryn 4.  They enjoy traveling, sightseeing, movies, and church activities together as a family.  In his spare time, Greg also enjoys golfing, hiking, and mountain biking activities with friends.

Greg Clemons
Greg’s children celebrating Halloween

Greg Clemons
Greg and Monda enjoying a night out at the ballpark


Ivan Ndip
Mr. Rick Sigliano
Vice President of North American Products
Kyocera America, Inc.

Winter 2012

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well. Please read more on Rick Sigliano to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. IMAPS appreciates his insight, time, and energy.

Rick earned his Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and chemistry from California State University at Fullerton, after which he spent five years as an R&D engineer and associate chemist. Rick joined Kyocera in 1979 as a sales engineer. He then served as a technical representative for Kyocera’s advanced packaging solutions for many years.

Rick’s technical knowledge and experience were invaluable when he served on the JEDEC and other prominent package standardization committees. Through hard work and determination, he has become Kyocera’s Vice President of North American Products.

Rick has been a member of IMAPS since 1975. He has participated in the Society’s planning committees, served on several boards, and helped lead IMAPS when he was on the national Technical Committee. Rick has probably participated in almost every aspect of the IMAPS during his ongoing volunteer commitments. In 2011, he was called back for a “second term” in this longstanding commitment when he served as the Technical Program Chair for IMAPS 2011in Long Beach. He is helping to lead IMAPS 2012 in San Diego as he serves as the General Chair.

Rick notes, “We value IMAPS as an ideal industry group to help us stay close to industry trends, network with our customers, explore new relationships, and introduce technological breakthroughs to a technical audience. Kyocera’s relationship with IMAPS is very strong, and I am proud to serve as General Chair for IMAPS 2012 to strengthen that bond even further.”

Kyocera, which provides advanced ceramic and organic packaging for a variety of markets and applications, has the highest count of IMAPS individual members. Kyocera staff are active by providing leadership and making presentations for IMAPS events, such as technical workshops, conference exhibitions, the Global Business Council, regional conferences, IMAPS chapters, and international symposiums.

“As a world-leading supplier of ceramic packaging, Kyocera encourages its employees to not only join IMAPS, but also to serve on its councils and committees,” Rick explained. “Kyocera’s company philosophy states that we must all ‘do the right thing as a human being.’ Volunteering for IMAPS is the right thing to do. IMAPS is the premier professional society focused on packaging, so it’s imperative that we contribute, participate, and even lead.”

Rick Sigliano
San Diego Chapter leaders Bill Ishii and Mark Tomei provide Rick Sigliano for his support for chapter events.


Ivan Ndip
Dr. Ivan Ndip
Senior Research Engineer and Group Manager RF & High-Speed System Design,
Fraunhofer IZM

Fall-Winter 2011

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well. Please read more on Dr. Ivan Ndip to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. IMAPS appreciates his insight, time, and energy.

Ivan earned a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Berlin, graduating Summa Cum Laude in electrical engineering.  He joined IMAPS in 2003 while working as a Research Engineer in both signal integrity and antenna integration at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration in Berlin.  Ivan gained a promotion there as a Senior Research Engineer and the Group Manager of RF & High-speed System Design in 2006.

Ivan and his team of research engineers currently work on electromagnetic modeling, design, & optimization of RF/high-speed microsystems, integrated antennas, and passive RF front-end components.  He teaches graduate courses on the application of electromagnetic field theory for design and integration of microsystems at the Technical University of Berlin.  Ivan has authored and co-authored over 100 papers and articles in referred journals and proceedings.  He has also won best paper awards at international conferences.

Ivan has participated in all but one IMAPS International Symposiums since 2003.  He states, “My participation at IMAPS events has broadened my scope on electronic packaging and system integration.  I have learned a lot from the high-quality technical presentations that cover both many fundamentals in microelectronics and industry-driven applied research.”

Ivan helped lead the planning of IMAPS International Symposium in 2007 when he chaired the System Packaging & Design technical session.  He has served as a Session Chair at all International Symposiums since then.  In 2009, Ivan established the Signal/Power Integrity Committee, which he now chairs.  Ivan helped organize two well-attended signal/power integrity sessions at IMAPS 2010 in Raleigh, NC.

Ivan took on more conference leadership responsibility as he served as a Technical Co-chair of IMAPS 2011 in Long Beach, CA.  For the first time, an IMAPS Symposium featured sessions that covered the European perspectives on electronic packaging and system integration.  Ivan organized and chaired them by bringing together 12 presenters representing 16 European companies, research institutes, and universities.  Also at IMAPS 2011, Ivan taught a full-day professional development course on modeling and optimization of electronic packaging for signal/power integrity.

Ivan plans to both help organize and participate at future IMAPS events.  He notes, “IMAPS is a great professional society that brings together industry leaders, professional engineers, high-level scientists, and company representatives from all over the world to exchange innovative ideas.  I value the networking at both the IMAPS Symposium social events and the leadership meetings.  I have gained many valuable industry contacts and made new friends through my participation.”

Ivan is happily married to Lesly Oben. They have two wonderful girls, Ivanna Ndip (4) and Ivanol Ndip (1).  Ivan enjoys spending time with his family and also enjoys watching thrilling movies in his spare time.  He is always enthusiastic to play tennis.  He and his family are active in their church.

Ivan teaching a PDC
Ege Engin, Antonio Ciccomancini, and Ivan (left to right)
after teaching a full-day Professional Development Course at IMAPS 2011


Erica Folk
Erica Folk
Principal Engineer,
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Summer-Fall 2011

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well. Please read more on Erica Folk to catch her enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate her insight, time, and energy.

Erica is a member of the Process Integration Team in the Semiconductor Devices Group at Northrop Grumman in Baltimore, MD. Her current role focuses on the yield improvement and process control of silicon products. Her prior work experience includes transmit/receive module mechanical design, wafer bonding, 3D integration, carbon nanotubes, and superconductor quantum bit fabrication. Erica has earned one patent on the Method of Thinning a Semiconductor Structure (Patent #7253083) and has additional patents pending.

Erica joined Northrop Grumman in 2004 after earning her Masters of Science in Microelectronics-Photonics from the University of Arkansas. She has been a member of IMAPS since 2002 and presided over the Arkansas student chapter in 2003. She led the chapter to wins in both the student booth competition and business plan competition at the 36th International Symposium in Boston.

With her prior IMAPS student program experience, Erica currently participates in a variety of IMAPS student programs. She has judged student paper and poster competitions, provided advice and guidance as an industry panelist, and organized two regular chapter events with an emphasis on reaching out to student members. The local events have provided many benefits to student members of the University of Maryland.

Erica notes her background for volunteering, “IMAPS is a great organization that has provided me valuable opportunities to gain more knowledge and network. I met one of my first managers at an IMAPS conference as a student member and continue to meet many people who are both technically skilled and a joy to be around.”

Erica’s IMAPS volunteer goal is to increase student event participation and their related industry networking within the microelectronics community. This motivates student members to continue participating in IMAPS events and prepares them to become effective future IMAPS leaders.

Erica’s leadership proved successful when she restarted the Chesapeake Chapter in late 2008 as she served as the chapter President. She has since then planned and produced eight valuable chapter events. Regional industry participation and the diversity of market partners have increased at them. "I help produce IMAPS chapter events to gain a regional industry perspective and valuable technical information. Developing new industry relationships is also an important benefit. I have developed many friendships as a result of this participation.”

Erica served as the General Chair for the Second Annual Mid-Atlantic Conference in June 2011. Under the direction of her team, six IMAPS chapters produced a regional event where over 100 industry participants gained networking opportunities, technical information, and regional industry recognition. The Conference featured 28 technical presentations, research posters, and exhibit hall of 30 booths. Erica notes, “The breadth that IMAPS events covers keeps me current and allows me to see the big picture and the applications for the specific field I work in day to day.”

Erica and Michael, her husband, enjoy bike riding, visiting local historical sites, and traveling. She is active in her church as a women’s group facilitator. In her spare time she likes to read, scrapbook, and tackle home projects with her husband.

Erica and her husband, Michael

Erica and Michael with Erica’s family

Chesapeake chapter officers pose after completing their successful 2011 summer symposium.
From left to right are Bruce Romenesko, Patrick Troy, Erica Folk, and Lauren Boteler.


Dr. Voya Markovich
Dr. Voya Markovich
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc.

Spring 2011

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well. Please read more on Dr. Voya Markovich to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate his insight, time, and energy.

Voya has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) since 2002. Prior to EI, Voya held several senior-level positions with IBM for 20 years. His two highest IBM positions have been Manager of Processes, Materials, & Assembly and a Senior Technical Staff Member.

Voya is recognized as one of the industry’s leading experts in laminate product materials and processes. He holds 229 U.S. patents, 138 filled applications, and has authored over 50 technical papers. For industry awards just at IBM alone, he earned membership in the elite Academy of Technology comprised about 400 of the highest technical achievers from 1988 until 2002 (when IBM sold a business line to EI). Voya earned the IBM Outstanding Innovation Award in 1985 and the IBM Corporate Award in 1989.

He earned his Masters of Science degree in Chemistry from the Polytechnic Institute of New York and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Belgrade. He serves on the Advisory Board for the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science at Binghamton University.

Voya began volunteering for IMAPS when served as the Technical Program Chair for the Garden State Chapter in 2004. He continued to support the IMAPS chapter’s events by volunteering as the General Chair of the 2010 IMAPS Mid-Atlantic Conference. This IMAPS event’s success was seen by valuable industry participation that Voya recruited. Voya has supported the re-start of the Empire chapter since 2008. His industry contacts provide IMAPS and its chapters valuable pull to recruit papers and presentations.

Voya notes, “By participating in IMAPS workshops and chapter events, I develop new industry relationships and talk with many other IMAPS members. This interaction provides me information on today’s technologies and industry insight. I appreciate the volunteering of IMAPS members who produce good events and quality conferences through which I gain an insiders’ industry perspective and business contacts.”

He was elected Director of the IMAPS Executive Council in early 2008. Recently he was elected to serve as the President–Elect. “IMAPS is a valuable professional society with a unique balance between research and industry. I look forward to serve as the society’s President next year. My main goal is to increase IMAPS membership in all categories.”

Voya is happily married to Anita Markovich who is an administrator in a community hospital. Voya and Anita have two sons and two grandchildren. Steve Markovich is a vice president at an investment bank. He is married to Virginia and has two children, Andrew and Olivia. Michael Markovich is a team leader at a consulting firm. Voya‘s hobbies are travelling, history, and international politics. He enjoys watching basketball and soccer, the Los Angeles Lakers and Manchester United, respectively.

Voya Markovich
Voya encourages possible IMAPS future leaders (high school students in North Carolina)
to continue studies in math and science at the IMAPS 2010 in Raleigh.


Dr. David Seeger
Dr. David Seeger
Alternative Energy Program Manager,
IBM Corporation

Winter 2011

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well. Please read more on Dr. David Seeger to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate his insight, time, and energy.

David Seeger joined IMAPS in 2000 when he worked as a Senior Manager for IBM in the area of 3D packaging at its T. J. Watson Research Laboratories. He later became the Director of IBM’s Electronic and Optical Packaging Group that developed new packaging technologies such as advanced C4 interconnects, lead free solder development, advanced PCB materials, 3D packaging, and optical interconnect. Prior to that, David held a number of positions in semiconductor process development at IBM. He earned a Doctorate in organic chemistry from Yale in 1983.

David’s participation in IMAPS started when served as the Treasurer, and later President, of the Garden State Chapter. He recently helped re-start the Carolinas Chapter as its Vice President when he helped plan chapter events. David notes, “I helped produce chapter events to gain an insiders’ industry perspective. Fellow IMAPS chapter members provided valuable information while I transitioned from a semiconductor background to one in packaging. Now developing new relationships is the most important benefit that I gain from IMAPS events. I have developed many friendships as a result of chapter event participation.”

While directing packaging research at IBM, Dave managed a company-wide initiative to develop a detailed packaging roadmap in the 2005-2007 timeframe. He managed the participation in development of this roadmap including IBM staff from many research, development, and manufacturing departments. This packaging roadmap was enthusiastically approved by the highest IBM executives and still serves to drive IBM’s packaging production. In the late 1990's, Dave also created an IBM group in RF MEMS that led to the recently announced partnership with WiSpry. IBM will manufacture WiSry's single-chip MEMS switched bank of capacitors to be supplied to tier-one OEM’s for mobile handsets.

David continued to lead the planning of IMAPS events by volunteering as the General Chair for the 2010 IMAPS International Symposium in Raleigh. The event drew a great attendance for this new location. “Serving as general chair greatly extended my reach into the packaging community as folks with whom I barely knew would come up to me and introduce themselves during the symposium,” David reports.

David currently serves IMAPS both as a member of the IMAPS Global Business Council Steering Committee and as member of the IMAPS Board of Directors. “IMAPS has a unique character as a professional society. Many societies are very professional but lack a social presence while others seem focused on socializing. IMAPS is characterized by having a great balance between the social aspects during events that enables one to meet many professionals in a relaxed atmosphere while keeping the integrity of top class technical presentations and papers. I hope to help spread that unique aspect to new chapters in the society,” Dave emphasizes.

David has two daughters. Kristina Seeger just graduated with honors in fashion design and merchandizing from Marist College. Kimberli Seeger is completing her senior year at Syracuse University studying art education. He likes to sail boats and has skippered them in both club races and regional regattas. David sails most often on the Hudson River and has raced on boats ranging from single-person sailboats to 30-foot racing sloops.

David Seeger
Kimberli (left) and Kristina (right) celebrating a family birthday.

David Seeger
David thanks Dr. Rao Tummala for providing a keynote presentation at IMAPS 2010


Dr. Robert Dean
Dr. Robert Dean
Assistant Professor,
Auburn University

Fall 2010

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well. Please read more on Dr. Robert Dean to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate his insight, time, and energy.

Robert joined IMAPS in 2001 while working as a Research Manager at Auburn University’s Center for Advanced Vehicle Electronics.  For the past decade, the Center’s primary focus has been the development of reliable electronic packaging for operations in harsh environments such as automotive, military, and aerospace.

Robert participated regularly in the annual IMAPS technical workshop, “Packaging of MEMS and Related Micro Integrated Nano Systems”.  After this workshop was merged into the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference, he continued to participate in its MEMS track.  His participation in these events afforded a valuable venue to present the results of his research activities and to network with professionals from all over the world.

After serving as a session co-chair at these IMAPS national events, Robert volunteered to serve as a Technical Co-Chair for the MEMS Track of the Device Packaging Conference in 2008.  He has served in that position since then.  This volunteering has enabled him to connect with many top MEMS researchers which has been very rewarding professionally and personally.  This position has also allowed him to involve a number of other MEMS researchers in this conference.

As a professor, Dr. Dean understands that professional service is an important part of an academic career and participating in IMAPS has been an excellent way of fulfilling this expectation.  The high quality research that is presented at all IMAPS conferences and workshops has been invaluable to advancing his own research program.  Robert plans to continue to serve and participate in IMAPS for years to come.  “Investing in IMAPS has yielded great rewards for me, both personally and professionally.”

Since 2007, Robert has held the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Auburn University.  He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in electronics, MEMS, and sensors.  He also conducts research in MEMS, sensors, electronic design, environmental testing, and power electronics.  Robert has a lot of interaction with students.  His typical class size is 25 to 30 students and he employees six to ten graduate and undergraduate students at any given time.  His research has been sponsored by a number of organizations, including the Department of Defense, NASA, and the National Science Foundation.

Robert encourages his graduate students to participate in and present papers on their research at the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference.  This activity affords the students an opportunity to develop public speaking skills in a safe environment, to obtain peer review of their ongoing research, to network with professionals in their field of study, and to meet potential employers.  Here are some examples of Robert’s students that have presented at recent Device Packaging Conferences: Rebecca Ibrahim (2009) “A system for the early evaluation of newly developed MEMS devices” and Seong Jin Kim (2008) “A packaging solution to reduce electrical noise in MEMS capacitive elements resulting from environmental mechanical vibrations.”

Robert is married and has three children.  He and his wife home school Jessica, Thomas, and Rebecca.  Robert is actively involved in his church and serves as a den leader in Cub Scouts.  He and his family enjoy hiking, camping, snow skiing, and visiting theme parks.  This past summer, he and his family enjoyed hiking in various Colorado parks from Rocky Mountain National Park to Mueller State Park near Colorado Springs.

Fall family picture: Robert, Jessica, Thomas, Kristin and Rebecca.

Rita Mohanty
Dr. Rita Mohanty
Director, Advanced Development Speedline Technologies
President, IMAPS New England

Summer 2010

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well in many IMAPS events. Please read more on Dr. Rita Mohanty to catch her enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate her insight, time, and energy.

Rita joined IMAPS in 1998 while working at Cookson Electronics. Rita then viewed IMAPS events to be both stimulating and educational; but somewhat serious.  Later when she helped plan many IMAPS national and local chapter events, she encouraged participants to have fun while volunteering.  Rita developed a hummers “fun index” to recruit new members into leadership positions.

Rita helped bring the IMAPS International Symposium to Boston in 2003.  She has supported IMAPS New England since then and has ensured its success to make it the largest chapter by membership and the one with the most annual technical meetings. Its annual meeting is the largest IMAPS regional show for many good reasons:

Rita is the current New England Chapter President.  Volunteering at IMAPS has helped Rita in keeping up with the new technologies, expanding her professional network base, and most importantly, making friends for life.

Mark Occhionero of CPS Technologies notes, “Rita has done much to inspire new members. She has provided high levels of support in the chapter’s Executive Committee and our Technical Symposium Committee.  Rita maintains the IMAPS fun quotient that states the more you are involved with IMAPS New England, the more fun you will have.  Rita has gone exponential.”

Rita has wide and varied interests that have helped her IMAPS participation. Her diverse background includes university research (PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island), development of advanced electronic materials (Cookson), processes and testing (Ark-Les), and equipment expertise (Speedline).  Ken Gilleo of ET-Trends notes, “While an accomplished chef, Rita can also mix a wicked batch of electronic goop, test the quality, design the process and then apply it.”

In both good and tough times, Rita is there with a smile and encouragement that is enhanced by an ever-present sense of humor.  She has been there for IMAPS in many roles that all have the mark of her quality – and that’s Six Sigma Master Black Belt Quality.

While running around for her career and for IMAPS, Rita finds time for marathon running at major events – all in the name of public service and fund raising for the needy.  Rita also volunteers with local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops.

Running marathons to support her charities.

All my Children.

Rita exchanging ideas with Harvey Smith.

Four speakers are better than one.

Come join IMAPS New England, we saved a place for you.

James Lu
Dr. James Lu
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Spring 2010

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well in many IMAPS events.  Please read more on Dr. James Lu to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering.  We appreciate his insight, time, and energy.

Dr. Lu has served as the 3D Packaging Chair of the IMAPS National Technical Committee since 2006.  In this overall leadership role, James helps produce national IMAPS events.  This is seen by his serving as the Technical Co-chair of the Device Packaging Conference since 2007, the Chair of the 3D Packaging Workshop since 2006, and as a Session Chair for International Symposiums since 2007. 

Working closely with IMAPS staff and conference committee members, James organized the Society’s first 3D packaging workshop at 2006 Device Packaging Conference (DPC).  James has benefitted from starting and producing these IMAPS conferences and workshops in a variety of ways such as planning events, moderating teleconferences, selecting papers, and designing technical programs.

“During my more than 10 years of research on 3D integration and IMAPS event participation, meeting fellow IMAPS members from around the world has allowed me to state my research case to important audiences, receive valuable feedback from my peers, and hear contrary perspectives,” James said. “I have learned a lot, made new friends, and hopefully advanced microelectronics and packaging technologies.” James encourages his students at RPI to participate in IMAPS events to learn new technologies and new ideas of future systems.

Many IMAPS leaders are thankful for Andrew Strandjord, Senior Manager of Advanced Packaging, at Pac Tech USA, for recruiting James to participate.  Andrew conveys, “Since I brought him to IMAPS in 2005, James has been one of the most important members of the IMAPS technical community and a driving force behind the progress of 3D integration and packaging.” 

James notes, “I am at home in the laboratory.  And, I also take great joy in organizing and participating in IMAPS conferences, panels, sessions, and workshops.”  “It’s valuable for me to interface with friends in the industry.  This way I sharpen my understanding of the marketplace, R&D pipeline, and other related technologies.”

James has led many successful half-day professional development courses (PDCs). The most recent one was “Advances in 3D Integration and Packaging Technologies, Assessments, Status and Applications” at the IMAPS DPC in March 2009.  He will teach it again at the DPC in early March 2010. 
At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, James is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering (ECSE),  where he has been teaching a number of courses in micro-nano-electronics design, materials, devices, fabrication, and system integration. He is also associated with several university centers in micro-nano-elelctronics, energy, and systems integration. James has published more than 200 papers and articles in refereed journals and conferences. 

James has been working to design the processes and architecture that could one day be the platform for 3D chips. His research spans a wide spectrum of 3D integration and packaging technologies, particularly 3D architecture and platforms, circuit design, material developments, micro-nano-processing technologies, and applications in memory, processor, mixed signals, power delivery, optical and electrical interconnects. His long-term research interests lie in 3D systems integration with photonics, nanotech, bio-MEMS, bio-engineering, bio-inspired devices, and information processing/computation.

“Based on the physics, technical and economic limits, CMOS device shrinkage may come to an end somewhere around the 22 nm node depending on device and structure.” “3D integration is one of th few avenues available to alleviate this problem and to accommodate scores of different components.”  James notes.

James has been also traveling globally to give seminars to many companies, government labs, and universities to share his research advances and to promote 3D collaborations. His leadership on 3D research programs provided valuable reviews and discussions for many IC companies such as IBM, Intel, TI, AMD, Freescale Semiconductor, and SEMATECH.  This has helped some of these companies start their own internal research programs to make successful components.
In his spare time, James and his wife Holly spend time to listen to their two daughters, Bettina and Angela, play violin and piano. James has been blessed to have his wife’s support for his busy work schedules. James enjoys gardening, sports and music.

James and his friends - 3D Practitioners – at the IMAPS 2008 Device Packaging Conference.   


James with Rensselaer President Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson and Board Chairman Samuel F. Heffner Jr. in 2008 Trustee Celebration of Faculty Achievement.  


October-December 2009

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well in many IMAPS events. Please read more on Larry Rexing to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate Larry’s insight, time, and energy.

Mr. Larry Rexing
Mr. Larry Rexing
Midwest Regional Sales Manager,
Heraeus Thick Film Division

After graduating from Purdue University in 1972 with a BS in Electrical Engineering, Larry joined CTS in Berne, IN as a Process Engineer working on new products. The new products were thick film custom resistors.  In his early work, he set-up equipment, trained operators, and wrote processing procedures.

Over the next several years at CTS, Larry worked in several departments (design, tooling, and maintenance support) and won a promotion in 1976 to the CTS corporate headquarters in Elkhart, IN where he was trained in the technical areas of manufacturing polymer potentiometers for the television and radio industry. After his training he spent 2 years in outside sales calling on customers in the Chicago, IL area. In 1979, Larry moved back to Berne and served as the Assistant Manufacturing Superintendant for about 50% of the manufacturing lines at that facility, which included the ceramic substrate and dual in-line resistor network manufacturing lines.
CTS purchased a resistor network product line from Stackpole in Raleigh, NC in 1981. Larry oversaw the international move of that product line from Raleigh, NC to a plant in Singapore.  Larry and his family spent almost 24 months in total from 1981 to 1985 there managing the line move and providing management support.

After setting-up the Singapore plant, Larry returned to Indiana to manage the Advanced Engineering Group of CTS that implemented new product lines for resistor networks into production.  He also focused on implementing cost-saving automation for existing product lines.  It was during this time that he became involved with ISHM, the predecessor of IMAPS.  Larry participated in his first Indiana ISHM event and has been a member ever since.

Larry recalls “during my early involvement with ISHM at CTS, I always tried to make sure we had a car load of fellow employees going to each event. I saw the value in networking and listened to speakers talk about new materials, new products, and technical solutions for problems in our field.”

Larry and his family moved to Lafayette, IN in 1988 after he earned a promotion as the Vice President of Engineering for CTS Microelectronics, a division that manufactured thick film hybrids for military, aircraft, and commercial OEMs.  Larry offered to help lead the Indiana Chapter.  Larry volunteered as the Chapter Secretary for 1988–1990 and then as the chapter President in 1990-92.  During his volunteering, he excelled in chapter program development and later he wanted to run for a national office. Larry won the election to the Board of Directors as the North Central Regional Director in 1994.  Larry says that he benefited from this experience by meeting many new professional contacts.  He enjoyed the work on the executive board and traveling to the annual symposiums.  He was most proud of his efforts in starting the Michigan chapter and working with Adam Schubring.

During his time at CTS Microelectronics, Larry was instrumental in implementing the first LTCC substrate line for OEM’s. He served on several panel discussions and co-authored papers to help bring LTCC technology to the market place.  His engineering group at CTS turned out almost 100 new LTCC/MCM designs in a two year period in the early 1990’s. He along with several other members implemented the first ISHM MCM Test Workshops in Napa Valley during those early 1990’s. All of this effort propelled CTS to the top of military hybrid business then.

Larry left CTS and went to work for R.O. Whitesell & Co, a manufactures representative firm as an Account Manager in 1995.  After he completed his first two-year term as an ISHM Regional Director, his management would not support the continuation of his volunteering.  Larry continued to attend (both ISHM and early IMAPS events) and in 1997 he joined Heraeus as their Midwest Regional Sales Manager for thick film materials. Larry, both then and now, manages the central United States for Heraeus.  He also covers the country of Singapore and really enjoys traveling and helping a wide variety of customers with their thick film requirements.

With the support of Heraeus in 2000, Larry was re-elected as the North Central Regional Director and served in that position until 2002.  Larry later served on the Executive Council as Secretary of the Society from 2002-2006.  During this time he managed a complete update to the societies Procedures and Policies.

In 2007, Larry was the General Chair for the First Automotive Advanced Technical Workshop (ATW) that was held in Dearborn, MI. Along with Technical Chair, Adam Schubring, they sold- out the workshop and had some excellent reviews.

In 2008, he was the General Chair for the 41st National Symposium held in Providence, RI. Larry is now helping IMAPS as has agreed to volunteer with Adam Schubring of Kyocera America in 2010 to hold the 2nd Automotive ATW.  Larry will also be working with John Olenick of ENrG Inc. to hold an ATW on Alternative Energy in October 2010. 

Larry says he still finds a lot of excitement for new technology, materials, and processes in our society. “I really enjoy the way our society has tried to maintain the older technologies while encouraging the new. I love working with our members and finding speakers that are willing to share their experiences, so we all can continue to grow.”

Larry has received many awards from ISHM/IMAPS for his service to the Society during the last 24 years, but he is most proud of the “Fellow of the Society” award that he received in 2007.

In his spare time Larry enjoys working in his yard, smoking a good cigar on his deck, traveling with his wife, Jemma, playing with his new grandson (Asher), and vacationing with his immediate family. He is a loyal fan of Purdue University and the Indianapolis Colts.

Larry with his wife Jemma; son Josh; son JonPaul and his wife Katy, Grandson Asher, daughter Jamin and her husband Josh Whitman.

Larry in Singapore with fellow Heraeus employees, Titan Chang (Asian Sales Manager) and Daniel Ha (Asian Technical Service Engineer).


August-September 2009

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well in many IMAPS programs. Please read more on Yang Liu to catch his enthusiasm for participating and volunteering at IMAPS events. We appreciate Yang’s insight, time, and energy.


Mr. Yang Liu, PhD Candidate, University of Arkansas
Mr. Yang Liu
PhD Candidate
University of Arkansas

Yang Liu received his Masters Degree in micro-system integration technology from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden in 2004.  Yang is now pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Arkansas where he will graduate this fall.  He has been a very active IMAPS student member since early 2007.

Yang has served for two full years as the President of the IMAPS Student Chapter at the University of Arkansas. He helped recruit 15 new IMAPS student members and raised considerable funds for its events.  These events included guest presentations from leading academics, electronics assembly workshops, technical meetings, and student chapter booths at campus-wide events.

University of Arkansas student chapter members of IMAPS participating in an electronics assembly workshop.

Yang notes, “I gained management experience by organizing the IMAPS student chapter and its activities, learned how to promote and finance our chapter, and practiced my skills to speak at large events.”

With Yang’s efforts and leadership, the student chapter raised funds to help its members participate at the past two IMAPS International Symposiums. He also led teams to participate at two student booth competitions at them.  The student chapter presented seven posters at their booth in Providence, RI.  Several hundred of the Symposium attendees visited the booth: it won third place in the student booth competition. Yang also encouraged and helped student chapter members publish and present 11 papers at the two Symposiums and the IMAPS Device Packaging Conferences.

Yang writes, “I have gained considerable industry information and had great exposure to the state-of-the-art technologies in the microelectronics industry because of IMAPS conferences.  Also, IMAPS conferences served as a platform to meet the experts in various areas in microelectronics.”

The IMAPS University of Arkansas Student Chapter team at their booth at IMAPS 2008 in Providence, RI.

Outside of the IMAPS student chapter programs, Yang has developed a 3D-VLSI process flow and has completed considerable research in areas of 3D integration: such as TSV etching and filling, wafer bonding and thinning, copper post fabrication, flip-chip bonding, and board soldering.

Yang presented much of his recent research at IMAPS workshops and symposiums where he gained recognition by IMAPS industry members. He earned the Best Student Paper Award at the 2008 Device Packaging Conference by the IMAPS Microelectronics Foundation.  Yang also earned the Best Student Paper Award, out of 34 student papers, at the 2008 International Symposium.

“When I was in the Device Packaging Conference, IMAPS leaders congratulated me.  Even people I had seen only in IMAPS magazine, pioneers of microelectronics industry, came and acknowledged my work.  This inspired me to work harder and devote myself further into my research.” 

Yang receives the Best Student Paper Award in 2008 Device Packaging Conference. 

His wife, Ying, supported him during his PhD research by helping him for countless off-hours in the process lab.  His student chapter members helped him through meaningful discussions, joint work, and long friendships.  Other than research, Yang likes driving, traveling, reading history, browsing Wikipedia, looking for new information, and spending time with his family.
Yang’s current goal is to apply his academic experience to be an effective industry professional in advanced packaging.  He will use the industry network he built-up during both his active participation in IMAPS student chapter programs and his presentations at IMAPS events and industry organizations. Please contact him at 479-871-7967 for more information on his knowledge, skills, and abilities.



June-July 2009

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well in many IMAPS programs. Please read more on Mike McKeown to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate Mike’s insight, time, and energy.

Mr. Mike McKeown, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Orthodyne Electronics
Mr. Mike McKeown
Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Orthodyne Electronics

Mike joined IMAPS in 1985 after graduating from Queensborough Community College in Electrical Technology.  He worked as a Quality Assurance Electronics Technician at Standard Motor Products in New York City.  Later, Mike earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Queens College in 1989. 

Mike was promoted at Standard Motor Products to handle more responsibilities as a Quality Assurance Engineer.  He was later again promoted to a Process Engineer where he developed advanced materials and manufacturing methods for automotive electronic modules.   

In his early career, Mike valued both the IMAPS member benefits and his event participation.  He participated in IMAPS chapter events and the international symposiums.  He learned a great deal more on hybrids and microelectronics manufacturing.

Mike was promoted again as a Project Engineer for his company’s both manifold absolute pressure sensor module and the distributor-less ignition system module.  Both products were the first of their kind in the automotive aftermarket segment.  Mike lived for extended periods in Hong Kong transferring these products.  This helped Standard Motor Products gain a corporate advantage over its competition.  Customers now had a lower-cost alternative to the OEM modules that had the same quality standards.  Mike then worked as an Applications Engineer for almost two years assisting companies with their bonding wire and stamped parts.    

Mike’s mentors in his early years of IMAPS Metropolitan Chapter were:  Dick Gordon, Ken Huth and Chong Cho.  Many of the other members then are still with the chapter today; such as Walter Becker, Steve Lehnert, Bob Conte, and Rick Schwartzman.  By participating in IMAPS throughout the years in chapter meetings, seminars, and technical workshops, Mike has built-up a network of contacts that have always been there to assist him on both local and national levels.

Mike has now been working with Orthodyne Electronics for 12 years as a Sales Manager.  He is responsible for sales, marketing, and applications for the eastern half of the Americas from Canada to Argentina.   Mike’s main market segments are automotive, military, high power electronics for traction and motor controllers, and alternative energy applications.  

Mike gave his first presentation at an IMAPS Symposium in 1996.  He later used the first IMAPS Wire Bond Workshop to present his initial paper on wedge bumping applications.  This presentation provided Mike with his first IMAPS venue to showcase his expertise and to gain feedback on his ideas.  Mike has presented and/or co-authored a dozen technical papers and articles on wire bonding hybrid microelectronics.

Mike notes, “What motivates me to stay involved with IMAPS is that I still continue to learn from my industry colleagues as well as make new friends.  IMAPS has a lot to offer me that it is very applicable to my daily work.”  
Mike has held many leadership positions at various times for the Metro Chapter over the years.  Recently, with the help of Metro Chapter colleague, Kevin Carmody, Mike formed the first student chapter at Farmingdale State College.  Mike mentored two students there that went on to receive scholarships.

Mike also serves as the General Chair for the IMAPS & SEMI Topical Workshop on Wire Bonding to be held this July 13th in San Francisco.  He will collaborate with Barry Njoes of TMI and Steve Lopez of Farmingdale State College on the presentation, “Wire Bond Integrity Versus Surface Finish of Aluminum Clad Surfaces”.

In Mike’s spare time, he plays golf and in-line hockey.  He is a great fan of the New York Rangers and New York Mets along with his wife, Marie (an approved Yankee fan), & their kids, Michael & Katie.  He is working towards his Doctorate in Engineering in wedge bumping and high temperature electronics.

Mike, wife Marie, son Michael and daughter Katie

Mike and Michael with New York Ranger Adam Graves

Katie working on an Orthodyne Electronics Wire Bonder



April-May 2009

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well in many IMAPS programs. Please read more on Gary Hemphill to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate Gary’s insight, time, and energy.

Mr. Gary Hemphill
General Manager – Vice President
Technic, Inc.

Since joining IMAPS in 1987, Gary has participated in many IMAPS functions.  Gary notes “attending Professional Development Courses was a great way to start a career in the microelectronics field.  The international symposium is a wonderful venue to network with your peers”.  Gary has attended all but one symposium since joining IMAPS and has also attended many New England Chapter events and regional conferences.

Gary networking and socializing with Tania Keefe and Maggie Logsdon of the New England Chapter

Gary started his microelectronics career as a Senior Project Engineer at Handy & Harman’s Chemical Products Center.  Gary’s first project was to develop a true alloy silver/palladium flake to be used in MLCC.  Gary was involved in moving the Chemical Products Center to Rhode Island after it was acquired by Technic Inc. in 1992.  After the move, Gary was promoted to Production Manager.  In 1994, Gary was promoted to General Manager – Vice President which he has held since.

Gary has been involved with the IMAPS Educational Foundation since 1999.  He has been its auction manager for the last seven years.  The auction is held every year at the Foundation’s reception at the international symposium.  The auction raises funds for IMAPS educational outreach to high school and college students to ensure the strength of the next generation industry participants.

Gary states “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported this worthy effort with their donations over the years and I would like to encourage more participation in the years to come”.

Gary was co-chair, along with Howard Imhof, of the IMAPS Foundation’s golf tournament at the Providence 2008 symposium.  He is pleased with the successful turnout of the golfers and hole sponsors.

Gary and his four-some enjoying the Microelectronics Foundation Golf Outing

Gary will be a co-presenter, along with Guixiang Yang, for an IMAPS webinar on Precious Metal Powder/Flakes and their Application in Microelectronic Packaging.  The webinar will focus on materials characterization and uses in microelectronics.  This webinar will give the participants knowledge of powder physical characteristics and their uses in electronic and packaging applications. This two-session on-line Professional Development Course (PDC) webinar will be held: Mondays, May 11, 18, 2009.

Gary is also on the committee for an Invited Session at IMAPS 2009, San Jose on “Intelligent Uses of Precious Metals in Microelectronics”.

In his spare time Gary enjoys golfing and camping and hiking with his scouts.


January-March 2009

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well in many IMAPS programs. Please read more on John Olenick to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate John’s insight, time, and energy.


Mr. John Olenick
ENrG Incorporated

Since John joined IMAPS in 1984 when working for Westinghouse, he has made many technical and management presentations. He notes, “Early in my career, my goal was to present a paper each year on the work that Westinghouse was doing. Of the eleven papers that I published from 1984 to 1991, four of them were presented at IMAPS.” After many years of IMAPS presentations and Symposiums, John has built a valuable network of colleagues that have helped accelerate his microelectronic packaging work and professional career.

John most recently presented “Ceramics in Clean Tech II” at the IMAPS International Convention in Providence in 2008. He will continue presenting for IMAPS events as they provide him a forum to showcase his ideas or expertise and gain great feedback.

After benefitting from his IMAPS participation, he gave back by serving on its National Technical Committee (NTC) by reviewing papers for the Symposiums. He is a recent past chair (1995-1997) of the NTC’s Advance Packaging Committee after having served eight years (1989-1997) on the full NTC.

From 1994-1998, John focused on starting a small business within Kodak called the ImageModule Business. This business was focused on image enabling devices that were not then able to take pictures–the early stages of a camera in a phone. Unfortunately for Kodak, the business was prematurely dissolved just before the camera feature in phones became a popular feature.

After spending a few years at a small ceramics company in Buffalo, New York, John and seven other co-workers decided to start ENrG Incorporated in 2003. The company’s focus was on ceramic technologies for the clean energy market segments. At that time, hydrogen fuel was just becoming an exciting new technology. His company is now completing its sixth year and is starting to sell products like kiln furniture (setters and liners) and materials (inks and electrolyte powders) along with finished cells.

John was the first presenter at the first IMAPS area event designed to re-start a chapter in upstate and western New York. He spoke on the porosity of fuel cells, gas separation membranes, and insulation packaging. John notes, “I enjoy these small chapter events of industry peers. They provide a relaxed forum to meet people and test some new ideas.”

John presents on fuel cells at an upstate New York area event in early June 2008.

When John spoke to Larry Rexing, the IMAPS 2008 Symposium’s General Chair, of Heraeus in May 2007, John said that he wanted to volunteer in a higher level position. Larry invited John to serve as the Symposium’s Technical Co-Chair. Together they later managed the large collection of technical sessions at the Providence Symposia. Larry writes, “John’s working knowledge of the National Technical Committee and his vast resources were a huge benefit. His contacts and continual pursuit really helped recruit many of our speakers and kept our technical program on schedule. John has such a valuable knowledge of the ceramics portion of our industry. Our Alternative Energy panel discussion would not have been possible without him.”

John (on the left) enjoys a conversation with Ken Gilleo and Larry Rexing at the 2008 International Symposium.

In his spare time, John spends time traveling with his wife Kathy of 28 years. John has been blessed to have worked with her at many companies together. Kathy is a ceramics engineer and has worked on microelectronic packaging since the early 80’s. John enjoys biking, hiking, winning at poker, and photography.

August-December 2008

Our Member in the Spotlight serves the Society very well in many IMAPS programs. Please read more on Howard Imhof to catch his enthusiasm for volunteering. We appreciate his insight, time, and energy.

Howard Imhof
New England Chapter

Since Howard joined IMAPS back in 1969, he has made numerous technical and management presentations at a wide variety of venues. He now chairs the Global Business Council and an iNEMI Technology Working Group Roadmap.  He has served as Vice-President of the Garden State chapter and on the steering committees for five IMAPS Symposiums.

Throughout his career, Howard has long embraced volunteering in IMAPS programs at chapter, national, and international levels.  He notes, “Through my IMAPS participation, I gain targeted customer networking opportunities and great venues to share technical & market information from multiple levels of the microelectronics supply chain.”

For example: the success of Cermalloy, an electronic materials company that Howard co-founded, was based on a paper that Hughes Aircraft presented at an IMAPS International Symposium in 1970.  This paper described adjusting resistors with a high-voltage pulsed capacitor.  Taking this technical knowledge, Howard’s company marketed Cermalloy resistors to companies/products where high-voltage stability was required. This enabled Cermalloy to supply “focustats” in televisions.  Cermalloy’s business boomed and later led to its sale to Heraeus.

Jim Wood,  a Technical Service Engineer of Heraeus writes “Howard successfully integrated three corporate product lines of thick film for Heraeus to make it the dominant supplier of high-reliability resistor materials for most of the televisions manufactured in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  The resistor material enabled TVs to tune themselves rather than viewers having to tune TVs whenever they switched a channel.”  

In 2000, both IPC & NEMI inquired into the IMAPS’ Ceramic Interconnect Initiative (CII) to help them on their own respective roadmaps.  Howard volunteered to chair this effort and increased the participation of current  IMAPS leaders in it.  Under Howard’s leadership, this initiative both greatly promotes leading-edge technology to new markets and identifies gaps in existing technology, where solutions such as design rules and new software enable current applications to work more effectively.

Howards notes the value of roadmap participation by saying, “We all have limited development & marketing collateral - is your technology roadmap aligned with your core & potential customers?”

Mike Ehlert, a Senior Director at Barry Industries and IMAPS’ Past President, relates, “Howard has been a consistent and enthusiastic supporter of ceramic technology; he can be counted on to meet leadership requirements.  Howard  ensures the success of the CII through the regular re-writes of both the iNEMI Roadmap and the LTCC Standards SIG.”

As Chair of the Global Business Council, Howard emphasizes, “I believe the GBC should be a “must participate” industry network for every sales & marketing executive.  Participants at GBC events share a tremendous amount of information on business trends and emerging markets. GBC events also provide valuable networking opportunities with global participants.”   

Gary Nicholls, an OEM Marketing Manager for Cookson Electronics and a GBC committee member praises Howard’s GBC leadership, “Howard leads with style and energy to increase its teamwork and outreach.  As a co-chair of the Spring Conference, Howard improved its speaker sessions and social programs. I look forward to working with him on the 2009 Spring Conference to fulfill the ever changing needs of IMAPS corporate members”.

Howard looks forward to the next GBC event at the 41st International Symposium in Providence, RI.  The  event “Alternative Energy: Options, Supply Chains, and Industry Trends” will provide valuable industry insight on the business side of microelectronics in an expanding, global market segment.

In his spare time Howard spends considerable energy with 6 grandchildren ages 7 months to 9 years old.  Howard participates in sports car road racing as a crew chief.  He prides himself on a class track record that he set in 1991 while driving a road-racing prepared Z-28 Camaro at NASCAR’s Watkins Glen racetrack.


Howard enjoying an IMAPS golf outing at Coyote Creek

Howard from the garage at the Pocono International Raceway


June/July 2008

Our Member in the Spotlight serves IMAPS very well as President of IMAPS Germany, the largest international chapter. He also serves as a member of the IMAPS technical program committee for microwave and RF applications. We hope that you will enjoy reading more about Dr. Jens Mueller to catch his enthusiasm of volunteering for IMAPS. We appreciate his energy on many levels.


Dr. Jens Mueller
IMAPS Germany Chapter

Throughout all of Jens' IMAPS volunteer roles, his goal is to bring people together to promote the sharing of interest, information, and solutions of microelectronics technologies. Jens had the following comments about this goal.    

“I like to invite many, diverse professionals to relaxed, collegial IMAPS events.  The direct, face-to-face communication plays an important role for my work.  The worldwide IMAPS activities also help to understand cultural differences.  I learn a lot by attending IMAPS events."

After Jens earned his PhD from the Technical University of Ilmenau in 1997, he held several positions in the substrates and assembly engineering groups at Micro Systems Engineering GmbH (BIOTRONIK Group).  There Jens managed various teams in the medical in-house and OEM market segments. 

IMAPS member Ernie Vasvary said the following about Jens’ work at Micro Systems Engineering GmbH (BIOTRONIK Group).

"Jens was always considered a 'guru' in thick-film and co-fired ceramics at MSE and was instrumental in establishing robust design guidelines and acceptance criteria.  He developed dozens of devices from design concept, through prototype to full production.  At this very moment, circuits engineered by Jens are keeping thousands of patients alive around the world."

In June 2005, Jens became the Director of the Functionalised Peripherics Research Group within the MacroNano® Centre for Innovation Competence at the Technical University of Ilmenau.  His main research focuses is ceramic packaging and interconnect technology for microwave, bio-sensing, and chemical systems.

As a balance to the daily business, Jens tries to stay fit by doing various kinds of sports. For more than 30 years, he is an active player in team handball and enjoys cross country skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. 

This picture shows Jens with his brother Uwe during a bicycle tour.


March-May 2008

Our Member in the Spotlight serves IMAPS well as the President of the New England Chapter, one of the most active and successful IMAPS chapters.  We hope that you will enjoy reading more about Dr. Mark Occhionero and catch his enthusiasm of volunteering for IMAPS.  We appreciate his energy on many levels.


Dr. Mark Occhionero
New England Chapter

Throughout all of Mark’s IMAPS chapter volunteer roles, his objective is to put together programs and events that are educational as well as enjoyable.  Mark and other New England Chapter leaders sit through rather dry meetings during the day and dread doing the same in the chapter meetings.  “If you can learn something new and network with your area colleagues all while having a little fun, it just makes it all that much better.” 

Mark joined IMAPS in 1999 after presenting and exhibiting at the IMAPS New England Symposium & Expo for his company, CPS Technologies.  He served as the chapter’s Technical Program Chair for 2003 to 2004.  In this role, Mark helped manage six chapter technical meetings and produced its Annual Symposium and Expo.  Mark served as the Vice President in 2005 and 2006 in which he took charge of the publicity roles such as hard copy and electronic mailings and the chapter’s website that he still manages today.   Under Mark’s leadership, the New England chapter increased its program participation from not only local companies, but also national and international companies. 

Mark has enjoyed helping to produce the chapter’s Annual Symposium & Expo each spring.  “The New England Team has a great time putting this together.  I know that all attendees appreciate our efforts and our nutty Symposium and Expo themes.  These themes included a Hawaiian, Cinco de Mayo, and last year’s ‘007’ Theme.”  May 6, 2008 is the date for 35th New England Symposium & Expo.  Over 500 attendees are expected to participate with an exhibit hall with booths of about 80 companies.

Mark and his chapter colleagues enjoying the 007 themed New England Symposium (2007)

Doug Bokil, IMAPS President-Elect adds, “As the President of the Chapter, Mark provided great leadership to make the 34th Symposium very successful.  He implemented the theme “007 – Technology Shaken Not Stirred” with infectious enthusiasm.  Mark is fun to be around & conducts himself with professionalism and sincerity.”

Mark has the alter ego ‘JazzUkes’ and can be found playing jazz ukulele in Boston area clubs with a troop of musicians called ‘Ukulele Noir’. 

For his day job, Mark is the Vice President of Marketing & Technical Sales and the Senior Research Scientist for CPS Technologies Corp.  He is one of the key material scientists that developed the CPS fabrication process capability for AlSiC metal matrix composite material used for thermal management packaging solutions.  Mark has been instrumental in working with customers to develop cost effective thermal management packaging solutions.  He has also improved the CPS AlSiC fabrication process to help grow the business to where his company shipped nearly 1.2 million AlSiC parts in 2007. 

Grant Bennett, President of CPS Technologies Corp. notes, “Mark is truly a renaissance man – whether it is material science, music, manufacturing or photography; he does it all and he does it extremely well.   It is simply delightful to be able to work with Mark on a daily basis”.

Friend and fellow chapter member John Redman adds, "Dr Occhionero is a driven and creative scientist with that rare combination of talent, brains, people skills, and sarcastic whit. I have known Mark for almost two decades and while we occasionally agree,...we have never stopped enjoying each others company!"



January/February 2008

Our Member in the Spotlight has served the Society well to increase student participation in IMAPS programs. John Pan’s work has provided many academic and professional development opportunities for IMAPS student members at both the chapter and national levels. We appreciate his energy to help shape future IMAPS leaders.

John’s personal reward for his efforts comes from his belief that “the future of the microelectronics industry is based on the caliber of today’s students.  I have gained professionally from IMAPS student programs in many ways and strongly encourage students to join and participate.”

We hope that you will enjoy reading more about John and catch his enthusiasm of volunteering for IMAPS.


Dr. Jianbiao (John) Pan
Norcal Chapter - Cal Poly Student Chapter

Dr. Jianbiao (John) Pan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, CA.

Prior to joining Cal Poly, he worked at the Optoelectronics Center at Lucent Technologies/Agere Systems as a Member of Technical Staff.  Dr. Pan received the B.E. degree in Mechatronics from Xidian University, Xian, China, in 1990, the M.E degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 1996, and the Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, in 2000.

Dr. Pan’s research interests are in microelectronics packaging, lead-free soldering, design of experiments, and reliability.  He has authored and co-authored over 20 technical papers.  He is a Highly Commended Winner of the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2007.  

A member and volunteer of IMAPS since 1997, Dr. Pan initiated and formed IMAPS student chapter at Cal Poly in 2004 and has been the faculty advisor of the chapter since then. He served as co-chair of student activities for the 39th and the 40th International Symposium on Microelectronics in 2006 and 2007, respectively. He was vice-President of IMAPS Keystone Chapter in 2002-2003 and has served as a member of IMAPS National Technical Committee since 2003.

Other IMAPS leaders see his success in volunteering.  Tom Green, a former IMAPS Regional Director reports, “John was an active member in the Keystone Chapter as a student and has grown to be a strong technical leader in both Industry and academia.  John’s outstanding work with the IMAPS student chapter at Cal Poly is exemplary.”  

Greg Caswell, the General Chair of the 2007 Symposium, adds, “John's efforts as the Student Program Chair for the 40th Anniversary Symposium assured that the student participation was maximized, with booths, a panel discussion and a tour of Flextronics.”

Nicholas Vickers, one of John’s Cal Poly students notes his appreciation by writing, “Dr. Pan's attention to detail and enthusiasm for microelectronic packaging and reliability inspires his student.  They learn from his expertise in design of experiment and data analysis. He is a professor we all look up to.”

Dr. John Pan leading the students at IMAPS 2007, San Jose, on a tour at Flextronics


November-December 2007

Our Member in the Spotlight should be a very familiar face to those of you who attend our events with exhibits.  Hesse & Knipps attends just about all of them and Joe Bubel is manning the booth at almost every one. 

Hesse & Knipps has also been the Silver Sponsor of our annual Symposium for the past two years.

Joe is a very interesting person with some great hobbies and interests outside of his position at Hesse & Knipps.

We hope you enjoy reading about him.

Joseph Bubel
Keystone Chapter

Joseph S. Bubel
President, Hesse & Knipps, Inc.

Joseph S. Bubel began his career in the semiconductor industry nearly 28 years ago with Kulicke & Soffa Industries (K&S). From 1980 until 2002, he held various customer support positions at K&S, progressing from entry level field service engineer to technical support specialist, ultimately advancing to North American customer support manager. While at K&S, he spent several months in Japan, providing in-depth technical training and certification for a growing service team. He spent an additional year abroad in Western Europe, tasked with improving the company’s ability to meet fast-growing industry needs and to support its equipment base there. He also spent three months on site at a major computer equipment manufacturer to manage support for one of the industry’s first 200 mm dicing systems. His level of dedication became the standard for Kulicke & Soffa’s “24/7 Commitment to Excellence.”

With his experience and a strong technical knowledge of the semiconductor manufacturing process, Mr. Bubel has been thoroughly involved with this industry’s products from dicing saws to die attach and with special expertise in wedge and ball wire bonding.

In 2003, Mr. Bubel joined Hesse & Knipps, Inc. as VP of sales and marketing. He was quickly promoted to president, taking on responsibility for sales and marketing, customer support and all aspects of operations for the company throughout the Americas. Since this time, he has grown the sales volume of Hesse & Knipps wire bonders in the Americas 20-fold. When asked how he has achieved this level of growth in the niche bonder market Hesse & Knipps serves, he replies, “It is personally rewarding to represent equipment that is so technically advanced in the marketplace. I truly believe in the company and the equipment we sell. I also think my career focus on customer support – which I have applied to Hesse & Knipps’ sales and support efforts here in the Americas – is a strong component of our success.”

When Mr. Bubel is not supporting Hesse & Knipps’ customers, you will find him on the closest hiking trail or perhaps in the Grand Canyon, where he has logged nearly 50 days of hiking. For the other avid backpackers out there, his credits include four “14ers.”

For additional information on Hesse & Knipps and its products, visit


September-October 2007

We are highlighting and saluting the very active and involved IMAPS 2007 Symposium Steering Committee.  These dedicated members have just about given up any and all leisure time for the past year to help ensure that IMAPS 2007, November 11-15, 2007, in San Jose, CA, is the best it can be.  Their creativity and ingenuity in organizing and planning their specific areas of responsibility will be in evidence in San Jose. So, please give these members a big “thank you” when you see them in San Jose.

General Chair

Greg Caswell

Technical Chair

Sarosh Patel

Technical Co-Chair

Ray Alexander

PDC Chair

Tom Green

Marketing Chair

Phil Zulueta

40th Anniversary Chairs

Loren & Nancy Saar

Sponsorship Chair

Ray Petit

Sponsorship Co-Chair

Rene Mitchell

Local Liaison Chair

Anwar Mohammed

Companion Program Chairs

Paul & Amada Van Loan

Foundation Golf Classic Chair

Roger Underwood

Foundation Golf Classic Co-Chair

Julius Chew

GBC Marketing Forum Chair

Howard Imhos

GBC Marketing Forum Co-Chair

Laurie Roth

Student Activities Chair

John Pan

Student Interface Chair

Guna Selvaduray


July-August 2007

Anwar Mohammed joined IMAPS in 1979 and has been a strong member since then.  He has been active in the Northern California chapter of IMAPS.  Anwar served on the IMAPS Executive Council as Northwest Regional Director for four years. Anwar is a member of the IMAPS 2007 Committee, where he is lending his expertise and knowledge of the Bay Area to the Committee’s efforts. 


Anwar Mohammed
Anwar Mohammed
Northern California Chapter

Anwar Mohammed is an industry veteran who has been serving the Microelectronics Industry for over 25 years. He joined IMAPS in 1978, when it was known as ISHM, and has been very actively involved with IMAPS, especially in the last five years. He was Co-Chair of the 25th Anniversary IMAPS Symposium held in San Francisco in 1992. Anwar is presently President of the IMAPS Norcal Chapter based in Silicon Valley.

Anwar obtained his BS in Chemical Engineering from Indiana Institute of Technology in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and his MBA from Saint Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. He earned his MS in Engineering with a focus on Microelectronic Packaging from San Jose State University, where he is presently pursuing his Ph.D. He has had the good fortune of working with some stellar companies like CTS, National Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, Cree and Infineon. He is presently a Senior Staff Scientist at Infineon in Morgan Hill, California. He is the author of numerous papers, presentations and patents and recently authored the book, “Borrowed Wisdom,” which was released in multiple countries.

With this year being the 40th Anniversary of IMAPS, it was critical to have a team of local liaison volunteers to support the National Symposium Committee.  Anwar stepped up and has been the leader of the local team.  Through his organizing this group we are in a position to better market the symposium and have individual champions in place for student support and the golf outing.  Most recently, Anwar connected us with a local high school in the San Jose area whereby we will have students from this school come through the exhibits area and interact with our exhibitors.  This is a 1st for IMAPS and is indicative of Anwar's ability to help make things happen.  It has been a pleasure to have him as part of my Symposium Team.

Greg Caswell
IMAPS 2007 General Chair



March-April 2007

Our Member in the Spotlight for March and April 2007 is Jay Ellingboe, President of the Viking Chapter. Jay has worked enthusiastically for the Chapter in a number of positions. Please read his bio and the wonderful testimonials his colleagues in the Viking Chapter sent about him.

Steve Lehnert
Metro Chapter

I was so excited to hear that the Metro Chapter is alive again. Thanks to Steve Lehnert and his crew for all efforts in reviving the chapter. Steve is an energetic individual who does work hard towards achieving his goals. He is relentless when it comes to finishing the task at hand.

I am amazed by the many activities the chapter has had so far and by the great number of attendees at these events.  Steve’s solid commitment to IMAPS is the example that all volunteers
should use as a model for their goals.

On behalf of the Society and the Northeast region I thank Steve for his continuous dedication and wish him and his chapter committee good health and success.

Michael Salloum
Northeast Regional Director
Vice President
R&D Assembly, Inc.

Steve Lehnert single-handedly resurrected the Metro IMAPS Chapter with a single email last summer to everyone here on Long Island by stating something along the lines that "the party is over—let's get IMAPS back up and going." Since then, we've been going full-steam ahead. Steve's energetic and upbeat attitude was quite contagious as many people ran alongside and actively helped rejuvenate this chapter. Not only are the meetings now at exceeding-capacity levels, but there is a also a new sense of camaraderie amongst the membership. This is primarily due to Steve Lehnert.

Mike McKeown
Vice President of Metro Chapter
Orthodyne Electronics

Steve has been an active member of the Metropolitan Chapter for over 20 years. Two years ago, he recognized that the NY area still had a strong interest in technical advances within the microelectronics world and Steve undertook and initiated the “rebirth” of the Metropolitan Chapter of IMAPS. Within that short period of time, the Metro Chapter once again has become a dynamic and valuable resource for its local members. From quarterly technical meetings, developing new student chapters, arranging technical development courses and a scheduled fall symposium, Steve Lehnert has been the primary force in the resurgence of the chapter.    

Walter J. Becker
WJB Sales


March-April 2007

Our Member in the Spotlight for March and April 2007 is Jay Ellingboe, President of the Viking Chapter. Jay has worked enthusiastically for the Chapter in a number of positions. Please read his bio and the wonderful testimonials his colleagues in the Viking Chapter sent about him.


Jay Ellingboe
Jay Ellingboe
Viking Chapter

Jay Ellingboe received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Dakota in 1985, graduating with honors.

As a Principal Development Engineer, Jay worked for Honeywell and Alliant Techsystems for 13 years on the development of miniaturized, g-hardened MMW and IR-EO sensor systems and associated electronics, including gallium arsenide MMIC multi-chip modules and MCMs for micro-bolometer IR cameras.

For the last 8 ½ years, Jay has worked at HEI as a design engineer/project manager/new product development manager on products in the hearing, implantable medical, and telecommunications industries. Jay has been responsible for many facets of these activities including technical specification development and customer interaction, hybrid packaging design, advanced process and test system development.

Jay is currently a Senior Project Manager at HEI and oversees the introduction of new microelectronics products into HEI, working with customers on design, all prototyping activities, and transfer into production.

Here's what Jay's colleagues and friends had to say about him...

Jay Ellingboe of the Viking Chapter has been an incredibly inspirational leader to our chapter.  Jay has participated as a Viking Chapter officer for many years and as President throughout the last year.  During that time he has completely revitalized our chapter.  He has brought dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to the Viking Chapter and made it a strong technical society that offers something of value to each of our local members. 

I have been a member of the Viking Chapter for over 30 years and have served as its President at two different times.  I understand the time and energy commitment that it takes to draw local members to take advantage of all that IMAPS has to offer.  Jay has continued to widen our membership base over the past 18 months to once again draw a broad range of industries and individuals to our meetings, tours and social networking events.

Thank you, Jay.  We appreciate all of your efforts.

Gordon Peterson
Viking Chapter Member since 1975

Jay has been instrumental in reinvigorating the IMAPS Viking Chapter. He is well connected in the industry and a good judge of people. The Viking Chapter officers were hand picked by Jay and together they have accomplished their goals in 2006 and look forward to even bigger things in 2007! Jay is fun to work with and has very unique ideas for social events.

Sue Blankenheim, Viking Chapter Secretary

First thought that comes to mind about Jay, was when Jay was first involved with IMAPS and became our chapter President by unanimous choice of course, we kept prepping him on speaking to the group, We could tell Jay was always worried about what to say.  We all told him 'just be yourself.' Well now he speaks in front of the group with great presence and it's almost like we have to tell him when to stop. He's turning out to be quite the leader.

Marty Nora, Chapter Treasurer

And, Adam Schubring, North Central Regional Director, wrote:

Jay has done a great job with the chapter and he's excellent at delegating responsibilities and staying on task. He has fun and keeps it light, but he also works hard at making sure the chapter is headed in the right direction. He's also got a great group of officers and committee members, who all truly care about the success of the chapter. They are always having fun and they work hard at finding new ways to keep the chapter fresh and different. Everyone has great ideas and the biggest issue they seem to have is deciding which of their ideas to do first. It has been a pleasure to work with Jay and the Viking Chapter. They are definitely a group that IMAPS should keep an eye on.


January-February 2007

With the introduction of the new design of both the IMAPS web page and Advancing Microelectronics, it is appropriate that the person under whose leadership these developments were initiated and accomplished, Jeff Demmin, Chair of the IMAPS Publications Committee, be our Member in the Spotlight for the next two months.

We are fortunate to have someone of Jeff’s experience and caliber in the leadership role for all IMAPS publications and you can look forward to future improvements on all levels of this service to our members. Please take a few moments to read about Jeff, his professional background and the active role he takes in his family.

Jeff Demmin
Jeff Demmin
Northern California Chapter

Jeff Demmin is Director of Advanced Programs at Tessera, a company in San Jose that develops technology for miniaturizing electronics.  He joined Tessera in 2002 after serving as editor-in-chief of Advanced Packaging magazine.  Prior to that, he was a senior technical editor with Solid State Technology magazine.

Before becoming an editor, Jeff held a succession of engineering posts at National Semiconductor, nCHIP, Microminiature Technology, Seagate, and Textron Systems.  His work has included semiconductor package design and analysis, development of optical and magnetic disk drives components, and manufacturing and test of optoelectronic devices.  February 2007 marks 20 years in the industry for Jeff.

Jeff’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in physics from Princeton and a master’s degree in materials science and engineering from Stanford.  He has been awarded four patents in package design and a gold medal from the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE).  He has produced approximately 40 publications during his technical career and has written a weekly column with commentary on the packaging industry for over five years.

Jeff is currently on the editorial advisory boards of Advanced Packaging and Solid State Technology magazines, the advisory board of MEPTEC, and the steering committee of the IMAPS Global Business Council.  He is also chair of the IMAPS Publications Committee.  He is a member of IMAPS, IEEE, SMTA, and the Materials Research Society. 

Mike O’Neill sent these remarks about Jeff’s contributions to IMAPS:

Jeff has been recently involved with IMAPS at several levels, from being a panel discussion moderator for GBC Marketing Forums to writing insightful commentary regarding IMAPS activities, to now being in the middle of a full upgrade to our print and electronic publications. When I was elected VP of Membership my predecessors had also served as the Publications Chair. It took me a few minutes to make the call to Jeff as the only logical choice to lead our publications. The one thing I really appreciate about Jeff is that we asked him to contribute in any way he felt he could considering his busy schedule. Like the rest of us he has a real job and family (a big one!). Jeff’s contributions are high impact, very efficient, and most important, are very much appreciated.

His extracurricular activities have included writing questions for college quiz games – which somehow led to 15 minutes of fame on “Jeopardy!” – running, travel, reading, and crossword puzzles.  His highest level of achievement in any field is arguably reaching the finals of the 1986 U.S. Open Crossword Championship.  (Yes, there really is such a thing …)

Jeff and his wife Vikki live with their five children (and four dogs!) in Sonoma, California, where the kids keep him busy with soccer, baseball, ballet, gymnastics, horseback riding, drama, music, and probably several other things that he can’t keep track of.

  Jeff and his family
Jeff and family hiking on the northern coast of Kauai, July 2006. 
Clockwise from Jeff:  Vikki, Connor (11), Lydia (7), Trevor (5), Angelica (9), Aidan (2).

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