Advanced Technology Workshop & Tabletop Exhibition on
Wire Bonding

Toll House
Los Gatos, California - USA
February 9-10, 2016

General Chair:
Lee Levine
Process Solutions Consulting
Phone: 610-248-2002

Wire Bonding Workshop Organizing Committee:

Leroy Christie

ASM Pacific

Bob Chylak

Kulicke & Soffa 

Bud Crockett


Doug Day


Daniel Evans


Amy Low


Mike McKeown

Hesse Mechatronics, Inc

Alon Menachel

RED Micro Wire

Josef Sedlmair

F&K Delvotec

Vito Tanzi


Uri Zaks

MicroPoint Tools

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Wire Bonding Workshop Focus:
The objective of Focused Wire Bonding Workshop is to have a unique forum that brings together scientists, engineers, manufacturing, academia, and business people from around the world who have been working in the area of Wire Bonding. This workshop has been specifically organized to allow for the presentation and debate of some of the latest and hottest technologies out there related to Wire Bonding.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Registration: 7:00 am - 6:30 pm

Continental Breakfast: 7:15 am - 7:55 am

Pre-Workshop Professional Development Course (Short Course) on:

Understanding the Wire Bonding Process

PDC Instructor: Lee Levine, Process Solutions Consulting

Tuesday, February 9 - preceding the Workshop/Sessions
Additional registration fee from Workshop Registration

Course Description: Wire Bonding is a welding process that is the dominant chip interconnection method. More than 15 trillion wires are bonded annually. In the past gold wire was predominant but this year copper and palladium coated copper wire will capture more than 51% of the total market. Copper provides benefits in cost, improved conductivity, stiffness and reliability. However, it is significantly harder than gold and achieving a robust, reliable process is a challenge. Wire bonding high-volume lead-frame often experiences defect rates below 10ppm, this presents a significant barrier to entry for any process competitor but copper is meeting the challenge.

The flexibility, reliability and yield of wire bonding make it a process worthy of careful study. Today’s wire bonding equipment is capable of producing 24 wires/second (48 welds) with bond placement accuracy of ±2.0µm. During the descent of the tool the bond head has an acceleration of >300g. Achieving highly repeatable bonds with the stated bond placement accuracy and yet accelerating at 300g requires exceptional engineering design. As a result the wire bonder has evolved into one of the worlds most advanced machines. It requires high speed pattern recognition, ultra-light (for speed and acceleration), stiff (for accuracy and repeatability) sub-assemblies (imagine trying to achieve the same speed and accuracy with a graphite fishing rod), and state-of-the-art control systems.

PDC Coffee Break: 10:00 am - 10:15 am

This Course Will Cover:

  • Introduction
  • A snapshot of some microelectronic packages
  • Size of the market
  • Cost of a wire bond
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Intermetallics
  • Bond Testing
  • Copper wire bonding
  • Looping and Ball Formation
  • Wire
  • Fine Pitch Bonding
  • Plating

Who Should Attend?: Process and materials engineers, technicians, managers associated with and responsible for wire bond assembly.

Lee Levine is a consultant for Process Solutions Consulting, Inc. where he provides process engineering consultation, SEM/EDS analysis, and wire bond training. Lee’s previous experience includes 20 years as Principal and Staff Metallurgical Process Engineer at Kulicke & Soffa and Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Agere Systems. He has been awarded 4 patents, published more than 70 technical papers, and in 1999 won the John A. Wagnon Technical Achievement award from the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPs). Major innovations include copper ball bonding, loop shapes for thin, small outline packages (TSOP and TSSOP, and CSPs) and introduction of DOE and statistical techniques for understanding semiconductor assembly processes. He is an IMAPS Fellow and a senior member of IEEE. He is a Contributing Editor for TAP Times, ( an online packaging newsletter.


Exhibits Open: 12:00 pm - 6:30 pm (Breaks, Lunch & Reception in the Exhibit area)
Lunch in the Exhibits: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Opening Remarks: 1:30 pm
Lee Levine - General Chair

Session 1: Ball Bonding
Session Chair: Dan Evans, Palomar Technologies
1:45 pm - 10:15 am

Understanding the Role of Ultrasonic Welding in Wire Bonding
Lee Levine, Process Solutions Consulting

CWB (Capillary Wedge Bonding) Wire Bonding Technology using a Ball Bonder
Yoshihito Hagiwara, Shinkawa Ltd.

Configurations for Robust Gold Stitch-to-Substrate Wire Bond Attachment
Ann Paxton, SMART Microsystems
(Ashley Hlavacik)

Break in Exhibits: 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm

Al-Cu Intermetallic Growth During Ultrasonic Ball Bonding
Mahin Khan, Santa Clara University (Siavash Soltani-bajestani, Maryam Gholamirad, Panthea Sepehrband)

Effect of Free-Air-Ball Palladium Distribution on Palladium-Coated Copper wire Corrosion Resistance
Jin Zhi (Lois) Liao, Heraeus Bonding Wire Singapore (Zhang Xi)

Lowering the Cost of Wire Bonding with the Latest Technology
Bob Chylak, Kulicke and Soffa (John Foley,Ivy Qin)

Networking & Exhibitor Reception: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Registration: 7:00 am - 2:30 pm

Continental Breakfast: 7:00 am - 8:00 am

Exhibits Open: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm (Breaks and Lunch in the Exhibit area)

Session 2: Heavy Wire Wedge Bonding
Session Chair: Mike McKeown, Hesse Mechatronics, Inc.
8:00 am - 11:45 am

Physical RF Circuit Techniques and the Implications on Future Power Module Design
Michael McKeown, Hesse Mechatronics (Adam Morgan, North Carolina State University)

Bonding on Unstable Pin
Henri Seppänen, Kulicke & Soffa

Wedge Ribbon Bonding
Uri Zaks, Micro Point Pro Ltd.

Analysis of Wedge Tool Wear-out by Machine Data
Felix Klingert, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nurernberg (Michael Brueggemann, Infineon Technologies AG; Martin Schellenberger, Fraunhofer IISB; Klaus Pressel, Infineon Technologies AG)

Break in Exhibits: 10:00 am - 10:45 am

Copper Wire Bonding Ready for Industrial Mass Production
Kristian Oftebro, Hesse Mechatronics (Michael Broekelmann, D. Siepe, M. Hunstig, M. McKeown)

Bond Tool Life and Bond Process Improvement for Large Copper Wire
Tao Xu, Kulicke & Soffa

Lunch in Exhibits: 11:45 pm - 1:30 pm

Session 3: Fine Wire Wedge Bonding

Session Chair: Lee Levine, Process Solutions Consulting
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Aluminum Alloy Bonding Wire for High Temperature Power Devices
William "Bud" Crockett, Tanaka

Fine Wedge Bond Applications Survey and Process Tools
Daniel Evans, Palomar Technologies (Wenjuan Qi, Kevin Bauder)

Determining the Effects of Surface Contaminants on Real Time Contact Resistance of Ultrasonic Wire Bonding
Shabana Ahmadzai, University of Helsinki (Timo Rauhala, Edward Hæggström, Henri Seppänen)

Workshop Closing Remarks: 2:30 pm


Speaker Dates/Information:

  • Abstract Deadline Extended to: November 13, 2015
  • Speaker Email Notification: December 23, 2015
  • Early Registration Deadline: January 22, 2016
  • Hotel Cut-off: January 22, 2016
  • Speaker 2-3 sentence biography due not later than: February 1, 2016
  • Powerpoint/Presentation file for Workshop DOWNLOAD due not later than: February 10, 2016
  • Powerpoint/Presentation file used during session: Speaker's responsibility to bring to session on USB (recommended to have back-up on personal laptop/usb or email to prior to event)
  • Technical Presentation Time: 30 minutes (25 to present; 5 for Q&A)

Presentation Format/Template:
IMAPS does not require you to use a conference powerpoint template.
You are able to use your regular company/preferred powerpoint templates.
Please include the IMAPS show name and dates on your template and/or an IMAPS logo.

Dress Code:
There is no officially "dress code" for IMAPS Conferences. We ask you to be BUSINESS CASUAL or whatever more you prefer. Most speakers tend to be in business pants and button down/company logo shirts (Women in dresses or the same). Suits, sport coats and ties are common as well. We do not recommend casual attire.

Session rooms will be equipped with:
Screen, projector, podium, IMAPS laptop (with Microsoft Windows and recent OFFICE suite), microphone, and slide remote/laser pointer.

All presentations are 25 minutes followed by 5 minutes for Questions
You are required to load your powerpoint/presentation onto the session laptop yourself using your USB drive.
Speak with your session chair if you need assistance.

About the Session:
Sessions begin with Session Chairs making general announcements. Session Chairs will then introduce speakers by reading BIOs. Speaker will present for 25 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for questions. Session Chairs will thank the speakers. This process is repeated for each speaker in the session. Many sessions will take refreshment breaks (see program).

Photography is not permitted in the session rooms.

Silence all mobile phones during session attendance.

Registration Information: (Early Registration Deadline: January 22, 2016)

Member, Non-member, Speaker/Chair, Student and Chapter Officer registration fees include: access to all technical sessions, meals, refreshment breaks, and one (1) DOWNLOAD of presentations; download will contain the presentations as submitted by the presenter. Download will be available 15 business days after the event. Also includes a one-year IMAPS individual membership or membership renewal at no additional charge which does not apply to corporate or affiliate memberships. All prices below are subject to change.

Early Fee
Through 1/22/16
Advance/Onsite Fee
After 1/22/16
IMAPS Member
Session Chair
Chapter Officer
Tabletop Exhibit (Member Price - includes 1 exhibit personnel)
Tabletop Exhibit (Non-Member Price - includes 1 exhibit personnel)
Premier Event Sponsorship
(includes: 1 attendee registration, 1 tabletop exhibit, print advertisement in programs, flyer/giveaway distributed to all attendees, logo/advertisement on event webpages)
Pre-Workshop Short Course (PDC): Understanding the Wire Bonding Process
(Tuesday, 8am-12pm. PDC Instructor: Lee Levine, Process Solutions Consulting)

Hotel Reservations (Hotel Deadline: January 22, 2016)

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140 S. Santa Cruz Ave,
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