Roles and Responsibilities for Chairs/Speakers
Call For Abstracts and Technical Programs

Urmi Ray, IMAPS VP of Technology

Brian Schieman, IMAPS
Director, Program Development and Technology

Technical Leadership Roles & Responsibility Guide

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Number Needed

(For each Chair)

(For each Chair/Speaker)



-  1-2 Technical Chairs
(if not appointed by VP)

-  1-2 Keynote / Plenary Presentations

-  Marketing forecasting presentations

-  Overall technical focus, strategy, and management of committee
-  With Technical Chair, layout technical pyramid/supply chain for event
-  Writeup describing event and who should attend
-  Magazine articles if needed (symposium)
-  Industry/Corporate sponsorship and support
-  University Support
-  Chapter Support

Technical Leadership Roles & Responsibility Guide

Track / Technical


-  3-6+ Session Chairs each (Works./Confs.)

-  30-50+ Session Chairs each (Symposium)

-  Abstract solicitation

-  Create sessions for call for abstracts, secure chairs asap
-  Writeup describing program
-  With staff, create call for abstracts
-  Solicit abstracts
-  Monitor abstracts with Session Chairs to make sure program is coming together
-  Review abstracts and arrange sessions
-  Layout draft technical program
-  Attend paper selection meeting to finalize technical program (Symposium only)
-  Send final copy of technical program to staff immediately following paper selection
-  Form Best of Session Review Committee of at least 5 people (Symp. Only)
-  Have Review Committee evaluate best manuscripts to identify top 5 (Symp. Only)
-  Review committee to attend each of best 5 presentations and select Best of Symposium and 2 Outstanding Papers from those  (Symp. Only)

Technical Leadership Roles & Responsibility Guide


5-12+ (Works/Confs)

30-50+ (Symposium)

-  5-7+ Abstracts each

-  Solicit abstracts for sessions
-  Writeup describing sessions
-  Work with Tech Chairs to review abstracts and arrange sessions
-  Review sessions and evaluate manuscripts for Best of Session (Symposium Only)
-  Attend speaker breakfast on morning of your sessions only (Symp. Only)
-  Arrive in session room at least 20 minutes before sessions
-  Transfer speaker presentations to computer used in session room
-  Use bios provided by staff to introduce speakers during sessions
-  Announcements during session to complete evaluations, about changes, etc.
-  Hand out speaker certificates following each presentation (Conf./Workshop only)
-  Complete session chair feedback forms and submit to staff (Symposium Only)
-  Must register for event. Reduced fees are available for Session Chairs

Technical Leadership Roles & Responsibility Guide

More Information for Session Chairs:
Detailed Session Chair Guidelines


35+ (Work)

75+ (Conf)

200+ (Symp)


-  Submit abstract
-  Submit extended abstract, full paper and/or powerpoint
-  Arrange travel and commit to attend
-  For international travel requiring visas:
-  Inform committee/staff of any changes or travel/visa needs and/or issues
-  Send IMAPS VIP list you would like invited to the talk
-  Send notice to your colleagues/customers to attend your session
-  Must register for event. Reduced fees are available for Speakers

More Information for Speakers:
Detailed Information for Authors
Detailed Speaker Guidelines
Manuscript Guidelines

Poster Presentation Guidelines
Copyright Form
ITAR Restrictions

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  • ASE
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  • EMD Performance Materials
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  • Indium
  • Kester
  • Kyocera America
  • Master Bond
  • Micro Systems Technologies
  • MRSI
  • Palomar
  • Promex
  • Qualcomm
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  • Raytheon
  • Rochester Electronics
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