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IMAPS Corporate Webinar:
Why Wedge Bond?

Sponsored by Hesse & Knipps

This webinar was held:
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Webinar was held 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EASTERN

IMAPS Members: $25
Non-members: $50

Registration Deadline: November 9, 2011

Hesse & Knipps


Hesse & Knipps, Inc., the Americas subsidiary of Hesse & Knipps Semiconductor Equipment GmbH, leading manufacturer of high speed fine pitch wedge bonders for the backend semiconductor industry, announces that it will present an IMAPS webinar, "Why Wedge Bond," taking place on November 10, 2011 from 12pm - 1pm. Webinar participants may register on-line. The cost is $25 for IMAPS members and $50 for non-members. This Webinar lecture is scheduled for 50 minutes of lecture followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

In the past, ball bonding has dominated the interconnect market because of its high speed and capabilities. However, as interconnect density is becoming greater, ball bonding is reaching its limits. Thus, wedge bonding has the potential to dominate the market for bonding ultra fine-pitch devices.

Wire bonding is an ultrasonic welding process accomplished by deforming the wire and the substrate together, forming an alloy of the two. Wedge bonding, because it directly deforms the wire without first forming a ball, is capable of producing a bond with minimum deformation and extremely low loop heights. High quality wedge bonds can produce deformation just 20-25% larger than the wire diameter, whereas typical ball bonds are 1.8-2 times the wire diameter.

Why Wedge Bond webinar participants will come away with practical knowledge of the advantages of wedge bonding over ball bonding as a reliable alternative that is capable of handling future requirements for bonding thin packages and ultra-fine pitch devices.

In addition, the webinar will cover the latest wedge bonding equipment capabilities, including improved accuracy, stitch bond speeds approaching 10 wires/second, constant loop height and constant loop length algorithms for optimum control of electrical properties, low loop capability and real-time, process-integrated quality control that measures 6 critical bond process parameters for every bond, enabling quick preventive action and an exhaustive look into the wedge bond process.

Hesse & Knipps
TITLE: Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Wedge Bonding Expert
UPDATED: November 7, 2011

Lee Levine
Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Wedge Bonding Expert
Hesse & Knipps, Inc.

Dana Baedke
Key Marketing Communications

Lee Levine

Lee Levine
As distinguished member of the technical staff for Hesse & Knipps, Inc., Lee Levine provides support for customers with challenging wedge bonding process requirements. In addition, he researches and presents technical papers on various aspects of wedge bonding.

A degreed expert in metallurgy, Mr. Levine has more than thirty years of semiconductor materials, manufacturing and process development experience. The recipient of the IMAPS 1999 John A. Wagnon Technical Achievement Award, Levine holds four patents and has published over 70 technical papers. His major innovations include copper ball bonding, loop shapes for thin, small outline packages (TSOP and TSSOP, and CSPs) and introduction of DOE and statistical techniques for a better understanding of the wire bond assembly process.

Levine is founder of Process Solutions Consulting, Inc.; his company currently provides process consulting, yield improvement, SEM, EDS and metallography services to customers in the microelectronics industry. Previously, he spent 20 years as principal and staff metallurgical process engineer at Kulicke & Soffa and was distinguished member of the technical staff at Agere Systems.

Levine is also an IMAPS Fellow and has served as IMAPS’ VP of Technology. He is a senior contributing editor for TAP Times (, covering test, assembly and packaging, where he publishes a regular column entitled “Levine on Bonding.”

Levine is a graduate of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he earned a degree in metallurgy and materials science engineering.

For additional information on Hesse & Knipps and its products, visit

About Hesse & Knipps

Hesse & Knipps GmbH Semiconductor Equipment, a privately held worldwide company based in Paderborn, Germany, is a leading designer and manufacturer of high speed fine pitch wedge bonders, heavy wire bonders and complementary equipment for semiconductor backend assembly. The company's automatic wedge bonders handle both light and heavy wire applications with aluminum and gold round wire from 12.5 micron (.0005) to 500 microns (.020) in diameter, in addition to ribbon wire from 6 x 35 microns up to .3 x 2 mm, including HCR (TM) (High Current Ribbon). The company's product line also includes dispensers, ultrasonic flip chip bonders, standard or customized indexers with or without handling systems, manufacturing process monitoring systems for interfacing with the company's equipment and commercial software packages.

For more information, please visit the company's website at




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